Freelance Writing's Morning Coffee Newsletter: Finding Jobs and Literary Contests

The writing world has evolved from paper to webpage. This means that writing jobs won't just be found in newspaper classifieds. There are many sources online where a writer can look for a job. One of them is the's Morning Coffee Newsletter. Subscribe to it and you will get a daily list of writing job leads sent to your inbox by Brian Scott.

What will you find in the newsletter?

Like your morning coffee, the newsletter will give you job alerts on different writing jobs. What are these jobs on?

There are jobs looking for:

Content Writers

Article Editors

Research Writers

Product Reviewers

Literary Writers

...and a lot more.

Your newsletter will look like this:

This is how the newsletter looks like:

Aside from writing jobs for copywriters, magazine writers, social media content writers, literary writers for literary magazines (essays, short stories, poems, novella) will also find that this newsletter is great for leads on Calls for Submission.

What makes it special?

Freelance has an amazing list of resources for writers. Blog posts and free ebooks to download all contain articles on writing more effective articles, creating better sales scripts, writing fiction novels, using more appropriate language, and where to start finding jobs for beginning writers and bloggers.

When you get to the site, you will see a tab that says, "Jobs". When you get to the homepage, you will see different links to different types of job listings.

Online Writing Jobs will lead you to other writing jobs for online sites, online magazines, or companies looking to hire writers/editors. Paid Writing Gigs for Freelance Writers, meanwhile, is a very special page of the site. It will lead you to listings of job ads you won't find anywhere else since, according to the site, "special, recent requests or announcements from editors and publishers who need to find or outsource assignments to freelance writers". Calls for Submissions for Writers are calls from literary mags (whether online or printed). There are also job listings from sites like oDesk, Elance, etc.

What's great about the site is some job leads can be for for remote or telecommuting jobs from anyone across the globe.

There's really no reason not to sign up to this newsletter. Also, if you've got money to spare, do tip Brian (he needs his coffee, too) for his time and effort!

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