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Google Pay Per Click - Sounds Greek??

Google Pay Per Click Advertising (or popularly known as PPC) is the most dominant player, but not the only, in the online advertising industry. The major reason being the search engine market itself is led by Google so obviously as a Producer you would target people using Google as their vehicle through the internet. A consumer like you and me uses Google to search for anything under the sun - Product Information, Services, Places, Maps etc. So if a manufacturer or service provider does want to sell his products he has to do it to the majority of the crowd, which is where Google comes in. Google Pay Per Click Advertising places relevant ads along the right-hand side of its organic search listings.In Google's search engine, you would have seen the AdWords advertisements listed under "Sponsored Links" on the right side of the page.

You can sign up to Google Pay Per Click Advertising program very simply. Within an hour you can start getting traffic to your website which is the easy bit. The hard bit is getting PPC to work cost effectively.

Keywords Selection

Be specific rather than using vague or general terms. The more precise and targeted your keywords, the less you will pay per click and the better quality of visitor you will welcome to your website. Just getting lots of traffic is not the objective. You want traffic that is likely to turn into sales. If your company sells to the local area, make sure to include your town or county in the keywords. There is no point getting lots of people in some other country to your website, if you cannot deliver your product there

The web can be local as well as global. Google Pay Per Click now has a facility to show your advertisements only to those people within areas you select... Great isn't it !!

Your advertisement

Be specific and accurate. Do not try to attract visitors to your site with a clever message. Tell as it is. The specific you are, the better targeted your traffic will be, and in turn the more likely they will turn into sales. Always run two advertisements and compare results. Each month, take your best performing advertisement and write another one to see if you can improve on your benchmark. Testing is the Key... So keep tweaking the Ads and see if you hit the Jackpot!!!

Pay Per Click & Naural Organic Lisiting
Pay Per Click & Naural Organic Lisiting

How do your make PPC work??

Here I outline some important tips for a better Pay Per Click Advertising..

1. Track the conversion rate - How many of your visitors Buy, how many just register, etc.

2. Manage your PPC budget - the amount you spend per click should always be less than the total profit earned per click.

3. Find the right NICHES - Focus on narrow, focused keywords. These terms will cost less, and searchers who use them will be far more likely to buy.

4. Great Writing - Step yourself in your customers shoes. Get specific. Why would the reader want to click on this ad? Do not use Capitalized letters in your Advertisements.

5. Thrust for excellence - Never stop testing. Try to better the quality of your PPC campgains.

6. Monitor your Ads - do not set up your ads and then forget about them. You need to continuously monitor your PPC advertising campaign.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising is now a basic Internet marketing tool. You cannot afford to ignore it. But avoid the more clicks = BETTER mentality and focus on conversion rate. Return on the investment - and not just plain vanilla clicks - can build a profitable campaign.

So Wish you all the very best... Get rolling with your first campgain... Get Enrolled in yourself in Adwords.

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