10 Characteristics of a Good Leader

Good Leadership

What are the characteristics of a good leader? Do you think you possess these qualities? I have noticed similar patterns in many leaders that I think are great traits. Also, several studies have been conducted on the characteristics of good leadership that are worth mentioning. It would be great to have all these qualities, but not all leaders do.

The following is my list of the characteristics of a good leader:


Most good leaders have great vision. They know where they want to go and they know how to motivate people to believe in this same vision they have for their community, country and their lives. They view things as what they could be and not what they are.

2. Wise

Being a good leader usually means that they have to make critical calls at assorted points in their organization. Having the knowledge to make the correct call is crucial in making sure the organization is successful. Good leaders are strategic, wise and perceptive.

3. Passionate

Good leaders are very passionate people. They're intensely obsessed in whatever they are focused on. It could be business, sports or a hobby, these individuals are intensely focused. They operate with such a high level of passion that they get consumed in it. They take action!

4. Compassion

Good leaders have compassion for their supporters or employees. They have great coaching and development skills. While these leaders have goals to accomplish, they consistently care for the individuals that support them. They're not selfish individuals only thinking about their own wants and needs. Most have a heart for the people that follow them.

5. Charismatic

Most good leaders are captivating. They're charming individuals and they tend to draw people in with their personalities. It could be in the way they talk, the way they carry themselves. They are excellent a building relationships and demanding performance from their peers. These individuals have an X-factor that you are drawn to.

6. Great Communicators

Good leaders are usually great orators and persuaders. They're very comfortable with public speaking and are very inspiring people. It isn't surprising that they can develop a good following with this communication ability.

7. Persistent

Good leaders are determined in attaining their goals. They know that reaching their destination can be filled with problems. Notwithstanding, they see that the advantages of attaining their goals is larger than that of the problems that occurred. This makes them intensely persistent individuals.

8. Integrity

Good leaders mean what they say. They have integrity. They're individuals who keep their guarantees and they do not play the old political games that plenty of others do. People find them reliable and as such are dedicated to them.

9. Daring

They are bold. Winston Churchill states that courage is the virtue on which all others virtue rest on. Good leaders are bold enough to chase after their dreams. Although the fears are real, a daring leader pursues them regardless of the fears that exist.

10. Disciplined

Most good leaders are very controlled in the pursuit of their goals. Where most individuals would be simply distracted or dejected, good leaders discipline their minds to keep focused and steady regardless of the situation.

There you have it, 10 characteristics of good leadership. Not all good leaders carry every single trait. Also, you may feel you are strong in some areas and lacking in others. But just remember, it isn't about being perfect, but understanding where you are lacking. Make an effort to build on these characteristics of good leadership in yourself.

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Great Wide Open profile image

Great Wide Open 6 years ago from The Astral Plane

Wow James! This hub looks as though it came out of one of my Business Management classes in college. You brought back many fond memories. I wish that many managers that I have had to deal with over the last 5 years since college were familiar with these 10 characteristics. A few of them seem so self absorbed that they refuse to get outside of themselves. Great hub WJames

Steven Randall

INFJay profile image

INFJay 6 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

I agree with your 10 characteristics and what I find interesting is how different personalities demonstrate those characteristics. Looking forward to reading more of your hubs.

ramkkasturi profile image

ramkkasturi 6 years ago from India

Interesting post. Straight and simple. Keep it up.


Rismayanti profile image

Rismayanti 6 years ago from Tropical Island

exellence hub.. very usefull for personal development and evaluation.. thanks

Foram 6 years ago

Frankly, good leadership is essential to any organization. Employees are the most important resource of any business organization. The success of any business organization depends on the proper use of manpower resources. One Minute Manager is a cry of many companies.

Pinkish07 5 years ago

A Good Leader Is A Role Model!

AutumnLockwood profile image

AutumnLockwood 5 years ago from Northern California

Really great hub. I'll keep your list in mind.

moses 5 years ago

I perceived that to be good leader, i should not relent in pursuing the vission i have but discipline myself in adverse condition.

olex 5 years ago

This is simply nice and will help many leaders like me to lead our followers better. Thanks and hope to read more of your hubs soon.

mela balagot  5 years ago

i really agree on the statement you publish,,,.,..,.

these would be our inspiration to be a good leader

jo 5 years ago

hurray! good job, this is very helpful to remind and guide leaders to become effective.

what is leadership 5 years ago

Hey James! I agree 100% with your characteristics list. Keep up the excellent work.

Wesley 5 years ago

Excelent 2 u if u r pursuing human resource mngt but u r wrong 2 some points except if u r doing communication skills under community development and gender.....read forms of leadership in hrm 2 get more stories...keep it up!

Carolina 5 years ago


kulmiye 5 years ago

brief and precised

Shely 5 years ago

The best straight to the point and simple to understand. thank you

Acumile 5 years ago

good information for me to post at school thank you guys

grasya 5 years ago


Alexandra Wratchford 5 years ago

It's good but I also think that there could have been more details. It was true though!

Alexandra Wratchford 5 years ago

You should added details like: honesty and caring.

Carolina 5 years ago

Great list concise, enough details and I am positive has added to my research in preparation for an interview. Greatly appreciated!

janex...>.. 5 years ago

i realy like it....

VALE 5 years ago


Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 5 years ago from The City of Generals

Very true James. The power of a leader is through a good character. More power to you and thanks for this great hub!

samina 5 years ago

ya i think these are the best chrectristics of a good rulers.

Portia 5 years ago

like the conclusion, it gingers me to do better

muzakkir 4 years ago

would i copy it.? i'm interested with ur topic..thanks a lot

erica 4 years ago

what a nice characteristics. . . . . . I hope that i have also a personalities like that . . . . Wish me luck to be a good leader . . .

j.bikash 4 years ago

i agree with the 10 characteristics of a good leader.

chidondk 4 years ago

a good leader inflence his follower by teaching them the way to success,as a leader when u are controlling,directing ur followers make sure that u lead them are the right channel,are same time lead by example so that ur reccord will be ther,my personel philosophy is teach how to catch a fish dont give fish?

Ziaul Mujtaba Awan 4 years ago

The article is simple, comprehensive and understandable. I really liked it.

Onabanjo Abdul-lateef 4 years ago

The article is well understandable, meaningful and well comprehend, I love It.

Mary 4 years ago

Nice work, these characteristics will make a good leader and move the nation forward.

Msufyan 4 years ago


Ejoke 4 years ago

well said.

ajithkumar 4 years ago

a good leader is like vijayaraj..

Biren Kumar Sahu 4 years ago

Good, we need to digest each and every point if you want to be a leader

Julius Balemba Bisimwa 4 years ago

The qualities of a good leader must be submitted to all manager of every company and make sure they have been given to the staff. Otherwise some of African leaders think that a good leader is to put hands in the pocket, give rules, not touching...

Anumeha Sinha 4 years ago

very good...bt from my point of view,some other qualities also matters i.e communication skills...in each and every sector,firstly, u r judged by your own way of talking in which,good communicating power plays an imp. role.....

INFjay 4 years ago

great job looking forward to reading more :)

ella b 4 years ago

this page is great

Sidwel Agrippa 4 years ago

very inspirational looking forward to reading more of your hubs

collins 4 years ago

Thank you for this very information that is on right now

I can understand it in way that motivated me so dearly


deepa venkatesan 4 years ago

Thank you for a very good information on leadership,that have helped me a lot.


that is true for sure a leader with out wisdom, really it is very hard to achieve his goal. and remember wisdom come from Almighty GOD and also you have to know that leadership is a gift from GOD and its all about your inner character.FOR KING SOLOMON climbed on top of the mountain to ask for wisdom . really i consider wisdom as a very good factor.so I appreciate very much. May GOD bless you

steven johns 4 years ago

i realy appreciate your work,,, it is interesting hence clear to understand.. Keep it up

muringakumwe benedict 4 years ago

good leaders model the way and are assertive

Eze 4 years ago

I agree with your writeup about a good leader and give you a vote of confidance,therefore, for a one to be a good leader, these qualitis must be there.

lucy 4 years ago

good work for your point on good leadership.

Harriet chizani 4 years ago

we need food..............................

Olola e oluwabunmi 4 years ago

I agree with this page and the write up is well written

Muringakumwe Benedict 4 years ago

Leaders are people who should lead by example in their paralinguistics, olfactics,tonation,kinesics and association.

Muringakumwe Benedict 4 years ago

Leaders are not born but they rise and prove that they worthy the brand.They should not be selected according to stature or physical make up but based on merit and ability

Mary M 3 years ago

I was searching for materials for a leaders seminar and found the above sufficient. Thanks

josh k 3 years ago

I appriciate your work....great job,

muringakumwe benedict 3 years ago

A long dispute means all parties are wrong: good leadership requires people with vision and passion.Leaders should be assertive and not blinkered by the persons around them and the environment.

Muringakumwe Benedict 3 years ago

Leaders-should set a pace-trend by doing things relevant to their work and position.no nepotism-favoritism and selfishness if someone is to be a true respected leader.

noman 3 years ago

Its not perfect

urikua kananguizi 3 years ago

good work keep it up do better than this

Muringakumwe Benedict 2 years ago

Leaders are like stars....they should not struggle to shine....subordinates should emulate them if they are doing the right things...

manasa 2 years ago

laders done

good job

he is great person

frank666 2 years ago

nice list of traits I need to us

Johne346 2 years ago

Hi there. Merely desired to question an instant dilemma. ekgeadddcegg

Rev Goodwill Etumnu 23 months ago

Leaders are not born but made in the cause of their struggle to survive in life.

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