Getting Feedback From Clients is Essential to Building Your Business

Getting Feedback From Clients is Essential to Building Your Business

In any business you want to get feedback from your clients. This will help you fine tune your focus to be able to provide more benefits to them.

However, its not always easy to ask for feedback from clients or people that you trust. Simply put this is "fear", and you should overcome it quickly because good feedback builds a successful business.

Keep it simple go for feedback in a non fearful or user friendly manner.

Ask for 3 Positives and 3 Negatives

Ask for the 3 Positives first.

This puts you and the client at ease. Be honest, explain easily to the client that you like getting feedback from time to time to make sure you are on track and get ideas for what you can do to bring more value to them. (See how we made this all about them).

Ask what 3 things they like about your company/ work/ product that is meeting their expectations?

Your client will be happy to share with you the three things they like.

Now, ask What three things do I need to improve on?

If you are thinking that "fear"ful thought~ "Oh no they are going to give me more than 3 things, here it comes" relax.

Most people don't like to be mean or rejectful.

Most people are going to honestly and in a very helpful appreciative manner tell you simply 3 areas to work on.

Here's the catch to why people WILL HELP and give you feed back.

Without even trying you just made your client feel important.

You asked them to be the expert in this situation because they are your client which makes them the expert on YOU. This builds rapport, spruces up the relationship and it makes them Feel more confident in your abilities to provide a service or product to them.

Without even trying you just made yourself more important. You showed that it really is all about them. That what they think will help you grow your business and relationship with them. You are standing out in their mind and they now have a deeper level of respect for you as a business owner.

Keep getting Feedback

Create and opportunity for ongoing feedback. I like to ask clients if they would like to participate in simple feedbacks like the one we just did?

I always let them know, it will just like now, casual and no frills just two business people chatting because I truly value their input. They say "Yes" and often "what else do I have to do?"

I simply add, "Just make a mental note of how I'm doing in these areas we discussed so next time I ask, so you can let me know how I improved or what I need to do additional work on."

This no frills form of feedback is comfortable for you and them and is a win win!

Remember that feedback like Complaints are an Opening for opportunity to expand and grow.

These are valuable traits for any successful professional to have.

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Richard Lewis 7 years ago

I definately remember this part of my job. Johni taught me this skill because I was the follow up man. I HAD to find out how we could better serve our High Profile clients and I had to do it briefly because Exec's with Big Accounts have very busy schedules. I still use this technique and it still works everytime!

Richard Lewis

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 4 years ago from Central United States

This hub written three years ago still has importance today. It might actually be more important that when it was first written. Customer feedback is something which we never see changing. You can't improve a product if you dont' know what a customers wants or needs are.

Voted up, Awesome and sharing.

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