Fanbox Earnings For September

Fanbox Earnings

I have written quite a few times about the website Fanbox but I decided that I will write about my personal Fanbox earnings. If you are interested in how much money I have earned so far in September, then continue to read this hub as I will tell you how much money I have made on Fanbox as well as how I did it.

September: Fanbox Earnings

We may be only 13 days into September but I have already earned a profit of $65 from Fanbox. By the time the month is officially over I will probably end up with around $150-$200 in profit, just from Fanbox alone. It did not take me long to earn this amount of money, nor will it take be forever to reach $150-$200 by the end of this month. I rarely spend a lot of time on Fanbox and I rarely go on the site for more than an hour a day. I spend maybe an average of 20-30 minutes per day on Fanbox. Below is how I earned this amount.


I have done anything else besides boosting formerly known as investing. I simply tell Fanbox how much money I want to use and than I get some money back in return, and this is why Boosting was called Investing.

I also used the new IPL feature that Fanbox rolled out recently, and this is what I have been using to Boost with. The amount of money I have made so far is after I will pay the processing fees due and I will pay back the IPL amount I used but I have written another hub on the IPL feature.

This hub was to just tell you how much I have profited, and as mentioned earlier I have profited $65 so far.

If you have not checked out Fanbox yet, make sure to do so soon.

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Publicinterest 4 years ago

what did you do exactly to earn with boosting, I have a fanbox account and I have earned somewhere around $30 for this month. So is there anything i can do to increase my earning with boosting alone?

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