Finding Online Work at WriteJobs.Info and Rat Race Rebellion is another great source forwriting jobs. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use when looking for job leads. What makes it very helpful is that there are tabs for different types ofwriting jobs you're looking for.

With Pay Rates will lead you to, you got it, jobs with specified pay rates. This is extremely helpful if you're the type to scrutinize the payment first.

There are some freelance writers who go to general job listings like Olx or Craigslist for freelance writing jobs. The problem is verifying the contact, whether they are legit or not. Although some decent jobs can be found on Craigslist, it's going to be difficult to root them out. So, WriteJobs has a page for Non-Craigslist job leads. These job leads will link you to the company's site. You still have to be careful, though, since the company itself could be a scam.


Remote Editors is a good place for people looking specifically for telecommuting or work-at-home jobs. These jobs require minimal or no travel at all. The jobs here aren't just for editors, though. Writers can also findwriting jobs for online magazines or companies here.

Paying Lit Markets will lead you to online magazines calling for submissions on different genres: short stories, poems, essays, or genre fiction.

Another great thing about WriteJobs is that the site has gone out of its way to give us a page for Free Writing Contests. Admit it, you've sometimes baulked at the idea of paying a reading fee for a writing contest because you're broke, you know. Maybe you're still a student or you live on the other side of the world. Regardless, you'll find contests here where there are no registration or reading fees and where there are no specific locations or residency required.

What Do They Link To?

The site has some links to Craigslist, which I'm always wary of, but there are some people who managed to grab some legitimate short-term gigs over there, so it might be worth checking.

You will also often find links to sites looking to pay bloggers, writers, editors from $20 - $100 or more, depending on negotiation and the kind of work that needs to be done.

The site also offers a Report on the top 500 highest paying publications. The site mixes job leads from high-paying companies and magazines to sites looking for short-term freelancers for lower-paying work.

With its extensive list of leads, WriteJobs is an invaluable source of online work for freelance writers. Although of course it's more proactive to approach companies directly, it won't hurt to look up WriteJobs to know which ones are hiring or looking for writers.

Rat Race Rebellion

"Helping people find their way home since 1999" is the Rat Race Rebellion's motto - which means it's been around for a long, long time.

Christine Durst and Michael Haaren both run the site. Durst has co-authored some books on home-based work and has appeared and has been mentioned in CNN and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Haaren's name and works have appeared in Forbes and Businessweek, and he has also co-authored two books on work-at-home careers.

They both run the Staffcentrix, LLC, their virtual-careers training company. The Rat Race Rebellion is where they put up ads and job leads for those looking to work at home.

The Rat Race Rebellion Job Listing has several categories (leads from Ineed, SimplyHired, Blogging, WAH Jobs With Benefits, etc.)

Aside from that, there's a link for the screened daily job leads. The Rat Race Rebellion has such a long and comprehensive list of job leads on different types of work-at-home jobs.

Where WriteJobs focuses only on writing work, The Rat Race Rebellion has leads for other skill sets. Other job leads require degrees and a resume, but other ads only require a registration to do micro tasks online.

What's great is that both workers looking for long-term online work and workers looking for extra income for miscellaneous expenses can find gems in this listing.

Rat Race Rebellion Listing
Rat Race Rebellion Listing

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