Find a profitable niche: these free tools can help

You don't have to be a psychic to figure out this SEO stuff!
You don't have to be a psychic to figure out this SEO stuff!

Niche Marketing Part ONE

How to find a profitable niche:

First, find out what the top paying keywords are. You want to begin at the top, after all.

How do you find the top paying keywords? Google the term and you'll get lots of lists. Why are people giving away this information? Because their web pages are optimized for those top keywords, of course! If you click on their ads, they may make $20 - $100 PER CLICK.

Let's say you've chosen "peritoneal mesothelioma" from the free list you've just found. It's your top pick because the list says the CPC for "peritoneal mesothelioma" is $324. Yes, that's three HUNDRED, twenty-four dollars. (Cost Per Click - what the advertiser in the top position of a search result is willing to pay per click)

But wait! How many other websites and pages do you think have jumped on that high CPC bandwagon?

To find out how much competition a keyword has use this free Wordtracker tool:

The GTrends tool will show you how much competition that word has and how many searches a keyword receives in a day.

Type in the keyword "peritoneal mesothelioma". GTrends will show you the top 100 search terms related to what you typed in. To the right of each term you'll see a tiny graph or chart. Click on that to see the analytics of competition and searches.

In our example, "peritoneal mesothelioma" has a staggering 12,300,000 competitors (meaning you probably have a better chance of being struck by lightening than of getting listed high in the search results).

Not only that, but there appears to be only 33 searches a day for that keyword.

The GTrends tool recommends that you look for keywords with less than (<) 30,000 competitors and with greater than (>) 100 searches.

In this particular instance, there aren't any suggested search terms provided so we have to think of some on our own. In other words, it's back to the drawing board.

Try typing in "mesothelioma" as a broader search term and click on the graph to the right. The competition is 9,400,100 and you'll see a red "X" beside it because it's over the recommended competition rate of 30,000 or less. But the search rate is 2000, much better than the minimum recommendation of 100. It will have a green check mark beside it.

What you're looking for is TWO green check marks - this is a relatively untapped niche!

With the same search, "mesothelioma", scroll down the results page. It doesn't take long to figure out that the market for this keyword is fierce. As there are only 3000 or so cases diagnosed each year within the US, you wouldn't think that there would be that many searches. Organically (naturally occuring search), there probably isn't.

In my opinion, the search results are skewed because I feel that they come from webmasters trying to cash in on the high paying keyword. It's a business and there's nothing wrong with optimizing a website for making money - that's what most of us would like to do, after all.

In my next article, I will talk about how to use the low competition and low search keywords related to "mesothelioma" to your advantage. It takes a little work, but you should see some pay-per-click results with it, as opposed to having your website atrophy in the back of the 12 million other pages.

If you'd like to follow along as I create and optimize a website for "mesothelioma"  visit:

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KimmiJ profile image

KimmiJ 7 years ago from Earth Author

Thank You! The next article will be about how to use a free google tool to see how much people are willing to pay for the keywords.

ontheway profile image

ontheway 7 years ago

Find a profitable niche these free tools can help

very good, I support you, come on , welcome to my hub!

RobertHassey profile image

RobertHassey 7 years ago from United Kingdom

Your advice seems worthy of being tried out. Affiliate marketing people sometimes try to find keywords not so much competed for, and then opitmising websites and generating articles for those keywords, just to get traffic to their sites, and land some sales. I was wondering if you'd have other tips on finding a niche one would not tire of promoting. If we focus on keywords alone and ignore a person's interests and calling, we might not be able to mine his enthusiasm for promoting his niche. Just my two cents. I'm into online marketing myself, and I'm always open to new stuff.

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