Free Personal Reference Letter Sample To Use

Personal Reference Letter Sample

You can use the personal reference letter sample given for your own use in this article. With some luck, the subject you are attempting to help out can use yours to land employment. That’s what really makes the examples you use so important. They can really do some good. In fact, if you construct the recommendation the right way, it could end being the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. Let’s look at a personal reference letter sample that could help out someone you know.

Dear ___ (or to whom it may concern for a more generic personal reference letter sample)

It is an absolute pleasure to write this recommendation for my good friend, Jim Bob.

I have known Jim Bob for over 15 years. In that time, I have learned just what a decent and kind person he truly is. In fact, Jim Bob has helped many people over the years, which I witnessed firsthand while working with him on Charity X. His leadership skills and work ethic have helped the organization succeed. He always gives his all.

I strongly urge you to consider Jim Bob. You will quickly learn what a natural leader he is.


John Doe

Things You Need to Know - Personal Reference Letters

This personal reference letter sample will work great to help someone you know land a job. It will speak highly of their strong character. Of course, this example may not work in all situations, so there are some more types of personal reference letter samples you may want to consider. You may want to make your own, so you can tailor it to your needs. If you go that route, here are some things to consider.

Describe positive characteristics: Make sure you convey strong character in your personal reference letter sample. Employers love people that take charge, volunteer, and are leaders.

Describe firsthand experience: Make sure you convey how long you’ve known them, and what your firsthand experience has been with them.

Think like an employer: When you write the personal reference letter sample, be sure to think like an employer. Mention things you think would help your friend get the job.

Be professional: Make sure you proofread, so you avoid errors in your writing. In addition, be sure to use high quality paper. If this will be generic, one that can be used with several potential employers, make lots of copies. Use the high quality paper and print off several on your computer. The signature, however, should be original. This could mean signing several personal reference letter samples.

Don't exaggerate: There's really no need to go out and puff up credentials and things like that. Employers spot this over and over again and when they do, it means you lose credibility and the letter your just wrote for your friend, coworker, or even employee will probably be meaningless. Don't let this happen.

Optional: Consider adding contact info, so the employer can ask you any questions they may think of. In addition, you may want to consider typing up more than one, so your friend can choose the ones they think will work the best.

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thank you for sharing the personal reference letter.the information in the article is really good and many of the people can use it.

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