Easiest Revenue Sharing Websites to Earn Money

Revenue Sharing

Sharing revenue is the newest way to make money online. Basically all it takes is to go on to forums that do revenue sharing. These websites make it so you can post stories, articles, comments, etc and in exchange they compensate you by providing your google AdSense ID. Usually there is a minimum requirement of how many posts you put in. In exchange for your posts they will put your google ads on their website a certain amount of time. Each time a user clicks on your ad you will be paid 10 cents or more.

Making money online isn't the easiest but it isn't impossible to do. By doing revenue sharing you have a better chance of making money because most of the forums doing this already have established traffic. Traffic is one of the most important things you could need to start making online. Without traffic you wouldn't have any visitors to your website. It is just one of the many vital steps to creating a successful online website. Through these Revenue sharing websites making money can come easy.

Just make sure you sign up for Google AdSense first. In your google account it will show your ID number and you will just have to post it in your profile on your forum account. There are many forums participating in this and is really a great smart way of making money online.


It usually does not cost anything to join a revenue sharing service, though there are exceptions. The web master usually makes the most money showing your ads 50% of the time. Its easy to sign up and put your google ID in.

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