Help Clients Find Solutions to Problems they Know they Have

Businesses are always looking for ways to be more competitive. However sometimes organizations ignore the obvious when it comes to establishing themselves as winners in the eyes of their clients. It is fairly easy to figure out how make your enterprise number on in your industry.

Turn Business Obstacles Into Opportunities

While finding out what will distinguish you from your competitors is fairly straightforward, doing it is another matter. Many organizations find excuses when it comes to doing whatever will set them apart from the crowd. These are a few of the more common claims that commercial enterprises make:

  1. It will cost too much money
  2. It will cost too much time
  3. We will have to pay someone to do that
  4. The technology for that has not been invented yet

Whatever your reasons are, to your customers, it translates into, “This Company and the others in this niche just cannot be bothered with solving my problem.”

Understand Your Customer's Problems

Let’s take an example of a typical problem that women in a particular country face when they go to a hairdressing salon. They set an appointment with the stylist but when they arrive, the stylist is already working on someone else’s hair. The stylist expects the client who has set the appointment with him or her to wait until they are finished.

This may sound weird or strange if this has never happened to you but it actually happens and hairdressers lose lots of customers that way. However that doesn’t seem to be enough of an incentive for them to improve. What about your business? Is there any habit you have that is costing you money or customers? How can you change it?

The LAST Technique for Customer Complaints

If you really think that your business is perfect and there is no way to improve your offering, you will have to go to your clients to find the answers. Suggestion boxes are good, so are client surveys. However many of the people who are having problems with your service will not be interested in taking time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts with you in this way. They have had bad experiences before and have learned that often, their suggestions are read then thrown away.

Why Problem Solving is Not Enough for Your Business

Pick out the client who looks most dissatisfied and ask them about the problems they are having. Chances are, they will be glad to vent and you may get ten minutes or more of suggestions on ways your companies can help people like this client achieve their goals.

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