Five Practical But Effective Tips On How To Get Results From Article Or Content Marketing

In internet marketing, one of the techniques that is commonly used by online entrepreneurs to build hype about their business is article marketing. This is a strategy which involves the writing of articles then submitting them to online article directories. There are two major benefits that are associated with this technique. First, it's great in driving traffic. And second, it has valuable SEO impact. The links in the articles which point back to your site help your site achieve better rankings in the search engines. Following logic, the more articles you have out there, the better your search rankings will become. If you are still unsure on how you should go about with the process, below are five very practical and easy-to-follow article marketing tips.

1. When writing articles, focus on quality not quantity. The results you will get is not determined by how many articles you have out there. Instead, it's the quality of said articles. One good article is better than a dozen poorly-written articles. Also, when writing the articles, make sure to make them longer pieces. They have better chances in ranking in Google if they are longer and more content-rich.

2. Submit only to reputable and trustworthy article directories. There are several dozen of article directories out there. However, just because they are there doesn't mean you need to utilize every single one of them. You will be wasting a lot of time and efforts if you try to. That said, what you must do is choose just a few from these article directories then stick to them.

3. Optimize your articles with well-researched keywords. Among the article marketing tips listed here, this is one of the most important. You see, no matter how good you can write, it won't mean a thing if people can't search for your article online. If your article doesn't rank for certain keywords in the search engines, very few people will be able to see it. Therefore, it's very important that you learn search engine optimization and use it when writing your articles. Target keywords whenever you write a new article.

4. After publishing your articles, spend time promoting them. Once your article is live, you should make it a point to promote it in other venues like forums, blogs or social media sites. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it. Blog about it. Make it your forum signature. Just do everything you can to let people know about it.

5. Outsource the writing process if necessary. Sometimes, you can't do everything. That's why there's always the option of outsourcing the writing process. This way, you can focus on other matter regarding your online business.

If you keep in mind and implement these article marketing tips, there's no reason why you shouldn't reap tons of new traffic and customers from your articles. To remind you how powerful the technique is, there are some online entrepreneurs out there who solely relies on their articles for traffic and customers. That just shows that the strategy is reliable as well as sustainable.

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