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In the world of professional writers, there are many different niches to fill. It begins with fiction versus non-fiction, and works its way down to rather specific types of writers.  Another way to categorize writers depends on what types of organizations they write for.  For example, journalists write for news-based entities, while novelists write books for publishers.

One type of pro writer is the freelance writer. A freelance writer is an entrepreneur that typically is self-employed as a writer. The word freelance means that the writer does not have a full-time employer. Instead, a freelancer works for different clients at different times based both on the needs of the client, and the availability of the writer. Contrast this to a full-time technical writer who works 40+ hours per week for a single employer.

Writers working in corporate positions have steady paychecks, W2 forms and company benefit packages. Freelance writers get paid only when they have projects, receive 1099 forms from each client, and don't get any benefits other than those that they buy for themselves.

Within the world of freelance writing, there are smaller sub-groups. One common type of freelance writer is a technical writer. Technical writers offer professional writing services to businesses and organizations that require documents whose value depends not just on the quality of the writing, but on technical accuracy as well.

Typically, technical writing encompasses creating user manuals, product bulletins, white papers, and instructions about high-tech items such as software, computers, online services, and electronics.

Technology Writers Help

A good technology writer can keep users from developing this attitude.
A good technology writer can keep users from developing this attitude.

Freelance Technology Writers

Freelance technology writers are similar to technical writers in that they write about technical systems and hardware with a focus on accurate high-tech information.  However, freelance technology writers tend to write more about technology and high-tech products than they write for high-tech companies and technologies.

For example, while a technical writer might write the user manual for a new SQL server product, a technology writer might write about that new product and how it fits into the universe of relational database servers.  Both tasks require an in-depth technical understanding of the specific SQL server software offering and the potential uses thereof.  However, the technology writer often writes for companies focused on technology journalism versus the company itself.

Obviously, there can be significant crossover between technical writers and technology writers, but freelance professionals often focus on one niche and write for the other one on the side.

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

Thankyou fro suchan informative hub. I am ithing to do this but don't know if I am good enough.

Dian'swords4u profile image

Dian'swords4u 5 years ago from North Carolina

Thank you for a very informative hub. Good Job

WE5 profile image

WE5 5 years ago

good job! Having done a little technical writing in the past i'd say you've hit the nail on the head.

smithroyal78 profile image

smithroyal78 5 years ago

Nice hub.Gone through your profile and checked your articles in the blogs and websites.They are truly professional and good.

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