Free Tips :: Making Money Online :: Part 3

Making Money Online

I know, these Hubs are starting to look a lot alike. This is why I said on day one, you do NOT need a website. You need to choose a logo, use that logo consistently, and then when people see that logo they will automatically know it's you. You have branded yourself, given yourself a name and a logo. Mine is Free Tips : Making Money Online, with a big pile of cash next to the first paragraph. Once I finish this series it might be Free Tips : How to get animals to like you and have a picture of a big scary dog. Once you have chosen your Niche market, keep your titles similar, your logo or "First Image" the same, and whenever someone opens a Blogger, Wordpress or Hub Pages Page, they will KNOW it's you.

This is tenacity. It doesn't start out easy, it doesn't start out looking as though you will make money. Ironically I looked at my account page when I started this series. On day one I had about $1.19. I know that doesn't sound like much money, but when you take into account that money is for 112 Hubs I wrote two years ago and then left alone except to respond to comments, it's pretty good. Now today, two articles later and two days, I have $2.26. That's almost twice as much. My traffic has increased not just on the two articles I wrote, but also on those two years old. I haven't promoted those, I haven't linked to them. The only thing I have done different is publish a new article for two days in a row and promote them. To be honest, if I'd have known it would mean this striking of a change I'd have done screen shots!

This is tenacity. Two years ago I lost mine. I was told by my family that I was wasting my time here. You will be told the same thing. I was told to go back to work, forget my Electrical apprenticeship and just take any job I could get. I didn't listen to that part, I had a dream, I was tenacious about finishing my education. In a few months I finished school and went on to earn almost $50,000.00 in the first half of 2011, working as an Electrician. 40 to 70 hours per week. I was tenacious about that too. I bought three pairs of work boots costing me $300.00 because my feet hurt so badly and I needed to keep working. I went to a podiatrist to see if he could help. I was tenacious enough to live away from home for several months which meant staying in a hotel. It was seedy, it held some pretty scary types. I'm a woman. I was tenacious.

I came home afterwards and went to my doctor to find out why I was in so much pain. I have three herniated discs in my neck. One was completely shutting off the nerves in some part of my spinal column every time I laid down. I had surgery because they said I needed it to stay out of a wheel chair. I went to 8 weeks of physical therapy that didn't work. I've since been to two additional specialists to try and regain full use of my hands and arms and legs. I am tenacious. I will beat this.

In all of my dark despair over my ruined life I had kept my tenacity, but I was fighting a losing battle. I re-upped my efforts in finding a way to earn income from home. One day when I was cleaning junk mail out of my e-mail I stumbled on one from PayPal. It said that HubPages had deposited money to my account! I checked my account, they didn't start paying me for my work until September of 2011. For me to receive a check from them for work I gave up on two years ago stopped me in my tracks. They deposited the money a few months ago, but since I wasn't looking at my PayPal account I didn't know. I still wasn't sure, I requested the deposit and waited. I looked over my old work and beat myself up for stopping when I did. I wondered if it was too late for me. I worried that maybe I was past my prime. I was afraid to come back because the people I knew might be gone, or they might think less of me because I gave up. One day I found a hub posted by an old friend and after reading it decided it was time to come back and do what I do best. The only thing I have ever gotten paid to do from home. Write what I know and research what I don't know yet.

Now I am tenacious about Hub Pages.

What Are You Tenacious About?

Where is your tenacity? I watched a Lady Gaga concert on HBO during my convalescence. She sang a song "Show Me Your Teeth" which was about giving your best shot. I loved the song because it gave me some inner strength. Watching the show strengthened me so much that I looked to see when it would be on again. I think I've watched it all or in part at least five times. Why? Because everyone seems to think she came out of nowhere, but that's just not true. She has been working towards this moment in her life all of her life. Just like the athletes in the Olympics, the people who seem like an "Overnight Success" work all of their lives for it. Yes even the people who get stigmatized for becoming a YouTube or MySpace success story, and the ones who get the most votes on America's Got Talent. If you aren't tenacious about this then you need to give up now.

I hate to say it but you won't become a success even if you buy one of those "Internet Miracles" in a box. Just hang it up now. You Must Write Every Day. This should be a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, your PC or laptop screen, and your refrigerator. Be ready to write every day. It is the single most vital component to earning money on line. In addition to that you must be willing to respond to comments, answer e-mails, approve your fan mail, make Hub Pages your Home page if you must, but do not skip this vital step.

Ironically, back in February of 2010, I wanted to make money on line. I had been researching jobs and ran across an amazing article. The guy had worked for two years to build his business. He had started at Hub Pages. Now he has a regular web site, pays for hosting, does a newsletter and he still wrote a blog post Every Day! He had already replaced and surpassed his former income as an investment broker. If you want to see what he's doing now you can find him at I actually found the original pages that I read in that search! You don't have to sign up for the newsletter, just click topics or use the search box. He has amazing content and without it I wouldn't be here.

A last word about tenacity.

I know that tenacity and determination sound like the same thing but here are the actual definitions to illustrate the difference.

de·ter·mi·na·tion (d-tûrm-nshn) ( courtesy of

  1. a. The act of making or arriving at a decision. See Synonyms at decision.b. The decision reached.
  2. a. Firmness of purpose; resolve: approached the task with determination and energy.b. A fixed intention or resolution: returned to school with a determination to finish.
  3. a. The settling of a question or case by an authoritative decision or pronouncement, especially by a judicial body: The choice of a foster home was left to the determination of the court.b. The decision or pronouncement made.
  4. a. The ascertaining or fixing of the quantity, quality, position, or character of something: a determination of the ship's longitude; a determination of the mass of the universe.b. The result of such ascertaining.
  5. A fixed movement or tendency toward an object or end.

te·na·cious (t-nshs) ( courtesy of

  1. Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view.
  2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material.
  3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive: tenacious lint.
  4. Tending to retain; retentive: a tenacious memory.

Now you can clearly see the difference. When I started at Hub Pages I was determined. I had mad a decision and was planning to act on it and follow through. I was NOT tenacious. Another definition I found for tenacity included stubborn and obstinate. While those are characteristics I have been told for years that I possess in abundance, I was afraid to apply them to Hub Pages. I was afraid of looking like a fool. When you are tenacious you will not care what it looks like to others.

Your Homework

Yes, you guessed it, Go Write Another Hub! Once again, if you post your hub link in the comments section I will read it and share it with my readers, Facebook and Twitter. My homework today is to go set up my Pinterest account and then I'll be able to Pin your articles as well. Please do not skip this step. Write it and post it for me to read.

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remaniki profile image

remaniki 4 years ago from Chennai, India

Hi Faybe bay,

Glad that I am your follower - I learned about tenacity from your words. I have made up my mind to write continuously on HubPages and feel satisfied that I have achieved something. Persuasive hub - just what I (and many others like me) need now. Thanks. Sharing it as always. Cheers, Rema.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks for reading it, Rema. I am glad you got the importance of writing often. I am finishing up before lunch time. I think I could easily write two or three per day now. I am going slowly to make sure I stick with one idea right now, this series. I don't want to take away from the importance of the series.

profile image

ignugent17 4 years ago

Great hub ! Full of information and encouraging too. Thanks for sharing Faybe Bay. I got already pinterest and twitter. Voted up and more.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks so much, there are more in the series. I know many people will already know some of this stuff, but it's good for those who don't. The hubs are short so those who are trying to make money can have the time to read and then write and implement one step each day. Your input is very encouraging, thank you so much!

Sakaki profile image

Sakaki 4 years ago from Philippines

What a great article you've got there! Thank you A LOT! I am just a beginner and this is a big challenge for me. You are an inspiration! :)

petertebin profile image

petertebin 4 years ago from Maryland

Another great hub in the series! Voted up!

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you Sakaki for your kind words. I hope the rest of the series will be of help, but remember there are a lot of assistance to get started over in the forums. There's a whole section of forums specifically set up to help people get started.

Peterbin, I must admit I thought you were new when I saw you had no profile picture. I was pleasantly surprised to see you've been here awhile and got quite a few hubs under your belt. Thanks for the comment and the vote up!

Sakaki profile image

Sakaki 4 years ago from Philippines

Your welcome Faybe!! By the way, I just published my first hub!! Finally! After hours or researching. :)

I just wanna share my happiness with you~~ :"3

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Awesome! I'll go check it out right now!

Stephen Govoni profile image

Stephen Govoni 4 years ago from Coastal Massachusetts

Faybe, I found your hub by chance. I was "determined" to start writing hubs and earning an income from home. You have left me needing to feel tenacious about it! This was inspiring in such a simple form. I appreciate your work, thanks for this great hub. Thumbs up.

My first hub! If you'd like to offer feedback here it is

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Stephen! I will go check it out. I'm in a webinar right now, but I'm opening up the link so I can read it when I'm done. :)

carozy profile image

carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

This is among the most inspiring articles about how to succeed here at Hubpages that I've read in a while. Voted up and useful. :)

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Carozy! That means a lot to me. That's all I ever wanted to be was inspiring. I wish I could do the Apprenticeship but I haven't got time and they don't seem to want people who write "about Hub pages" if I read it right, so I didn't apply. Just staying on the outside looking in and writing what I write best. :)

carozy profile image

carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

I'm enjoying it so keep going. :) The Apprenticeship program sounds great but I also can't commit the amount of time involved. Not right now at least. However, I'm sure the rewards are great.

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 4 years ago from Florida Author

I hear you. I wish I could!

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