Freelance Makeup Artists: Build your Makeup Kit

What sets a professional makeup artist apart from an amateur makeup artist? Her kit. In short, a professional makeup kit is a collection of high caliber makeup and tools that makeup artists use specifically on clients. It's important to keep your personal makeup and the makeup which you use on clients and models separate, as it's all too simple to contaminate your professional makeup kit by double dipping your brushes and your fingers into the makeup itself. As an aspiring makeup artist your kit is quite possibly the most important asset as it consists of the tools you will use on a day to day basis to beautify your clients. You will need to create a kit that will allow you to successfully apply makeup on a variety of skin tones and skin types, as you'll be dealing with oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, aging skin, acne prone skin and several other types. In a makeup kit, both versatility and quality are key components to success. Your freelance makeup artist kit should include at least a basic collection of makeup artistry products and tools. However, as your makeup artistry business grows, so will your kit. Only purchase what you can comfortably afford, or make back in payment from client work.

So, What do I Include in my Makeup Artistry Kit?

All professional makeup artists need a kit. Remember, when choosing the products in your kit to choose products that are versatile and come in a variety of shades, as to accommodate a variety of clients. Below, is a list of the items which are most commonly found in the makeup kits of professional makeup artists. You can add or detract from the list, so long as your kit meets the needs of your freelance makeup artistry business.

Face Makeup






Loose Powder

Makeup Sealer

Pressed Powder


Eye Makeup


Cake Eyeliners


Fake Lashes

Gel Eyeliners

Lash Adhesive


Lip Products

Lip Conditioner

Lip Glosses

Lip Pencils


Tools of the Trade

Makeup Tool Belt/Apron (Optional)


Disposable Mascara Wands

Finger Puff (Optional)

Makeup Brushes

Mixing Palettes and Spatula

Do the Products in my Makeup Artist Kit have to be High-end?

As a freelance makeup artist, the success of your business depends on the quality results you provide your clients. Therefore, it's best to choose a trusted product which is less likely to irritate skin, wear off easily or have too low of a pigmentation. Contrary to common belief, this doesn't necessarily signify that your kit should only consist of MAC, Eve Pearl and Nars. Many professional makeup artists utilize exceptional drugstore makeup products. Though it is possible to find fabulous drugstore products that are practically a steal when compared to the cost attached to shopping at a department store, there are some exceptions. 

It's recommended that eyeshadow, foundation and concealer are three places you do not skimp. Foundation and concealer should be purchased with a careful attention to detail simply for the mere fact that some drugstore foundations may not provide adequate coverage or longevity. And, department store eyeshadow will give you a greater “bang for your buck” and provide more professional results. This is because department store eyeshadow almost always has a higher pigmentation than those found in drugstores. This will provide professional results and simultaneously save you money because you'll use less product in order to achieve the desired result. 

How will I Transport my Professional Makeup Kit to Client Locations?

Freelance makeup artists use a train case to hold their makeup kit and transport it from their home or office to a client location. A train case will provide you with an incredible amount of storage for your ever-expanding freelance makeup kit. Train cases also make it easy to organize your makeup collection by type by providing slide-out compartments. Some train cases are equipped with wheels to make transportation easier, while others are simply hand-held.

Overall, being a successful makeup artist isn't 100% about tools or your makeup kit. However, an impressive makeup kit will help you launch your freelance makeup artist career by giving you versatility to work wonders on several types of clients. And, it'll also provide you with the most professional results. Start your makeup kit at your own pace, and as your career as a freelance makeup artist grows, naturally, your makeup kit will as well.

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youmeget profile image

youmeget 5 years ago

Lovely hub very informative.


VictoriaZ 4 years ago

Thank you! i am trying to follow my dream of becoming a bridal makeup artist... although i've done it once in a while thru the years, i really want to make it a real business!

good luck!

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