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The best flight attendant and cabin crew jobs in the Philippines are in this hub. I’ve listed the best airline companies hiring flight attendants, too. It's 2014, it's about time to fly and soar higher...

Being a flight attendant, cabin crew and stewardess is a very rewarding career because of the higher pay and higher status attached with it. Look at that gorgeous uniform, how lovely would that be! Perhaps, the feeling of it is as uplifting and as fantastic as the feeling of flying in the air, so high above the clouds. Whew, being a flight attendant could be heaven.

The airline and flight attendant corporate world and careers are growing rapidly here in the Philippines and I’ve listed on the later part of this hub the airline companies that are hiring cabin crews, stewardess and flight attendants both local and international. Before we go there, let us first talk about the main reason why you’re here basically…hahaha yup, let’s talk about the salary of flight attendants. Hey you, cabin crew, how much you're worth? :)

How much is the salary of flight attendants in the Philippines?

The answer to the question everyone is interested to know about…how much are the salary, wages and benefits for flight attendants in the Philippines? According to worldsalaries.org, flight attendants’ average salary in the Philippines ranges to $914 a month (around 40,000 PHP) based from the NSO (National Statistics Office)

According to PAL (Philippine Air Lines), the number one airline company here in the Philippines, domestic cabin attendant gets P34,619 to 37,619 a month, including productivity pay, transportation allowance and rice allocation while an international cabin attendant receives P50,741 to P60,136, while a flight purser gets P67,880 to P73,570. They also disclosed the details of the perks and pay of its cabin crew opposing the claims of FASAP (Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines) months ago regarding PAL’s airline crews issues…

· additional pay for every hour in excess of their tour of duty ($50 + $20 for international flights, P1,250 per hour for domestic)
· first-class hotel accommodation at domestic and international stations
· transportation allowance (or free pick-up from/to residence)
· free meals in flight and on ground
· crew shuttle to/from airport

. thermal clothing allowance (twice a year)
· shoe allowance – P1,200 for male, P800 for female (twice a year)
· uniform allowance – from P11,022 to P16,376 (every 18 months)
· suitcase – costs from P1,563 to P3,647 (replaced every 2 years)
· complete medical and dental coverage for cabin crew and their qualified dependents

· 13th & 14th month pay
· unused days off converted to cash
· unused sick leave converted to cash
· perfect attendance award – equivalent to one month pay + per diem
· retirement benefits – 1.5 month for every year of service.

The airline said that the cabin crew also receives per diem,
- when staying overnight at an international destination ($45-$70)
- when on a technical stop ($100)
- for every regional turnaround flight ($20)
- for every domestic flight (P185)

**data may change without prior notice

Anywayz, Cebu Pacific, another airline company here, has no public details regarding their wages and salary range for their flight attendants and airline crews. The good news is they are currently hiring flight attendant and cabin crew jobs continuously for their expansion and international service. I’ve heard they need around 300 flight attendants today. So expect more and more flight attendant job vacancies.

flight attendant photo from photobucket
flight attendant photo from photobucket

Filipino flight attendants and cabin crews

Filipinos are everywhere around the world. And Filipinos are known to be very multi-talented and versatile. Because of their fluent English both oral and written, unique charm and good looks, Filipinos can be very good flight attendants and cabin crews. More Filipino flight attendants and stewards now are seen both in local and international airlines and it’s so obvious why airline companies and airline passengers love them.

OK so recently, I’ve seen someone linked an interesting video on twitter about Filipino flight attendants demonstrating flight instructions and entertaining at the same time. LOL

IPAMS (Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc.) is the only licensed agency in the Philippines accredited by the POEA to hire cabin crews and flight attendants for airlines companies in the Middle East like Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Emirates group. Visit their latest hiring and interviews below:


some cool books about being a flight attendant

Airlines hiring flight attendants in the Philippines

Philippine Airlines

Cebu Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Emirates Air

Japan Airlines

Qatar Airways

Saudi Arabian Airlines

How to become a flight attendant

To become a flight attendant in the Philippines, airline companies offer training for qualified candidates and applicants. They require applicants to have completed at least 2 years in college, must be single, must be below 27 years old, speak fluent English and Filipino, females must be at least 5’3’’ in height, and males must be at least 5’6’’, nice appearance and good looks are an advantage. They require applicants to have clean complexion and nice set of teeth. So smile and show those perfect set of teeth. Flight attendant training course covers practical activities and exercises on customer service, inflight service, survival swimming, emergency procedures, and first aid. The course includes thorough discussions about cabin crew profession and also various sessions on personality development and good speaking. It ends with resume submission and interview for the real flight attendant job.

Flight attendant interview questions involve mainly testing your good speaking ability and customer service skills. The questions focus more on what would you do in given flight emergency situations and procedures. The key to impress the employers are confidence, preciseness, friendliness and proper flight attendant knowledge.

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Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Yes, flash those perfect teeth and smile for the passengers. Wow, this is a cool Hub, blaise. I learned so much from this. The perks you list here are really nice. What the hell am I doing? I ought to be a hostess or Flight Attendant myself, at this rate. Ha. You did your research well. Lots of salaries and rates. Cabin Crews have interesting jobs. But being away from my Cassy would be too much, I think. I wonder could she get a job with me? She could fly, I could give out the tea and refreshments. LOL. It would be so awesome. :D Nice to be first to comment too in here. Love this Hub, blaise. :)

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

You must also consider the working conditions,if your fine with that then go for it;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

*Flashing a smile now* You really got me smiling here :) Come to think of it, it's a super cool job. Wanna try? Who knows, after a month you'll be flying here or anywhere else and it's fuckin free LOL The incentives and benefits are awesome. The risk yep are being away from your love ones and flying and flying and flying. I imagine now if we, three were FAs in a plane, it's gonna be freaking crazy and fun!

Thanks for dropping by. Love ya moi friend :)

Hello Prof A! Yes, the working condition would be a hell different. It's not gonna be easy for sure but one would get used to it eventually ;) Thanks for stopping over

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Hahaha. You recruiting me now, dear? LOL. That is so funny. "Come on down!" Hah! I'm really getting the sales pitch here today. You know what, it sounds marvelous, and I would love to. Um , that image of us three in a plane is totally awesome. Wow, I'd never get any work done whatsoever. That would be so totally awesome. ROFL. You always make me smile, no matter what, blaise. You are just great. Love you too. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hahahha Jeez I'm not a really a swimmer so I think I'd fail. But I love their uniform. So sexy and classy. Just imagine us serving food, tea or whatever there on a plane and always flashing a smile, just thinking about it, I'd be like LOL not smiling LMAO And what happens when someone had a heart attack or something? I guess I'll leave it to Cassy hahahah She'll resuscitate.. LMAO

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

I am a good swimmer, Cassy is better than me, she does several laps of the gym pool no problem. Serving the food would be great. But what food do they serve? Can it be Singapore Airlines? Oh wow, their food is so delish. Yummy. I like the Attendants uniform. I can fit into things better now, since I lost a few pounds. (My Mum says I now look thin, sheez, I cant win. Hah.) Us serving together on a plane, now that is cool, isn't it? Cassy is more responsible that way. We should have Cassy give you swimming lessons in Bora, if you like. :D She is really a pro. Take care, Blaise. XO

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Wowee your Cheeky girl has it all! I wonder what that girl can't do :) Singapore's cuisine looks mouthwatering. Speaking of, I was looking for cheap fun tour to visit SG before the year ends. LOL Cheap flight costs like 3000PHP roundtrip. Then saw a tour package flight plus accommodation for only 10000PHP. It's not Singapore airlines though. LOL Yup, the FA uniform are sexy. Lucky me, too I can fit anything LOL Asians are slim hey :) Wow, that would be cool free swimming lesson and my coach comes from the UK :D TC moi friends XO

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Uuum...she can't fly the plane, and ...um....um...I will think of something else. LOL. Isn't that pesos, I have no idea what the conversion to my money is. Okay, Singapore is a very modern and nice country. So good choice, Blaise. That Asian cuisine works a treat, Cassy took me to a London restaurant and we had something "..Adobo". It had chicken in it and months later I can still remember that taste.

I envy you truly, there are so many wonderful places and islands there to see and visit. You would look good in a uniform, Blaise. ;)

Ha. Cassy is a patient teacher, and a safe pair of hands. (She was even better than my driving instructor in my driving lessons. I am so lucky to have her...) She can coach and it would be just sweet. :D Oh, such a lovely holiday..... (sighs) LOL. You take care, roll on the weekend. Planning another poem here... XO

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Somebody mention moi name? LOL! Hey, I am not flying or steering any planes. I draw the line at flying. Let someone else do that. (Thinks of the Hudson River thing that happened. Yieeesh!) Heh! So when are we leaving? ROFL!

Hmm, ya gotta love a gal in uniform. So cliché yet so true. :) Cathy is dreaming of exotic foods. Cathy...honey ...snap out of it. Hehehehe! It's a lovely job, seeing the world from a plane. How cool is it? What's it pay again? LOL! Okay, blaise - have a great weekend. Check my new Maggie Q hub if you like. Cheers! :D XOX

shein 6 years ago

with regards to height, I heard Cathay Pacific doesn't really had the height requirement because one time I've seen a f/a in cathay who's not that tall... and she said that you just have to reach 208 cm arm-reach, standing in tip-toe is also fine...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@Cathy - Ok so curly girl can't fly a plane? What else she can't do? LOL yep, it's in pesos, hmm it's around 250 USD. Don't choke, I know it's freaking cheap. That's one of the cool things to be living in the Philippines - the exchange rate LMAO Wow, really there's adobo in London? I'm so surprised. It's one of my fave :) Happy weekend moi friend. I'll read your new poem that's for sure :) TC

@Cassy - Yep, Astra Nomik mentioned your name. She always does. I wonder why? LMAO Damn we are crazy hehe Yep very lovely job..hundreds of feet away from the ground, ha just amazing! Hey your pay is higher coz you're curly. LOL Cheers! TC moi friend

@shein - wow that's good news to some who aren't lucky with height then. Thanks for sharing that! :) Cathay Pacific is one cool employer. How tall are you?

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

What great and helpful information. I was just talking to an out of work airlines worker who lost their job months ago. She was wondering how to expand on Attendant jobs and find work. This is great to know and share. Peace :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Glad this information about flight attendant jobs would help anyone. She's got experience, I think she's got big chance of getting hired from another airline company ;) Good to see you Katiem :)

twentythreegal 6 years ago

hi!! anyone here from Philippines? im really curious to apply at Philippines Airlines.... i want to be a flight attendant at PAL, im 23 years old, i have the looks, height, im a BS Nursing graduate, & everything...except for one thing, the weight. IS THE WEIGHT REALLY NECESSARY???? i mean does it really have to be proportionate with the height? my height is 5'4", im not obese... im overweight... i like have an excess of 15lbs... but ive heard that weight doesn't really matter, as long as you can move freely/ or fit the aisles on the plane. on my appearance, im chubby looking. my classmates during college & friends were the one's who gave me this idea to be a flight attendant. SHOULD I TRY TO APPLY?? :/ i have this cousin, who's bigger than me, she's an international Flight Attendant for more than 10years already, im just confused if i should apply, i guess im so shy to try. i need encouragement & opinions.

& by the way, another thing that im so shy to try coz i have this asset, that others think that is really good, but i don't think its good..hehe i have a big butt/As*. :S


the jobs 6 years ago

excellent information...

I had a dream to become a pilot as a teenager.

But now.... I want to become a mediator for them.

thanks for sharing

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi twentythreegal! There's no harm in trying hey :) If you dream to become a flight attendant at PAL, go for it. Don't let it just be a dream ;) You're just 23, you're still qualified and you speak good English, I think you can pass their qualifying tests. Some airline companies are very strict with the height, but Filipinas are commonly petite so lots of airlines are now accepting pretty and smart ladies though below 5'7''. Try it, who knows you'll be flying next month ;) Big butt is not a problem. It's more than an asset LOL I know someone who is below 5'4 and has a sexy nice ass and now a flight attendant in Emirates Air. I suggest you try to apply to all airlines to grab more chances of getting hired ;) Good luck and all the best to you! Cheers!

lala 5 years ago

what's the best to get rid of pimple(recent) pimple scars? im planning to apply as a cabin crew but these would surely be a great hindrance :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Pimples surely suck but from my experience, the more you apply something on them, the more they rebel and become so aggressive. Seriously, I've seen people who've tried a lot of derma consultation but pimples still come back. It depends upon your skin, too. You should observe your skin's reaction to skin products. When I get pimples in the summer, I just wash my face more than the usual and apply some cleansing toner after that. Next day, pimple gone. :) Hope this helps. Airline companies really require cabin crew and flight attendants to have clear skin complexion. Good luck and bless ya! :)

Joan Guzman 5 years ago

The Author of the FIRST FLIGHT ATTENDANT TRAINING PROGRAM in the Philippines, approved by TESDA, she opened a school in Makati for the public and the aspiring flight attendants to have a chance to develop their skills and personality, and compete at the International arena, she was an International Flight Attendant herself, and now a businesswoman, WINGS was the first school she had offered the public. MA. CONSOLACION "MARLA" PAREDES MARTINEZ, beautiful, brainy but very simple, the kind of person that will settle in putting her on the side. She has her school in Las Pinas City, CCARA - Creative Careers for Advancement Training Center, brilliant in her ideas when it comes to Aviation courses as she is very much concern in employing many dreamers in the Aviation Industry, given a chance, Marla will still develop more courses in CCARA. ............... please, let us support this kind of people, people that are more concern of giving inspiration to others.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Wow what a great woman she is :) Thanks for sharing this Joan and I'm in your side to support this amazing woman's mission in the field of aviation. God bless.. :)

Diane here 5 years ago

i am so fit in this job... ;)

Maria Payroll 5 years ago

Interesting post. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. With those perks, who would not want to become a flight attendant? Another good thing about being an FA, you get to travel A LOT. You can go to international destinations with this kind of work. The downside is that you are often away from you family.

HMogan 5 years ago

Agree with Joan Guzman re WINGS being the first and only government approved training center for aspiring cabin crew. For the information of the public, this company was bought including copyrights by Dr. Helen Mogan and her family last 2006 and the former owner has agreed not to use the same materials for another cabin crew training center. WINGS is successfully operating to this day in Paranaque City after a brief stint at the Burgundy towers in Makati City. WINGS commits to the highest professional standards in recruiting students and finding suitable training opportunities abroad and here at home. Becoming a flight cabin crew is not very easy...only 1% of applicants are accepted. Hence, training for the application process alone helps a lot. Call our office for inquiries: (632)8262184 (632) 8204321. Visit our website: www.wingscareers.com

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

Nice little article providing a rare insight into Cabin Crew pay in the Philipines. You give some very usuful details like salary, allowances. I think your data about the cabin crew shoes allowance and how often it is paid is very good. The fluency of your english in this article needs a little find tuning. But overall very good. I enjoyed reading your article and it is full of content that is not easily available elswhere.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Thanks a lot Safiq. I'll do my best.. lol

Wanna be one too. . .  5 years ago

Wanna be one too. . .

Rose 5 years ago

I want to become a crew or any job available but how... Do u have an email adress so i can pass my resume.. Im a registerd nurse

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Rose! All you have to do is apply to the airline companies. I've posted the links of airline jobs in my article above. Thanks and good luck! :)

xxma 5 years ago

may i just ask , do they really hire (flight stewardess)ladies that are single? what if married with a child? thanks in advance :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Single ladies are very much welcome ;) If you're married and very much qualified, then it's OK. Employers always hire smart and confident cabin crews. Marital status may be their last standard. If you've got the looks and skills, you'll surely get hired. Good luck!

NURSE who wants to be F.A. 5 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm a Registered Nurse here in Philippines. I wan't to be a Flight Attendant soon but after reading all the requirements for job vacancies of a cabin crew... I think I'm not applicable to two which is about WEIGHT and SWIMMING thing? :( sad to say I'm 140lbs. but my height is 5'4 1/2 ..Actually before I'm almost 160lbs.I just lost 20lbs., I would just like to ask IF THE WEIGHT IS REALLY NECESSARY and if You really have to be a good swimmer? Thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi there! Flight attendant training is necessary before FA and cabin crews are officially accepted. Swimming is covered from the training. So there's a chance you'll learn it from there. It's an advantage if you're good at it already. But if you really wanna be a flight attendant, you have to set aside those what ifs..Yup, airline companies prefer slim flight attendants and they have to really have nice skin and have to look good. I don't want to give you false hope but if weight is just your problem, you have to try to lose some and be the best you can be. Thanks for dropping by and GOOD LUCK! :)

NURSE who wants to be F.A. 5 years ago

usually what's the ideal weight requirement? thanks again..!! have a safe day...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

The truth is there's no specific weight requirement for flight attendants as long as your height is proportionate to your weight. Some companies though require their FA to maintain a BMI of 25 and a 32-inch waist. In the Philippines, there are no restrictions as to weight. Like I said, it should be in proportion to your height. Take this link as a guide: http://www.flightattendantexpress.com/flight-atten... What is important is the candidate have no physical or mental limitations that would impair ability to perform routine or emergency job duties.

It's a pleasure. Have a good day, too :)

Mary 5 years ago

thanks for this information.. im trying to search some info's regarding cabin crew/fa before i apply. this one really helps me.thanks again! godbless :)

joie 5 years ago

hi just wanna ask where the training and development place in pasay city is?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Mary! Thanks so much for the amazing comments. God bless and all the best to you :)

Hi Joie! There are many recruitment centers and training centers for cabin crew wanna-bes. The one mentioned from one of the commenter was Wings and it has branches in Makati and Paranaque if I'm not mistaken. Now that this question has been opened, I'm gonna publish another article about the training centers for flight attendants soon. See you there :)

kate 5 years ago

any courses will do ???????

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Yup, as long as you have completed a year course in college. Qualifications really depend upon the flight attendant training course you'll gonna do before getting hired.

jileann 5 years ago

5'1 1/2 is my height, can i be a flight attendant?

aydi 5 years ago

hi, im only fresh graduate and 20 years old. i think im qualified to those requirements u have in FA but the problem is i have braces. is it ok? then, i wanted to apply but i need guide on how. =( please send me a guide lines here haddy_best20@yahoo.com.ph =) thanks

bo 5 years ago

hi, im a male. where can i apply for FA? where can i go for a FA training? im new to this kind of industry but i would like to pursue it if you would just help me. :)

aroraaisha 5 years ago

Great post... i really like this job.....

Jonalyn Oraiz 5 years ago

my height is 5'2.. is there any consideration for girls or its really fixed? i really want to be an FA.

aileen mediavillo 5 years ago

guys, I just wanna ask if airlines in the Philippines are accepting foreigners particularly Korean national. I badly need the answer guys. Thanks in advance. God Bless.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@jilean - there's no specific requirement with height as long as your weight is in proportion with it. I mentioned that from the previous comments above. Thank you. :)

@aydi - I've never seen any FA wearing braces. Airline companies prefer nice set of teeth without grills on 'em. You can remove them if necessary. Competition is always there. Anywayz, you're pretty still :)

@bo - The Philippine Airlines has that FA training center. You can apply there and have the training. Though there are other schools for that. The flight schools I listed at the end of the article offer FA courses and training. You might want to check it out. :)

@Jonalyn - like I said from the previous comments, there's no certain height requirement as Filipinos are naturally petite. What is important is that your height is in proportion to your body. Thanks :)

@Aileen - There's no race requirement. Yes they hire other races as long as you're pretty much qualified. You speak fluent English, look good, and has a pleasing friendly appeal with confidence, you'll have the chance. God bless you too :)

heart 5 years ago

i am soo greatful to you 25 for bringing out this hub.. i am heart and being an fa is my dream eversince the world begun.. i am 23 years old turning 24, and its not too late to pursue my dream. i am smart,pretty, slim, fair, and i am confident with my looks. however, i am missing out on something and that is my height. i am 5'0 or 5'1 i guess, reason why i am so laid back to apply on air or cruise jobs. but when i saw your hub, i feel good again to face the world with full of height requirements! thanks 25!

dennis rojas 5 years ago

would you mind if I ask if how reliable this blog is. It's really informative. I actually appreciated all the comments. Thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Heart - It's a pleasure. Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. From the way you sound, I'd hire you if I were a recruiter hehe Seriously, you know what you want and you know how to reach your dreams so GO FOR IT. :) I think you can be a FA, or a crew in a cruise ship. You've got the looks and the guts. I see it. Good luck! :)

@Dennis - See for yourself. You can apply to the airlines companies I've listed above. Good luck and God bless. Thank you so much for the comments :)

Raymond 5 years ago

I applied in philippine airlines. I passed the impact interview. Sad to say that I did not passed when it comes to medical. I am color blind (mild). Company is very strict. My vision is normal but just have a color deficiency.

simple_guy 5 years ago

I applied in Philippine Airlines. I passed the impact interview. Sad to say that I did not passed when it comes to medical. I have a color deficiency. I did not expect that I will fail just for color vision. I thought that color vision is essential for pilots only and other types of job which has a normal work routine with regard to color coding. I hope that there is a medical treatment for color blind so I will be able to apply again in Philippine Airlines and pursue my dream job.

celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

I have always wondered if a flight attendant can be hired if she is afraid of heights.

rain24 5 years ago

working as a flight attendant is my dream... this page really helps a lot and the info posted really make sense. just want to say thank u to 25 for bringing out this hub...

sinitchikudo27 5 years ago

Sugoi! (Awesome in Japanese) This is nice. I like the informations you showed 25. Are you also a flight attendant? I'll appreciate for some interviews & adventures in applying that can be shared in this blog as well.

This is not on my mind before, but based from this blog it excites me in trying.

I heard that Cathay Pacific is not already hiring Filipinas now since that union or rally (something about that I guess) that happened before.

Anyway, there's no harm in trying.

enna23 5 years ago

Is it really necessary to have a 20/20 vision when applying for FA position?hmm..That would be a problem for me being nearsighted..I hope wearing contacts will do :D

Btw, very informative posts you got here! Keep 'em coming..Will gladly appreciate your response.;p

Aleksandra Cimatu 5 years ago

how about my braces? are they a NO ,NO, in applying for cabin crew? i have the height, clear complexion, and a 20-20 vision, but wearing braces for my teeth? pls advice me. thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Aw, thank you Rain24! Glad this article helped you. It’s a pleasure.

@Sinitchikudo – You’re sugoi! Loved that word. Thanks for the Japanese word. Nope, I’m not a flight attendant, my friend’s sister is. She works in Saudi Airways. The interview and training process are mentioned from the article. I also shared another article at link found at the end part of the article..”Flight attendant jobs hiring in the Philippines.” Yup, there’s no harm in trying. If you have the guts and confidence, go for it. Best of luck my friend! :)

@enna – sorry for my late reply. Things have been hectic. There’s a solution for that and you’re right. Just wear them contacts. lol Nothing would block your way until you let it..Thanks for your inspiring comment. XO

@Aleksandra – Nice name btw! :) I think someone asked that question from the other comments above. Since, I love my readers, I’ll answer it again.. :) Yup, flight attendant and cabin crew recruiters PREFER candidates to have nice set of teeth, nice smile, neat complexion and confidence. You can just remove your braces. If you wanna impress the hiring company, put your best foot forward. In this case, show your perfect smile, brain and confidence. Best of luck. BTW, I wore braces before and they’re cool but not so cool when kissing… LOL Thanks a bunch for the comments..Bless ya!

april jane 5 years ago

I am really really grateful for this article that you posted 25! it did not only gave me helpful informations, but it also inspired me to go for my dreams! Thanks a lot may Godbless you.. you are such a helpful person!

nekochan 5 years ago

this room is great, i really appreciate this.. btw 25,,, one of the company requires that one should hold a passport.. is it possible if it is to follow? i don't have one.... sh3t... =( ..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

It's a pleasure April Jane! :) Hope you make your dream come true. Go for it! Cheers! Thanks for dropping by.

Hello Nekochan! Yep, all personal documents are required to whatever career. I didn't put them above coz they're self explanatory I think lol Yes, passport is a must. You can ask the flight attendant recruiter or airline company hiring to give you time for that. Getting one is fast nowadays so it's not a big problem for you. Best of luck! :) Thanks for dropping by!

devi 5 years ago

wala po bang hiring ngayon dito sa cebu? or any flight attendant workshops dito sa cebu po?

lorj 5 years ago

i jst wnt 2 ask f FA r required 2 b physically fit coz i hav a friend who s an FA yet he has a severe sickness b4 he was hired n cebu pacific. S health requirement not part of the basis of hiring?


lea 5 years ago

being a strong swimmer is also an advantage since some airlines (with high standard) requires it. they need FAs who can swim with their clothes on. :)

ayun lang... may mga airlines naman na mababa ang standard.. ndi nila na screen na mabuti kaya nakapag hire ng sakitin. :) wehehehehe on the other hand, mababa din naman ang sahod kase.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Devi. You mean Cebu Pacific? I know they hire continuously. As to Cebu City, I don’t know any agency that train and recruits cabin crews and flight attendant coz I’m from Manila. Maybe some readers may share any info? That would be helpful. Thanks for dropping by. :) Tell us what you heard ok.

Hi Lorj! Health requirement is always a basis of hiring to any job actually. Especially job abroad. Here, they usually require candidates to pass physical test, mental tests (which involves psycho too somehow) and medical tests (usually include blood test, dental, vision, urine, HIV, hepa, and other severe sickness and the like..) Med clinics also consider past med records to asses if a candidate is fit enough to work. As to your friend, I dunno why he was accepted. Maybe he just had a flu? Lol Thanks!

Hi Lea! I absolutely agree. It really depends upon the airline company especially if it’s domestic or local..If the company is huge and international, then expect high standards and huge salaries, too.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Thanks. Glad you find this article so helpful. :)

nurse..:)) 5 years ago

Im also interested in becoming an FA.. how can I apply for it? is there special qualification??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Everything is discussed on the article above. Just read the details. Thanks! :) Feel free to ask a question anytime.

jane 5 years ago

I want to apply..please give me some information..thanks a lot ;-)

lorelie 5 years ago

i really dreamed to be an FA..im 23, i stand 5'6..i want to aplpy but i dont know how and where..

marie 5 years ago

ano kailangang suot pag magaaply sa PAL? thanks :)

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

Hi guys goodmorning!

I am also an aspiring flight attendant. I also had my own fair share of experience when I applied in Saudia Airlines on the 18th of August and in Cebu Pacific on the 23rd of August.

Yes, you should have the height, which is the average for females would be 5'3. I am 5'6. :)

You should have a good set of teeth, meaning well aligned teeth.

A good pair of legs, no bruises, no scars, no varicose veins. I am saying this one because literally, they will let you lift your skirt upon initial screening and they will let you turn.

Apart from all the qualifications, you should always exude confidence. But, not to the point that you sound annoying or airheaded.

Confidence is the key and give a shot of LUCK also. Because even if you all have the physique, the beauty, the height, the legs, if it's not meant for you, it will not be for you. So, Good Luck girls and God Bless. :)

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

@Marie: You need to wear Corporate attire.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Piapaw and for answering Marie's question as I wasn't online the past week. Cheers! God bless

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

@twentyfive: thank you also for giving us information. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Pleasure :)

trapt 5 years ago

Do you guys know any airline that's open for hiring now?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Check out the Airline Hiring Flight Attendant links so you'll see which one is hiring at present. I suggest you bookmark them so you can check them every time.

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

@trapt 2: cebu pacific is currently hiring FA's.. check this website. http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/jobs/2011/9/j/80/28422...

they are hiring from Spet. 5,6,12 and 13. Good Luck :)

Vhaya 5 years ago

i visited cathay pacific page and it says that they only hire hongkong residents. did i miss pages of cathay pacific that hire here in the philippines?

Vhaya 5 years ago

And how do I apply at Emirates? I got confused with their application form. I needed to sign up and stuff. Do they have an office here in manila? thanks so much.

yehlen rose v. santos 5 years ago

hello? ako ay isang 3rd year high school sa ngayon ako ay nangangarap na maging isang flight attendant sa isang kilalang paliparan sa aming bansa ito ay sa pilipinas i can be a flight attendant pagdating ng panahon

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

My friend was hired from the Emirates. She had the cabin crew training from a recruitment agency here in the Philippines. I suggest linking with cabin crew training centers to fast track your chance of getting hired as flight attendants.

Vhaya 5 years ago

May I ask where and what agency is that? Thanks twentyfive!

shei 5 years ago

I wnt 2 b FA but there are lots of thngs that stops me., i hve braces, i dnt hve 20/20 visi0n, i wear c0ntact lenses, i'm 5'4 my weight is ar0und 160lbs., i hve small scar on my lower right knee, i ws w0ndrin' if i stl hve the chance to pursue my FA Dream. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Vhaya! She went through the DMIA, Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and applied in the Emirates directly. Luckily, she was chosen from the applicants..

Hi Shei! Braces are just temporary right? Ask your dentist for invisalign (invisible braces). Wear contact lenses, 5'4 is acceptable to other local airlines here hey. :) Scar? Apply scar remover for 6 months. LOL Seriously, winners never quit. Quitters never win :) Good luck!

walter 5 years ago

hi twentyfive... i would like to know if there is a specific course you are looking for FA?... and where is the location of your office?...will you accept walk-in applicant?...Please send me some information for my email... mart_wafo88@yahoo.com i am looking forward to hear you soon. thank you

dn 5 years ago

im a ms.medical technology, im 5"5,130lbs,20-20 vision .,but i don't have good set of teeth id like to apply in PAL...can it be possible?PAL has been texting me but i don't show up on their schedule because im having second thoughts about it what's ur advice?thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Just show up and it's showtime. You wont know until you show yourself up right? Only you can know the answer til then :) Nobody's perfect. There's no harm in trying. PAL is strict I heard but quitters never win :)

piglet 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the infos! As much as I wanted to apply, I really don't have a good set of teeth and I'm not confident with my legs. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Oh, cant you do something bout your worries then? I wish you best of luck in your career :) Thanks for dropping by!

nIXIE 5 years ago

Does PAL accept walk-in applicants? if so..WHERE? thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I think they do. I'm sure if you go to their HR office, you will be entertained :) Thanks for dropping by.


h... im a fresh grad BS Nursing .. 20 y/o 5'5 in height.. complete set of teeth.. proportionate body.. maybe u could help me out in pursuing my FA DREAM>> PLEASE DO EMAIL ME INFOS>> REGARDING AIRLINE JOBS __> shereeda_svetlana_91@yahoo.com


Francis 5 years ago

I have submitted my resume online, and received a text message from PAL recruitment for an interview. I have the interview rescheduled sometime, since im having second thoughts and I need to grow my hair. (semi kalbo kasi ako).

I have questions about the cabin crew training, does PAL offer this to applicants, or you need to attend training before filing your application??

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

Hi guys. I just came from the open day hiring of Qatar Airways yesterday at Intercon. I'm hoping I'll be shortlisted. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Oh wow, Piapaw that's great news! I'm so happy for you. You get hugs for updating us always. You've got the looks and I could feel you've got the skills too. So should I congratulate you now? :) Hope to hear from you again.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Cebu Pacific announced career opportunities available at the Grand Recruitment Day at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila on Oct 8, 2011. Happy to share the great news here. :)

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

hi @twentyfive. I only made it through the assessment. i wasn't able to proceed in the final interview :( but its ok. At least i tried. I'll have to wait for my luck then. :) for the cebu pacific do they have ground crew as well?

Cham2x 5 years ago

hello! just wanna ask if u are still accepting for applicant?? co'z i want to work as a cabin crew... this is my cell number 09169892431..

have a good day..

Aryu 5 years ago

I remember applying at Cebu Pacific after college, grabe sobrang totoy pa ko non, ang higpit ng screening as in feeling ko nasa audition ako non ng Startruck (yun yung uso non..hehe)so I pass yung first screening, then after youl be interviewed by a panel, I guess they didn't like my answer I had a feeling they'l put me as a ground staff anyway ending I didn't get the job and now Im working on cruiselines..but would like to try out pa rin since I got more experience..

nelia 5 years ago

tomorrow is the grand screening in cebu pacific for cabin crew.. i don't have a good set of teeth.. but still want to try my luck for it... aja! who want to come wid me???..


marie 5 years ago

hello im 27 years old im undergrad but i have a pleasing personality i am 5"4 in height long hair fair complexion...and very willing for the training if i would be given a chance..tnx

karla 5 years ago

just got home from Cebu Pacific's Grand Screening today at Intercon and I'm happy to tell that I got hired..I don't know if it's just my luck or what but I'm really glad I was picked to be part of the next batch to train since today was my 2nd time to apply..so for everyone who is dreaming to be a cabin crew, don't stop improving yourselves =)

ciklay 5 years ago

My height is 5'1 1/2, I really dream of becoming a cabin crew. Whenever I check the websites of different airlines, it always frustrates me because of the height requirement. I'm working on a cruise line so I'm always traveling and see different international airlines and cabin crew and I noticed that some of them are more petite than me. I don't understand and it's not fair because the one who discriminates usually is the recruiter in Philippines. They will measure your height first. Why don't they do the interview first? Sometimes, they don't even check what is written in your resume. Can you please advise? Thanks.. =)

jan 5 years ago

im 22y/o a nursing graduate, 5'2 , and I don't have a 20/20 vision but I really want to be a FA. is 20/20 vision a really big factor?

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

@cham2x: hi cham, you can check out job posts of Airlines :) Good Luck!

piapaw profile image

piapaw 5 years ago

@karla: Congratulations!!!! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Congrats Karla! :) Never lose hope everyone. Believe and live the dream :)

karla 5 years ago

@jan: I don't have a 20/20 vision but still I got in..Cebu Pacific can accept up to 200/200 vision as long as you can perform the duty when you wear your corrective lenses =)

I think we we're the last batch for this year..next recruitment would be next year..I don't know when but make sure to check their career site from time to time =)

aufelmarie 5 years ago

hi... i'm new here... anybody who knows the next hiring/screening schedules of any airlines...

need your help...


20/20 vision 5 years ago

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nadeem 5 years ago

Respected Sir,

I am very fond of doing in-flight jobs in aviation. Basically, I am from Pakistan and i want to apply from Pakistan. .

I am talented , smart , intelligent, energetic and with a suitable height which you required. I also my photo. So I am waiting your reply.

Yours Truly,



Mobile # +92-312-6310284

chee 5 years ago

what if i have a tooth jacket?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

let it fixed and looked like a real tooth :)

sarji milkshake 5 years ago

Happy Morning everyone especially to the hub author..


that's why i really wanted to take up Tourism in Lyceum but i ended up taking a Business Mgt course in UE and wasn't able to finished my course due to some reasons. i am very happy that i had the chance to work overseas but everytime i ride an airplane, my desire to pursue that dream awakens. I still want to become a Cabin crew. is it possible if i am already in my 33years? i stands 5'6 1/2 medium built, fair complexion,nice smile, driven, and i believe my work experiences as a service crew in my college days has molded me to have a great customer assistance. i am just worried bout my age, but most of my friends always tell me that i don't look my age..and im not that good in swimming too...but given the proper training i am a fast learner. thanks for reading my story and GOD BLESS US ALL...

samantha 5 years ago

Good thing i checked out this hub.. thanks 25, I do also want to become an FA but the problem is, . . I don't know how to swim. .. LOL.. But willing to learn if given a chance... What do yah think? :-D

teppay 5 years ago


i really want to work as FA!like ths is my ultimate dream!! :(

i just want to ask where should i submit my resume for CebuPacific,PAL,Emirates,Cathay,etc. in manila area??

i am so scared to apply bec. im too afraid to fail and i don't want to be dsappointed to myself since all i ever wanted is to be in this field.. :( i just had my courage NOW...

and any tips please?i don't have any idea really.this will be my first time.. :(

liea 5 years ago

@twentyfive: Very interesting hub. I commend you for being patient in answering all their questions. Nice attitude, author! ;)

@karla: Congratulations. :) How much is the salary in Cebu Pacific and its benefits, iydm? :D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Sarji milkshake – wow, I love milkshake LOL Airlines companies hiring cabin crews and flight attendants usually have their own preference just like all of us. But then in the end, there’s sorting time for the deserving candidates. If you’re 33, you must not quit especially if you look like 21. :) Got what I mean? Do you watch ANTM? The winner is not always the youngest or the prettiest, it’s always the one who blooms as each level reaches the final ramp.. It all depends upon our performance in end. Show the company you are serious and you really want to be IT. If you have what IT takes, then you are IT. :) Good luck!

@Samantha – swimming can be learned anyways. It’s the willingness that will get you there. Pass your resume and you would know if you could :)

@Teppay – I have posted the links from the official website of each airline company hiring flight attendants. All you have to do is go there(their website) and submit your resume and requirements. It’s OK to be afraid rather than be afraid to admit you’re afraid. Just apply and show up on the interview and you’ll know the rest of your career path. Good luck and thank you for dropping by.

@Liea – oh wow, thank you too! I may not be here all the time but I’m trying to reply when I can :) I love my readers so much and replying to queries is my way to thank them :) Thank you so much.

nyje 5 years ago

hello hub this blog is very helpful thank you, but you mentioned fear complexion my problem is i have this 2 scars at the back of my legs (looks like a peso coin) :( i got this at motorcycle accident.. and so frustrating... am i still qualified?

nyje 5 years ago

im sorry i mean clean complexion does it mean having big scars is a big NO NO?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

you can just put concealer on them (the scars) then nobody would notice lol

Samantha 5 years ago

Hello again ... Cebu pacific is only hiring 25 below right? i'm 26.. i think i need to find another airline that would accept 26 years old above.. any recommendation? and thanks a lot. .

karla 5 years ago

@liea: the pay is more than enough for a single person like me..its very competitive if I may say =)

@Samantha: we have co-FAs who are more than 25yo =)

for the concerns about the ability to swim..if you really wanted to get this job, you will try everything to learn and acquire this ability just like what I did..I didn't know how to stay afloat until I got accepted as trainee, I didn't want to waste the opportunity given to me so I tried very hard to learn how to swim well..good luck to all aspiring FAs here =)

Samatha 5 years ago

@ Karla: Thanks! any advice for us? would really appreciate it a lot. . aside from being physically fit, do have nice set of teeth,good looking, fair complexion, good in swimming, confident & fluent in English? what else? thanks again. . and congrats. .

mhee 5 years ago

i like this job but i don't have good teeth

@grace-mhii 5 years ago

i really want this job but i don't have good set of teeth and i think i have the look .is there any hope?

Drench 5 years ago

Where can we get compensation and benefit package/s for Pilots?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Karla- I love you girl. Thanks for always answering the queries and sharing your experience with us. :) I'm thinking to interview you to be featured in my new website. No worries, it's gonna be done thru email. We don't even have to meet since we're both busy. I wanna email you bout it. But I guess you just have to contact me thru my Profile here since I dunno how to contact you. Hehe. It's your call and I'll be happy whatever your answer is. Thank you lots!

@Drench-I think I'm gonna publish a post about that one. Thanks for dropping by :)

ronnie 5 years ago

Hi, how can we apply as an FA?

Shereeda May Amorillo Aguilar 5 years ago

hi.. I want to apply anyone who also wants.. 09162549001

sarji milkshake 5 years ago

happy morning!

thanx a lot twentyfive(d hub author)

for such a wonderful and inspiring message u shared

oh yes,,, i love milkshake too...

and yeah u are right, that in every endeavors we make...

it is up to us if we want to succeed or failed....




that's why i love reading this page because i'm learning a lot,,it is a big help to each and everyone who dreams to

work in an airline company...


MUCH LOVE,,,sarji

Nadeen 5 years ago

Is it really need to be fluent in English? Well, I understand English and I can talk English but not as Fluent as English man/woman. Just want to apply as Domestic Flight Attendant does it need to be fluent?

shawn 5 years ago

am now learning how to be one of them and i pray i pass my final exams.its a really nice job and very interesting too.

Samantha 5 years ago

@ Shawn

What Airlines hiring now? Want to apply too. .

Muhammad shafiq 5 years ago

Hi everyone... I want to apply for the post of FA. Soo plzz some one tell me where i can submit my cv and also tell me what is the basic qualification requaired for this post.my id is.


plzz inform me at this mail address.

pia 5 years ago

is good set of teeth really necessary?

songlala 5 years ago

Hello twentyfive, I also want to try applying to be an FA, I stand 5'4" and have fair complexion, long legged, long arm reach, physically fit, can also speaks and write a little Mandarin too. I have a problem though, I have a denture, I lost teeth in an accident when I was young, If needed I will have it fix.. and undergo Fix bridge instead. I am not a good swimmer also, but I'm willing to go through swimming lessons. I do not have customer experience background also, I'm currently inclined to IT right now more of working with computers. This weekend there will be a cabin crew event. Should I postpone applying, and fix my teeth first? And Oh I have legs stretched marks... would this affect also... Thanks very much! More power!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Sarji! Happy morning to you too! You are welcome. I’m so glad you love reading this page. Don’t forget about us when you became a cabin crew. God bless you. :)

Hi Nadeen! Yes, it’s one of the requirements. Other airline companies would be really impressed if you know and speak many languages. It’s not so hard to learn and speak English. Just watch English shows, movies, read English magazines or web pages, and speak it often, you’ll surely learn it.

Hello Shafiq I listed the airlines companies hiring flight attendants on the article above. Thanks!

Hi Pia! Yes, it is.

Hello Songlala! If your teeth is not that obviously broken, you can try applying now. Stretched marks? Why not use concealer. They work after all. Nobody’s perfect. Try and be confident. Believe you’ll get it. Thank you.

jetskie 5 years ago

hi, i sent my cv via internet last wed. i just to know kung kaylan sila nag replay or nagtxt if kaylan ung interview?thanks

Mar 4 years ago

It was my wildest dream to become a F.A. While reading this...naalala ko nong time na ng apply ako sa PAL..duting that time they sent me a telegram to report pal pacement at legapi village....sad to say i was qualified for tbe frt screening....so everytime na mag flight ako dila palagi tinintingan ko......

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jetskie hi! Wait for few days. If it took 2 weeks already, make a follow up. It's about holiday season, for sure every company is focusing on Christmas and year end reports. I think regular stuff will resume next year. Best of luck. :) I wish you'll get hired and be a flight attendant.

@Mar hello! thank you for sharing you experience with us. I admire you for daring yourself to try your flight attendant career and job. :)

Joanna 4 years ago

Just want to share my experience when I applied in cebu pacific as cabin crew. Actually I was just referred by someone who worked there I tried since i'm already 25. But sAd to say I was not able to pass the screening, hehe the only comment they said is that I have white heads on my nose, they were really strict. The recuiter was also speaking in tagalog. She told me if I want to reapply I just need to improve myself. (ofcourse)^_^. And also they will look at your legs, elbow, they will turn you around to see your back and you should have a clear complexion. One of the applicant was a graduate of tourism but she also didn't pass, the comment to her was that she has a lot of freckles. They were really looking for a very nice and clear complexion. The height is not really matter as long as you have a nice skin. I am confdent with myself I know I'm qualified but maybe it was not really for me. I still need to improve myself I should have done facial. ^_^.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

All I can say is, neat and nice skin plus nice teeth will impress the cabin crew recruiters. Thank you for sharing your flight attendant application experience with us. Don't give up :)

nyje 4 years ago

too bad i guess i will not pass i have this keloid on my legs and you cant easily hide it through concealer i need to undergo surgery first :((

Azeer 4 years ago

Hello there! I have a pending application with Saudia. IPAMS(agency) told us that our application was put on hold and will not push through at this time because of some POEA concerns. Any advice please? The recruitment is not cancelled right? Do you think I should wait for this or should I move on and forget about my application? Thanks!

dahia 4 years ago

Hi! I dream to become a FA, I am 27 years old 5'3 in height I have a fair tan skin color, slim, I got a nice teeth, I can speak fluent english, tagalog and vietnamese. Im a ovearseas worker at the same time student taking a coarse of BS psychology, I have a skills to communaicate to other people to entertained them and make them feel comportable. through giving them the smile to feel warm welcome I dream to become a FA do I have a chance to start and pursuing my dream.thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Azeer hi. IPAMS is a well know trusted agency. I think the recruitment is on hold, wait for them to complete the requirements so POEA will make the go-signal. The best thing to do is ask your agency what is going on and if the application will resume soon. While you wait, apply for another airline company. Good luck!

@Dahia hello. Everyone has a chance, you only have to prove you have what it takes. Pass your resume to airline companies and give your best shot. Become a flight attendant. Good luck. :)

Azeer 4 years ago

Thanks twentyfive :) If I'll get the chance I'll call IPAMS. It'll be really devastating if the recruitment will be cancelled. Several girls are waiting patiently for it. fingers crossed and praying harder.. Thank you!

songlala 4 years ago

Hi, I would like to ask, if would you know if there are schools who offer night schedule for the training course. I would like to take up training course, as I believe I will get higher chances if I have a training background. As of the moment WCC don't offer night schedule. Currently I have day job, and I cannot quit/resign anytime soon due to family financial support. So I prefer taking up night school instead. PAL will not offer training courses until 2nd qtr of 2012. Any, advise? Thanks and more power to your blog.

jackiefifteen 4 years ago

Hi..Good evening twentyfive,Thank you for your effort to answers all questions here..even if paulit ulit na...I really admire you by giving them a compliments and I believe it will really helps to make them confident and I Thank you...

Anyway,I'm one of them...I want to be a FA someday...I'm 29 y/o and still studying (HRM 3rd year college) by reading all comments here and also yours.. it will help me to know what to do for applying FA soon.. =) First,I need to Improve my English..at my age I'm not shy to learn, I love to learn. because I want to improve my self and my status in life as well...

"winners never quit. Quitters never win." I agree with you twentyfive..=)

I have scar on my forehead..but I wont let ruin it my dreams to become a FA someday... =) and I'm married.

Again, thank you twentyfive. =) I really appreciate you.

karla 4 years ago

almost 4 weeks of being away..sorry twentyfive..I was really busy and moving to a new place to stay was very tiring..plus all the training..anyway..I just want to tell you guys that there will be a

What: Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Recruitment

Where: Cebu Pacific Training and Development Center, Domestic Road, Pasay

When: January 9, 2012

Time: 0900H-1100H

guys, take this opportunity..and hoping to fly with you soon =)

trina 4 years ago

hi 25 i just want to know if i have a chance to be a FA im turning 25 on march 2012 5'4 fair complexion slim i think my face is ok but i don't have a good set of teeth :(

trina 4 years ago

im under grad in college would that be ok?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Azeer hi! I’m also praying for you girls :) Hope it will push through.. Cheers! Happy New Year!

@Songlala hello. A very pretty and kind lady (Karla) has shared a very helpful update that Cebu Pacific is holding their flight attendant recruitment next week. (See Karla’s comment above) It’s a very great opportunity for everyone like you. You may come and meet all ladies and you can share cabin crew stuff and I think it’s gonna be a worthy day for everybody :)

@Jackiefifteen hi. :) It’s a pleasure. I love my readers and I try to reply as much as I can :) Thank you for the very beautiful message. I admire you too coz you are frank and real and you know your self well. You know what you want. You have the will that’s why I’m sure you can reach whatever you want in life. Scar on your forehead can be invisible by concealing it I guess? Marriage and age is not a big issue if you make it an issue. I admire your being tough. Nothing stops you from reaching your dreams. That’s what successful women and people are. Keep it up. :) Happy 2012!!!

@Karla hello girl! Wow, we are excited about your news and your cabin crew training. I hope you are enjoying it. I know you are hehe :) Thank you for the very good news. It will help everybody here. You are very kind that’s why you are so blessed. :) Keep it up. Happy 2012 to you and more power :)

@Trina hi. There’s a chance for everyone. Why not show up on next week Flight Attendant Recruitment held at Cebu Pacific. Some airline companies prefer college graduate but some prefer at least two year-college grad.

miRAH 4 years ago

hapy new year...i realy like his article it realy encourage me to pursue FA...tnx

jackiefiftteen 4 years ago

Thank you twenty five for the very powerful reply.. :) even my English is not really good,you make me feel more confident to practice my English hahaha. :) by reading your comments here again and again I know it will help to improve my English...and I know I can do it! repetition is the mother of skills. :)

Thank you so much! :) I hope you will wont stop posting or comments to someone needs you..:) just think I'm the one who benefits those comments here.. lol

God Bless! :) Happy New Year! Goodluck!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mirah hello :) Thank you so much for liking this article. All the best to your career! :)

@Jackiefifteen hi :) Your English is very good hey :) I admire you for your thirst to know more and learn more. It just shows you are willing and you're wiser. Anything I could help, I'm just here. I think the best way to learn English is to read simple slang conversations like that from a magazine, teen pocketbooks or watch English movies with subtitles on. :) I still do those. hehe I'm so happy when you visit coz I love my visitors :) I am your friend ok.

Happy 2012 :)

karla 4 years ago

thanks twentyfive..I just woke up..we had aircraft demo training and duties & responsibilities practice..the training was fun and very informative but I think I'm going to be sick in waiting for the aircraft to land..waiting for 6 hours for an aircraft to be available for training use and using it only for 2.5 hours =D

by the way, I'm sorry guys..I just want to clear things up..January 9, 2012 screening in Cebu Pacific will only be a RESUME SUBMISSION AND INITIAL PHYSICAL SCREENING ONLY..when we say GRAND RECRUITMENT in Cebu Pcific, its a one-day processing..before you go home, you,ll know if you pass their standard or not..just the same guys, Goodluck ang see you on monday =)

***PS. be early as possible (you don't want to be standing all throughout the morning in your killer heels )

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello, Beautiful! :) Oh wow, you waited that long? Hope you had something with you to spare your time like an ipad or mobile phone or a book. Yesterday Manila was full of smog. Hope you take care over there.. I'm glad the training was fun and you learned a lot. :)It is what matters :)

I hope many from here will attend the screening next week. Thank you so much for sharing cool stuff and news about your cabin crew training and rendezvous ;) You girl rock! Take care. See you again.

**PS I'd like to email you about a future write up..(But I dunno your email add. So I guess you just have to contact me thru my profile above..)Perhaps someday when we're both not so busy. :)

Merwin Gonzales 4 years ago

hi, my name is merwin.. 21 yrs of age. i am a registered nurse and im looking for a job right now, if possible, kindly send me the links of airline company that would probably hire me. Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

If you read the whole article, I have listed the airline companies hiring cabin crew in the Philippines. ;) Good luck!

crisel 4 years ago

hello!!peg i just want to know if being a flight attendant is just easy to work? I'm only dreaming if i will catch that job since when i was in elementary students but now I'am a high school students, so i will try and try until I succeed to reach my goal. Thank you

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

No job is easy. If you're flight attendant you'll fly most of the time. Being hundreds and thousands of feet above the ground hmm that's not so easy. hehe It's a cool job though as salary and perks are rewarding.

Lana 4 years ago

I just to ask of how good your complexion must be?

mae 4 years ago

Hello. im a nursing graduate, 20 years old, 120 lbs,i stand 5'7. I really want to be a flight attendant. But I have a big problem--i have a scar on my face. Will that be a hindrance when I apply?

jen 4 years ago

I want to be a flight attendant. But my underarm, singit and butt are dark. Will they reject me?

Jansen 4 years ago

Is it really necessary to have a complete set of Teeth if you apply as a Cabin Crew? I have two molars removed but not entirely visible when I smile.. I wish I could land this Position as soon as possible..

ron 4 years ago

hello im ron, im 20 years old and i have a experience in airport. i go to jeddah,K.S.A and have my training as a passenger service agent of saudia arabian airlines. can i ask if i can apply as a cabin crew @ your airlines.?

please inform me thanks



twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Lana hi. Good complexion means, your skin must be neat and skin color must be pantay.

@Mae hi. Oh wow, you’re tall I’m jealous. LOL I heard some people with same problems here, about scars..can’t you conceal it? It is so bad?

@Jen hello. Oh dark underarms, butt and others? That’s a first here. lol If you can’t afford expensive whitening creams and skin bleaching treatment, why don’t you try Glutamax soap. Use it twice a day. Rinse the area and apply the soap, and leave it for 3 minutes. Use it during your shower and bath. Use it twice a day, After 3 months, you’ll see the good result. I know someone who uses it and I’m impressed LOL Thank you for dropping by. Come back here when you see some improvement will you? :)

@Jansen hi. Molars are not so obvious when you talk and smile so I think they wont be a problem as long as the rest teeth especially the frontal are lovely. :)

@Of course you have a chance. Everyone has a chance here what more if you’ve got experienced. Just pass your resume to the airline companies hiring cabin crews listed on the article. Best of luck!

jen 4 years ago

Where can I buy glutamax soap?

jack 4 years ago

Saan mas strikto maghire ng dlight attendants? Sa pilipinas o sa ibang bansa? Nakakakita ako ng FA sa ibang bansa di masyadong maganda at medyo chubby

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jen supermarkets or grocery stores

@Jack seems it's so strict here.

By the way, Saudi Arabian Airlines is now hiring flight attendants. I saw the post from my friend who works there. Interested applicants can apply via IPAMS agency. Requirements are:

-at least high school graduate

-height between 160 - 180 cm with proportional weight

-age 22 to 30 years old

-fluent in English: oral and written

-general knowledge of world affairs and geography will be an additional quality

jen 4 years ago

Yan nalang problema ko e. Skin ko di pantay. Hay

Roz 4 years ago

I want to apply too.. Sana matulungan nyo ko. Fresh BS NURSING Grad. Thanks:)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jen don't lose hope. If there's a will, there's a way :)

@Roz hi. Make your resume and submit it to the airline companies hiring cabin crews. They are on the article. Good luck. :)

jen 4 years ago

Anong airline ka nagwowork?

rereihirashima 4 years ago

hi, im currently a 3rd year tourism student here in bacolod city negros occidental. And i am planning to apply for this job but i don't know where to start. Where could i submit my resume when im here? would it be best if i will go there in manila? how about cebu?

for the qualifications, im a bit worried because i have these acne scars on my face and a little bit holes due to acne pricking. :( i guess i really have to see a dermatologist. and also my skin is not pantay. i am really losing hope now.

i really want this job because my father wants me to, he is so ill right now and before his last breath i want him to see me wearing those gorgeous uniform. i want him to be proud of me :)

jaycee 4 years ago

hi im interested in applying as an FA but.. i don't know how to swim. is it true that its required to have at least 3 swimming strokes to get hired.. Plus i don't have good teeths.. what should i do?

mithun 4 years ago

Dear all m from india, working as a restaurant manager, got 5.6 year experience in hospitality industry, I did hotel management diploma, m 5.5 hight,, 25year olf,looking for cabin crew job or flight attented, plese help me, my mail id mithunvalsan@gmail.com phone no +91-8123000558

mithun 4 years ago

Dear pleas amswer my query, looking for flight.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rereihirashima hello. You can apply online while waiting for a general recruitment for flight attendants like that Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines schedule every now and then. Recently, (January 9, 2012) Cebu Pac. held recruitment. You can always visit this page to see updates and announcement shared by fellow cabin crews and applicants. Saudi Arabian Airlines are hiring right now. The post is so fresh. Read it from my previous comment above.

If you’re worried about your acne scars, I suggest you do something bout them. Are they that bad? The more someone plucks them out, the more they rebel. I suggest you treat them gently. Just wash your face when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Apply toner, they keep the pores intact. And don’t use tough facial products like astringents etc. Use Olay Total Effects before putting powder. And it’s important to use light powder and talc. Skin is everything. Thank you.

@Jaycee hey. It’s an advantage if you’re a swimmer. But it’s not a major pre-requisite as you will learn it naman during the training. Teeth will be very good if you let them cleaned by the dentist or better have them whitened. It costs around 1500.

@Mithium hi. You can apply to the listed airline companies in the article above. Best of luck to your FA career. :)

rosa 4 years ago

hi everyone,

I just want to share my experience.

Im a psychology graduate and I work in the corporate industry. But it has always been my childhood dream to become a flight attendant. To make this dream come true, first thing I did was, I checked the Airline websites and job advert websites to see who's hiring. So I suggest to those who don't know how to start, you can do the same thing that I did.

Last year, I applied in Airphil Express, emailed them my resume and I believe within the week they rang me and invited me for an interview (in some cases, the airlines post their hiring adverts and invite walk in applicants). I was told to come in corporate/business attire: sleeveless blouse, blazer and knee length skirt. (They will make you lift up your skirt to see your legs and remove your blazer to see your arms. There should be no visible scars or tattoos when wearing the uniform.)

It's also important to come early because it's a first come first serve basis which I believe is the same with Cebu Pac, otherwise you will wait for hours before you get interviewed if you come late even for just a minute(which happened in my case, a lesson learned the hard way). Anyway, in any appointment it is important to be punctual. Unfortunately, the interview didn't went well for me and I didn't pass the impact interview. They said I was a little too shy and reserved. So what does that imply? From the interview's name itself, you have to make an impact using your looks and personality. Be confident, let your dynamic personality shine, and always show them your warm and friendly smile.

And just like what 25 said, if you want this so bad, you must be willing to do anything and everything to reach it.

Facial scars and blemishes: There are a LOT of beauty centers offering facial services nowadays! They can even out your skin tone & remove black heads and white heads. OR if it isn't so bad, a well applied make up can do the trick. Always moisturize, put on sunscreen and apply toner for tighter pores. Don't have 20/20 vision: If im not mistaken, most airlines allow the use of contact lenses. Unless it is really impossible for you to improve, there's no reason for you to give up.

Even if I didn't get in the first time, I'd still give it another try. I believe that if you invest for improvements and you will reap the benefits later.

Id like to thank the author for this very helpful post. And also thanks to you, for taking the time to read my story. Good luck!

jaycee 4 years ago

yeah indeed its an advantage :( so i need to attend some swimming lessons before i can even get in.. Regarding sa teeth.. ibig ko sabihin di na siya completo.. my wisdom tooths gone.. is it like a requirement to have complete set of teeth? or sa front lang?

-- thanks sa answer

me22 4 years ago

i really want to apply, but i;m not white. i have filipina skin..is dat ok?

ruthinie profile image

ruthinie 4 years ago

thanks for the post twentyfive. it's very informative! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rosa hello :) Oh wow you made my day reading your beautiful post here. Thank you for sharing your first experience applying for a flight attendant. I love Airphilexpress coz their planes are awesome, clean and new. And unlike any other airlines, they’re always on time. Plus their fares are so cheap. I admire your determination in making your dreams come true. I am so sure you will get what you want soon. Since it’s your first time, I know it’s a very good lesson to use on your next application. You are so young and smart! I believe you will fly soon. ;) Cheers to your flight attendant career! Don’t forget to update us about your next venture. :)

BTW, you might want to try Saudi Arabian Airlines. They are hiring right now. And foreign airline companies are not that strict.. I feel that you will be accepted there. :) Best of luck!

@Jaycee hi. Don’t lose hope. Swimming can be learned. Oh wisdom tooth? If it’s not seen when you smile and talk, I think you have no problem. :)

@Me22 hi. Recruiters have no color issue hey. As long as your skin is neat and pantay ang color. Filipina skin is lovely. Have you seen Rihanna? She’s the sexiest women in the world last year from a famous magazine. Lol

@Ruthinie hello. It’s a big pleasure to share this. Thank you for dropping by.

star 4 years ago

hi i want to apply as cabin crew but i have acne scars on my cheeks..any chances of getting hired? i heard saudi airlines is hiring flight attendants, but i'm worried about my acne scars..

thanks all

fawannabe 4 years ago

what do you think about dentures.. is it acceptable by airline companies?.. or i should stop dreaming about this..

mineebirfan 4 years ago

sir, i am very needy about my job. plz sir, plz plz call me. 0346-2968603

Mek 4 years ago

May stretchmarks ako sa bewang. Bawal ba yun?

naom kerubo ndigiti 4 years ago

working in the plane like my best job that I can do mostly the interaction there.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Star hi. Acnes are easy to treat. Just consult your dermatologist about it. It depends on your skin type and reaction..Skin is so important for recruiting companies.

@Fawannabe hi. Hmm as long as they’re not so obvious to be dentures, perhaps you’ll pass :)

@Minee hello. Just apply to the listed airlines I included in the article and submit your resume. Or better yet, apply personally to local airlines in the country.

@Mek hi. Applicants with nice skin are always in the priority lane. However I’m not saying you can’t do it. Try and try :)

@Naom hi. Thank you for dropping by.

Jenny 4 years ago


I'm a 1st year mass communication student and 5 flat in height. Is there any chance I can get accepted even if I don't have my diploma yet and knowing that I lack of height? Can you refer me to any agencies you think will accept me?


fawannabe 4 years ago

thanks for enlighting me twentyfive. i will keep chasing these dreamjob of mine.. and can i ask you a favor.. can you list down here in your page the airline companies who accept male FAs. i know QATAR airways will be on the toplist.. xD thank you..

Marie 4 years ago

I'm a former FA in Saudia, i resign because of family emergency, i was really lonely when my father passed away and my mom had to be alone so i resigned working in Saudia. But now my mom is now fine and she want me me to go back to Saudia. i'm planning to go back but i don't know how. can anyone help me. What number should i contact and who's the contact person. Thanks. email me thanks. monterde_marie@yahoo.com

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jenny hi. You can apply to any airline company hiring cabin crews. Just read the article above. Yes, there’s a chance you’ll get accepted if you’re smart and confident :) I know IPAMS Agency is recruiting FAs to Saudi Airlines in the moment. Try it.

@Fawanna hello. Yeah these airlines also accept male flight attendants.

@Marie hi. Sad to hear about your dad..Nothing stops you from going back again. When they see your resume and work experience, I think they will surely consider you again. Since I don’t give contact numbers here to protect everyone, you can just contact me by going to my profile. Thank you.

Chard 4 years ago

Hi Twenty Five

Do you know when is the next open day of EMIRATES here in Manila or when is the next recruitment process

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi Chard :) I don't know when is their next recruitment. I suggest you bookmark their "career" web page and so you can be updated any time they post hiring positions. Good luck! You can also bookmark this page to hear some new posts from fellow cabin crew applicants. :)

Jenny 4 years ago


Thank you! :)

kare 4 years ago

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Accepting applications until February 11, 2012, Saturday


AirPhil Express

Cabin Crew - Female

1 year experience required

Is currently looking for:



- Female – Single with good moral character

- 18-30 years old (flying experience supported by Employment Certificate with years of service as cabin crew an advantage)

- Minimum arm reach of 200cms. (Must be able to reach emergency equipment in all aircraft types.)

- At least High School graduate

- Weight must be proportionate to height

- Physically fit

- High standard of personal appearance and grooming

- No tattoos visible while wearing the Airphil Express uniform

- Clear complexion

- Empathetic with a positive attitude

- Willing to work in a domestic and international environment

- Able to speak Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa or Malay, a plus factor.

- Must be willing to be assigned to any station based on operational requirement

For more information about the company, visit


How to Apply

Please come in business attire, preferably in a sleeveless blouse with blazer and skirt with no stockings and in full makeup.

You may also send your resume at 2pcebuhub@gmail.com. Kindly indicate the position that you’re applying and the location in the subject line of your email. (Example: Cabin Crew – Cebu).

markwhite21 4 years ago

Hi there,

My suggestion is that flight attendant and cabin crew jobs are very good and also help to develop their personalities...


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Thank you Markwhite for the lovely message :) God bless

jenny 4 years ago

what if you got keloids..?a big one. it is very hard to remove that kind of scars.you need some medical treatment i guess,frustrating because surely will failed in assessment.. :( although i have nice set of teeth don't have pimples.and got looks the one that make me depress is my skin :( its not fair :( expensive when you go to derma :( and do bleaching :(

i guess i have to start from the scratch

dear 25 do you know where can i apply as ground crew... or costumer lounge attendant?

jenny 4 years ago

by the way i always say this..

this is the one of the nicest,helpful and inspiring blog i ever saw..

Golda Meir Sapalo 4 years ago

I'm a nurse but my dream job is to become a flight attendant/flight nurse in that case. Hehehe. I want to become an FA really really do . :c

dandah_chloe 4 years ago

greeting's of peace & joy!!!! i have read a few comments here and i got attracted with the flow of conversation concerning all aspiring flight attendants wannabe's & cabin crew as well.i would like to ask if in any given situation like in my case i had a different preference in gender and my age is 32 years old would i still be a qualifier if ever i would try my luck for the said job posts in such airline companies around? thank you for giving us this idea as well as feedback & queries from all the healthy & beneficial aspects of getting the right information within this specific detailed job we are all hoping and aspiring to be.thank you & more power.

che 4 years ago

hi everyone,

I'm very interested to apply as FA.I am worried about my teeth,i have extracted 4 molars,my front teeth are perfectly even.My height is 5'6'' with brown skin complexion.Do u thinks guys my 4 molars extracted are the problem to be disqualified?

sincerely che

kate castanares 4 years ago

Got the same question too..

world changer 4 years ago

what if you have porcelained teeth in front? would that be a hindrance??

loygy malinis 4 years ago

Marla is fake she promised everybody to ba a flight attendant.we pay her 25 k for that training but no one as she promised employed as flight attendant.other applied for themselves but as what she promised that all her tranees will be employed at southwest airlines was a lie.infact there is no southwestairlines exist in ph..as what she said.....she is a big liar....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Loygy - who is Marla? This is alarming. Please be careful transacting with anybody. Just transact or negotiate to anyone in an office or agency..not by person. Don't trust anyone easily especially when you just met them. I don't remember any Marla. Can you tell me who it is? Or email me personally about this. Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I've never heard of Southwest airlines either. All the airlines hiring flight attendants in the country are listed in my article and they are all big companies here like Cebu Pac, PAL, Airphil Express, Saudi, Cathay...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jenny hi there. A big keloid? I’m sorry to hear that, But can’t you conceal it? Since you have all what it takes, don’t let that keloid ruin your dreams. Cheers! Goodluck.

PS Thank you so much that you find this article inspiring. Happy to inspire everyone. My readers inspire me, too. Mwah!

@Golda hi. Airphil is hiring and Saudi. Why not dare apply and fly :) Best of luck to you girl.

@Dandah hello. Majority of airline companies prefer 21-30 tough it’s always the looks and confidence that impress them. If you’re 32 and look 23, why let it stop you? There is always competition and preferences. But there is that one factor that will catch an employer. Leave a mark, be unforgettable, be you want to be. If you failed here, why not try international airlines companies. Before that, I leave you this, the youngs got the raw beauty but the mature got the experience.. :)

@Che & Kate hi. If your molars are not obviously missing when you smile, then you can make it. :) Just flash that pretty face and smile. :)

@World changer hello. Like I said, if it’s not too obvious, you can make it. It’s the smile that counts..

Kim John Coronado 4 years ago

I want to be a flight attendant..

World Changer 4 years ago

really?? wow! you uplifted me! thank you!

world changer 4 years ago

is having chicken pox in my left cheek will hinder me to be a cabin crew?

irish 4 years ago

hi! i just wanna ask on how to apply @ airlines since i am a graduating student

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@World Changer hello there. Nothing could hinder you from making your dreams come true except yourself. Be positive. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Chicken pox scar? As I would always suggest, try concealer. Revlon and Maybelline could help with that :)

@Irish hi. You can apply to the airlines I listed in the article. They are hiring flight attendants in the Philippines. Submit your resume to all of them. The more you submit, the more chance of getting hired. Good luck. :)

michelle 4 years ago

ooh!! good thing i saw ur article about flight attendants! i wish to be one since i was a kid.. but because of being much active in sports even in extra curricular in schools, i accidentally got this one little scar behind my left leg.. its not that really obvious but when you take a look at it, of course it will... and so, do you think this little scar wouldn't let me pass the application for flight attendant?

LanceEiffel 4 years ago

hi there Ms.25. I'm 23, tourism grad; 5'9''. Is it important to have a fair whole body complexion for flight steward-hopeful like me? Do they{interviewers} let you show-off your body and check those hidden scars,'dark things' and other imperfections or just good physique and nice appearance{looks} will do {knowing that male cabin crew are wearing long sleeves and coat}? Kindly hand me some information about the requirements for male flight attendant. I'm looking forward for it. thank you!

By the way I feel uplifted upon reading this blog. 2 thumbs-up!

crisel 4 years ago

Hi every one!!

I'm a young girl dreaming to became a Stewardess someday!When I'm still in elementary I dreaming to became a professional chef but when I am a high school student now I want to be a Stewardess because I know it is one of the good job opportunity right. I want to have a nice job to help my family as well. It is very easy to get that job? What are the qualifications to became a Stewardess? Can you help me guys over there!! When I reached college I promise to my self to study my lesson to reached my goal to became a Stewardess someday. I want to go in any country. I want to explore the world.

world changer 4 years ago

i really love your pages! do you have twitter account so i can follow you and have your updates? Im also a blogger and you give ideas on what to write about..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Michelle hello. There are other factors recruiters and companies look for to flight attendant and cabin crew applicants not only the nice skin but also the confidence, knowledge and right attitude to work. If your scar is not too obvious and you have all what it takes, then I think airline companies would hire you. It’s just a scar after all, don’t let it scare you. :)

@LanceEiffel hi there. Yes, some companies require physical check ups not only airline companies. Others reject those with tattoos too. I know employee selection process is taking to strict nowadays and competition is so high. You will find pretty faces during the recruitment days, you will find simple applicants too. But like I always say, looks is just one of the qualifications. There is still attitude, knowledge, experience and charm. If your skin is not so perfect and flawless, don’t make it an issue. Just act like, hey nobody’s perfect. “I am beautiful no matter what.” Keep that in mind. :)

I will make a post about male flight attendants soon. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Bless ya!

@Crisel hi there. Thank you for sharing your dream since you’re young girl. Please read the article and the comments so you can have a big background and idea on how to be a flight attendant. Wishing you a great career someday.

@World Changer hi. Thank you for liking my pages. Yes I have a Twitter account. You can follow me at http://twitter.com/fehl_

If you want ideas what to write about, just write what you know then the rest will follow. It’s easy to write about your experiences like traveling, love, relationship, jobs, and just anything that makes your life exciting. What is your blog? I have a page in Tumblr and Blogger. I must follow you.

michelle 4 years ago

haha i so loved this line " It’s just a scar after all, don’t let it scare you." woah, that's a relief however.. thank you for the encouragement, i actually sent my resume on AirPhil Express and soon in the PAL, co'z as of the moment i don't have any SSS, and in the downloadable resume there's a fill up form regarding to that and so il guess i'l fill it up as soon as i got a SSS thingy (hoping they're still hiring phew!) hehe by the way, thanks again for the so much encouraging words, ur a nice person more power and Godbless! ^__^

michelle 4 years ago

@LanceEiffel -- that's a really good question! thanks also for asking that to this resourceful blog.. it really helped a lot because somehow, its kinda unique in such a way i've never thought of that and maybe the others too but indeed very helpful.. im not a guy by the way just sayin' haha so much talking naaah o__O

LanceEiffel 4 years ago

@twentyfive. The pleasure is mine. God Bless you too. Thanks for the morale-boosting advice.

I must head to pharmacy asap to buy Glutamax soap hahaha..anyway I'll be excitingly wait for your next post. tc.

@michelle. thanks also for the like hehe. I'm wishing you a big good luck and hope you'll succeed [as much as I want} to this endeavor of ours.

michelle 4 years ago

@LanceEiffel -- sure thing brodah :) aww thank you too for wishing that much.. i just wish both of us can be part of the airline industry and giving the very best service to our international clients naakz choz! :D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Michelle. No problem :) Why not apply at Saudi too. If I’m right, the post will end on April. Good luck. You’re such a nice person too :) And LanceEiffel too. You are bagay (tease)

@LanceEiffel. You are a guy? Oh good luck with Glutamax hehehe One more tip for making dark skin whiter, after shower always make sure you pat dry your skin especially underarms, inner thighs and those hidden and nasa kasingit-singitan (laughs here sorry I’m required to speak in English here as much as possible) Apply mild lotion, avoid those which are scented like Victoria’s Secret..Basta keep your skin free from wetness. If your skin is so dry and flaky, that’s another thing. lol

michelle 4 years ago

thanks but haha a big LOL for that :p anyway, i checked again the Saudi Arabian Airlines and unfortunately, there aren't any Philippine recruitment *sighs* :) I just wished AirPhil Express seen my resume i sent for them, because their hiring is until Mar. 11 oooh time flies so fast O.o as of now there aren't any updates for my application..sad but never say never :)

James 4 years ago

ok lang po ba kung naka dentures? I mean yung kita yung dalawang hook sa magkabilang pangil..

James 4 years ago

bakit parang di na po naghihire ng male flight attendants and cebu pacific at zest air.. exclusive na po ba sila for girls?

redbutterfly 4 years ago

hi 25!i just want to know if they're accepting underweight like me? im only 41kgs and 5'3 in height, i think. im afraid they wont give me a chance. they conduct how many sets of interviews? and one more thing,i have a thyroid problem,but i was still able to pursue my International On-The-Job training in Singapore 2years ago,will they still consider it since I was still able to pursue my OJT abroad? or do I need not to try applying as Flight Attendant? thanks! God Bless

carol jane hallarsis 4 years ago

i am not a good swimmer..does swimming skill a major requirement?what if i try to take some swimming lessons? would i be qualified?

Sandy 4 years ago

Hello do you think i have a chance to apply as an fa if i don't have any work experience? I graduated last march 2011 but still unemployed..

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hi guys! Credits to the one who wrote this article. It gave me the needed resources. Thumbs up! I am Catherine Cubinar. I grew up in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I rode an airplane many times that made me want to pursue an Airline job. Now, I'm on my 2nd year in college, soon to be in 3rd year. I'm currently living in Philippines, taking up AB English at Asian Institute for Distance Education. Yes, I'm homestudying due to travel reasons. I am a writer of novels so I'm pretty well good at English. I'm also mastering French. I know some few Arabic words. I'm not sure if I'm 5'3 or 5'4. :D Yesterday, I started seeing airline sites and they're accepting college levels. It made me feel so excited. My only problem is.. I have a scar (just a little) on my right leg, near on my foot. Is it okay if I just put a concealer with stockings on or would that disqualify me? And also, I have an eye problem but can be corrected 20/20 via contact lenses or eye glasses. So, on my eye issue, it wasn't really a huge problem since I can use eye glasses or contact lenses even though I can't afford undergoing an eye surgery. And last.. My dentist before told me.. "You have a really good set of teeth, but you should try braces to improve them MORE." If ever I'll be wearing braces, it'll only take me few months. My biggest frustration for now is my scar issue. Anyone help? :( BTW, People from Philippines who are interested to become a Flight attendants can add me up on Facebook (Catherine Sison Cubinar). Hoping for a good response. Thanks! =')

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Michelle hello :) Who knows you guys would meet in the recruitment. LOL Oh I forgot, Saudi is hiring flight attendants and you must apply at IPAMS agency. You can search it. I’ve seen the post in Facebook last month and it says it’s until April. So hurry. :) We’ve talked about it on the previous comments above. AirPhilExpress is a very nice company too. It’s growing so fast. I salute you, yes never say never. :)

@James hi there. That sounds vampirish hehehe. No, they still hire male flight attendants. I’ve seen more males on Cebu Pac though. Hey, don’t quit.

@Redbutterfly hello. As long as your weight is proportional with your height they might hire you. They conduct interviews as much as other companies. It depends. They conduct initial screening then HR interview then final interview. You know the recruitment process is always unpredictable so you must be too. Be unpredictable, be different, then you will be irreplaceable. You mentioned you had OJT in Singapore for 2 years? Wow, so that’s a big merit already. Go girl apply and FLY! :) Don’t you forget to treat me when you got your first pay LOL

@Carol hi. Swimming can be learned so convince them you can swim. They conduct cabin crew training kasi so you can develop more your skills and knowledge. Did you even read the article?

@Sandy. Yes, everyone has a chance. You just have to prove you are worth it. You are fresh graduate so recruiters get that. Magpakitang gilas ka.

@Catherine hello. Oh wow, you are very interesting person. Wow, I write poetry and stuff too. What is your novel? I could read it or buy it if you could tell me. You see just from the way you talk, people listen already. I’m sure you will definitely get those airline companies attention too. :) Oh you have a little scar? If you feel you’re beautiful, recruiters will feel it too. If you feel you’re smart, people will believe you are. So don’t take anything to stop you from being a flight attendant. I know you’re closer to that dream now. :) Best of luck. Oh you can add me on fb, at facebook.com/fehl.twentyfive

banp 4 years ago

i'm actually looking for any vacancies as flight attendant. I know i am qualified. Just don't know where to apply.

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I haven't publish any books yet. :) I just keep my stories with me. Maybe one day I will. :) Sorry I can't see your FB account. Please do add mine. cutiechickbabe16@yahoo.com

paige 4 years ago

what if my legs are not that nice..i mean my varicose veins are visible maybe because i have white complexion..

robert de mesa 4 years ago

what if my hair is thinning do i still have a chance?

Johnny Boi 4 years ago

I'm a graduate of aviation and I major in flying, got into different industry after graduation, i had 150 hours of flying time when i graduated. I'm 37 now and I was wondering if i can still be accepted for a cabin crew position at any airline?

Johny 4 years ago

what if I have flat nose do I still have the chance? height 5'10", male,clean fair skin,graduated from college.

andrea 4 years ago

hi there twentyfive! I'm going to graduate this march. I'm already 24 years old and since high school,to be a flight attendant like my mom is what i want to do after I graduate from college. I do not see myself working outside the airline industry. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall and has nice legs. The problem is, i have pimples that is very difficult to conceal. I have minimal pimples on my forehead and left cheek that's why it's not so much of a problem for me. However, my pimples at my right cheek are the ones that are very difficult to hide. Is there any chance for me to be accepted as a flight attendant? I really don't have the means now to go to a dermatologist because it's too expensive. When I was in college, I tried applying in cebupac thrice. I didn't pass the initial screening the first and second time i applied. On my third try, I passed the initial screening but didn't pass the panel interview. I also applied in Qatar Airways but I wasn't able to make it to the final interview.

Your advice will really be helpful... I enjoy reading your articles,comments, and advice. :)

michelle 4 years ago

yeah, seems he's not responding haha LOL anyway, have you heard about iCATS? well, i wanna first have my training ground there as a Flight Attendant then after it i guess, that's the time im gonna apply for real in the airline industry.. i realized its better to have some sort of ideas or knowledge much better in a training specified for cabin crew for a better chance of being hired.. hehe so, thanks again for the cheers and for the moral support nakz :) i salute you too dear ^___^

al 4 years ago

so this is it im goin to apply as FA at qatar airlines and its really nerve rackin to be interviewed. i get so shaky!!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sorry for replying late. I was on holiday..

@Banp hi there. Oh wow what are you waiting for, I have listed the airlines companies hiring FAs in the article. Good luck. :)

@Catherine hello girl. Why doncha publish them here in Hubpages. I publish all my poetry, crazy stories here. lol I love my readers. You will meet lots of them here, writers, poets, novelists, lyricists… my account here is Blaise25. It’s cool to share your creativity :) My FB is fehl02@yahoo.com

@Paige hey. If your veins are not distracting, why would let them stop you. Go on girl. :) Nobody’s perfect. Even models love photoshop lol

@Robert hi. Um hair thinning? If you’re still frickin good looking why not? Hehe Like I said, if you won’t apply, you won’t get hired forever.

@Johnny Boi hello. Wow, why didn’t you try pilot jobs? I think there are lots of jobs for you aside from cabin crew. 37 has a lot of experience.

@Johnny. The qualities for flight attendants and cabin crews didn’t say candidates must have perfect pointed lovely nose.

@Andrea. I know how you feel. But don’t give up. Pimples are part of puberty but if they’re still there in your twenties, it’s not good anymore. I’m no dermatologist but I love reading magazines, web pages and oh I read a lot. Pimples usually appear due to hormone imbalance. If your other skin is flawless, means it’s not hormones.. It maybe due to skin reaction to chemicals or cosmetics in the face, soap, toner, even facial napkins.. Face is so sensitive. Try not applying anything in your face for 2 weeks and observe it. Use Johnson’s baby powder when you go out. Wash it with cold water, mild soap like Olay (the original one bought from S&R or SM.. this one is bigger than the one made locally) Always wash your face before you sleep and when you wake up in the morning. I hope this works for you.

Another important thing I read somewhere, when your hands touched anything that is used on your feet like pedicure stuff, or anything that is moist, never touch your face unless you washed your hands or put alcohol on them. Bacteria might enter your pores in the face which cause pimples that are hard to kill. Thank you for dropping by. xx

@Michelle hi girl. No, never heard of it until now. :) Thanks for mentioning it here. Training is a big stepping stone in this career coz some centers are already affiliated with airline companies. This is a cool way for you. I’m glad you’re taking this route. Don’t forget to drop by here again and tell us what airline you’re working. :) Nakz. It’s a pleasure. I love giving cheers :) xoxo

@Al hey. Good luck on your interview. Forget the nerves, try a glass of vodka. lol I kid. Tell us what happened..

raye 4 years ago

hello, Im from ZAmboanga City,21,single,male and 5'8. I would like to know if there are still hiring for flight attendant position. thanks.=_

raye 4 years ago

I would like to know if until now, they are still hiring for flight attendant?thanks!

pretty_yikah04 4 years ago

my bf is currently working at the HR department of AirPhil Express. I think that AirPhil is still hiring for cabin crew / FA.. Goodluck! :)

drex 4 years ago

hi uhm im 20years old male..... i wanted to if may available hiring po for FLIGHT ATTENDAN OR CABIN CREW in any airlines pls text me 09327779895 thank you

drex 4 years ago

i saw the list of airlines i didn't see any male FA for hire??? is cabin crew and FA same thank you!!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Raye hello there. Yes, the airline companies I mentioned in the article are on on-going hiring FAs and cabin crews. All you have to do is visit their website which I linked and submit your CV/resume. Let your resume/cv stand out from the others. From the previous comments, there are some fresh recruitments discussed like AirPhilExpress. Just read them again. Thank you.

@Pretty_yikah hi there. Yes AIrPhilExpress is hiring right now. thank you for sharing that girlie :)

@drex hi. See my response to Raye. Thank you.

Miss Kitkat 4 years ago

When posted.. resume submission and initial physical screening only.. does that mean there's no interview on that day?

sam 4 years ago

good day! good thing that i saw your article. im just wondering if they are very particular when it comes to face. like your face should be perfectly clear? thank you for your article. it's very helpful! have a nice day! :)

Desiree 4 years ago

Hi im a newly registered nurse. I wanted to be a flight attendant since i was a kid. But just realized today that i'm deprived of my height. Omg! I know this is lil kind of frustration but, its fine! Anyway, im standing 4'11! Is it possible for me to make it?! I think i got the other qualifications! Owww! That's confidence we called anyway :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I still can't find you on Facebook, dear. Can you add me up? cutiechickbabe16@yahoo.com :( Anyway, I'm only 18 years old and Cebu Pacific Air's continuously hiring cabin crews, particularly, national capital region. So I just need an advice or some encouragement. I am really worried about my scar in front of my right leg. It's visible from afar though it's not too big, it's kind of noticeable. Every monday, they're having an initial screening and resume submission. But I'm always worried about my scar, although you did told me that it shouldn't scare me. Can you give me more advice about my scar and is it okay to go for it at this young age? Am I too young?

And also, I'm interested to make friends with people who wants to reach the same goal as mine.. to be a flight attendant. kindly add me up on Facebook. same name, thanks. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Can you teach me how to make a website like this whereby anyone can post their comment? I want to post my stories online. I'd love to hear a response from you. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Desiree: I've not intention of discouraging you but.. The Airlines minimum requirement for height is 5'3. Why? 'cause your height will help you assist the passengers especially if they're having a hard time putting their bags inside the overhead lockers. But the good news is, Airlines nowadays are no longer as strict as they used to be. My advice is.. You can still give it a try! :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Sorry wrong type. -- I've no intention. :D

Anne 4 years ago

Hello, im 13years old and I want to be a flight attendant, my height is 5'2 is that okay?

karissa 4 years ago

It's good to knew that my height is enough .......I'm not good in English but I will do my best....2 be good....

gunjan saxena 4 years ago


I am 21year old i am undergrad but i have nice personality i am 5"3 in height long hair , fair complexion ...........

and very willing for the training if i would be given a chance.........plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I really really want to work as FA. like this is my ultimate dream.

aj 4 years ago

are there airline companies hiring resgistered nurses?

Iya 4 years ago

i have a question,i have a false front teeth (jacket as what they called), can i still be considered?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Thanks for the people who added me on Facebook :)

@Gunjan: Cebu Paciifc Air is hiring continuously. :)

@Aj: There's no course requirement, as long as you meet the requirements. :)

Abby 4 years ago

Can I apply for FA position even at a 5'1 1/2 height??.. btw, this blog is very GOOD!..thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Miss Kitkat hi. Depends upon the hiring company. Some usually conduct initial screening with both short interview and physical screening. Have a break, have a Kitkat. :)

@Sam hello. Yes, they are very much particular with face and skin.. Looks and appeal is important to them. Nonetheless, your attitude and skills too.

@Desiree hi there. Typical Pinays are short. OMG, you made me smile. If you did this to anyone in the panel, I think you might be accepted. Cheers! Never give up ok :) Win it! I saw one flight attendant from Zest Air when I went to Boracay. She’s about 5’’ in my estimate.. :)

@Catherine hello there. Happy to see you dear. Sure, I will add you on FB. If you are beautiful and feel it in your bones, and skin (winks) your scar won’t matter. Is your scar too bad? I wonder if petroleum jelly can’t vanish it…

Yes, you can post your stories online by using Tumblr, Weebly or Blogger. They are easy to set up. If you don’t know how to set them up, they usually have tutorials. No worries, everything is easy to do in this high techy time. Thank God :) You can also ask me anytime. We’re friends anyway :)

@Anne hi. You are only 13, you still have more years sweety. No worries. Just run, jog, or do bikings in the mornings, and some stretching, I’m sure you will reach more than the requirement height. :)

@Karissa. Reading magazines and watching English flicks can help everyone improve their English. And oh, try to speak in English more often than you used to..

@Gunjan hi. Why not come for the initial screening and start to make your dream come true.

@Aj hello. Registered nurses are welcome like every aspirant. I haven’t heard about nurses on board though on domestic airlines. Try the international airline companies.

@Lya hi there. Like I said, if your false teeth are not distracting and pretty when you talk and smile, that maybe no problem unless they require dental check up pronto.

@Abby hello. Sure you can apply if the company hiring FA require 5’1’’ and up. In case not, try your luck and impress the recruiters by standing out from the rest.

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I am confident that I am able to meet the requirements, but you said they're very particular with skin. Did you already add me on Facebook? :)

riu 4 years ago

hi.im 15 years old.my height is 5'4 1/2,is that okay?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Catherine hello. I admire that confidence. Cheers! Yes, I have added you on FB but you didn't accept me yet. My name is Fehl.

@Riu hi. 5'3 is the usual minimum requirement for some airlines so you are fine. Besides, you are just 15, wait for another 3 years then you can soar.. :)

zed john 4 years ago

hi miss 25 ima a male im currently looking for an FA job... my question is do they accept WALK-INs?? uhm im planning to walk in this week im 20y/o male can you send me where are there exact adress i have no idea i just know its arround paranaque??? right or not?? thank you!

marion reyes 4 years ago

hi, i am currently working as a CPA, i applied in PAL a year ago but got a CONDITIONAL status due to my teeth. i am wearing braces now and by June 2012 it will be removed. by then i can call PAL again and schedule for their initial screening, again. i already tendered my resignation effective April 20, 2012. my only concern, more of a fear, is that my eyes are no longer 20/20. can i still have the chance?

raye 4 years ago

i never received any updates from PAL and CEBUPAC...ehe...parang females lang ang hinahanap nila..huhuhu

jamie lyn suarez 4 years ago

good day im willing to work as flight attendants and cabin crews in our airport ,height 5'3 weight 110 lbs.and has good personality, and attitude please do contact me at09484391024

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Marion Reyes: Don't worry. I have an american friend, he's a flight attendant from American Airlines. He uses contact lenses or eye glasses. :)

marion reyes 4 years ago

@Catherine Cubinar : thank you so much for your encouraging words :) i hope Philipiine airline companies are not that strict also :)

Nathan 4 years ago

Hi im nathaniel thompson from makati, 20 yrs old and im 5'10, im really ready to apply, cant seem to find any openings can you help me?

ben 4 years ago

same here with nathan

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Marion Reyes: Just pray to God before going to an interview. Just be honest to the company regarding your eye problem. Mine isn't 20/20 too. I am nearsighted. Anyway, show them what you got and what difference can you make in their airline. Good luck and God bless! :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Guys, I think you should choose the Airline you want to work for. (You should have many choices) Save the link of their website so you can be updated. I think that's a smart thing to do. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Raye: Aww, too bad. First monday of march, they were hiring both male and female. But don't worry, there will be more screenings! :)

Irish 4 years ago

I got a tattoo on my right leg, Do u think i would still get in? it can be covered by a concealer though. BTW where is Ipams?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Zed hello. Usually airline companies schedule their recruitment days. Though walk ins are seldom entertained. You can try your luck anyway. I have listed the airline companies in the article. Just read their career section and you can contact each of them. I suggest you prepare your best cv/resume and upload it to their system. Apply to all the companies. Once you did that, it’s also like a walk in. Only cheaper and you saved petrol too:) Bookmark the websites and check them out everyday if they have hiring scheds, they usually post it on their homepage or career section. Better yet, always be here to get an update about the other applicants too. They always exchange hiring details. Thank you. Good luck. :)

@Raye don’t give up eh. If they don’t hire males right now, why not try other position in the airlines.

@Catherine hello girl. Thank you so much for answering some queries here. You are so amazing. Thank you for adding me on FB too. I cant see your pic with the scar thing….all I see is flawless skin :)

@Nathan and Ben hello. Oh wow, I think there are more guys here now. I know I have promised making a page about male flight attendants in the Philippines. I will publish it soon. Sorry for keeping it longer..hectic days here…

@Irish hello girl. Some companies are really particular with tattoos. You can try concealer or paint spray (for skin). If they asked you if you have any tattoo, be honest. If they didn’t ask, lucky you :) IPAMS is an agency hiring OFW. Recently, POEA granted accreditation to Saudi Arabian Airlines flight attendants recruitment. I think the post is from Feb. to April 2012. IPAMS is located 1455 Leon Guinto Sr. St. Malate, Manila Metro Manila Tel. No. (632)5248661 up to 63and (632)5246412 / 5254229

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hey Fehl, I'm worried. Someone told me airlines are only accepting 21. But why do they post 18 as the minimum age? I'm scared I might just hear, "I'm too young." :/

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Fehl, this is my website. http://catherinecubinar.weebly.com/index.html

There you go. You can check it. You can see the plot of my novel and some other stuffs. My Dance videos, etc. :)

And to those people who wants to be a Flight Attendant, please add me up. I would love to have a chit-chat with ya. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Irish: Thanks for adding me on FB. :)

irish 4 years ago

thanks Fehl :)i'll try to visit IPAMS on wed and see if they are still hiring. :)btw do u think i can wear stockings on the interview? do they really check ur skin, inch by inch? i have 6 tattoos. the only one im scared off is the one on my right lower leg, about 3 inch big. :( everything else is hidden.

raye 4 years ago

My!..it seems that PAL doesn't even give an update.well, what can i do?i need to search something better option.=)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Catherine hello girl. How are you? Airlines prefer 18 and above but below 27. Age doesn’t matter even in FA recruitment. If you think and act like 21, or smarter than that, why does it matter if you’re 18? Girly, your communication skills and confidence are more mature than whoever said that. lol You’re too young, then that’s a plus.

Your website is amazing. Oh look at you. I’m so proud of you. You’re 18 and already achieved that. You can add that website in your portfolio. It’s a lovely credit.

@Irish hi there. Wow, keep us posted about your IPAMS date. Hehe I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. You are beautiful. You can wear stockings on the interview yeah, plus a nice above-knee skirt, and top. Wear that corporate appeal. If they examined your body and skin and found out about your tattoos, don’t worry about them anymore. Just say “please, I want this so much, I promise my tattoos will be invisible if you give me a shot. ;)

@Raye hi. PAL prefers to give an update by phone. Make a follow up :)

irish 4 years ago

hahaha!! thanks fehl. :) i'll keep you guys posted. I just bought this max factor concealer today and it really worked for my leg tattoo!!! :) btw do they hire skin headed guys for FA's.

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Add my website to my portfolio? That's a good idea! Thanks fehl for your encouragement. When I become an FA, from bottom to top, up there in the sky, i'll always remember you. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Irish hello :) Max Factor cosmetics are one of the best. Is the concealer good? Would love to try it hehe I'm not so sure about male FAs. Lots of people were asking about them here. Is that your BF? In case they won't accept him, why not try the other airline positions like aircraft maintenance staff. One of my friend used to worked at Cebu Pac and his day rate was like 1000 a day plus free ride anywhere whenever he wants ;) Just saying, if your guy can't be an FA, at least he could be in the same company with you :)

@Catherine hello sista! Yes, add it for Pete's sake. hehe It's impressive. Also add "online content writing" to your skills. :) Aww, really? You get hugs for that! I will pray you get hired. I got a feeling you would. Don't rush into things..just enjoy doing what you love doing each day while you reach that dream :) xxoo

raye 4 years ago

Thanks to all the updates..well, i would like to try some other positions in the airline company. but to tell you i don't have any knowledge about it.well,Please do add me at Facebook raye_nhyzer@yahoo.com.T.T

irish 4 years ago

yeah that's my husband fehl.He is 5'10 and got a good set of teeth :) Max Factor, get the pan stick, works wonders! the saleslady from another store didn't notice my tatz until i told her, i also tried the Sally hansen airbrush but the Max factor concealer works alot better.So today, instead of going to IPAMS i tried calling them first just to check, they told me that the SAUDI air just finished hiring last Feb. She said that they might open for FA post this coming April or May. :) Hopefully i can make it by then. Im taking swimming classes and i can now finish 30 meters! :)

raye 4 years ago

I just don't know how to process things up. first my location-based in zamboanga city. and we don't have any job fairs on flight attendant.=( well, i'll try to check other airlines..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Raye You are welcome always. You will have all the knowledge once you get hired :)

@Irish IPAMS will continue to hire as it is the only agency that has been granted a license by POEA to hire flight attendants and cabin crews to Saudi Air. I pray you will fly soon. Cheers!

@Raye I hear you. I wonder how much is a flight from there to Manila? In the mean time, just upload your resume to the airlines websites and attend the job recruitment when they announced it.

yana 4 years ago

hey, can i just ask if having a mole on my face is a big NONO for an FA?i mean lots of mole. i just heard lang from my friend that some airline companies wont accept aspiring FA for that reason. is it true?

mitchL 4 years ago

hi 25... just red all of the inquiries nd ur advices above :)ang i am so enjoying reading it.really. im also an FA wanna be hehe and i spent my OJT with PAL nd was assigned to passenger services division wen i was still in college but after college i didn't took the liberty of applying as one cos im afraid m might not get hired or sumting.i know! that was just so coward , though i know to my self im qualified Im working in a callcenter now to improve my Comm skills a lil bit as wel as the accent.and it does a bit hehe.im 5'5" inch tall fair complexion. my teeth are not complete already buy wen i smile its not that obvious. im pretty much familiar of the qualification of being FA nd now sudenly felt the 'calling" that i have to try it na cos i know im not getting younger anymore nd if ul not try ul never know right?i passed the impact training iwas in conditional status.i was just kinda bothered cos one of the things to improve is the hairstyle its not that big issue to them however they suggested to try other hairstyle that will not look very flat cos my face is rounded.u have any suggestion on what's the best hairstyle i cn do to my hair not emphasizing my rounded face?i tried the one sided Bun updo and its kinda look flat acc. to them.:)also does anyone here knows what kind of Exam is FA applicant tking? any ideas?sorry i have a lot of question and i still have more. hehe... im just so exited being one and i know ill be... (yeah! thats the spirit) Kudos to ur hub 25. keep inspiring 25! like this amazing woman "Star" u guys might wanna check this also http://starvillanueva.com/2011/07/28/nearly-5-year...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Yana hi there. Yes some airline companies prefer flawless and smooth skin. Pimples and moles in the face are not their priority. They always believe they could find pretty faces without blemishes or moles. But don’t give up, who knows if those doll face women could be smart enough…

@MitchL hello girl. Wow, you have a lot of experience already not only in being an FA but also being in a call center agent.. I think you’ve got more chances coz of that. Did you add me on Facebook? Is that you? You look so nice. So you’ve got the pretty face, the experience and skills, but you worry bout your hairstyle? hehe I don’t know so much about hairstyles but my face is rounded too. Face looks more rounded if the hair is super flat. It would look more Asian if you curl it too. I always go to Hair Asia to cut my hair and I love that Jennifer Aniston layer kind of hairstyle. Looks good on rounded face. Also, think of local stars here who have same face shape as yours… like Michelle Madrigal, Toni Gonzaga etc. Just make sure you blow dry your hair before you see the recruiters. That way, it will never look flat. ;) If they still don’t like how you look, leave them and try international airlines. They don’t know what they’re missing… ;)

raye 4 years ago

Oh my,.I wanted to be a flight attendant. Yet, there's no sign of PAL..urgh!!!...wew!...its a matter of chances..when you get there, its a calling..=)

Bis 4 years ago

Hi I want to be a cabin crew so, how can i apply to this position?? can you send me all info. that you have my email is as follows mekedeska@yahoo.com

irish 4 years ago

hi Fehl. really? so i can just go there and do the first step? the screening process?

Palm 4 years ago

I received an interview invite from AirPhil Express today. Do you have an idea what happens in an impact interview? I am 5'5" tall, fair complexioned, and a journalism graduate.

Pam 4 years ago

Hi it seems that you have a lot of knowledge about flight attendants. what's your work and how do you know about this things

yafa cirelos 4 years ago

Oh my. This is very informative. :) I'm a fresh graduate from Southeast Asian College in Quezon City, took up BSTourism and I really really love to be a flight attendant. I'm 5'3 and 53kls, is it proportionate? Lol. And, I'm only 19 turning 20 on December. Is it okay?

Ma Ann 4 years ago

Hello there.. I do really want to be a FA.. I'm a fresh graduate of BSEd major in English.. I'm 5'5 tall, 137lbs..20 years of age and dying to work in an airline company.. This info helps me a lot.. Thank you! :)

KitKat 4 years ago

Hi. My eyes are no longer 20/20.. is being nearsighted a big issue for cabin crew recruiters? I don't know how to swim too. :(

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hi Fehl. I missed the grand screening of Cebu Pacific Air last march 30 due to exams. Well, I just get a little nervous sometimes. When negative thoughts are starting to pull me down, I think of those people who are physically qualified but don't have the right qualities of a cabin crew. Including those women who are tall, has good set of teeth, has a perfect skin, has a good height.. But don't have what it takes to be a cabin crew due to lack of confidence, experience and knowledge about the job. And I also think of my cabin crew acquaintances who got that career but was given a good consideration. Some of them don't have the perfect vision, some has scars, some don't even know how to swim at all, and some are not that fluent in english. Just a little encouragement for everyone who wants to pursue that career.. Let God turn your dreams into reality. I know that all of us are imperfect. Maybe some people look perfect on the outside, but fail to show a good attitude. So it has to be both balanced. Let's persevere! It's never going to be an easy road. Stay positive! If you fail an interview or people say negative things about you, improve your physical appearance and remember that every failure is a chance to succeed. Look guys, I traveled so many times. And I think, the most important factor that will make you worthy of that career is your attitude. I encountered bunch of flight attendants who are not able to deliver a good customer service, they're not smiling on passengers who are probably tired and some of them are not sensitive enough to the needs of the passengers. See? So don't mind those women who looks like a beauty queen. Your attitude, your knowledge, your experiences, are on the top of the list! I'm only 18 and I firmly believe that if you're really determined to reach that dream, and you entrust to God your future, then that dream will definitely come true! I hope I gave you guys a huge encouragement. =)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

lol sorry for the wrong term. Hahaha read my second post, re-type. wrong type. hihihi. :D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello guys! I’m sorry for being here so late.. You know how hectic is Holy Week :) Hope you enjoyed it.

@Raye I hear you. There’s a really huge reason why it’s calling you. It’s a calling indeed ;) Answer it or live in vain without knowing what it is and why it’s here..

@Bis You can read the article and the comments here then you will know a lot about being a cabin crew here in the Philippines. Thank you for dropping by.

@ Irish hello! Happy Easter my friend! Yes, don’t mind your tattoos, you can hide them anyway. But you can’t hide the fact that this cabin crew thingy is calling you ;)

@Palm hi. Impact interviews are usually about questions about yourself and your background, your reasons why you want this job, the reasons why they should hire you, your skills compared to others, and some tricky questions too like what would you do to some instances…

@Pam hello there. I have a friend who’s a flight attendant who told me bout her experiences. She started in the local airport near us which is DMIA to be exact. Then she joined the training and recruitment until she got hired in the Emirates. I’m not an FA, I said that in the comments here if you read them. I’m actually a web content creator and I love it. I read a lot, share a lot and love to help people when I can.

@Yafa hello. Airline companies have their own standards regarding height and weight proportion thingy. You must show up there at the recruitment and interview so you will know if they like you ;)

@Ma Ann hi girl! Oh thank you so much for the lovely comments. Good luck on your FA career!

@KitKat if you passed their medical exam, then you are ok. Wear contacts instead of glasses in the interview. It’s an advantage if you know how to swim but there are trainings for that though it really turns them on if the candidate is a good swimmer.

@Catherine hello my friend! How are you? Well, there are some more important priorities than the grand screening like your school exam :) There are more screenings, so cheers! I love what you said here. It’s so very well said. :) You need some applause :) I admire you so much, you are eighteen but have this very mature and smart outlook in life. You speak so good English too. I didn’t even notice you typed a wrong term there from the previous comment hehehe Yes I agree to everything you have said here. The attitude is what matters most. Beauty is skin deep.. Aspiring FAs must be beautiful outside and more inside too. It will reflect no matter what. Also what is beauty when the brain is empty.. Anyone can achieve what they want if they strive harder, act smarter, and turn imperfections to positivity. God will help us soar higher if we didn’t forget ourselves and Him. Kudos to you my friend. You are a very beautiful model and a big encouragement to everyone here :) *hugs* Fehl

KitKat 4 years ago

Medical exam? Gosh. That makes me feel so nervous due to myopia. :( Is 200/200 the eye vision limit? :(

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Thanks Fehl. I'm really going to do everything to pursue that career, whatever it takes. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@KitKat I dunno about the eye vision limit or if there's such. Don't lose hope. Cheers! :)

@Catherine Can I call you Cate or Kate? :) I will drink to that, cheers! I know you will be a flight attendant soon..really soon :)

Reese 4 years ago

Hi! I just want to ask, what airlines are now hiring for male cabin crew? :) And where can I submit my CV/resume? Thanks thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

The airlines I listed in the article are also hiring male cabin crews though yeah they prefer females majority of them. But still let's face it, male FAs are wanted too. Cheers! I think I'm gonna publish that this week for y'all guys. Thanks for visiting!

Reese 4 years ago

"I think I'm gonna publish that this week for y'all guys. Thanks for visiting!"

-Yay! Thank you for this. Will keep visiting this site. Very helpful!

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Sure ;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

:) thank you guys! See ya!

raye 4 years ago

Well PAL is about to end their hiring until April 15...weeh..I just sent my application yet no answer for them. Then I made follow ups!..hope that they will update me or else have to wait another year.=(

Reese 4 years ago

@Raye - Where did you submit your resume? And what are the other requirements? :) It is really difficult to find airlines that are hiring cabin crews. Hope this site or other site would provide the list of airlines that are hiring cabin crew and their hiring dates. :) Good luck, everyone.

Raven 4 years ago

Hello twentyfive.... Is Cebu Pacific Air stick to their age requirement which is 18-25? I am now 27 years old. Do you think they will entertain applicants older that the required age?

Mark 4 years ago

Does Cebu Pacific also hires male cabin crews? I heard that they have this so called freeze-hiring for male cabin crews.

carol 4 years ago

Hi there! When I was still young I really wanted to be a flight attendant. I'm 22 already and still I wanted to be one. The problem is that I am only 5 feet tall knowing that 5'3 would be the minimum height requirement. Is there no chances for me to get in the job?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Raye PAL is not the only airline company out there. Don’t let your eggs be in just one basket… Just saying, apply to others too. International companies are there to hey.

@ Reese I’m trying to do my next hub about it. My sched is so hectic these days.

@Raven yes they prefer that age requirement. But don’t lose hope ok. Don’t you quit especially if you look so 21 :)

@Mark Sea Air is hiring male cabin crew as of now. I never heard about freeze-hiring of Cebu Pac for male FAs.

@Carol Are you really just 5 feet? I don’t want to say forget about it coz I’ve seen petite cabin crews in Zest Air. Never give up ok. If you gave up, then you will never know…

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello guys! I have published the hub I promised for Male Flight Attendants finally. :) It's in my Profile now. Thank you.

skytokki 4 years ago

I was looking for some articles regarding cabin crews and I'm glad that I get to click the right URL. :)

I'm thinking if i should remove the moles in my face. I mean they are not that big, but upon reading a comment here they do prefer applicants with flawless skin.

Another question though is I have a birth mark on my left hand. Will it be a negative point against me once I apply? And having a flight attendant training, does it really give you an advantage?

Thanks in advance!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Birth mark in the hand? I dont think it will be a big deal if you're pretty and confident ;) Yes, any training related to being a flight attendant is an advantage.

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hey guys! Who's interested to apply as a cabin crew at Cebu Pacific Airlines? They are hiring continuously. Let's try it. Add me up on Facebook Catherine Sison Cubinar. :)

Kym iwayan 4 years ago

good afternoon! I would like to have my first job in travel industry. What are the possible jobs that I can have? I took up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Thank you!

Reese 4 years ago

Hi Catherine! Does Cebu Pacific hires male cabin crew?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hi Reese, they've been hiring only female aspirants recently. I don't know when they would hire males. Just make sure you're keeping in touch with their website's updates. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I heard Seair is hiring male FAs in the moment. Check out the new hub I made for male cabin crews.

Hi Kate! How are you?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hi Fehl, I'm doing great. I'm still motivated though my mom tells me to graduate first. lol. Why wait for graduation day if I am qualified right? Time is gold. I wanna fly at a young age. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes time is gold. Why not hit two birds at the same time? That way, you save time. :) Graduate with flying colors while working as a flight attendant. Can you do that? I think you can :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Unfortunately, I have a new scar. This stupid broiling cooking oil spilled on my right hand. :( I have to make it light. arghhhhh! Can you give me your number? I just wanna save it. Heehee. ;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Ouch! Wow what were you cooking? :D Put some petroleum jelly when it started to heal. Sure Cate. I'll PM you in Facebook for that. Take care. Cheers!

AL 4 years ago

Hi there mr.25 FA is my dream job since ever... i am a college student and stands 5'10 .. this ambition of mine made me won as mr.jolo 2012 . because one of the judges based his question on my ambition in life..wherein i stated there that my ambition in life is to become a FA SOMEDAY. HE ASK me why AND I ANSWERd him directly to the point that it is not because i want to earn a lot of money but it is i just wanna travel around the world, and sooner or later to promote tourism here in our country,probobly here in our province.. and that one day i can step up to the holy land of mecca. i want to reach my dream, through this ambition of mine.. the only problem of mine now is my scar in mY toe.. huhu. . but still i wont give up.. i will still try my very best to be one of thOSE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS... I JUST ALWAYS BEAR IN MY MIND THAT IF OTHERS CAN WHY CANT I ?.... HEHE GODBLESS..

trish 4 years ago

what will happen in a screening process of cebupacific? can i just proceed to a screening right away without filling up an online application?? anyone here who's interested to apply? 09323295193.


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Al hello there. Wow you won Mr. Jolo? Congrats! I like your answer to the question about your ambition in life. What matters most in a career is your passion. If you’re happy and enjoying what you’re doing then you will earn and learn a lot :) I also admire your determination and not giving up to your ambition. I wish your dreams will come true someday and that I could see you as a flight attendant. :) What about your scar? Is it too bad?

@Trish Yes you can proceed at the screening right away. They will let you fill up an application form or pass your resume naman once you’re there. Good luck, girl! :)

trish 4 years ago

Lastly, do you have an idea of the screening process of cebupac? I don't know what to expect. But I'm still in college, I'm afraid they will prioritize applicants with a degree holder cos PAL apparently changed their cabin crew requirements, they changed college level into college degree holder. My first choice of airline was PAL, but i will try my luck in cebupac and emirates. I believe I have the qualities, but I'm still hesitant to go. I'm from davao, tomorrow is the screening in manila, i dont know wether I'll fly tonight for manila, it's ok cos my brother is in manila now. By the way, take you this page help a lot.

trish 4 years ago

helps* a lot.

Anne 4 years ago

Hi what about the exams, is it really hard?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

@Trish: Break a leg! Impress them during the interview! There are lots of college degree holders out there. Not to criticize but, some people don't know how to face an interview professionally. Good luck and recruiters expect you to stand out on the line! :)

And also for me, See you Ceb Pac! soon. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Cebu Pacific Air Cabin Crew Aspirants.. Add me up on FB. Same name. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Trish yeah having a college diploma is impressive. I think it's just a priority, not a major per-requisite. Major airlines still entertain college level people. I agree with Cate, it's about the charm, confidence and passion with what you want. I know some beautiful people, college graduates who tried the screening but were unsuccessful coz they were intimidated by the other aspirants and they let their nerves ruin it.

It's all about focus, too. Don't mind your competitors, just be different and be yourself. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your views :) Mwah!

@Anne The exam is as not so geeky nerve wrecking but the screening is like the first phase of ANTM. Have you watched Americas Next Top Model? All you must do is to show them you have all what it takes to be a flight attendant. Know the following:

why do you wanna be a Flight Attendant?

why do you choose that company?

what are your special skills among all applicants?

what would you do in times of unexpected situation(they will usually site examples)?

what are your expectations?

what are your weaknesses?

what are your strengths?

Those are just the usual questions to be prepared about. If you got the looks and nice skin plus the brains, you’ll get it. Good luck! :)

@Cate cheers and let's drink to the bright future! :) Mwah!

cris 4 years ago

hi there twentyfive! I'm Cris. I found this page very useful.. I just would like to ask if you know any airline companies(local or international)who's currently hiring flight attendants now?

juliet 4 years ago

hi 25, am new here.. actually i just applied today at cebu pacific but am not able to past the screening, a bit upset! am 25 yrs old and soon to be 2nd year col. i dont have scar on my legs, i have a good set of teeth but i have 1 small pimple on my right face.. but my face always look dull and tired when am goin to put make up.. any tips? salamat po..

anne 4 years ago

@JULIET, i'm planning to apply in cebupac, how does the screening start? do they call the applicants one by one? ask questions? are you planning to re-apply? do you have fb?

@TWENTYFIVE can i add you up in fb?:)

Genessa Chris Masanque 4 years ago


just want to ask what airine is hiring FA or ground attendant now. . .

Just want to share that I don't have sets of good teeth. Can I still be FA?

Thankyou. . .

juliet 4 years ago

@ Anne, they divide us into 5 person per group. they just ask as to say our name and our reference about cebu pacific. yes i would love to re apply again.. juliet13markis my email add. just add me.

pm me first tht ur anne.. hahah

anne 4 years ago

@JULIET i really can't find you in fb. i just want to ask something.

juliet 4 years ago

@ anne, try to find juliet amad or juliet13mark@yahoo.com.. but u must pm me first ha?

jhon mark 4 years ago

ahm in flight attendant it is more advantage if you finish 4 years course???

FA Aspirant 4 years ago

Hi! I am male and 22 years of age. Being a flight attendant is my biggest dream. I just wanna ask if there is color blindness test in their application process? Also, do they accept applicants who are bald? Because I just had my hair shaved recently. :) Another thing is, does Cebu Pacific accepts male applicants as cabin crew? Thank you and I will wait for your reply. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Cris and Genesa Hi there. Yes I know PAL and Cebu Pacific are hiring. Check out the website I posted in the article. International- at present, Qatar Airways is hiring now. See IPAMS. Thanks for dropping by here.

@Juliet oh wow, cheer up! There are still next time.. My tips for dull face into dollface are: Wash your face in the morning and before bedtime. When it’s hot (like right now summer) apply gentle toner like Eskinol Derm C before bedtime. When it’s cold, apply Olay Total Effects. Just wear makeup when you really need to… Just wear light powder at home or when usual days. In the office just wear light powder still and Olay Total Effects. Makeups specially Western cosmetics contains ingredients that cause our skin to age faster so just use Asian products to suit your skin type. During hiring and recruitment, just use light face foundation like Revlon or BB Cream and apply the next layers.. Just choose the colors suited to your skin. I think you know the basics already. Bottom line, only wear light make up and peach or pink eye shadow, plus glossy lip tints in the recruitment. Wearing heavy make up will only make you look mature and dull. Good luck :)

@Jhon having a degree is more impressive wherever company hiring. But still your confidence and charm can do a lot more with this field.

@FA Aspirant I think I have answered your question from the ‘male flight attendant’ hub I have published on another page here. Thanks and cheers!

juliet 4 years ago

thank you so much 25... ur so mabait nmn i really appreciate ur advice. it will really help my dull face to become a dollface.. haha more power and thank you tlaga. mmuaah!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

you're always welcome here Juliet (lovely name) Happy to share and exchange tips here. Mwah! Have a sweet day!

Elise Mello 4 years ago

My bf is an airplane pilot in Emirates. Since I was young, I wanted to be a pilot or a stewardess..but none of it I'd become. Now, I'm planning to apply as a flight attendant but I can't swim. Hahahaha! Maybe I'll get a swimming lesson this month. :P

sands 4 years ago

any info of any airlines hiring fa this month? thanks in advance.

KISH L 4 years ago

hi, is cathay pacific still hiring filipina flight attendant?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Elise swimming can be learned. Determination will only get you further.. :) good luck and I hope you can make your dreams come true.

@Sands Qatar Airways is hiring right now.

@Kish yes they still are but they don’t have a local recruiter in the country yet. Apply via their website. Good luck. :)

Hopeful Applicant 4 years ago

Great page twentyfive, thanks for the all information and for replying to our queries.

I don't know if It's fine to wear colorful blazer in the screening, like beige,white, blue.

Is there any exams in the application process? I have a tiny scar in the left leg, can it affect? Who is more qualified in a flight attendant position, is it the person who has pleasing personality or a person who has the brain? just a survey, cos im so nervous, i'm afraid my nervousness will mess it all up. I have a handful of hope, i will try my luck and will wish for the best. Lastly, is there a grade limit for those who wears contact lenses? Thank you so much twentyfive more power to you!! GOD BLESS! :)

Arjane 4 years ago

hi im freshman. graduate from highskul. i want to take up masscom major in broadcasting in colleqe. Pwede pobang . i take ang fligth attendant . kahit masscom anq course ?

Karlo 4 years ago

Hey everyone! I want to be a flight steward at PAL someday. I'm 22 years old and a nursing graduate, but my only concern is my height. I'm only 5'5" is that ok for a male applicant? My friend who took the workshop said that one of their trainers told them that PAL accepts male applicants who are 5'4" 1/2 - 5'5" too. how true is that? can somebody pls help me. btw my sister is a flight attendant at PAL too. batch 2008. HELP!!! :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@hopeful Applicant Hi there! I suggest you wear corporate blazer like black, gray, dark blue, brown and the like. Yes there are exams usually after the initial screening. Tiny scar can be concealed. A person with pleasing personality and a brain is qualified because both are in the major requirements always. Nervousness is normal. It is better to be nervous and be confident later than be too much confident then get nervous in the end. LOL Cheer up babe! You will get it if you want it badly. Medical exam will assess your vision qualification. God bless you too dear. :)

@Arjane Yes any four year college graduate candidate is much accepted though there are some companies that accept two-year course-candidate.

@Karlo hello. If PAL accept that, then you are ok I think. You’re lucky you have a sister to give you some tips and advice about applying for a flight attendant job. Good luck!

juliet 4 years ago

hi 25! its me again.. i just wanna ask about QR's 4r photo req... is it ok to take a pic w/o coat? coz it said there that wear knee length skirt and a short sleeve blouse.. walang coat.. how am i goin to do po? by d way my face are not dull at all hahaha thank u tlaga!

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Wow. Just met cabin crew aspirants recently. If you're applying to work for Ceb Pac as flight attendant one day, add me up on FB. Same name. Would love to chat with ya. :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I'm also preparing for my application in Ceb Pac. Are there more people out here preparing for the screening too? :) I dont know where Cebu Pacific Training and Development Center is. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Juliet yes the more you show your skin, the better of course as long it is decent. Cheers!

@Cate Cool to meet fellow FA aspirants. Oh I can't forget that blog you shared me. It's so inspiring. Cheers babe!

juliet 4 years ago

Thank you so much 25...

irene 4 years ago

is it really required to have a phil. passport??

cathy25 4 years ago

I'm aspiring to apply as FA with Qatar. Do you happen to know when's their next hiring in Cebu?

Is it okay to wear stockings during interview since it's corporate attire?

Roweley Dela Cruz 4 years ago

I would to be a stewardess. Hope I can find a job like that. Help?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Yeah, that blog I shared was really awesome. Inspiring!

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hey guys! I think Qatar Airways will have their cabin crew screening this coming june. You might miss your chance. Have a nice day! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Irene it's not required to have a passport in applying for a cabin crew job, but once you are hired you need to secure more documents like passport because even if you're in a local airline here, they still serve international flights like Singapore, Hong Kong and others. You need to have passport because you won't know when you will be assigned to abroad flights on the round..

@Cate yeah I saw from IPAMS about Qatar hiring female cabin crews. Break a leg! :)

@Rowena visit the official websites of each airline company and the local agency I posted in the article. Attend their recruitment and see if you can make it :) You can also read and subscribe to the sharing and comments here so you will be updated what's going on, who's hiring.. You can also make friends with our fellow flight attendant aspirants and share tips, go with them in the recruitment. Thnaks! God bless :)

myje 4 years ago

I hope after 10 years i'm one of them..

jeanice 4 years ago

hi! i am entering fourth year high school this june,i just wanna ask,,is it required to take college of tourism to be a flight attendant?

qwerty29 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive!!

This articles really do help us!

keep up the good work! :)

Im 18 years old.. i've finished 2yrs Tourism Management but this school year i had decided to take up BS Accountancy.

is it possible for me to become an FA even though my course was not that related?!

Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Myje hmmm get back here and tell us will you? :)

@jeanice it’s not required. You can be a flight attendant as long as you graduated college. Some companies even hire at least 2 year-college level but that not always the usual set up now.

@Qwerty hi there! Love your name. It’s so techy hehe. Yeah it’s possible as long as you’re in college. They prefer graduates though.

qwerty29 4 years ago

Haha! Thanks twentyfive!haha! I cant think of any other "codename" that's why..haha!

ow thank's for that info! are you an FA?

nina 4 years ago

Hi, walk in applicant in pal submitting CV it is okay to wear pants and shirt or should we wear a business attire? and how many days/weeks before they will call?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Qwerty Nice codename though :) I'm not. If you read my profile here, I am what it says. I got more VL than an FA hehehe Loving my job so much!

@Nina Walk ins are casually submitting resume so no definite attire is required. They will call you when they are hiring.

drex 4 years ago

hi are there any male FA hiring this month??? thank you!!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes AirPhilExpress just posted their Cabin Crew Hiring on May 18, 2012. Hurry, apply now!

Ooops sorry they hire female FAs pala

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi there! I've been accepted to undergo the training for cabin crew in Cebu Pacific air recently, I'm included in batch 88 that will start on June/July.

I can say that CebuPac is very choosy when it comes to their applicants and I'm really proud that I made it in God's will.

I am willing to share my experience during my application and questions will be entertained. Thank you. Hope I can help. :) This blog inspired me to apply as FA because of the well written benefits. Ü

you can add me on fb too:

Precious Karen Chico

twitter: CHICOprecious

instagram: preciouskaren18

"make it happen, go Big or go home. "

-something I've read in a magazine.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Oh wow I'm so happy for you girl! You dream big and now making it big. :) Will add you on FB :) My name is Fehl

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

yun ang secret recipe...DREAM big and aim high. Ü Napatunayan ko na hindi lahat ng pang model or beauty queen natatanggap sa Cabin crew. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Cheers to that! :) Yup, attitude and confidence are more attractive. You are good looking btw

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Thank you! You look good too fehl...Ü Btw, How did you know about Pal's benefits and compensations?

aries 4 years ago

hi guys! i was browsing blogs about FA and came across this. I just got in and scheduled for training this June for cabin crew position at Philippine airlines. After a long long process at last I made it. However, I'm really worried coz I just had a surgery, I have gotten my appendix taken out just recently due to appendicitis and PAL doesnt know about it. Good thing I already passed the medical assessment made at PAL medical before this thing happened. I just wanna get advice, should I tell PAL about what happened to me or not? It really bothers me coz I already resigned from my current work in preparation for the training. Though I know appendectomy is just a minor surgery and my surgeon told me it could take 2 months for me to recover. I'm still afraid that I might get re-scheduled once they knew about it Or worst, dismiss my application which I cant afford at this time. The whole application took like 3 long months. From screening, impact interview, exams and executive panel. Jeez! I really worked on this so hard and exerted so much effort.

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

@ARIES I feel for you but for now you have to consider your health before anything else. How long would be your training in PAL? as much as I know, training will only be like a classroom environment where in you sit and listen then have an exam except for the swimming part.

I believe its best for you to tell PAL about your situation and hope that they will only resched your training. Your stitches need to be treated first. Get well soon. :)

aries 4 years ago

The training will take 2 and a half months. It's been over 2 weeks after I had the surgery and I feel much better now. The incision site is barely noticeable. It looks like a little scratch. I just hope PAL would consider my situation. I guess I would just have to tell them what really happened to me. Well thank you so much for your help CHICOPrecious. Really appreciate it. :)

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Maganda pala ang sweldo at benefits ng mga flight attendant sa Pilipinas. I imagine trying to become one is quite competitive. Any change that you can post a link to that entertaining video? Voting this Up and Interesting.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Precious Thank you. I read from the local newspaper here, Inquirer.

@Aries It’s better if you report it to them. Trust and honesty is always important in a relationship which you will have with PAL soon. Yeah I agree with Precious, health and safety is more important. Reporting it to your employer will solve whatever bothers you. Don’t worry too much. I think they will continue to have you once you secured a medical certificate stating you’re fine for training and work..

@ALocsin hi! Hehe I might just send you the video instead. Thanks for voting this up. You are awesome. I learn lots of things from you.

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I just met Precious, she's really nice. I'm actually borrowing her complete set of fantastic shopaholic books! Argh! So jealous! haha! Anyway, hope to fly with you soon. ;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yeah she is so nice and decent like you. Wow shopaholic books! I watched the movie before, I liked it. For sure it's better in the books :)

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi Catherine and Fehl, nice meeting you here in hubpages.Ü Glad I made friends with 2 lovely and talented ladies. :')

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Same with me Chico :)

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

You watched it too? Wow! The movie was very addicting. And I'm pretty sure the books are even more addicting! ;) I'm so happy for Precious b/c she made it at Cebu Pac. Air :) I'm really hoping I could pass since I'm going to give it a shot this year. ;) This is such an awesome hub! I met a lot of cabin crew aspirants and I learned that it's not really about beauty. Just an encouragement again, for those who have passion for flying, stay positive! Never stop until you reach the top! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I never read any of Shopaholic books but I'm sure they're nicer than the movie because the movie is just a glimpse of it. ;) I'm so excited about Precious..I wanna interview her soon and feature her here or on my new site. ;)

I'm excited about you too making your dreams come true. I know you can make it like Precious. Always be humble and always believe in yourself. Cheers!

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

I believe I can make it. I'm just preparing a lot and I want to be there with full confidence, but not over-confident. Aww, that's a good idea. :)

MishAskar 4 years ago

Greetings, I'm Mish a 25 year old male who wishes to be a FA. I used to teach Martial Arts for a several years and had so many experiences with so many other jobs like Construction and even being a Branch Manager and Executive Accounts Manager...But this job truly appealed to me because it had the savy of being a PR wrapped with the grace and elegance of Host and the authority of safety and protection of people like the diciplines and principles of Martial Arts. I have a somewhat fair to white complexion, speak fluent English and have been self-studying in several languages such a Svenska, Russki, Nihonggo and other Filipino Dialects such as Waray, Ilocano, Tagalog and my heritage clan dialect- Kan-kana-ey (Igorot). I am currently saving up to join an FA school here in Cubao and thought the price is high, I find it worthy for a job that puts you up a bit on the pedestal considering I could not finish my college education.

How do I get the job without having to go to the FA school as it is very costly and what tips and tricks have you got that could give me a close percentage of success in being hired and possibly sponsored to be an FA, even if just for Entry Level? I am half Arab and Half Igorot and know very little Arabic.

What do I do?



twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Cate I believe in your power sis :) Cheers!

@Mish wow you sound so versatile and so full of different talents.. I’ve seen some flight attendant wannabes here who successfully made their dreams come true even without going to formal FA schools. All they had to do was to pluck their courage and guts in the general recruitment together with their application forms and resume. Meet the recruiters and be yourself, show them who you are and what you want to be and how far you can do to be the best you can be…

Ashley 4 years ago

Good Eve, twenty five! I would like to ask if do you have any idea if there are still airlines hiring this month and on july?If so, what airlines would that be? When is the recruitment day of those airlines hiring if incase there are any?One thing more is PAL still hiring for this month and next month?Hope to hear from you.Thank you!

angel 4 years ago

Hi ashley! PAL is still hiring up to now. I also applied last month, according to them they're be needing 1600 new flight attendant under new management. Try to send you resume to this email add lisa_segui@smg.san miguel.com for sure they will call you for another initial screening and interviews.

Btw twenty five, i love your blog very informative and im impress. Sorry if i answer the question of ms. ashley just wanna share to her the info... actually i've gone thru 2 interviews already,if i pass. the impact interview next is the executive panel naman...hooh! so many interview and exams. anyway just want share some of my nose bleeding and brain tortured experiences. I really thought that this is too easy... di pala!hahaha:-D ... But it a nice experience to meet different people. Till now we're still waiting for the results...crossed fingers!! Goodluck to me and to my friends. Thank you twenty five for the great idea... Hope to meet you someday!! ;-)

Ashley 4 years ago

Thanks Angel for the info.Is PAL strict when it comes to braces?Do you think if you have braces you won't be accepted?

Ashley 4 years ago

Hello, twenty five.If incase you have braces won't you be accepted by the airline company if you are applying for a flight attendant?Thank you angel for the info.Thank you in advance twenty five for your reply.GodBless!

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi Ashley! Cebu pacific will have a Grand Hiring on june 15, Friday. It will be a one day hiring process, I'll get back to you for the venue but I think its in a hotel.

For the braces, my friend had her screening 2 weeks ago in cebu pac & the screener really like her and told her that she has the qualities of a flight attendant but she has braces. The screener told her to remove her braces and be back 2 weeks after that day. :)

PAL is still hiring but I suggest you try Cebupac, though they're stricter than PAL coz they also consider if you have a beauty with substance. And Cebupac has better salary & benefits than any other local airlines here in PH plus there's no seniority here which means you'll have a chance to fly abrod though you're still new. Better opportunities!! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Angel and Chico thanks for answering the queries here. You are my angels. :) You are so kind and so helpful that's why you are so blessed. Keep it up! Cheers!

Grace 4 years ago

Hi Chico Precious, I added you on fb.Hope you will accept my request.Thank you!

Ashley 4 years ago

Thank you Chico Precious! :)

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive! I love your page, i meet lots of people in here. :)

Hi Grace, I'll check my fb. Thank you. :)

Hi Ashley! You are welcome, I suggest you check cebupac's website for more info. :)

Ashley 4 years ago

Ok I will Chico Precious.Thank you again.God Bless!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Have a great day FB people :) cheers!

suzy 4 years ago

hi PAL scheduled me for an interview on 26, any tips guys?

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi suzy! My fellow applicant in Cebupac is also an applicant in PAL. She's for final interview already and I asked her what are the questions asked during the initial interview. She was asked one question only 'who chose te color of your top?' and that's it. Very easy huh. Ü maybe if the interviewer likes you he/she will ask easy question/s but if they don't like you but you are qualified, they will ask you hard questions to test your knowledge. :) Goodluck Suzy!

suzy 4 years ago

omg..really? i hope the interviewer will like me too..lol i missed cebu pac grand hiring T_T i also want to try in cebupac. btw thanks chicoprecious ;)

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Just be yourself Suzy. Ü Cebupac's screening schedule is every monday, 9-11am only. Try it and goodluck with pal :)

geekierchick 4 years ago

Good day! Like many of you, I'm also aspiring to be an FA. Yesterday was my first try at it. I went to Qatar Airways' Open Day. Unfortunately I didn't get a call to come back the next day. The competition was crazy, there were literally hundreds of girls that day!

Anyway my real purpose of posting here is, I wanted to know more about CebuPac and PAL.. Because honestly I would prefer to work for a local airline as its close to home. Does anyone know what is the salary of a CebuPac FA? And what are the benefits? I want to try CebuPac and PAL, I'm just a little worried they won't accept me, I hear they want FAs that really look Filipina, whereas I look a bit foreign (just a bit, I do have some Filipino in my look, I'm half Indian). May I also ask how is PALs process for hiring? I saw someone post a comment about sending your resume to a someone's email, I just felt that that might seem a bit informal...Oh and is Air Asia hiring? Thanks guys, I'm so sorry for my questions, I just want this bad! =)

suzy 4 years ago

cebupac accepts walk in applicatns? can u give me the address? thanks ;)

geekierchick 4 years ago

The location changes each time, I think.

Leviosa 4 years ago

@geekierchick So how did the Open Day go?

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

@geekierchick I know a bit about Cebupac's salary & benefits. Their salary is 12,500 per month but they have transportation allowance and productivity pay which is tax free. Ü I don't know how much but the HR told us that its huge. Hmm They don't only accept filipina beauties, I look like a korean/japanese yet they accepted me and I'm now waiting for my training. I remember I also met someone who looks like an indian, i think she's half pakistani half filipino and she's a cabin crew in Cebupac. Ü

@Suzy the address is 'training and development centre of cebupac in front of terminal 4. Beside salem complex.' :)

geekierchick 4 years ago

@leviosa i didnt make it. :).

@chicoprecious i hear the take home is around P30k... I hope you do well during training. I think i might give it a try if they have another recruitment day.

@suzy and Angel 4 years ago

Hi girls mind if i ask how you applied for PAL? What i did is i filled up their application form and attached a 2x2 Photo and sent it via email. Sana mapansin hehe. Kahapon ko sinend hehe.

suzy 4 years ago

girl i just applied through internet. ,

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

@geekierchick you can walk in every monday in their training center. :) Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello Precious :) Are you working/flying na ba? Thanks so much for sharing stuff here. It is very much helpful.. God bless you always.

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi fehl! not yet I'm still waiing for my training sched...:) God Bless you too, I'm always happy to help. ü

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I'm so happy for you :) You deserve it so much

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Wow Precious. I did't recognize you were active here huh? ;) I'm going to attend Ceb Pac's screening on Monday June 25! Aspirants, let's give it a shot. :)

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi catherine! yes I'm quite active here, always happy to help. Ü Goodluck on monday.

GracePosh 4 years ago

Hi, this blog is so helpful. :)

GracePosh 4 years ago

Does anyone of you know where to apply for cruise line job? Airline is too strict. I can find any. .. how about you, 25?

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hey aspirants! add me on fb! :') https://www.facebook.com/catherinesison.cubinar. I'd love to meet more people who have such great passion for flying. :)

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

@GracePosh hi dear! if you want a cruise line job I suggest you enroll and study in Star cruises or mihca. They prioritize their graduates more than outsiders. :))

Leviosa 4 years ago

@geekierchick I mean, do you have any idea about their basis for them to give you a call for an interview? I know there are like thousands of applicants who took their chances during the Open Day but didn't proceed after the arm reach thingy.

suzy 4 years ago

dang! my schedule for impact interview was cancelled, PAL will start scheduling again on july.. hmff!! any applicants of PAL here..?? btw to CHICOPrecious and twentyfive can i add you guys on FB?

GracePosh 4 years ago

Hi there suzy! I'm just 5'2 tall and I want to apply at PAL. Do you think I should apply? I really wanted to become FA. How to apply? I would love to join with you.

@CHICOPrecious: Thank you for that info, dear. (LOL) Are you working as FA?

CHICOPrecious 4 years ago

Hi suzy! i think i just accepted your friend request. :)

Hello Graceposh. You're welcome! Hmm not yet, I still have to undergo 2 mos. of training. :)

Hello fellow fa aspirants, I would like to know you.Ü Add me on FB but please let me know you got my acct here in Fehl's page. Thank you.

Fb: Precious Karen Chico

GracePosh 4 years ago

I've sent my CV to PAL several times and they didn't call me for interview... why? :(

suzy 4 years ago

hi graceposh, i think the height should be at least 5'2 1/2 .

i also send my application through net and waiting for their call.

i hope they'll call me again soon..

chicoprecious, yeah! thanks for accepting ;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sure you can add me, what is your fb name?

geekierchick 4 years ago

@laviosa, only a few girls didn't pass the arm reach test, there were still a hundred girls interviewed after that. It would be hard to tell what they were looking for, because i had to wait in line for almost 3 hours and be spoken to for only 2 minutes hehe.

Hey guys CebuPac has a one day processing Open day event on Monday July 2!!! I think I might come. My only worry is its from 9am to 3 pm, and I won't be able to get there until lunch because of my work.. Do you think they would still entertain me if I don't come early?

@Chico if you don't mind i'll be adding you on fb. My name is Nikki Vias. =)

tranq 4 years ago

What do you think of male flight attendants? Do males have an equal opportunity in this business? =)

Mark 4 years ago

Airlines prioritize female applicants than male applicants Trang.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

priority for male cabin crews compared to female is 1:3

CHICOprecious 4 years ago

@tranq i think it depends on the airline. Some airlines don't accept male cabin crew coz it appears that passengers prefer female cabin crew than male.

roseville 4 years ago

hello guys especially tewntyfive,

im so glad that i saw this page, it inspired a lot and made me feel more to reach my dreams. i really wanna become a FA since young.

Im a fresh graduate of BSNursing, 25 yeears old, single, height is appropraite in my weight,. My really concern is that, can i be able to get hired though i have a child already? Heard it to someone that when i apply i should not tell them that i have a child. this really bothers me, i dont know what to do..

Any advices please? thatd so much appreciatted. and any places that i can apply if no problem about my concern? thank you guys..

And also Ms. Catherine Cubinar, i requested you as my friend in Fb, so glad you accepted my request :-)

Pamela 4 years ago

Roseville, airlines prefer accepting applicants with no child.You cannot keep your child for long since airlines do investigate each applicants background.Sooner it will bounce back to you if incase you will deny that you have a child and if the airline will know it, they will block you in their company.You cannot keep a secret forever Roseville incase you plan to hide about your child, airline companies have their own way of knowing everything about their applicants.So be real, maybe some other job is meant for you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yeah I agree with Pamela, honesty is a huge thing. If a company hires you, it means you will have relationship with them, that means you have to build trust and honesty not only good job performance. Good luck and God bless..

Roseville 4 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks you Pamela and twentyfive for your replies.. I know that I can't keep secret bout my child. That's why I asked here if airline companies accepting someone like me,. Of well it hurts to hear the truth though.. Guess I should find some other job then.

Thank you again!. And god bless

CHICOprecious 4 years ago

Hello roseville! Good news...my friend is a single mother and Cebupac hired her as a cabin crew. Ü A child won't be a hindrance in your career as long as you can express yourself to the company and impress them with your wit and personality. Ü

You should try applying in Cebupac or local airlines. You're worth is not degraded cause you are a mom already. Personality and skills plus physical appearance can get you to your dream job. :)

Pamela 4 years ago

That is a one in a million chance chicoprecious. Based from what I knew airlines prefer those with no child.But if you are a crew of that company for a long time and you will get married and will have a child they will still accept you to continously work to their company but I doubt if you are a new applicant and you have a child. Applicants who have a child has lesser chance than those with no child because I have friends who applied as flight attendant who happens to have a child who weren't accepted and they were given a hint that the reason why they haven't been accepted is because they have a child.The airline company have been honest enough to tell them they prefer applicants having no child than applicants who have a child.But Roseville can still try if she wants but I'm just sharing of the things I knew.

martha 4 years ago

Pamela, is right, I myself have applied in two local airlines here in Philippines but I was rejected for the reason I have a child.I was informed that they prioritize accepting those with no child than those who have a child :(

CHICOprecious 4 years ago

Hi @martha and @pamela I'm just saying that having a child will not be a hindrance to become a cabin crew because of my friend who got in just last month with a 4 yr old child. Ü I believe if you impress the company they will hire you no matter what. Maybe they just used the issue having a child to downplay the real reason why your friends were not able to got in.

But anyway, @roseville you should atleast try there's a chance that you could still got in just believe in yourself. Remember, If its for you God will give it. Ü

Good Luck and God bless. :)

Roseville 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all your comments guys!. I really appreciate this. Well anyway, Chicoprecious I requested you in fb not sure if you added me up already. Thank you for telling me that. It uplift myself to reach my goals. I should try then. And you're right, if it really meant to be and if its Gods will everything is possible. Any places that I can apply to?. Any site?. Thank you!

To Pamela and Martha, thank you also bout the concerns. I understand it.

God bless us guys.! Whatever our dreams are, in the presence is Almighty God I know we can do it!. :-)

Pamela 4 years ago

You're welcome Roseville.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I love this page, it's a community of amazing women like you friends... :) Cheers!

Catherine Cubinar 4 years ago

Hey guys! Just dropping by! Wish you all a successful application! May I find the right airline for me, soon. :)

missM 4 years ago

Hi Guys! I'm wondering if PAL and CebuPac accepts walk in applicants everyday? And where would be their location? I'm not anywhere near Pasay that's why I'm not familiar with their office. And I think the most important question is, ARE THEY STILL HIRING? i would like to try my luck next week... *deep breath*

@CHICOPrecious: hi! I just added you in facebook, Im interested to know how you applied and what are the application process in CebuPac. Congratulations, btw! :)

@twentyfive: THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this blog it really helps! :)

geekierchick 4 years ago

Hey girls. Qatar Airways is hiring again.


joffer 4 years ago

Good info..for all the FAs wanna be...but for me.. i am from davao city...65-70kg in range, 5'10" in height and have the looks, perfect teeth, the dentist always applause me with my teeth, but i have a average pimple scars on my face.. yet i wish to be a flight attendant....i am only 20 years old... can i be a FA????

Dreamboy 4 years ago

hi 25! this blog is so inspiring! i love it! well, i was just wondering if there'd be a chance for me to be a flight attendant? since i have this 5'4 or 5'5 height. but i have always believed that gaining confidence from the height that you have will make you seem taller. People say that i got what it takes to be a FA, with this confidence level, looks, i mean everything but i doubt one thing, my height:( i hope to hear from you very soon... and btw 25, i'am a guy :)

drex 4 years ago

this page is full of women?? any FA gents that can help me??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

There is a page for Male FAs too. See the Related article link :)

Heidi 4 years ago

Hi twenty five, do u have any idea how long will the applicant wait for the call or response of the airline if she applied as cabin crew in local airlines through e-mail?You might have an idea.Please help me, I'm worried.Thanks in advance for your reply.

Lita 4 years ago

Hi does recruiters are very observant to any part of the body. Flawlesness skin? Underarm? How do they conduct physical screening? Hope to hear from you. My cousin dream for it. Thanks

Lovely 4 years ago

yes they are too observant Lita from head to toe they will check you.they are particular to your skin, everything will be checked by the recruiter, as in everything.Every part of the body will be checked.so if you don't have nice skin better not try so as not to embarrass yourself.

GracePosh 4 years ago

Does airphil and pal have their own OPEN DAY just like qatar airways?

stine 4 years ago

hi everyone, just wanna share this info :)

Qatar Open-Day Recruitment (CV Submission - Females Only)

August 11, 2012 (Saturday)


Cardinal Rosales Avenue

Cebu City, Philippines

0900 - 1200 hrs only

stine 4 years ago

good eve everyone! check the Open day schedule of PAL :)


dimple 4 years ago

Thank u stine for sharing it.

farrah 4 years ago

hey how can i apply?

GracePosh 4 years ago

Thank you, STINE! I hope to see you there... can we?

GracePosh 4 years ago

Thank you, Stine! I hope to see you there... can we meet?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

wow looks like rainy days cant stop airlines hiring in the Philippines now. Qatar and PAL. Thanks for the girls who shared that info :)

chicoprecious 4 years ago

Hi there! My training in cebpac is ongoing and I must say that its very intense and info overload training.

I have 4 classmates who have a child already and 1 of them is married. So to those aspiring who are hesitating to apply coz they have a child, please don't be. Cebpac is not judgmental and will not take away opportunities from you :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I see why CebuPac is so successful as one of the best local airlines here, not only because they know what people are looking for but also they know what they are looking for (employees) Cheers! I'm excited about your work soon Precious. You are so amazing! :)

jmish26 4 years ago

hi! just want to ask if the height requirement is really necessary.. I'm 157cm,. 5'1 and 1/2.. i have applied to cebu pcific through jobstreet.com and i was invited for an interview on Monday. however, when i applied through the internet, i did not mention my height. Is it possible for a 5'1 1/2 feet tall female can pass at cebu pac? or are they really that strict with the height req? thank you very much! :)

Dheejay 4 years ago

Is there any chance that airlines will choose a 2 yr course graduate like me.. I was so sad today because PAL didnt consider my application because they are looking for a four year course graduates

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jmish Why not attend the interview and let your height be not an issue :) Yes they are strict with the height but who knows.. On every rule, there is an exemption. You might be the only exemption.. :)

@Dheejay they prefer 4-year course grads although some airlines accept 2-year course grads. Preference is still a preference

Dheejay 4 years ago

How about qatar airways? They said they need at least highschool graduate..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes International Airlines accept undergrads. They are particular with the appeal, confidence and character of the applicant. Qatar Airways just had open-day recruitment last August 11 in Cebu I heard from the comment above.

GracePosh 4 years ago

PAL dicriminate the applicants too much... that's why there are so many Filipinos whose unemployed. They're so different from AA. Poor Juan de la Cruz...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

no wonder why too many PAL employees were rallying... The company used to be one of the most-dreamed company to work for.

Carrie 4 years ago

guys just wanna ask....do you think cebupac will consider my age? im 28 yrs old..

Mae 4 years ago

Carrie cebu pac has an age limit to applicants. They accept applicants until age 25 only.

drei 4 years ago

Hi, my name is dreai, a licensed nurse and would like to apply as a cabin crew. However i just have one question, I have a complete set of teeth but i wear braces. do they accept applicants with braces? hmmm

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes they accept applicants with braces, however they would ask you to remove them after the training if you have been accepted and hired

shane 4 years ago

hi im shane i really wanted to be a cabin crew ..is it oksy if im only a high school graduate ? im 5'6' in height.. and im willing to undergo training ..thank you..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

domestic airlines prioritize college graduates and at least 21. You can try the international route but I know they prefer college level too

jana 4 years ago

nice article. good day! im interested applying in cathay pacific i wonder if they accept filipina?

CHICOprecious 4 years ago

Hi Fehl! I'm glad to share you that my training will be finished soon. I will graduate on Sept. 13 & my first productive flight will be on sept 18. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi, Precious! Yay! Yes, I'm so happy when I see your pic wearing that FA uniform in FB :) You inspire us all here. Sept 13 and 18 will be one of your biggest days ever. We are so proud of you. Kudos to you, my friend! I'm looking forward to interview you soon.. :) God bless! xoxo

leoj 4 years ago

Hi. i just want to ask about my application in PAL as a cabin crew. I passed the impact interview already and they gave me my initial medical to continue with the hiring process. I just have doubts with my vision thats why Im a bit discouraged. I have perfect vision at 20/20 but i am colour blind. I can not identify the number in ishihara test for color. but definitely I can tell what colour if u asked me to. Im just worried about it. there is no cure for these but in the first place it is not a disease proper. I just dont know if they are very strict on this.

GracePosh 4 years ago

Hi Leoj! Yes they are strict with that matter. I'll share my friend's experience in PAL. She was not considered since she has problem with identifying the colored number. I can't remember the exact term the doctor used for it. It happened during the grand recruitment in Diamond Hotel last month. She didn't make it to the next process. What did they tell you? I mean, do you have to wait for their update regrading the status of your medical?

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