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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Tips
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"An outlet for publishing is your first step toward social media fame."

Taking social media a step further than just setting up a Facebook page, you can do a great deal toward creating a positive image for yourself or your business. People need to think of you when they log off the computer. If you sell a service or goods, you’ll want them to remember you and what it is you’re selling.

For this you must create an identity that spans the many different types of social media. Use accounts and pages in all the sites, and get familiar with how to use YouTube and Twitter. There must be a place where you can publish your ideas and your information. It’s not hard to look like an expert these days by using social media.

  • An outlet for publishing is your first step toward social media fame. Use your current customers to sing the praises of your company. Give them a way to be interviewed and set it up so they can talk about all of the positive aspects of your business. These interviews can be video clips or written content. Using WordPress is easy and one of the best places to put your blog, which is where the interview can be published.
  • Use the same username across the board for all of your social media outlets. This will breed a natural familiarity with you. Sales experts will tell you that until your name has crossed a potential buyers mind several times, they don’t identify with you. When your name becomes one that’s familiar, however, that’s a different story and you could draw business just because they recognize your name.
  • Name recognition would be a social identity, which all who want to use social media for marketing should have. Once your name has been seen several times it is recognized. Linking the business name or your name to a product or service is the next important step.
  • Write explanations about different aspects of your product, put in a q and a or FAQ, or write about your opinions on the subject you wish to appear expert in. Once you become published, you can be read. Once you are read, your name will be familiar. People tend to see those they recognize as experts, whether it’s really true or not. If you have expertise in your field, by all means, use it to give the public something to connect them to you and your business.

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QudsiaP1 5 years ago

Very good tips.

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neakin 5 years ago

Once again-- an AWESOME Hub! Voted up and Tweeted!

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