Four Successful Actions to Getting the Client

Good investigation and Showing True Capability

1. Good investigation and Showing True Capability

Professional Sales people spend more time Investigating. This means they ask lots of open ended questions so that they get the client doing most of the talking. By doing this you can hep the customer start to see with his/her own words the NEED they have. Unless they have a NEED they aren't going to buy. Another way to think of this is that they are selling themselves with the questions they are answering by uncovering their own needs.

Meeting those key concerns head on

2. Meeting those key concerns head on

Jumping to the pitch right off or too soon is assuming that your client doesn't have any questions. Professional successful sales people know that asking if there are any other questions will often uncover objections or concerns that the client may have which should be addressed and answered. The more thorough the process the more capable the Professional looks to the client adding a big level of confidence to do business with them.

The Summary of the Benefits

3. The Summary of the Benefits

Once you have the committment pending on the table you should further set the client at ease by going over the summary of what benefits exist to meet the need of the client. This will reinstate their confidence in their decision. Going over the main key benefits is the easiest and clients appreciate that you are putting it into terms that they can clearly understand.

Telling not selling the committment

4. Telling not selling the committment

Sucessful Professional Sales people don't "ask for the sale" they have found that "telling" provides a higher conversion. Once every question has been answered, the benefits lined out the best thing to do and where you get the most response is by telling the client the next step to completing the process. By simply telling them what they need to do in the most efficent easy manner they will often take those steps that you outlined for them. When people don't know what to do next, they won't do it.

When you get the client to commit you are advancing the sales process forward in a manner that is attractive and non evasive. It puts the client at ease and never feels like a pitch to them. Practice does make perfect so sit down and script out a few scenarios for your next blog, video or presentation and really try to think like your client. By thinking like them and what would be important to them you will be able to meet all of these head on and do so , professionally with success.

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