Finding Penny Auction Sites

Penny auction sites have become popular over the past few years. Penny auctions are a new kind of auction where users bid on brand new items and try to get great deals. The concept is simple. When you place a bid, it usually costs you under $1.00. In order to win, you need to be the last bidder when time runs out. However, each time a bid is placed not only raises the price penny, it also extends the time a few seconds. Hence, a penny auction.

Penny auctions can be exciting and fun. Although you can certainly get some great deals, several fraudulent sites that try to scam people out of their pennies. The list below contains legitimate and most popular penny auction sites.
Bid Rodeo is well designed and run professionally. Shipping is fast, and their customer support is wonderful. There are fewer users at this particular site, which means less competition and a higher chance of winning. Five free bids with first purchase! It costs 68 cents each time a bid is made.
Bid On Cash lets you do just that: bid on cash. Each bid costs you a buck, plus the cost of the cash if you win the auction. You can receive one free bid when you register. $100 was won with 4 bids total for 4 cents!
Beezid is considered the third penny auction sites in the world for sales, traffic, and item quality. Over 400,000 members have used Beezid. Bids can be purchased between 60 cents and $1.00 per bid.
At Rocky Bids, you can get several free bids with a nice selection of products. It can be a bit slow, but this site is one of the most popular penny auctions.
Bid Stick offers a varied selection of products, and the auctions are fairly quick. This is a medium sized auction site.
At Jungle Cents, instead of purchasing a bid, you purchase a seat. When all seats are sold, the auction begins. However, the auctions do not run very often.
This site is dedicated to handbags and purses. You can get designer bags for only a few dollars, if you can outsmart the competition.

No matter where you plan to spend your pennies, especially if the site is not listed here, do a bit of research first.  Make sure that your penny auction sites are legit, then have some fun! 

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Penny Auctions 5 years ago

In traditional auctions, if you bid the highest amount by the time the clock runs out, you pay that amount plus taxes and the shipping and handling fees. So if you won an auction where you bid $5 on a book and taxes and shipping and handling fees added up to $3.50, in order to claim your item and receive the book you must pay $8.50.

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