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 Let's be honest, you have great legs, so why would you want to cover them with pants?  Unfortunately, while we can wear shorts all day long at home, most employers expect-if not require-a more "professional" attire.  You understand the need for discretion in a place of business, but, damn it, your sculpted calves, your slender ankles, your adorable kneecaps are being waisted.  What good is beauty if not to be enjoyed by others? 

Luckliy for you I have compiled a short list of jobs where you can still show off those great gams.


Mail carrier (UPS, USPS, and FedEx)

 Being a mail carrier has two major benefits: you get to wear shorts and show off your great legs and you can keep those legs in shape from all of the walking.  If you live in an area that benefits from fair weather this is the job for you.  No cubicle for you, you want to get out and enjoy life.  You love the smell of the flowers, the sound of the birds and the sun kissing your skin.  You are an active person that can't stay in one place and you love to see what the city has to offer you.  You want to experience the people of the world and you want them to see and appreciate your great legs.  The only drawback might be that there is some driving, but you don't have to park, you can just stop in the middle of the road and put your hazard lights on.  Beware the dogs.

All three major carriers essentially share the same benefits, it just depends on what colors best accentuate your skin tone. 


Trader Joe's Grocery Store

Do you like organic food? Do you enjoy people? Do you love pushing carts around a crowded parking lot? This could be the job of you. The dress code has been almost entirley thrown out the window of this small chain gourmet grocer. You need only wear a Trader Joe's log t-shirt, a name tag, shoes, and the rest is up to you. Checkers in this lax environment will wear shorts year round, and it doesn't stop there. Have an old pair of jeans you've been meaning to turn into a sweet pair of shorts? I've seen it there. Did you dig up an old pair of purple Bongo jeans from your high school days? I've seen it there. Have you been looking for somewhere to wear your kilt and black leather combat boots? Yes, I have seen it at Trader Joe's.

This is a great place for the beautiful legged food lover/health nut to work. They have everything from Vegetarian soy choriso  to gluten-free bread. You even get an employee discount.



Do you believe in manual labor and a hard day's work? Do you drive an over-sized pickup truck from one of the major American car-makers? Than this might be the job for you and your toned, yet masculine legs.  Spend countless hours on the job site without having to worry about customers and the public.  You have your crew ad yourself and you are fine by that.  You believe that a hard day's work is the American way and everyone should have to experience manual labor every know and again: it builds character.  That manual labor also builds great, sculpted legs that only a fool would hide.  

The best part is that steel-toed boots and white tube socks go great with shorts, or so I'm told. 


Professional Soccer/Basketball Player

Do you have a work ethic like none other? Do you have the ability to dedicate your life and soul to something? Do you have the skill and abilities to be successful? Than you might want to be a professional basketball or soccer player. While being a professional athlete might not be as accessible as the others, the benefits far surpass any other short-wearing career. It is important to realize that the two sports are entirely different and to consider all of the factors when deciding which to pursue.

polyester knit-mesh shorts
breathable, polyester or polyester blend shorts
wood floor burns
grss burns
50x94 ft. court
70x110 yds. min. field
shorts are longer in length
shorts are shorter in length
Camera focus is on upper body as game is played with hands.
Camera focus is on lower body as game is played with feet.

You can clearly see that soccer benefits the beautiful legged with the shorter shorts and the focus on the feet and legs, but the field is longer, the game-length is longer, and you at the mercy of the weather.  Basketball is protected from the elements, requires less running, but your gorgeous legs will not be showcased as much.



Your legs aren't just great because they are tone and fit and perfectly formed, you legs are great because they have been kissed by the sun and display a beautifully balanced bronze color. You want a job where you can maintain and improve on that great tan.

As a lifeguard you can display the glory that is your legs in the short shorts or flattering one-piece bathing suit, but you can also keep them the beautiful brown that everyone wants. Being a lifeguard allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine all while mingling with the public. Whether you enjoy the salty air of the beach or the chlorinated fumes of a public pool you can be sure that your legs are becoming more and more attractive-if that's even possible-with every passing minute.

You can also be proud to know that being a lifeguard comes with a special pride of knowing people's lives are in your hands. There is an immense responsibility that comes with that red bathing suit and floating torpedo-looking thing. It's not just fun and games like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson would have you think.

Warning: must be able to swim and possibly preform mouth-to-mouth.


Marine Biologist

Do you know what an arthropod is? Is your idea of a romantic evening exploring tide pools at low-tide? Is "Did you know that some deep-sea fish have both male and female sex organs?" your idea of a pick-up line? Do you drive a Subaru Outback? Then I have the job for you.

Marine Biologist has to be one of, if not the most interesting of all the leg-revealing jobs. There is adventure, there is knowledge, there is wildlife. What more can you ask for? Swim with the dolphins, measure whale penises, brush the teeth of sea turtles, you get to do it all. And you get to do it all in shorts (and maybe a lab coat, but over your shorts). Not only do you get to wear shorts and let those beauties be seen, but you get to wear the best shorts of all: cargo shorts, think of all those pockets. Marine biologist is also a plus for those that have gorgeous feet at the end of those perfect legs: you get to wear Tevas!

You love the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salt air and the feel of those slimy sea cucumbers. You have great legs (and possibly great feet) and you have a need for a great many pockets. You, my friend, have a marine biologist inside of you, let it out!

Which job is best for your legs?

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There is nothing more tragic than a wasted pair of amazing legs and the leg-model jobs are just too few and far between these days. So you need a job where you can show the world your God given talent: your legs. I can't believe you've been so selfish this far; how could you hide those pretty little things all day under pants, in an office? You need to get out there and share them with us, please don't deprive us any longer.

Whether you are an athlete, love the sun, love to walk, wear nothing but boots, or love the ocean there is a job out there for you...and your legs.

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J Bailiff Sweet 5 years ago

Great approach to writing about jobs! Thanks for making me smile today.

jcoop profile image

jcoop 5 years ago from Long Beach, California Author

That's all I can hope to do, thanks for reading.

INFJay profile image

INFJay 5 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

You can also show off by wearing shorts or swimsuit while writing a Hubpages articles at a park or beach...that's working, isn't it?

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 5 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Absolutely great hub, Jcoop! I "love" legs. I don't watch sports (except the girls skating) but I do look at the sports page in hopes of seeing a beautiful set of legs, especially the volleyball girls and I have a growing appreciation of the soccer girls.

But where I "really" appreciate legs is in a dress, one that drops to just a little above the knees. Plain old shorts are great too, but the ones that go "all" the way up, excuse me, but I think they should stay home and very near the bedroom.

Thanks again for a great hub, and for the starting pic.

Joyful Read profile image

Joyful Read 5 years ago from Boise, ID

Made me and my husband laugh. Voted up!

jcoop profile image

jcoop 5 years ago from Long Beach, California Author

@subRon7: It's good to hear from someone who appreciates legs so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub...and the pic.

@joyful Read: That was all I was trying to do, thanks for reading.

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