Fund Raiser Dep Chase Johns

2011 Fund Raiser for family and children.                  Dep Chase Johns
2011 Fund Raiser for family and children. Dep Chase Johns | Source

Chase Johns

We Care Fund Raiser

February 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm at Thunder Road, Dawsonville, Georgia Hwy 53 just before town

We would like to help Dep CHASE JOHNS recover and maintain as much as possible with medical and living expenses.

There will be a spaghetti dinner w/salad, tea coffee or water. All proceeds will ASSIST THE family with any needs they may have during this trying period in their life.

Dinner will be a donation of $ 10.00 for adults and $ 5.00 for kids 10 and under. I hope everyone can and will attend to help a fine officer and FRIEND.

A raffle will be held the same day FOR A shotgun and rifle.

Mossberg turkey gun new in the box. There will be tickets available at several locations around Dawsonvile or call M Gilbertson at 678-343-8942 for locations.

$ 5.00 each OR FIVE for $ 20.00

there will be a new DPMS AR-15 also for raffle. the lucky winner will have to redeem the weapon and do paper work at 400 Jewelry & Loan IN the Ingles parking lot.

$ 10.00 each or six for $ 50.00

This year my wife and I are celebrating a friend’s life that was almost cut short by an illness to the heart. We are so blessed by the right thing to do that others may also have the chance to experience the same life without interruption like we have had.

In honor of my friend “Chase Johns”, A cop who has devoted his life to serving others in a field where kindness is such a rare commodity to have. May his life continue with the help of his family and receive the entire peace he can handle.


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