Flipkart.com Review and Why it is The Best Shopping Site in India

Flipkart, the company which started in 2007 and now has emerged as the top place to shop online in India. I am writing this review with utmost conviction and as a regular customer of Flipkart.

I have bought many items from them and they have all been delivered in proper shape and normally before the stipulated delivery time. Even the laptop which I'm using to write this has been bought from Flipkart.

Flipkart's main business is to sell books. It started as a book shopping site, but now has items such as mobiles, Television sets, microwaves, computers and laptops, even pens and diaries. As to test the site I first bought a book (novel) on cash on delivery option and the shipping too was free; I was amazed to get the book in flat two days at my doorstep.

Firstly they use to gave free shipping on a purchase of more than Rs. 100, but now they have raised that amount to Rs. 200. For example, if you want to buy something of less than 200, say the item cost is 140 then you'll have to add an extra Rs. 30 as shipping charges. So in order to get around that what you can do is to add one item such as a movie or something else to make the amount to Rs. 200. By doing that you'll save the shipping charges and also have another item.

My Experience About Their Customer Service

Now I don't have to brag anything about their customer service and their after sales support. I have had some great experience with their customer service.

Let me justify this by giving an example, I recently bought a computer mouse because the older one which I had, had problems with the right click button. So I bought a cheaper one at about 160 rupees from Flipkart. It was delivered after two days, but after sometime it started showing some problems. So I called up the customer care and they advised me that the item will be replaced. They give 30 replacement guarantee, and mine was in the bracket of 30 days. In the meantime, I re-installed my operating system (OS) and the mouse started working fine. So the problem was in my OS and not in the mouse. Now there was no need to repack it and get it replaced. What happened after some days, probably three days after, I received an email from their customer service department that I should check the mouse settings etc. for any system glitches. But I had already done that and everything was good now. So my reply was that the mouse is working fine and thanked them for there proactive approach.

You can see the concern from the customer service department. Below is the exact emails that were exchanged between me and the customer service department.

My Response

Dear Nisha,


Thanks for the concern, it's much appreciated. I think that there were some glitches in my Operating System. I re-installed it and everything worked fine.

Till some time back I stopped pursuing the mouse's problem. Your mail got me check the mouse once again and now everything works fine.

Long Live Flipkart! (Wishes from a lifetime customer).



And for someone who still don't believe. Below are the screenshot of the emails.

Flipkart's Response

Dear Kannan,

Greetings from Flipkart!

Order ID:OD10803100502

We sincerely apologize for the delay.

We request you to change the mouse settings and check whether scroll is working. Kindly write us back if still mouse is not working.

Please feel free to write back or call us at 080-43526600 for any further clarifications.

Warm regards,

Nisha Patil

Flipkart Customer Support

The store at your door

Screen-shots of the Conversation

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Statistics That Set Them Apart

"Statistics are like miniskirts. What they reveal is tantalizing, but what they hide is crucial." - Navjot Singh Sidhu

The above quote on statistics from Sidhu does not apply over here. Statistics do matter in this case. Flipkart has grown rapidly from all sides; be it orders, website traffic, company size and its own delivery network.

Independent web-ranking company Alexa, a company which ranks websites based on its traffic ranks it at 31th place in India. Whereas competitors such as Ebay.in is at the 40th and Infibeam.com at the 197th place when it comes to online traffic. Online traffic is crucial because the whole concept of online shopping depends on traffic. More the traffic, more will be sales.

Ebay comes close-second and has a remarkable presence in India but the concept at both the websites are starkly different. At Ebay.in there are thousands of individual sellers and Flipkart operates by its own as single large entity. Ebay gives its sellers to set their price what they want because of that you may see the same item priced differently from different sellers. At Flipkart there will be one and only one price for a specific product. Flipkart sources its orders in bulk from suppliers whereas at Ebay there are small sellers who don't have the capability to get orders in bulk. So the acquiring cost of Flipkart gets less and the cost of selling get less, thus they are able to pass on that to the buyers which reflects on the product price. More on price comparison in the last section.

Now to throw some light on the sales for each day. Flipkart says it is more than 30000 per day, that makes at least 1250 per hour, and a whopping 20 per minute.

So many people are shopping from Flipkart and they are not crazy or want to lose money. They are happy from the service and are returning to shop once again.

I also have one another hub discussing about the top ten shopping sites in India which gets good number of readers every month, in that I have a poll wherein readers can vote for the best among the list, and so far more than 58 percent of people have voted for Flipkart.com whereas obviously the rest nine collectively don't have that figures. Below is the screen shot of that poll.

Archived Poll Results

Price Comparison

We all want to buy products at economical and cheaper prices. Every one wants to save as much money as they can. I did a quick comparison on some of the products and found the below results.

Prices compared on four leading ecommerce sites. Data as of 12/01/2012. I have selected five products from different categories on Flipkart and searched them on other shopping websites. Bold data indicates lowest price.

Indiatimes Shopping
Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat
69 + 50 Shipping = 119
Not Available
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Sony DSC-W570
8800 (Free 4 GB SD Card + Camera Case)
9,700 (No Free Accessories)
9,490 (Free 4 GB SD Card + Pouch)
Asus K Series K53SV-SX520D
Not Available
Not Available
Casio FX 82MS Scientific Calculator
355 + 20 Shipping = 375
Not Available

Let me be the first to admit that the prices vary from product to product. There can be situations where a product may be priced high on Flipkart and low on some other websites. In my experience I have always found product priced low on Flipkart when compared to others.

Flipkart is still evolving as a shopping site and not all categories of items are available on it. They don't have every item (such as clothes, watches etc.) that can already be purchased at some other sites which is weak about them considering there exponential growth.

Some other common features that Flipkart offers is of 30-day replacement guarantee, EMI facility on select credit cards like HDFC, Citibank, ICICI. When paying as an EMI facility you can get the installments to be converted to 3 or 6 months. If you avail EMI for three months there is no additional charge whereas for six months they charge and additional Rs. 500. EMI can only be availed if you shop for more than Rs. 4000 at a time.

All things considered and I still have a positive outlook for Flipkart. Do you agree or disagree?

Below is a poll for gathering you opinion about Flipkart. I hope you found this review useful.

Your Take on Flipkart

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Your Rating of Flipkart.com

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Share Your Experience of Flipkart 16 comments

pruthvi 19 months ago

good info

Holla 2 years ago

Flipkart has a scan scheme called FlipKartFirst.

Most attractive part of Flipkartfirst they advertise is "Free delivery".

Well, not.

"Free Standard delivery", "Free in a day delivery" etc are applicable to only limited items. Flipkart cleverly worded "terms and conditions" are to deceive the customers to believe as if they are getting free delivery for all items. I subscribed to flipkartfirst to avoid delivery charges. Now my 500 Rs. is also gone and I have to shell out Rs.150 as delivery charges for a helmet I want to purchase. Flipkart first advertisement says "Free Standard Delivery". I have saved the screenshots. Look at holla.freeshell.org/fk.jpg

Why lie?

You could have said free standard delivery for limited items, right?

If you have an intention to cheat, you can can just say "we cheat", that way you can be at least truthful in cheating.

Hari Rastogi profile image

Hari Rastogi 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

Why it is the WORST shopping site in India:

1- They are violating FDI regulations:


2- Playing last man standing game:

Stop running business in losses. You are running business in losses from last 8 years, can small retailers ( Online retailers and physical retailers) run in losses for 1 day.

3- So many customer complains:


4- Other online and physical retailers are filing complain in CCI ( Competition Commission of India) for their UNETHICAL business practices . www.wewillact.com

4- Flipkart is delivering JUNK:


Aashish 3 years ago

I added 3 items to my cart 5 days ago

i wanted to buy em at the end of the week

i checked my cart 3 days ago and they had increased the size of a game i added by 50

and today i saw they increased price of the cooling pad in my cart by 160 rupees

man i hate flipcart

m never gonna buy a product from flipcart whatsoever

sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

sunilkunnoth2012 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

Hi Kannan,

I have written a hub today on Flipkart and have given a link to this hub as you have done better than me. Hope it is ok.

anuj 3 years ago

i purchased a mouse two days ago from them but don't like it. can i give it back to them?

ewebplace 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for sharing this information, i have read your whole article; I would like to share this information to my friends.

duped customer 4 years ago

I purchased Samsung galaxy S3 (32GB) pebble blue For Rs 35599/- from Flipkart by paying via credit card (Order # OD21212230597) on 12-12-2012. It got delivered on 15-12-2012. The Samsung Galaxy S3 box was bubble wrapped and boxed inside a brown carton box. Upon opening the brown carton box i took out the galaxy S3 box and was surprised to see the seal on the box which reads "Do not accept if the seal is open or tampered" was broken and the same was informed to the Customer care that very moment. The Customer care representative tried to convince me in her words " Sir you can use the phone and see, there should not be any problem. The seal must have broken during shipping." She was not even surprised to hear that the box seal was tampered. This seal cannot be broken unless someone tries to open the box on purpose ( I have enclosed links for the pictures which i took and uploaded online) and if the seal was already broken and Flipkart was aware of it how dare they shipped an item that was already tampered. Do you think we are fools??? and you can take us for a ride like that ?

We are all educated consumers here and this is NOT acceptable at any cost.

Upon investigating further it was found that the device was faulty as it had a defective display screen). Finally decided to return it back and get a refund of my payment (which again takes 10-15 days and the money gets stuck with them interest free).

I have purchased many items in the past from Flipkart and never expected such a thing that Flipkart will be selling defective/auctioned products which are rejected by SAMSUNG at cheaper price to lure innocent consumers. I further enquired with one of my cousin who works for SAMSUNG and was shocked to hear that websites like Flipkart are selling auctioned/refurbished products which are rejected by SAMSUNG due to minor flaws, no wonder there was only Rs 600/- price difference between Galaxy S3 16GB and Galaxy S3 32GB model which is not possible if you check in the market. After this incident i have lost my faith in Flipkart.

After going through all the stress and inconvenience, I finally went to the SAMSUNG retail store and purchased brand new boxed Galaxy S3 16GB model with an intact seal. ( for Rs. 35600/-)

The reason to write this review is to bring this incident of Flipkart to light, which may be one of many such reported in the past and to bring awareness, save many other innocent consumers from thugs like Flipkart. It’s such a SHAME!!

Links to the images have been provided so you yourself can see and decide. http://flic.kr/p/dFexW2


A disappointed Consumer.

good one 4 years ago

Iprimarily purchase from Flipkart but also from Infibeam.. and ebay..Usually in department of Pricing Infibeam Wins along with similar 30 days replacement warranty..(I just purchased a samsung 32 gb class 10 micro sd.. and price difference was Whooping 200 rupees) but definitely if you need replacement then Flipkart is faster than Infibeam.. Ebay is the costliest of all along with riusk of seller disappearin altogether.. so don't trust seller warranty.. My thoughts .. If I need company product then Flipkart of Infibeam.. If i want something exotic.. which not available in market.. like analogue to digital converter.. then Ebay is the place to look into..

Ishan 4 years ago

I have been an extremely loyal Flipkart buyer for almost 2 years. However, I am now buying more and more products from its competitors. For example, Indiaplaza currently offers far cheaper prices on books.

Second, Flipkart earlier provided 0% EMI on its products. Now however, they have started charging processing fees, which is very sad.

It seems as competition is increasing, Flipkart, which has been losing a lot of money lately, is trying its best to survive.

karthik raja 4 years ago

1. Most of the mobile phones and tablets are priced less in Ebay i suppose. 2. Further they have deals on and off

3. Also offer gift coupons worth 10% off.. so if u buy an item for Rs. 20,000, You get 2,000 off..

Egrove Sys profile image

Egrove Sys 4 years ago from Nashua, New Hampshire

FlipKart is the best ecommerce website in india, designed simple and user friendly! excellent vote to them.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

@Abhishek Prasad Price comparison is great and must be done. Nice that you saved quite a few bucks by using price engines.

Thanks for your comment and suggestion.

Abhishek Prasad 4 years ago

Well without a doubt flipkart is good but not best at least in books. Actually HS18 made an impact on flipkart. I purchased Rs. 3500 value books in last 2 months from Homeshop18 and 900 from IndiaPlaza. And if I purchased the same book from Flipkart I had to pay arnd 4600+ .

Homeshop18 offer Cash on Delivery on my location while FK and IP.in both don't offer the COD on my location. All bookstore uses firstflight or bluedart and usually shipment arrives in 2-3 days.

In my review flipkart is now charging more actually much higher like 10-15% on books over competitors. In my suggestion if you are planning to buy books compare rates on isbn.net.in using ISBN number.

kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

@PK Siam Thanks for voicing your concern. Felt sorry that you had a disappointing experience. Will look in to your suggestion.

PK Siam 5 years ago

Flipkart has been slowly and STEALTHILY increasing its price on some products. Those products are the ones that many people don't buy. Hence, very few people notice such increase. Pick an item and remember the price. Check on it after a month, see the results for yourself. I've taken all of my online purchases to flipkart but I realized I've made a mistake. Now avoiding flipkart as much as possible.

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