Functions of Leadership

Functions of Leadership

Leadership functions of a manager are related with his managerial functions.  The leaser as a manger has to set the group goal, motivate and inspire subordinates, make plans, and supervise performance.  Over and above these managerial functions he has to perform some other functions as a Leader. They are:

Functions of a Manager Leader

1. To act as a representative of the work-group: Leader is the link between the top management and the work group. He has to communicate the problems and difficulties of the work group to the management and the expectation of the management to the work group. He act as a link between the top management and the work group.

2. To develop team spirit: One of the core function of the Leader manager is that to create a team spirit in between the members of the group. They should act as a team rather than performing as individuals. It is his responsibility to create a pleasant atmosphere keeping in view the subordinates needs, potential abilities and competence.

3. To act as a counselor of the people at work: When the subordinates face problems at work, which may be technical or emotional, the leader has to guide and advise the subordinate concerned. There may be situation which are out of control, in that situation, leader must stand behind the subordinate to encourage and support and find a solution for the problem.

4. Proper use of Power: Leader must be careful while exercising his power or authority in relation to his subordinates. According to the situation he may exercise different types of powers like reward power, corrective power, coercive power, expert power, formal or informal power etc., for the positive response from his subordinate. Make sure that while using the power the response from his subordinate should not yield a negative response to the group work. Leader must analyze the situation before exercising his power.

5. Time Management: Leader must ensure the timely completion of the work while ensuring the quality and efficiency of the work. At different stages, the work should be complete according to the plan. The timely completion of the individual tasks will ensure the completion of the group work. Leader should monitor and ensure the individual task at different stages are accomplished as per the plan.

6. Secure effectiveness of group-effort: To get the maximum contribution towards the achievement of objectives the leader must delegate authority, ensure the availability of the adequate resources, provide for a reward system to improve the efficiency of capable workmen, invite participation of employees in decision making and communicate necessary information to the employees.

Leadership in Management.

Leadership is one of the core function of the Management. The management has to get the work done, for that Managers use their Leadership Quality.  

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Osa Osazuwa-Tosan 7 years ago from Nigeria

Quite educative and helpful. Please we need more of such.

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prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

very well information. planning leadership course is good to considered.

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i want some more inf about this topic

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your fce is puker face!

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maira bhatti 5 years ago

funtions of leader ship is nice but some answers are not describe clearly and not have the depth correctly

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quite knowledgable i like these

Happness Jocktan 5 years ago

Explanetion to the question concerned some have convising power and others not.

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Thanks for giving nice information

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I really appricate your effort. The explianation is simplify.

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Its very well explained and easy to understand...:)

Kenny 4 years ago

Very educative.....

Keep it up

Kenny 4 years ago

Very educative.....

Keep it up

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Good guide. Thanks for the idea.

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this is very educative and encouraging especially for rural sociology scholars but more insight on the topic wil do more job.

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no enough

santosh chaudhary 21 months ago

no enough

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This is very clear points and easy to understand and educating too

I love it..thank you

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