Get Rich Click Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Get Rich Click The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet
Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Get Rich Click! is a comprehensive source of information from one of the world's most successful Internet entrepreneurs. This book outlines proven strategies and techniques for the Internet entrepreneur, and is full of real-life success stories about people of all ages who have made millions on line!


Marc Ostrofsky Book on Making Money Online

The book Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky had me thinking here we go again another person trying to teach me how to work at home and get rich.

But after reading, watching the videos, and viewing his Web site through Amazon I realized this guy may be on to something! Marc starting out selling domain names and made a lot of money selling the domain .

According to the author he does not even know how to create a Web site and states that you don't have to be a computer expert in order to earn a living working on the Internet. He writes about everything from selling domains, creating a product, selling on eBay for immediate cash, and creating a product for Clickbank.

The book inspires people to follow their dreams while teaching them how to create a profitable online presence. From growing an affiliate marketing business to writing eBooks and selling them through different online venues Marc provides detailed guidelines on what to do.

A number one selling book the author has been written up and interviewed for Time Magazine, as well as the View, and ABC News. He states that whether you are looking to earn $100 a day or $100,000 a year the book teaches you how to do it.

Several readers on Amazon rave about the book and the articles and interviews have all been positive so far. He goes on to describe how everyday people have made it big by creating an Internet business. Whether you are a beginner or have been working online for years reading this book can provide new ideas and information for amateurs and experienced businesses.

Selling Online

According to the author you don't have to be a Mark Zuckerberg or a Steve Jobs to make a lot of money on the Internet. He suggests picking a niche market that can be or is popular and learn as much about the topic.

If you are already and expert in a field find out what people are looking for and what they are willing to pay for.

One thing he describes is selling a product before you buy it. This one I am not sold on. If you want to sell on eBay I would suggest starting by selling items you have around the house or going to rummage sales or thrift stores and buying items to sell. If you sell on eBay research and see what sells well before you venture out on your buying trip and set a limit on how much you spend.

Another way is to create a niche Web site and sell items through affiliate links or use products that can be drop shipped through sites.

There are ways to sell through blogs, Twitter, emails, on Amazon and many other sources. The book provides lots of ideas and ways for someone to get started. Be sure to get your notebook out when reading this to write down all of your ideas and inspirations.

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Jayson 5 years ago

Simply a great book. Loved the free chapters I got at

samsons1 profile image

samsons1 5 years ago from Tennessee

voted up and useful! Thanks for this inspiring hub...

Cass2010 profile image

Cass2010 5 years ago from Southern California (Land of the fruits and the nuts) :-)

Great hub, I've bought and been reading the book and it's filled with a lot of useful information. The most important thing is not to get to overwhelmed and start with one or 2 ideas and Just Do It!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Great advice! I'll have to check out this book! Very useful and inspiring hub!!

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