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A Food & Beverage Consultant is someone who provides expert advice, assistance, counsel to the food & beverage industry.

This includes food production, suppliers, hotels & restaurants, packaged goods and consumer goods.

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Human Resource Consulting Services

Food & Beverage Consultants also offer HR services which include recruitment & training.

Some consultants offer payroll and employee services too! 

- Recruitment

Recruitment for food service establishments is unique.  The characteristics required are varied and include pleasing personality, communication skills, service skills, knowledge of food and safety, hygiene standards, physical health and inter-personal skills.

The job is tough, requires a lot of physical effort and involves long hours.  Some consultants are able to offer a ready database of servers, executives, managers etc.

- Training

The entire concept, the menu, the physical layout, the ambience, the marketing is all lost of the people serving and cooking are not up to the task.

Food service training is technically challenging and in some countries includes the knowledge of local laws (alcohol, age etc)

Training consultants, bring in expertise in this area.

They train the staff to the level and according to the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) of the establishments.

Since these consultants are specialists, they are able to deliver.

- Payroll & Employee Services

Payroll services include taking the staff on the consultants rolls and outsourcing the entire team to the outlet.  The food service outlet owner does not need to worry about employee regulations, government approvals, taxes, formalities etc.

Employee services are unique in the sense that these are hospitality services for the staff.  So for e.g you may want to get someone to help your staff in doing all the small small things they cannot do due to the long hours - laundry, tickets, bill payments etc

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Job Description - Food and Beverage Steward


The role of Steward includes the following areas of responsibility: Maintaining all silver, china, glassware and banquet equipment. Assisting with general cleaning and chemical management. Periodic inventory and allocation of operating equipment. The set up and management of banquet table and buffet points. Managing and ordering of linen and small wares.

Essential function

• Maintain a safe, secure and healthy facility by following and enforcing sanitation


• Maintain an organized, clean heart of the house

• Responsible for washing and cleaning of Food and beverage equipment

• Assist Executive Steward head with buffet and wedding organization

• Ensuring all personnel follow company procedures and breakage polices

• Conduct three monthly inventories for china, silver and glassware

• Scheduling all supporting dishwashers

• Purchasing all miscellaneous supplies and maintaining inventory

• Organization of furniture storage

• Cleaning of staff cafeteria and banquet storage areas

• Management of trash and recycling

• Position duties may include any other tasks as deemed necessary by managers in order to

fulfill the obligations of the club

Collection of F&B personnel pics!

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Ojochegbe O. Boniface 5 years ago

It's very intresting,I pray that God 'ill upgradeit to reach up to the banking sector in the whole world.

Ojochegbe O. Boniface 5 years ago

It's very intresting,I pray that God 'ill upgradeit to reach up to the banking sector in the whole world.

Ojochegbe O. Boniface 5 years ago

It's very intresting,I pray that God 'ill upgradeit to reach up to the banking sector in the whole world.

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