Free Tips:: Making Money On Line:: Part 6

Part 6 is Upon Us

I know that over the previous five parts of "Free Tips:: Making Money On Line" you have heard my stories of scrambled money making efforts that failed. You have to ask yourself the key element in all of my failures. There are many problems I could blame it on. I wasn't organized. I didn't "treat it like a job". I was used to getting paid by someone who told me what work to do. I know more now than I did then.

The truth is that while those are valid reasons for failure, they are simply excuses. The reason I failed is because I quit. I'd try something and it wouldn't deliver on the promises, I'd decide it was a scam and go look that up on Google. Invariably there would be at least one bad review and I would think "See? It's not my fault. I was mislead. I was lied to." I'd use these to "decide" that it was okay for me to give up.

I'd even go to forums and ask people, I'd go read articles by the top hubbers and think "Oh I could never compete here." Yeah, I had all the back up I needed to pack it in. My daughter was telling me to. My friends were telling me to call them when I made money.

You must not give up, no matter what anyone says, on-line or off.

You see, if you look for reasons to give up, then you'll find them. I have been trying to motivate you to take daily action in creating your own streams of income. Making money on line is real. People who make money will tell you so, and people who don't will say that they're lying. Or that they started at the right time. They had money to invest... The list goes on and on. The truth is that I could tell you HOW to make money long before I ever made any money for myself. I just didn't DO it. It's not hard, it's really very simple. If you try to make it hard then it will be hard for you.

First Open up Google Search

Okay, here's some valuable information

I had an interesting comment from Adept2012 regarding her adsense application. Since you must get approved for adsense to join the Hub Pages Ad program I checked out her hubs and the info on adsense that is provided in the HubPages Learning center.

I recommended that she "decorate" her hubs a little and so today I am going to show you how to build a high quality hub. First of all you'll need relevant photos. If you don't have any you can go to Google and get some that are free to use.

I entered Making Money Online because that's what this is about. Click Images.

Next I scrolled right to find the "cogwheel" so that I could bring up "Advanced Search"

Only Slightly complicated...

Now that you have clicked on "Advanced" a new page will open. Your search term will be in the search box, you can play around with that if you don't find the correct image. I could change it to Money, Make Money, or Online Money. You scroll down until you see the box for "Usage rights" and select "Free to use or share" and click the "Advanced Images" below. The new page that opens will have images that are free to use.

If the image takes you to a website then be sure to give credit to the source. Save the image to your pictures. Next come back to the hub your building and place a "photo" capsule on your hub page. If you haven't used those you can find them in the upper right of your HubPages screen while in Edit. The new photo capsule will come up at the bottom of your capsules, but you can move it with the arrows, right to make it half size, or up to take up full size space. Right and up will give you what you see here, writing in one column with pictures beside it.

Another way to move capsules around is to use the tool at the bottom of your "HubPages Dashboard" It says "Drag and drop Reorder" and is really awesome to work with because you can add all of your text and all of your photos and then reorder them afterwards.

It would have been great if I got the one with cash flying at the laptop!

From my search the golden nugget | Source

It wasn't Easy but was it hard?

It wasn't easy to find just the right image. I entered different search terms to get different types of pictures. I scrolled through a bunch of pictures that were completely irrelevant to my search. I kept going until I found just the right image. I saved it and closed the screen. I came back to upload it and it wasn't in "My Pictures"! I lost the picture because it automatically went to my Microsoft Office clipboard without giving me the option to choose where to save it. I didn't know that so I ended up getting it again then clicked on the download and it came up there!

No, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard. It just took time.

Don't forget your homework!

I know that it seems hard, but it isn't as hard as it seems. Imagine how many hours went into building Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. They didn't stop because it seemed hard, they didn't stop because they didn't have the time or the money. These businesses weren't built by a corporation, they were built by people just like you and me who had a dream. Now I can't do what they do, I don't have the technical knowledge. I bet that they got the technical knowledge because they wanted to build something.

Your homework is to write a hub and "decorate" it with images that are a reflection of what you're writing.

Even if you never change your "hub style" never improve your grammar or spelling, never change the layout of your hubs, you will build a reputation and a following over time. The question is, if you were building a house and you had plans, boards and nails, but no hammer, would you be in trouble? Sure, you could use a brick for awhile or some other tool, that wouldn't work long term though. You need to go ahead and embrace the tool box that has been presented to you. Don't let the knowledge be daunting to you. Learn something every day and apply it to your work.

You are building something here and you can't do that without the technical knowledge. The best place to go for that is the source of the knowledge, compiled over the years. If you are serious about making this work then you are going to have to work at it every day. I am close to making this a "Quality" hub by HubPages standards. To learn more about what it takes to put that type of hub together check out the links below, and if you don't know how to save screenshots there's an article link you can click on that has a video. It had been so long I went ther to refresh my memory on the subject.

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scoop profile image

scoop 4 years ago

Excellent tips and advice.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Scoop! You were so quick! I haven't even logged this one into my group yet!

Adept2012 profile image

Adept2012 4 years ago

Thanks for always being a source of help

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

I hope that I am to you and any others that come my way. I left a longer message on the Part 7 article. I hadn't seen your comment here yet. I hope this helps you "decorate" your hubs. :)

Mazzy Bolero profile image

Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago from the U.K.

Thanks for this. I wasn't even aware that you could search Google for royalty-free images - much better than using a creative-commons search. However, I am a bit confused as I cannot find the "advanced images" button/link. If you click "images" first, you don't get the "Advanced search" option. If you use that option, you get websites which contain images you can use and it says as much as the top of the search results. But if you don't want to trawl through the websites and you then click "images" you seem to get images including those from newspapers, which surely would not be free to use. Maybe I'm doing something wrong somewhere.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Okay, sorry I should clarify, and thanks for calling me on it! I have a Google task bar on my search because I'm signed in. Go to Google Images, it's a specific part of the site. You're not searching Google from your address bar. Enter your search terms. Then go over to Advanced Options on the right. It looks like a Cog Wheel, you click on that and a menu pops up, click Advanced. Then scroll down and select any additional options you wish, toward's the bottom you'll see "Usage Rights" and since this is not really "Commercial Use" you can choose Free to use or share. If you are building a website or writing an E-book that would be commercial, then you choose "even commercial" . If you want to modify a picture, that option is also available. If you don't turn up what you want, you can change the keywords. For instance you can search for sky and if you don't get it then you search for Clouds, Cloudy Sky, Blue Sky etc. As long as you don't close that search window or tab then you're still in the advanced settings you chose. Remember that Google cannot see the pictures, only the keywords that are attached to them. Good Luck

Mazzy Bolero profile image

Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago from the U.K.

Thank you! It's very good of you to go into such detail and I will try this. I have wondered about the "commercial use" thing. Wouldn't Hub Pages be technically a commercial site, as it does pay writers, even though for most of us it's pennies? Is there a definition of commercial use?

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Our hubs are not considered commercial. Now if you wrote up a web site and had a business license, well that would be commercial. Still, you can have a website that isn't associated with a business at all. It can still post links to things that may be helpful to your audience and not be commercial. I am not "Selling" you anything, Google is. And if they say you can't use an image that you searched in their search engine as free to use or share? That's their fault, not yours. It's like when you want to buy one of those "fake franchise" things and you read the disclaimer, it says you can't use their name! That's like buying a McDonalds and calling it Fred's! If HP says you can't use the picture, and believe me, they will tell you, then you remove it and put a new one in its place. HP wants you to be successful because it makes them more successful if you are. Google wants you to succeed. And no one is going to sue you for the pennies you make from giants.

Mazzy Bolero profile image

Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago from the U.K.

Thanks, Faybe Bay! This has been very useful to me. Previously I have left images alone if it said "commercial use not allowed" but if it's OK to use these, that's great.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

I just go for the ones that say show up in "Free to use or share" If someone says specifically NOT to use a photo I won't. My niece put up a photo of her new baby on Facebook. A few days later she saw the picture in the "People you may know" part of the page. She clicked on it to see who reposted: Someone in France was using the baby's photo as their Profile Picture! She took everything down. See that's a case of inappropriate use. If it says anything is "not allowed" I won't use it. There are so many free sources that you can find something just as good or better.

Mazzy Bolero profile image

Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago from the U.K.

Some Creative Commons licences allow non-commercial use but not commercial use. It was those I was referring to. Using a baby's picture that way is pretty disgusting!

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

I know, she was totally freaking out, new mother right? New to Facebook too, and then there were all these things in the news about human trafficking and she couldn't read the page because it wasn't in English. She's not prejudiced, just protective! I love her and I don't blame her for freaking out, I would too! My kid's picture? You better believe I'd be upset! I told her to contact Facebook. Now it seems that the site was using people's pictures and profiles in advertising! Zuckerberg is dealing with a class action suit and he probably didn't have anything to do with the ad campaigns, probably was someone in the company, or even an advertising company that FB pays for. Anyway, sorry to go on so long. That's the sites that get sued, not us, and like I said if HP has a problem with anything they'll let you know. I never go to creative commons, the free advanced search is plenty for me.

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