High Paying Jobs! People Under 60 Need Not Apply

Come to my company. I am going to pay by age. If you are 75 you start at $75,000 and go up a thousand a year!

by Bill Russo

When you are old, please do not try to get a ’real’ job. There's nothing out there for you except embarrassment and maybe pity. American companies don’t want you working for them. They won’t come right out and say it…but you will get the idea when the application says

What year did you graduate from high school?:

then there is a list and you are supposed to check off your year of graduation…You look down the list….





---nope go back a little more----




------nope, go further



------nope…go further down



…so you keep laddering the list until finally it terminates at 1975.

I guess that’s a pretty good clue they don’t want anybody who graduated before 1975.

Well, I’m not going to sit around and gripe about this discrimination against my fellow senior citizens!

I’ve decided I’m going to buy a huge company and I’m only going to hire old people. You’ll have to be at least 60 to come work for me. If you're over 80..there will be an immediate vice presidency for you!!!!!

Now when I buy this company there probably will be some young people working there so I’ll have to get rid of them. I can’t just fire them - that would be age discrimination .

I’m going to make them feel so unwelcome that they will quit.

The first thing I’m going to do is eliminate all coffee breaks….no more coffee breaks. Instead, we’ll take Naps!

At 10 o’clock every morning and again at 3:00 in the afternoon, I’ll announce over the P.A. system..............................

“Okay everybody…it’s nap time. Time to lay down and relax and catch a few winks. I’ll call you in 30 minutes..”

It will be a company rule that anybody caught drinking coffee during nap time, will be fired.

That should get rid of a lot of the whippersnappers…probably fifty per cent. .But for the stubborn ones who survive the nap rule, I’ll swing into Plan B.

Under plan B, I’ll modify all the bathrooms by removing any items like Sanitary napkin or condom dispensers……and I will replace them with special dispensers of “Depends”. …………….and I think I can depend on “Depends” to get rid of another forty percent of the Young people.

As you have probably already figured out…that still leaves me with a tough ten per cent of young fogies that I will have to get rid of.



This is the Mother of all plans. It’s the nuclear bomb of cunning schemes.

Here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to go to the pharmacy and buy 350 tubes of Ben Gay. And then

I am going to smear Ben Gay over all the desks, slap it on the walls and even the floors. I will smudge it on the telephones and even slather it all over the toilets.

There will be BEN GAY everywhere! Those youngsters will walk in and turn up their noses in horror!

“I’m getting out of here."

"I Quit,” they’ll say..............

“I can’t work here, it smells just like grandma’s house!.”


(Author's Note: There are a few jobs that are senior friendly. Product demonstration is one and building maintenance is another. Here's a link on how to get a job and a free apartment along with it.


Here's the link on how to get started in product demonstrating at Supermarkets & Department Stores...


This link is to "How to safely clean your jewelry" which also shows the Youtube video that my partner and I made demonstrating the product that we make and sell in BJs Clubs and at flea markets and on Ebay. http://billrrrr.hubpages.com/_eg8y4okdyscz/hub/How-to-clean-jewelry

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Give me your tired, your old, your mature people, yearning to work for a Senior Friendly Company.

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TKIMWRSVC profile image

TKIMWRSVC 7 years ago from United States

since i only turn 46 this year guess i have time

pgrundy 7 years ago

LOL! I love this! When you get that company started I will be the first in line. I worked in corporate call centers from the age of 47 to 55. They were glad to hire me as the 'token old person' but I came to hate it a lot after 8 years and left. Now I can't get a job to save my life, but most of the time I don't want one. I find I'm a lot crankier and it's much harder to put up with BS than when I was young. When someone half my age is handing me a line of crap, it's harder to take it seriously than it was when I was in my 20s and 30s. So I'm just working for myself and trying to be helpful to my kids and the community. Jobs are overrated. Most of them pay badly and are not very satisfying. If there was a good job out there that I couldn't get, I'd feel sad--but I live in Michigan, so, you know, forget that. Thanks for the laugh!

Teresa McGurk profile image

Teresa McGurk 7 years ago from The Other Bangor

brilliant hub -- I'm only sorry I'm still too young to work at your company, as like PGrundy I am sooooo tired of younger people who sure they are keyed in to the mysteries of the inner workings of the universe and are certain that anyone over forty is about to expire on the spot due to old age. Thanks for writing this. I turn fifty in a few weeks, and have just woken up from my afternoon nap. . .

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 7 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for the comments.

I am almost ready to open my company and Hubbers will be welcome.

All I lack is cash...but that is no problem. I am going to pretend I am a failed bank and get tons of stimulus money.

Herschel Wilson 6 years ago

WOW !!! I love this company already..I am a little over 60 and unemployed thanks to GM closing several dealerships..I will be waiting for my new job with your elderly staff.I don't take any naps yet but,I do walk my dog alot..This idea would be a great company with great employees..

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 6 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks H W....since you are 60, you begin at 60K. But advancement for you could be tough unless you start napping on the job.

Remember anybody caught drinking coffee during nap-break, will be dismissed!

Larry Hawkins 6 years ago

The best site of my day............oh how real.... and the bull that we like older workers...............

like we like um .............50 lbs. overweight........and the likes ...............

you get my drift......................60 young and still nieve..............it is just a disposable society and a human being is humus for someone's rosebud tomorrow.

Mary Watts 6 years ago

Okay...okay...I am a retired air traffic controller, and now a starving artist. I turned 60 this year, and want to get on the list:6) Brilliant site!!!!

ROSE 6 years ago


Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 6 years ago from Cape Cod Author

The U.S. Government announced today (10-11-10) that once again there will be no Social Security raise for Senior citizens. Shouldn't they have postponned that announcement until Halloween (10-31-10)

because it's pretty scary news!

JoAnne 6 years ago

As one who is newly divorced, after being married for 37 years, I am looking for a company like this! But what about benefits? LOL I can only guess that you will pay all of our medical bills until we make it to Medicare and then you will become the secondary benefit. Of course, I would LOVE to work for this company.

Wonderful idea! No one wants to hire us old people!

steve kimball profile image

steve kimball 5 years ago

Yeah I really think working and old age don't go together in most companies policies and procedures manual. They do like go through the motions though thinking they are giving some old people hope.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

The government wants to get the retirement age up to about 70, in the belief that benefits won't have to be paid to the 65 to 69 age group. It might work in theory but we do not live in theory - we live in the United States where you can't get a real job when you have reached the 'golden age'. It's just like that song, "nobody wants you when you're old and gray."

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

In real life I am trying to do what I joke about in my hub. So far the company my partner and I started when I whote the hub, has grown slowly so we have not been able to hire as many seniors as we want but we expect to get a lot more this year. A few weeks ago we employed a 66 year old New York City man who has the energy of a person aged 19. We took on a 64 year old Brooklyn woman who was let go from her job because she was too old. She's actually a little young for our company, but she's doing an excellent job. She takes good naps and sells product like Willie Loman did in his dreams. We hired a 57 year old Massachusetts womman who really is way too young, but she promises to age rapidly so we are giving her a shot.

Our best salesperson is 84 years old!!!! He and his brother closed their retail business because the brother wanted to retire - at age 75. The older brother felt that 75 was way too young to retire, so he came with our traveling roadshow company and he is admired, respected and successful where ever he goes. He also makes a pretty good amount of money for himself. This man came with us two years ago when he was a mere 82, and he is always looking ahead and planning long range. It's not only optimism, it's a lifestyle. His up-beat attitude is like the flu - everybody catches it. I hope within the next year to start posting some youtube videos of our old gang at work.

I have to run to CVS right now and get some more BEN GAY FOR THE OFFICE...a couple of people in their 30s tried to get a job with us today and I didn't have enough Ben Gay smeared around to drive them off...so when they come back the next time, I will slather it all over the chairs. That should force them out.


Okay , what is the product you sell and how do you sell?

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

My partner and I invented the world's finest Jewelry Polish and Eyeglass cleaner and we manufacture it on Cape Cod with 100 per cent American bottles, ingredients and labor. We sell it in select BJs Wholesale Clubs. Our salespeople set up a demo table and show the product by cleaning eyeglasses and polishing diamonds, opals, pearls, neckchains etc. The product is so good, we almost always hear "Oh My God" or "Wow!" or "Holy S--t."

If you live around New York City, we have many shows going this month including the following BJs - Valley Stream, Islandia, Middle Village/Queens, Flushing, Brooklyn, College Point and others. We are also presently doing demos in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut; and will open Florida in September. We now have a LONG waiting list of OLD PEOPLE who want to work with us. Our present people are doing very well financially and we will keep adding new 'old' people as fast as we can. Come see us if you are near the New York or New England shows.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I got an email from someone wondering if we are going to sell our jewelry polish in California. We can't because we live on Cape Cod and California is way too far from the ocean!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I am happy to report that my "Nap Breaks" are catching on with some officials in the U.S. Government. Soon they may begin discriminating against young people and start hiring more OLD people.

It has been suggested that Air Traffic Controllers get Nap Breaks but the head of safety is against it. Here's the AP report:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government said air traffic controllers would have more time to rest between shifts under new work rules announced Sunday, while Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made clear he won't tolerate sleeping on duty despite studies and expert recommendations that suggest scheduled shut-eye can help combat fatigue.

"On my watch, controllers will not be paid to take naps. We're not going to allow that," LaHood said. "They are going to be paid to do the job that they're trained to do, which involves guiding planes in and out of airports safely. But we are not going to pay controllers to be napping."

I tried to reach Ray for a comment but his aide said that he couldn't speak because he was busy napping on the job!

Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 5 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

This is pretty funny, Luckilly at my company, they discriminate by intelligence. This is why I've learned not show my brains especially in front of my boss! Hope the old folks company works out for you :-D

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I started this new company because I could not get a job. When i WAS under 50 and pushed my resume across a desk, I could get a good job in a day even during a recession. When I needed work at age 60 after a layoff, I could not get a job. My skills were the same. My experience was the same, even a little more experienced.

In short, everything was the same...except nobody would hire me. I vowed to start a company that would would be friendly to older workers. So far we are doing well but it is very, very difficult to build a business at this time. We will continue and push on. We are in four states now and hope to get in all 48 adjacent states by 2020.

Don Banach 5 years ago

Im 60 now so when can I start. This sounds like something I would loveto do

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Don. Welcome to the sixties. You have just started a fun little journey into old age. You will know you are there the first time you try to get in your car and you keep bumping your head as you enter. It used to be so easy getting in and out of vehicles! Look around your local BJs store and if you see a couple old folks selling 'Clear Bright 'n Shiny' eyeglass cleaner and jewelry polish - that will be us. Come over and say hello and maybe you can join us.

Jolanda 5 years ago

My husband needs a job. He is 62, and got let go over a year ago! Has applied for so many jobs since, with no luck! They dont even bother responding. We would love to get out from under his moms thumb! Have our own space again!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Jolanda, I know how hard it is. For me it was 57. Laid off and laid up with cancer. It took three years with no paycheck and no assistance to get healthy enough to work and by then nobody wanted me. I went all the way through my 401K and all savings. I got to 62 and had to take reduced Social Security. My partner and I have started a 'senior friendly' company with an All American product, but it is very, very difficult for businesses to thrive today.

One job I will recommend for both of you is demonstrating products at Costco or BJs. These jobs pay more than you think. If you believe you could do a good job offering people free samples and promoting products, apply and give it a try.

Dougrr 5 years ago

Bill, You da man! Just what I needed to help me out of a slump. No need to hash on about my circumstances but like you I have gone through all my savings after finding myself replaced by younger, less experienced men. I stopped kicking myself yesterday and am now able to look forward with optimistic reality.Nice phrase huh?

I am gonna try Costo, Sam's and BJ's..I actually worked last year for the Census and found great company in people my own age and circumstances.

Keep the faith and outlook my brother.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks Doug. Best of luck. The demo jobs are good because the hours are convenient and you have something coming in while you cast around for better opportunities. It's always easier to get a job when you have a job.

Rick 5 years ago

I thought this was a serious sight. After serving in two wars and 20 years in the military and have lost my job because the company closed the office I managed. I am 60 and do not find any of this funny. Why don't you post the real names of companies that want to help us!!!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Read again Rick. This is a serious 'sight' and a serious 'site'. The whole point pal, is that NOBODY WANTS YOU...and that's pretty serious. Our little company offers employment to as many people as we can. We try to laugh about the problem because -to paraphrase the old 'saw' - 'laugh and the whole world laughs with you...cry and you cry alone'. Since you served 20 years in the miliary, you have your service pension. What you probably need to do is supplement it. You have invaluable experience to draw upon. How about some work that will use that savy you gained over two decades? Security Guard? Store Detective? Loss Prevention? Sell yourself to your local Walmart, Target or whatever.

Get in there and talk to people. ALL OF US HAVE LOST OUR JOBS BECAUSE OUR COMPANY CLOSED! Get out and get circulating. Talk to five companies this week about a security position. Catch some shoplifters. Write back to me next week and tell me how you make out. At 60, you are still young. Wait till you hit 70 pal....then try to get a job. You can do it. Try it this week and write back to me. GOOD LUCK......YOU CAN DO IT.

Dougrr 5 years ago

He feels the bitterness that's all. No place to vent.

I went for an interview Tuesday that was an hour long. While I sat about to fill out some application information in a twenty page hire packet (doubles as emp app and hire) the project manager that was about to interview me asked me to write two things on a post-it note he handed me...wait for it....yes Louise, one was my SSAN and the other...okay, you give up? My Birth Date!

Now both were included in the printed employee app. but why he asked..I'll never know. Qualified for the job? Hell yes!. Gonna get the one of 12 jobs to be filled? NO.

Good southern boy and great attitude he had the Young Skywalker did. But two numbers on a page keep me from being happier. We are in the largest minority there is and our numbers are growing. Under 18 and over 60? Both unemployable if looking for long term work. The 18 y/o can be cured with time but the latter...??

Keep the faith my friend, keep the faith.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Doug that really, really sucks! With your attitude, drive and fire, you will succeed. It is all about batting average. We used to have a high one and now it's way down. We have to step up to the plate more often to get fewer hits. But what those employers don't realize is that even though we are not physically what we used to be - our brains are even better. We know how to focus. We appreciate the value of customer service.

My partner and I just took on a new job because nobody else wanted it. We took over a food concession at a struggling flea market. We're already working seven days a week (with little or no pay)in our

'senior friendly' Eyeglass & Jewelry cleaner company...now we are going to squeeze in five days a week (during the summeer) of serving hot dogs and sodas. We do it for the money of course, but more importantly so that we can feel useful and show people that old people can do anything they set their mind on. Thanks again Doug. Get out there and get in the batter's box again. Your hit is coming.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

If you are coming to Cape Cod this Summer, stop by the Cape Cod Inflatable Park/Dick and Ellie's Flea Market in South Dennis. I will show you our old guy and gal company. You can meet some of us and I might even put you to work.

rotini 5 years ago

Dear Sir:

I have just turned 58 and would like to be put on your waiting list of potential employees for when I reach the 'fully ripened' age. I left a job 4 yrs. ago because it was going nowhere after 16 yrs. and co-workers were content to complain abt. their jobs but not leave, just wait for retirement in severely disgruntled fashion. I could not take the atmosphere of deliberate mediocrity any longer; I wanted more. For a year I searched for something better, using up all savings in process; finally had to settle for a HORRIBLE job in a credit union, with the WORST boss I ever had in my life! So of course, in keeping with the script, it was the FIRST job I had ever been fired from in my life of many (sometimes multiple) jobs! The only positive outcome I got out of those two years of hell was my current unemployment insurance compensation, which is, needless to say, NOT enough to live on.

I am very gun-shy now about accepting 'the only job I could find'; still haven't given up my [college-educated *eyeroll*] hope of finding something better before unemployment runs out. Thanks for this page; just what I needed to read :-) (My supervisor at the hell-hole bank was, of course, one of those young whippersnappers who thought they knew everything and had perfect right to treat everyone, young and old, in nasty fashion. Problem was, she fired so many people that there was no one left finally, to take the blame for a crisis, and she herself was fired! Lol!)

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hey Rotini! I laughed from the first line of your comment right through to the end and then I couldn't stop giggling when the 'whippersnapper' herself got fired!

It is a national tragedy and shame the way we are treated. We have worked for 40, 50, 60 years and then we have to beg for a job bagging groceries. I AM SICK OF THIS B...S..T. When are the Washington pols going to stick up for us? When are there going to be REAL and ENFORCEABLE laws about age discrimination?

In the meantime, keep smiling, keep laughing, and keep punching.

Thanks for the read and for the comment.

Mary 5 years ago

I so want to work for you!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thankyou Mary. I really appreciate the comment. If you get to Cape Cod this Summer, look us up at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park/Dick & Ellie's Flea Market. If you are old enough, we'll hook you up!

Michele Camarda 5 years ago

Hi Bill,

This made my evening...I laughed all by myself here this evening. The sad thing is it's so true and I just turned 55. People can't believe I'm 55 I was blessed with good genes. I hate filling out job applications and how they sneak in when did you graduate...I just leave it blank! The truth is I am a colon cancer survivor and this September will be 6 years...I am very lucky! After that I took basically 6 years to have FUN and Reinvent myself. I have found that I love and am interested in the Health and Wellness Field and the Anti-Aging Field. There are definitely a lot of Boomers and Seniors interested in this area as well. I am also one who has gone through their retirement and just barely hanging on to my home here in California. My unemployment runs out next month...I've had some small jobs inbetween having cancer. I came to the AARP site tonight to look for ideas for people over 50....and there were quite a few ideas...some require getting some additional training. I will get a Pension from one company after 62....but trying to figure out what I am going to do to make THE BIG BUCKS while I work on my side passions of Anti-Aging and Wellness. I've been in sales all my Life....mostly insurance...and have an interview next week with a company that sells supplemental policies. They pay a base for 3 months then it's straight commission. The only way I can take this job is if I can find a night job while building the business. That's a lot of hours for a 55 year old....but God also blessed me with High Energy. I am not sure I will accept this position but I know that certain areas of insurance sales there is no age discrimination if you can sell! Anyway....just wanted to thank you for this article.....I am going to show it to everyone over 50! Michele

BigAl 5 years ago

Bill, when I was in my 20s, most of my co-workers at a company division were over 50, and several were over 60. My boss said learn from them. And I did. They were eager to share their many skills in the workplace and never too busy to offer advice about life in general when asked. It was the most productive, creative workplace I have ever been associated with. Plus, my co-workers were fun, and we socialized after work, too. Age never entered into the equation. Now I'm in my 60s and the twenty-somethings at work treat me like I have a horrible disease (old age) that they might catch. They're not even civil. Besides bad manners and attitudes, many lack work ethic. But what gets me the most today, as I reminisce about the older co-workers/friends when I was in my 20s, is the complete lack of respect for older workers, who have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share, but nobody to share them with.

I'm still hanging on to my job, but I could get that dreaded phone call to come in to work early for an "important announcement" (I work the 2nd shift) any day now. All of the last bunch of folks laid off in the last round were in their 40s and 50s. Then the company waited 4 or 5 months and replaced them with recent college graduates in their early 20s who just don't seem to give a s--- about work and are glad to let the veteran workers pick up the slack.

Your company sounds like job heaven. I love your attitude, too.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Michele. Your message struck a major chord with me because I was in the same boat. Struck by cancer in my mid fifties, I lost my job and during the several years of treatment and getting healthy again, my entire 401K and savings evaporated. I was just barely able to hang on to my property. When I was ready to work again, I was too old to be seriously considered for a 'real' job.

I found salvation in doing food demonstrations in supermarkets. It was rewarding emotionally and financially and the 'demo' business is one industry that actually welcomes older people. It's not 'big' money but it is interesting and steady work. Would-be demonstrators can check with their local BJs Wholesale Club, Costco, or similar establishment. Another part time job that's easy to obtain is 'call center' work. It's hard work but in telephone sales, age is not as big a factor as in most other endeavors. Re the Supplemental Policy Sales job; straight commission can be wonderful. There's plenty of money to be made and you are pretty much your own boss - but it takes a special discipline to be a straight commission salesperson. With your energy, drive and determination, you have the needed tools. Best of luck and I hope to hear from you again.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello Big Al. What a sad and familiar story. A tale of hard working people living every day in fear of the next round of layoffs! It's a nasty commentary on our times. You should now be the sage old pro who dispenses wisdom and shares secrets with the next generation, instead of feeling like an outcast. I wish you the very best and I hope things change in our favor.

Why is nobody fighting for seniors? Why are companies allowed to yank us out and throw us away like worn out tires? Why has there been no raise for seniors on social security for two years? And why has there been no outrage that seniors have not had a raise in their social security for two years?

Why? Because no one (in power) cares! As I type this reply to your comment, some seniors are choosing whether to eat today or pay the light bill. Others are taking only half their medication because they can't afford the prescription and they want to stretch it out as long as they are able. Many are putting off doctor visits because even though they are on medicare, they cannot afford to pay the part that medicare refuses to be responsible for. Many seniors are commtting slow suicide by cutting back on heat, lighting, food, medicine--because of cost.

Lauie 5 years ago

I wish it was here now. I need a job so bad, I'm only 58 yrs. and nobody will hire me, not even interview me in my own field or others. What are we supposed to do? Just go away and die. I don't even have a home that my parents left me for security like most. Where does on go to get a job these days? I live in San Mateo, CA and am stronger and capable of doing a good job. Help!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

He Lauie. Thanks for reading and commenting. My best thought for you is to go to a temp agency and pick up a temp job. Often, a temporary job can turn into a permanent job. You have a Kelly Services office near you in San Mateo. They will work with you to get you placed in a job in your field. At 58, you are still young enough to get a fresh start with a new company. Please register with Kelly - or a company like Kelly - you will soon be on your way to a permanent full time position. Please get back to me and let me know how you make out.

ma moo 62 5 years ago

The best part of the whole, is that in general you lose sight of the fact that we are all in this together. Somehow, even though it's not on a good note, but a sense of being one with others gives me a good feeling , that at-least I'm not in this by myself.

Sharing this turn in events gives me hope.

Slightly disabled , and sometimes not reliable I wouldn't want anyone to hire me. I would love to find something I could do to earn a few dollars on my own and in my own time. Hopefully I will create or find something that I can do. Thanks for the writing. I'm 64 , but the same person inside as when I was 12. At twelve I enjoyed babies and 90 year old people. Everyone has usefulness and most all encounters offer some memorable shared moments. Feel free to write more about your company. I sure would like to know what it produces. I need coffee sometimes to go to sleep, it relaxes me because it is warm. I'll have to start taking wine breaks if I should decide to work for you.

love it bye...

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Ma Moo - You have shrunk the whole problem down to one simple sentence. The distillation of the whole situation is; "I'm 64, but the same person inside as when I was 12."

As life wears us down and infirmities slow us down, we do tend to forget that we are the same person inside. Our music gets goes out of fashion and our cars get old, but our thoughts are always new and have no expiration date. You have a fresh take on things...why not write us a hub on your thoughts? Happiness may not be a puppy or two kinds of ice cream ... it might be a warm cup of coffee!

Thanks for reading and for the record; our company is "Clear Bright n Shiny" - it is an all natural jewelry polish and eyeglass cleaner that we sell in select BJs Wholesale Clubs as well as in fairs, trade shows and flea markets. For the summer of 2011 we are doing flea markets on Cape Cod at Dick and Ellie's in South Dennis and in Wellfleet on outer Cape Cod, and in the town of Raynham in Southeastern Massachusetts. One of our best demonstrators is 84 years old. Formerly affiliated with Boston's most famous joke shop, he often sells our product with an arrow through his head or with a fake mustard squeezejar in his pocket. If you go to youtube you can see a video of "Clear Bright n Shiny".

Margaret J. Pappas 5 years ago

Hello World, welcome to 60. What a new surprise to find you are out of work, and not hireable. Thanks for the eye opening that there are others just like me out there.


Margaret J. Pappas

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Margaret. I am so glad you joined the club. There are no dues - you have already paid them!!! Thanks for reading. Our problems as seniors are silent ones. We have no real advocates, no knights to fight for us. Wait until you have to go on medicare. They don't even tell you what it is, how to apply for the various parts, etc.

You know, I am so upset about what 'they' do to us that I would march on Washington - if my feet weren't so d..n sore! Keep smiling. Best of luck to you.

dougrr 5 years ago


Wonders still active. A larger, more employee focused company has found me and appreciates experience over cheap labor. It's a better company, w/benefits et al, than I have ever worked for. For all those that gather here...keep the faith!!


Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Doug, I am giving you a standing "O" for your upbeat attitude and for staying in the battle even when it was looking bad. I remember that horrible company you interviewed with two months ago. Congrats on the new job. You deserve it. Thanks for sharing the good news with us.

dougrr 5 years ago

Bill, You are an inspiration! Nuff said

Maria Buras 5 years ago

I enjoyed reading every single entry.I am 81,grateful not to have to look for a job,but see it all the time

all around me.I guess,it really does not matter what State you are in.Even as a regular consumer you can see it: everything: clothes,etc.,is always geared towards

certain age-groups and it certainly does not include us!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Maria, thanks so much for reading. I got a real laugh today from a guy on the radio. Here on Cape Cod, we are cleaning up debris from Hurricane Irene and the radio guy said the towns are looking for senior citizens to volunteer to help in the clean up. He said since we have nothing else to do, we would probably enjoy helping out. I felt like it was a patronizing insult to us seniors. It seemed like he was saying that we are only good enough to clean up AFTER the party, but not good enough to BE INVITED TO THE PARTY. Maybe I am getting too bitter and too sensitive. But I don't think so!!!

Anna 5 years ago

Well, being only 55 and still not able to acquire any type of job I certainly like the idea even though I never really considered my self as old as I've gotten from lot younger interviewers. There time will come. So, seems as society just wants us to die off before 50 so no one will draw the SS they put into. Working till 70 all depends on the job. Sure if one has a cushy office position but, a brick layer or or physical career I'd love to see any of the politicians do a labor job at 70.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Anna you are so right. The ideal is for us all to work until 70 plus but many jobs are too physically demanding. They want to relegate us to the lowest paying, unskilled jobs.

RC 5 years ago

Good one Hub!

I have an idea that will only require a plan A.

Plan A: Surfing the internet, texting and listening to Ipads with headphones is prohibited. Company policy.

That should get rid of all the under 60 kids!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Right On RC!! We'll fire 'em just for owning an Ipad.

Grog69 5 years ago

Hey Billrrr,

Lost a company, Lost a wife, Lost part of a colon, Lost a job, Lost (about to)UI. Lost (about to)house. HEY! Maybe I am one of The Lost Boys (never did want to grow up).

Hey! a lot of this sounds familiar!?! OH! YEH! I just read the last two years of comments.

Another "thread" through these comments is "No one cares".

You are right, and if we don't "come together" (does that give a hint of my age??)

AARP is close "but no cigar"!

I would like to stay in contact with this site, these are the best comment and responses I have found.

I am going to sign up, but holladay at ymail dot com will get to me.

OK here I go to "sign up".

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Grog. I guess we are just a bunch of losers! We lose our hair, our teeth, and other things I do not care to mention.

A group of us old guys were standing around last week in Cape Cod, talking about our illnesses. One man in his early 70's, almost in tears, had this to say....

"Fellas. I need Viagra. Don't laugh at me. It's not for what you think. I just need to get some blood flowing down there. I am experiencing serious shrinkage! I can't even stand up to go anymore. And when I sit down, it dribbles all over me."

We felt bad for him....but not bad enough to stop us from tossing a few zingers. "Lose fifty pounds and it will seem much bigger and you won't need the Viagra," one wag joked.

"Don't bother to lose the weight," another guy chimed in, "Just get yourself some diapers."

We all had a few laughs at our friend's expense and before we were through, we had him laughing too.

Grog, we have to laugh. It hurts too much if we don't.

John 5 years ago

I hope someone does this. Im only 28 and I agree with you 100 percent. This country is throwing away its experiece for lower pay and guess what we get stuck with the same job for half price. In arab countries if your over 45 they cast you out of society and there are cities on the outskirts of town where the "seniors" live as they are no longer considered useful. Hope we arent heading that direction.

Kimm 5 years ago

I just wanted to thank you .... love your blog! It reminds me a lot of my father 72 who is still a big part of the family business. I need to have my whippersnapper (58) read this blog. I'm 44 ... and I just wonder how we might get the word out about "Senior" run businesses ... I know my family would prefer to support businesses who are run by mature adults who still want to work. I for one would rather buy from someone who wants to work rather than someone who whines about how much more difficult the "real world" is compared to college.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Many thanks for joining in John. Congratulations, at 28 you have knowledge and compassion that many people never get. A large percentage of the seniors who are forced onto Social Security would give up the check in a split second if they were given a chance at a 'real' job.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Kimm you are great. Thanks for the nice words and for the Senior support. Kudos to your Dad for still doing battle in the business world. It so beats sitting home watching tv, counting your pills, and seeing your waist get bigger and your brain get smaller.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I was watching a program on "ION" television and decided to look up the network's program schedule on line. I 'googled' ION and here's what came up for the description of the channel...

'ION Television is a national television network featuring general entertainment for adults from 25-54'

I guess this means we cannot view ION if we are under 25 or over 54.

Karen from New Jersey 5 years ago

In the past 5 years I have sent out over 500 resume's via the internet. I got two interviews and hardly any other contact. I was in a full time job I did not like, and then was put on part time. Recently, I just resigned as it was costing me more to get to work (wear and tear on the car, tolls, clothes, etc) than my take home pay. I am nearly 62 so will apply for social security soon. I went to college last in life thinking it was going to help in my career but now I wish I had the money I spent on that as it never paid off. I guess we are all supposed to die once we reach this age. Maybe 40 will be the new 60 instead of the other way around--what boomers are experiencing may be the new norm for younger people. The 12 year olds via technology will be taking their jobs next!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Karen. Thanks for joining in. I wish you had better news for us. Don't write off that education yet. Something may come along soon for you. Have you considered retail? Crazy hours and you work weekends, but you could rise up fast in a company like BJs or one of the TJX companies - Maxx, Marshall's, Homegoods etc. See if there are any Distribution Centers near you. They are always looking for Supervisors and middle management people. The pay is good and the benefits are very good. Karen, 62 really is still young enough for you to score a good gig. Forget the resumes - go out in person and knock down some doors. Try it and let me know how you make out.

JamesPaul47 profile image

JamesPaul47 5 years ago from Lombard, Illinois

Great idea!! Listen I am an American living in the United Kingdom. How about us talking about doing business out there. Or I can help set up one in Chicago, which I will be traveling back and forth to this year. Contact me at JamesRabiola@gmail.com

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi James. Thanks for reading and for your support. Travelling on business between Chicago and London seems like a pretty good gig! If you are doing any hiring, think white and gray!

Cynthia 5 years ago

Im 46 years old and it seems people don't want to hire me because of my age. So I will come work for you gladly.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Cynthia. Thanks for reading. It's a sad commentary on the business world if they are starting to consider 46 old!!! You have 20 years of work ahead of you. If you need a job, try BJs Wholesale Club or Costco as a demonstrator. You get to demo food products and give away free stuff. Everyone will love you because it's food and it's free!!!

Also BJs does not care if you are 46 or 96. They are very age friendly. Shaws Supermarkets (if there is one near you) or Stop & Shop do demos. Any market in your area will most likely have demos. Ask the manager to point you to the demo company. Good luck. You are still young and you can succeed.

RiversMelody profile image

RiversMelody 4 years ago from Oklahoma

What a wonderful idea!! I am 60, sold my home to move to Florida to marry. The economy fell and busted his business as I was ready to make the move. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much for him. He lost the house we were to live in, and I lost all my investment in it, too. I moved to a tiny cabin I had on the river. Low and behold a tornado came through and wipe out the little village. I am lucky to be alive! So now I'm without work, health insurance, or a home. It has been difficult and heartbreaking. I see the same thing, although very young at heart and high in spirit, they see my age and then I don't hear from them for an interview. So, I can certainly relate. Now I am pretty much broke, and don't know where to turn. I'm still looking for work! Thanks for writing this wonderful hub!! Any one close to Norman, OK want to start an over 55 business...I'm all for it. We need to stick together. Much love to all and God bless each and everyone.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

If life were a tree, all your branches would be shorn off and half your trunk cut away. Such horrible bad luck is heartbreaking. RiversMelody, I can tell that you still have spirit and vitality. Hang in there. There are millions of seniors with a lot of money, who just sit around getting old. Wouldn't it be great if they would open up a "senior friendly" company? They could manufacture products and market them as "made in the U.S.A. by Old Folks". Everybody would buy their merchandise.

As to the Oklahoma weather that destroyed your cabin, I know a bit about it from spending some time at Fort Sill(in Lawton). Both my sons military careers took them there. I saw some really scary skies but did not personally witness any tornadoes.

Margaret 4 years ago

I am 62 yrs old and dislocated from my job when the community bank where I worked the past 4 years failed. The bank who took over kept me until the computer system were merged then got rid of me. There last words when they let me know were to tell me what a "great lady" I was then hand me a cardboard box with my belongings. I've taken the test for state employment and done well, even had a couple of interviews but notice their look(say she looks like my mother) when I walk into the room for the interview. Then I can see I am out of the running before saying a word. After 40 plus years in the work world and 10 years in a management position what is happening to me and other senior is criminal!!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hang in there. Keep trying. I hope and pray you will find a great job again. You deserve it.

Margaret IT IS CRIMINAL AND NOBODY (meaning the politicians) CARES. Why isn't it illegal for businesses to ask what year we graduated from high school? Why don't companies get fined for discriminating against us? Why isn't there a quota system demanding that ten per cent of a company's employees must be senior citizens?

I can run a mile in 12 minutes and I am close to 70 years old. I can walk two miles in about 26 minutes..and I do it most every day. But I can't get a job because I am too old. I would gladly give back the tiny little Social Security check that I get; if I could get a 'real' job again.

RiversMelody profile image

RiversMelody 4 years ago from Oklahoma

Bill, I feel this link points out exactly what you are talking about in the discrimination factor. If you wish, be sure to read the comment from devonnoll. Yes, I agree with you 100 percent. Our chances may be slim to be hired, but to group together by community would be great and supercede the norm. Everyone here has skills and great life experiences to make these productive moves. Where there is a will there is a way! :) No one is ever too old to be creative and have useful information to share.


Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I read the link RiversMelody and applaud the author for a clear description of the age discrimination problem. She reaffirmed what I am saying, this problem is TOLERATED and nobody cares.

I was laid off from my job during cancer treatment in my mid fifties. I lost all my savings

(401K, CDs, savings accounts etc) during the time of four operations and radiation. I beat the cancer but was never able to beat the age discrimination. I never worked a real job again.

I have actually tried to start a senior friendly company. My business partner and I developed a product (Clear Bright n Shiny) that we make and sell. I managed to get it in the BJs stores' Roadshow program. Believe it or not, we had to shut the program down because we could not find people willing to work on a commssion basis. (We had no money to pay regular salaries and benefits). I ran help wanted ads and tried a dozen other things to get the company off the ground. I dreamed of a manufacturing and sales force consisting of nothing but silver hairs and baldies. Alas, I had to terminate the BJs Club part of the business. We now sell the product only in the summer at Cape Cod Flea Markets and on Ebay. In May we will start again to demo the product at the Flea Markets and again we will try to get other people interested in joining our group. I hope for great results this season.

Joe 4 years ago

This is not funny. I want a job and is proves that the older worker is not considered an asset to a company. I don't need a nap at mid day. I'm already working all day trying to find a job. Thanks a lot America you used me up and now shut me out. I'm sorry that the rest of you are all in a coma. Wake up you don't need to stop working unless you have abused yourself when you we young.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hey Joe. We feel your pain. Check back with us and tell us how you are doing. Good Luck.

Eva Burgess 4 years ago

Wish this wasn't so true.After 30years on the job I was terminated as well as most of the others with more than 25 yrs seniority.I have exhausted all funds unemployment retirement etc if not for my son I would be homeless.I would love to be a demonstrator but my back is so weak I can't stand for long periods but I could do receptionist work or phone but can't even get an interview

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Sorry to hear this sad news Eva. If there is a fairly good sized newspaper in your town, you could enquire about selling for them. Often they have telephone jobs, marketing subscriptions to the paper. They give you a script and they offer a really low price for new subscribers, so it is an EASY sell. This might be a good fit for you.

Check for telemarketing jobs. Read the classifieds and Craigslist. There are phone jobs that you could easily do, though I admit they are not always easy to find.

Good luck and check back with us and let us know when you find something that works for you.

abby 4 years ago

oh..funny ...where is the real job? Entrepreneurs over 60 have nothing to loose. Rise up and live!!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Some retired people over 60, who begin to yearn for their working days, take volunteer jobs. Satisfying as that may be, I wish they would instead turn their efforts into starting up real companies for senior citizens.

I hope I live long enough to see an employment sign that says, "Help Wanted - Must be over 60 to apply".

Gay 4 years ago

I worked for HP and Agilent Technologies for 31 years and they laid me off before I could get ss at 62. So it has been three years and still can't get a full time job. Lost my home and living out of suitcases. I am 60 so I want to be the first in line for your company. Spreckles opened a new store in Sunnyvale, ca and I went with my son. We were all outside in line for a quick interview. Well the young people like my son were told to go to this hotel for a second interview that day. I sat in the car and watched all the young people go into that hotel for there second interview. I thought I should drop dead because I can't support myself anymore. That is just one story since I was laid off in 2009.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello Gay. It's a sad, sad story that is happening every day. My situation was similar, I was laid off at age 57 in the middle of cancer treatments. I beat the cancer but was never able to get a real job again. I went through my 401K, savings, and CDs. By the time I hit 62 and began to collect a reduced Social Security, I was broke. NOBODY (in government) cares! Nobody (in government) wants to help us. For two straight years, we got no increase in Social Security even though heating and gas cost soared. We live in a wonderful country, but the U.S. should be ashamed of the way older workers are treated and thrown out like greasy rags.

SKI 4 years ago

I am appalled by the current situation for the "older" worker. I too was laid off in 10/2010 at 58 years old. My credentials are impeccable so I get more interviews then anyone I know, but as soon as they figure out how old I am I get the shut out. It is absolutely blowing my mind. Are we just supposed to lay down and die because we are "old"?

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Ski, sadly the answer is YES. We are supposed to lay down and die. We are supposed to take the Social Security "benefit" and shut up. Nobody wants to hear about it and nobody wants to help. I am nearing 70, walk two miles a day, and still want a 'real' job. Nobody will hire me. In my own way, I have been fighting for us for over 12 years. Starting a senior friendly company has been my dream for all that time. My efforts have met with limited success so far, but I continue to try.

On a federal level, what do you think about quotas? What if companies were forced to hire ten per cent old people? We are a minority. We are an oppressed minority. Apple, Ibm et al should be populated by at least ten per cent 'grays'!

RK 4 years ago

I just read all of this and am so glad to find truth being spelled out on the internet about what's happening in this country. To me, that's a start even if it started years ago. Bill you are a hero. Thank you for answering the posts. I'm going onto 66, professional with degrees, working till 39, then married, had a child, stayed at home, volunteering and part time work, hubby became an attorney succeeding, this was all to our life in America where I was then looking to refresh my career, when in 2008, he had a sudden fall resulting in a brain injury-his care now in a facility, 24/7. AND THEN the new Reality hit when I tried to get work. I believe we could turn this around but bit by bit...new ideas needed like you Bill and e.g. focus on local companies, like devonnoll's post, firm clever ideas...don't give up I say!...we seniors are so worth all the depth of life and knowledge we know, possess and have to share and being cherished, respected.

RSharing2Speak 4 years ago

I just read all of this and am so glad to find truth being spelled out on the internet about what's happening in this country. To me, that's a start even if it started years ago. Bill you are a hero and thank you for answering the posts. I'm going onto 66, professional with degrees, working till 39, then married, had a child, stayed at home plus volunteering and part time work, hubby became an attorney, we were succeeding, this was our life in America. Then I was looking to refresh my career and in 2008, hubby had a sudden fall resulting in a brain injury-cared now 24/7 in a facility. AND THEN the NEW Reality hit when I tried to get work. I believe we could turn this around but bit by bit in our own areas...new ideas needed like what you Bill have done but it hasn't been ez for you has it...so I wish you the best. If we start to focus buying and developing on a local level ala devonnoll's post, firm clever ideas...don't give up I say!...we seniors are so worth all the depth of life and knowledge we know, possess and have to share and being cherished, respected, keep seeking where it will be revered.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thankyou so much for the kind words and the encouragement. I am trying to make as much noise about this as I can. It's a shame that we have to talk about legislating our rights to a job - but we do! Most of the retired people I know, want to work but cannot get a real job. It's a national shame and disgrace.

Paul Kuehn profile image

Paul Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

Great hub! I think going over to Thailand to teach English as a foreign language was one of the best decisions I made after I retired from the government. I feel younger working with younger teachers and students, and people do value me for my life skills. The extra money also comes in handy. Maybe more people should consider working overseas in EFL teaching where the demand exceeds the supply.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for your great input Paul. Where should interested folks go for information and requirements? Did you speak several languages? How did you find out about the program?

Paul Kuehn profile image

Paul Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

Bill, they could begin by reading my most recent hub on Tips for Getting EFL jobs in Thailand. It's not necessary to speak several languages, but it would be beneficial to have a college degree. I have been working in TEFL most of my life with my start in Taiwan in the 1970s.

Phil L. 4 years ago

Unbelievable! I'm 60 and I know it's hard to get a job at my age but I had no idea it is so wide spread. Thanks for this site as it at least gave me a feeling of belonging. I play a little music on the weekend but my wife and I a struggling. Hire me when you get this business up and running, I' managed a shipping/receiving dept. until a year and a half ago...great site thanks again :-)

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks very much Phil for checking in. I hope those music gigs really start paying off. In the entertainment business it seems to be okay to get older. It's working for Stephen Tyler, the Stones and Beatles, Ringo and Paul. Best of luck to you.

Kathy-sks 4 years ago

Wow, you guys are singing my song. I was up until last month working 7days a week. I work security at a casino (they are always hiring) but the pay isn't great and I just quit working at an attorneys office. The pay was equal to the casino but the co-workers were from h*ll. I was tired of being the butt monkey so I quit. Now I'm trying to find another job that pays as much as both or at least another job. I may have to eat crow and go back to the law office which I would HATE. I have banking experience but banking is poor pay and I also have a commercial drivers license and drove a truck solo for 2 years. I've been trying to get back into that but they say they can't insure me. The pay is good but then again, 7 days a week. I never have a life. I'm 58 and people look at me like I am a disease. They don't say I'm too old but you can see the "look". I'm probably going to have to work till the day I die. I have less now than I have ever had in my life. This wasn't my plan for my life. I'd like to live with my daughter and her family but they have their life. It takes more than one income to live and unfortunately I have to earn both incomes! I'm tired. I've thought that if I could buy a big house and rent out rooms to other people in "my boat" and we could maybe make it. Sorta an elder commune! I live in Ardmore, OK, about an hour from Norman where RiversMelody lives. She is the suburb of Oklahoma City. There should be lots of extra jobs there but at our age it's hard to start over. I'm just plain TIRED and I feel like a fish out of water, just flopping around looking for a direction. I've tried to find a job on the internet, looked at home jobs, I even applied at wal-mart but I didn't pass their pre test. Apparently you have to answer extremely agree or extremely disagree to all the questions. There can't be any less than totally committed with them. I'm so broke I can't even pay attention. I feel worthless and like my presence isn't required in this world. This is a sad state for our nation. They have the ads for the throwaway kids, well we are the throwaway society of seniors!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Kathy, the situation is horrible. At 58, you are young enough to have many work years ahead of you. Don't lose faith. Your idea about renting out rooms is a great one. You don't even have to own the house. I have a friend who RENTS a four bedroom home. She asked her landlord if she could take in room mates and the landlord gave the okay. My friend now takes in over $400 a week from the renters! It's better than a job. Keep looking, you will find something good.

Kathy-sks 4 years ago

Thanks Bill. I don't know if I could even rent a big house at this point. I had to file bankruptcy late last year and my credit is zip. I'd have to have first and last months rent plus deposit for utilities, etc. I lost my house in the bankruptcy but I still have bills that equal to over $1300 a month and that doesn't even include food. I clear about $1200 a month. I feel like a total failure in life. I feel like my kids think I'm a loser even though they never say so. I have no very little retirement and if social security goes away then I guess I'll be homeless or like I said before, work till I drop dead. I guess we are better off than third world countries but I just really have a hard time accepting that this is my life now. Where are the promises of our predecessors? I've lost everything that I cared about, most of my belonging is in storage because the place I'm living in is so small. I used to love to work in the yard but with my tools in storage across town, it doesn't make it convenient and why fix up someone else's yard. (and who can afford to?) I want my life back! I've had a decent life but I just don't know what to do any more. I have no direction and I've filled out the job apps. but never get a reply and the stupid apps take over 1.5 hours to fill out. What was the line from the Sharshank Redemption movie...I'm up for rejection next week? At least in prison you get 3 meals a day and a place to sleep...but of course that isn't an option. I hate sending in resume's. I can nail a face to face interview but now day's you can't even get in the door. There has to be a better way. We need to have a national senior rally, complete with posters and a march. The one million senior march to protest the treatment of seniors in the workplace and in this country. We think we have come a long way but discrimination has many faces and age discrimination is HUGE!

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Kathy, try to find ways to reduce your expenses. Food is costly and there are quite a few ways to save. First, you probably will qualify for the SNAP program. Since your bills exceed your income, there's a good chance you can get up to $200 a month in food benefits. Secondly, check out the food pantries in your area. There's almost no paperwork and you get food the very day that you go in. The food is good and it is plentiful. Look online for a pantry near you. In Massachusetts, the best pantries are run by the Greater Boston Food Bank. The volunteers that run the pantries are usually retired people who are very friendly and understanding. You may also find that you can network with the people there and get some good leads and information on other services that are available. In the wintertime you can get help with your heating bill. You may qualify for a reduced rate from your electric company.

Consider going in with another person and renting a house. If there are two of you, you may be able to qualify for a bigger house, and then be able to rent out one or two rooms. Keep plugging and write back to us soon with some good news. Best of luck to you.

RiversMelody profile image

RiversMelody 4 years ago from Oklahoma

To Kathy, Hello fellow Oklahoman! I hear you loud and clear on the trying to get a job. I don't know if you would be interested, but there are young single mom's out there that DO have jobs, but little money. They get help from the state. If you call DHS and go through their program for childcare, they will pay you to take care of children. You can do this out of your home, and that cuts work expenses. Even just one child would help you, along with the other things Bill so kindly suggested. These children need loving homes and to be taken care of while their mom's work.

I have applied for so many jobs it would make your head swim. Even though I have a great work experience on my resume and had a very good paying job before my world totally ended, they won't hire me. Network, circulate, do not give up. I would love to give you my email address so we could chat, but truly don't want it public on here. Keep you chin up and don't give up. Never give up! You are not a failure. You are just going through a rough time. One simply has to get creative when the world says..... "NO"... I say let our creativity flow.

Stay strong!


Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for the great ideas Rivers. I hope Kathy follows up with you.

xizziz profile image

xizziz 4 years ago

LOL, I love this. I'm 59 and was the oldest in my shop, I did web development and telecom. I'm ready to give up the interview process as being in this field is a sin at my age. Just the sight of me is enough for them to tell me to leave (you can just tell LOL). Your article is exactly how I feel but I do intend to go into business for myself as we all should do this - set your mind to it and do it!!! Trust me you can! I can create websites, build computers, program an entire phone system and I'm still damned healthy and get around better than the fat young ones they still have working there. Once my business takes off, I will definitely hire older people as I think they are smarter and better employees. Keep up your great attitude!!! I enjoyed this :)

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for the great comment xiz. With your incredible Positive Mental Attitude, I have no doubt that YOU WILL SUCCEED. Keep pushing and please check back with us from time to time.

Steve 4 years ago

I love all the comments. It is to bad that they are mostly true. I was in auto parts sales up until 3 years ago and was fired. I wasn't one of the "good ole boys". I couldn't find a job and had to go on social security. I finally found a part time job with an auto parts company but no benefits. It is extremely hard to make it on ss. I wss getting unemployment also but that ran out. I am a veteran, and a diabetic. Can't get insurance but have some VA medical but they won't touch anything with diabetes. A full time job with benefits and I could get insurance after 90 days or so and they have to take me. Just like so many of the other comments nobody gives a damn about the senior citizen. We paid our dues and it doesn't mean a thing. I am glad there is a company out there that will hire seniors. Thanks so much.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks Steve.

A lot of people want us to just shut up and sit in our rocking chairs.

Retirement is a great thing for those that can afford it; but sadly, many seniors can't. They live in poverty or near poverty and are afraid to run the heat in cool weather or use too much electricity.

All we are saying is that we should get a fair chance at a job.

R N PANDIT 4 years ago

I am from India. You all have noted during elections etc the leaders become very touchy regardinf ethics and familyu bondages , treating the elders withrespect and care etc. Election of President in USA is close ,do rally to the president and senators etc to constitute a permanent body to continue to teach and inspire the citizens of the forgotten sense of ethics and humanity in society. The leaders ,now at this juncture cannot afford to ignore it and are likely to succumb to the idea and sanction a corpus with yearly increase to pull on this honest attempt. I being the original proponent deserve to be coopted forthwith with a pay of 67000 and a quarter to live as I am 67 now . I am serious pl confirm R N PANDIT /India

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

R N Pandit, thanks for checking in. I appreciate your comment and I hope you get your 67000. I have to agree that ethics and humanity seem to have been pushed asie by politicians.

Shelley 4 years ago

I love your site, Bill. LOL. And so true it hurts. I was laid off at 56, then separated after 27 years of marriage, then went through savings and 401K and now have two part time jobs that make under 20k a year. No full time jobs for anyone over 55 either in my area and now that I am 61 there are none. I will look for you two old guys at BJs. I love dogs too so it would be no problem working at your company. Here is an idea. Save the dog drool, bottle it and then sell it as a wrinkle remover. Dog drool really does work on wrinkles. Or maybe that's just the dogs who keep the wrinkles away. Anyhow, stay as cool as you are. Really enjoy your idea.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Shelly, thanks so much for checking in. I deeply appreciate the comment. If you get to Cape Cod this Summer, look for us at the CAPE COD INFLATABLE PARK and Dick & Ellie's Flea Market in South Dennis. We will be selling eyeglass cleaner and jewelry polish and demonstrating that Silver and Old is as good as gold!

Bryan (Australia) 4 years ago

Hahahaaaa!....Best laugh and best pages I have had for months, since being laid off (66) but not to worry...I can't find a job either soooo..I am going to create one for myself....going to open a van/stall at the markets, doing, Brunch and Homemade Ice cream along with a few accessories...my name "Brunch" by defyin retirement" .The following quote has kept me positive..."I am ageless, and I can train my body to work with me in achieving anything I conceive off in my mind. THeres nothing about my age that prohibits me from fulfilling my dreams. MY mind is free, and I can train it to do my bidding rather than acquiesing to an excuse pattern".. Dr Wayne Dwyer..

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Three Cheers to you Bryan!!! Creating your own job is one of the best things a senior citizen can do. You work as long and as hard as you wish and you get the rewards. Great work. Best of luck to you. I see SUCCESS in your future.

Old Joe 4 years ago

All I can say is wow ! - Use em and loose em ! - since I'm over 60 I believe I'm allowed to say that ......an yes ur right there are no jobs for older people only the ones you make yourself .so rack your brains guys and gals maybe you'll be able to hire disrespectful junior in your home bake or something business..

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for checking in and for your great comment. Keep on keepin' on.

Isabel 4 years ago

If there really is such a company that will only hire 60+ I certainly would love to be on the list. I am a "young" sixy year old person. Age is only a number. We should be hired for our capabilities.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi JoFrance. I loved reading your comment. You know you are 100 per cent right when you say it's all about selling yourself. I have sold dozens of products and services over the years and I found out that they are not really buying the product as much as they are connecting with the salesperson. I can tell from your comment that YOU WILL SUCCEED in whatever you decide to do.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello Isabel. Thank you very much for your comment. We seniors have to be realistic. I know, at the age of 69, that I cannot run out and get a construction job requiring heavy lifting. My skill sets are related to writing and speaking. I am beginning a hiatus from my regular gig demonstrating the world's finest jewelry polish & eyeglass cleaner. So I went on Craigslist to hunt for something new. I saw an advt. for a food demonstrator and I applied. I went to the interview and was hired on the spot at $14.00 per hour with a chance to earn considerably more. I got the job despite the fact that I am old and look it. I got it because they could see that I could do the job and do it well. As a young sixty year old, there are many opportunities for you. Food and product demonstrations are very easy for older people to obtain because they are usually part time and often do not offer benefits. Why then would a younger lady like yourself take such a job? The answer is because when you have a job, it's easy to get a job. You will make contacts and hear of even better positions. You may start out part time with a demo company and become one of their supervisors. Try to search Craigslist every day for jobs. You will soon find a good one. Watch out for the scams. Most of the work at home deals are fake. Most of the opportunities that require an investment are fakes. There are plenty of real jobs out there and I know you will find one.

gay Beach 4 years ago

I was laid off at 58 years old. Now I am 61 years old. Do you have a job for me? I have worked in Manufacturing, HR training, HR relocations. I have been a caregiver for seniors. I have a rounded skill set but I am 61 years old. I still need to work. I go to interviews and I am the oldest one there. Look around who is working? Not someone that is 61 years....Do you have a job for a 61 year old that is a true blond and I don't have to die my hair yet...

Honut Sinti 4 years ago

Looking at 60, still working, but there is the possibility of being laid off.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello gay Beach. You can get a job this very week - but it will not be in your field. I have written several pieces about 'Demonstrator' jobs. It sounds like you would be perfect for a product demonstrator. The job involves handing out samples of a retail product. All the big chains use demo people. You can work at Bjs wholesale Club, Costco, Walmart etc.

The pay ranges between 8 and 14 per hour to start and if you do well you can become a supervisor and make a lot of money. I took my own advice last week and searched Craigslist for a demo job. I got an interview and was hired on the spot for $14 an hour to start. I am a very average 69 year old. I also do not dye my hair - that's cause it fell out years ago. Listen gay Beach, if I can do it, anybody can. Check out my hubs on product demonstration and see if it is for you. You also can get a job in telemarketing. This is not for everyone but can pay well. I have also written articles on how to get involved in this sector of the job market; and it is one in which age does not matter. All that does count is, if you can sell. Please check back and let me know how you are doing.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Honut Sinti. Keep your guard up! They came for me when I was 57 and in the middle of my cancer treatments. By the time I got over radiation and got well again, I was 62 and nobody wanted me. Now I am 69 and have been involved in product demonstration and selling at fairs and flea markets for several years. I am not getting rich, but I have a job and am making money.

Thanks for the comment and best of luck.

BruceKee profile image

BruceKee 4 years ago from Lamesa, Texas

Bill, I typed in, "Jobs for people 60 and older" and I found your site and I got excited; however, it turned out to be another site for venting or sharing, which by-the-way is good, at least we know that we are not alone! Nevertheless, I can tell everyone that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or (TDCJ) is hiring all over the State for Correctional Officers and there is no age discriminating. The work isn't hard because the inmates do most of the work but it can be very stressful if you allow it to be, because you are mainly working with full grown adolescents. And many women have proven to be good officers, too! Texas has over a hundred prisons and West Texas needs several hundred more officers, most of which work four 12 hour shifts and off four days some are six and two because they are shorthanded. I think they are up to a $3000 sign on bonus now and you get health insurance for yourself free and vacation time, comp time, holiday time, sick time and a $500 bonus for everyone your're able to get hired on...so tell them Thomas Kee sent you, because after 6 1/2 years I slipped and fell at work and busted both knees , one ankle and my back and for six months I'm still going through the process of getting fixed up and I'm afraid that I might not be able to return if workmans comp doesn't hurry up and approve the procedures that I need before my time runs out! So I'm searching for something else just in case! My wife works on the General Population side and I work High Security side. I'm 61 and fat and she's younger and very cute and I have a degree in Robotics and she has a Masters in Phys-Ed and this is all we can get at our age but it pays a wage with benefits! But you women beware these inmates pride themselves on charming you. Shoot even when I bend over to pick something up I get a lot of whistles so as I can go home and tell mama, "Hey,baby I still got it!" :)

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thankyou for the comment BruceKee and for sharing your information with us. The article is a share as you say, or a pep talk for those of us over 60. I have also shared many job opportunities in my comments and in other articles. One job that many seniors can easily get is 'Product Demonstration'. This involves dispensing information and samples of various consumer goods in supermarkets and department stores. It is mostly part time work but many of the jobs pay well and the work is fun and easy. I recently took my own advice and signed on with a demo company that pays me $14.00 per hour, plus mileage, and commission. In my first 6 hour gig, after taxes, I cleared $75 from the hourly rate and another $10 in commissions for total of $85.

I can usually work between 2 and 3 demos per week - around $250 clear, for 18 hours work. Also the work is fun, indoors, and around pleasant people.

There are really only two requirements for demo work.

1. You have to be able to stand on your feet for six hours.

2. You have to enjoy talking with people and showing them samples of a product. I will be 70 on my next birthday and there are not too many jobs around that will treat me as well as this one.

BruceKee profile image

BruceKee 4 years ago from Lamesa, Texas

Bill, I thank you for your response you are indeed a man of honor! I am from a military family on both sides and we were all raised with disciplined work ethics; however, though my mind is clear and willing the body is unable to follow. I'm going through a lengthy healing process that will take longer than the company that I work for will allow and all I wanted was their health care plan and I needed two and a half years two secure that but it looks like I'll lose it. I have lost three pensions from being laid off and once again I will lose. I hate being of an expendable statistic... the working class... no matter how honorable it is! Once again, thank you for your response! May the Holy One bless you and yours!

Karen woods 4 years ago

I didn't see his company...my husband is 61 so if he pays a 75 year old 75,000 a year...that would be 61,000 for my husband but we'll make a deal..if he will put my husband to work we'll settle for 45,000-50,000. Not greedy just need money for groceries...we are down to nothing...and getting desperate.

Roseanna Dawn 4 years ago

I just love their excuses for not hiring me, "You are over-qualified" silly human resources if I was not willing to do the work I would not have applied for the job. It is so sad that good work ethics counts for nothing and the fact that I won't be calling in because the children are sick and no one will babysit is for naught as well. What a joke, oh well their loss I say.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Roseanna. I know exactly what you mean. When I took my most recent job, I also applied for quite a few others. When I gave an indication of my age (such as how many years experience or the year I graduated) I NEVER GOT A CALL. When they do not know my age, I quickly get a call.

Many years ago, after editing two newspapers, I was told by a young recruiter for a newspaper that they did not want to hire me because I had worked in the old days of 'hot' type. They thought I would not understand 'cold' type. I laughed at the stupidity of the recruiter....but I guess the joke was on me, because they did not hire me.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hey Karen Woods! Read the article and my other articles on 'Demo' jobs. If you can stand on your feet for six hours, smile, and tell people about a product or a service; then you can get a demonstrator's job. The pay ranges from $8 per hour and up. If you check out my comments, you will find that at age 70 (and a cancer survivor) I just landed a demo job that pays $14 per hour PLUS COMMISSIONS. You can do it too. Read all my articles, check the newspaper, and check Craigslist. You did not state your age...if you are in your sixties you are in luck. Demo companies love people your age. Best of luck to you. Email me if you cannot find any leads.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I get it Brucekee. God Bless you and I hope your health improves. I lost more than three years of my life to Vocal Cord Cancer. Four surgeries failed to stop the spread...finally radiation was used and it worked. During my cancer treatment , I was laid off and had to burn through all my savings and a good sized 401K. I had nothing coming in (no money at all) from the age of 57 until 62 when early retirement social security kicked in. By then my funds were gone and debt had overtaken me. I was never able to get a 'real' job again. Demo jobs have been a Godsend and a Lifeline for me. Now, I'll be 70 my next birthday and am in good health and willing to work five days a week if I were able to find someone who'd put me on full time.

BruceKee profile image

BruceKee 4 years ago from Lamesa, Texas

Don't you just wish that they would do the interview, using your resume, first before they have you fill-out an application? I can't even begin to count how many of those darn things I have filled out! They could save a forest worth of paperwork! :)

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Yes sir. Most of the time, filling out the app is a waste of time.

James , James Sr. 4 years ago

( sigh ) spent 45 years learning my craft ( heavy construction ) have taught engineers with all kinds of degrees how to do their jobs and now all i hear is " you're overqualified for the position we have open " . I wouldn't have refused all the foreman's positions if I didn't like my work , because I couldn't stand to see others working while my tools rusted . My job kept me physically fit and healthy but no-one wants a 65 yr. old const. worker no matter how fit he is/was . give me a call when you get your company started , I'll work for 1/3 the going rate !

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 4 years ago from Cape Cod Author

James Sr. you've got a hundred books worth of skills in your head and a googol (not google) of ideas that would help any firm. If they won't let you work on the jobsite anymore, turn the tables on them. Try to get related employment, such as a CoW job - Clerk of the Works. Your talents and experience would be a great fit for hundreds of clients in your area. Start researching upcoming projects, print some business cards and meet the clients. Good luck. At 65, you can carve a whole new career for yourself and at the same time, stick it in the face of the contractors who would not hire you as a laborer. Give your tools a new job, weekend work at home, and relax in your future role as the most important man on the job site.

ExoticHippieQueen 3 years ago

You're a funny guy, Bill. I definitely would want to work at your old people company. I really like the nap part. 30 minutes and you'll call me? Perfect. I'll bring my sleeping bag all rolled up, just stash it somewhere out of the way while I'm working very hard for you.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

I greatly appreciate the comment, ExoticHippieQueen. We really did try to get our All American Company off the ground. We made some progress but have not been able to realize our dream of actually making a big company that would hire exclusively older workers. My partner and I are young yet, only 69 & 70, so we've got plenty of time and maybe it will happen someday.

Steve M 3 years ago

I turned 60 yesterday and I am out of a new job after 2 weeks of training. I live in the Richmond, VA area. I love all that you and your company stand for. How can we hook up for an interview?

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Steve. Sorry your new job did not work out. Though this piece is intended to bring humor to a sad job situation for elder workers, I have written a few hubs that will provide you with some solid job leads. Many of the opportunities that I know about are part time. Often part time can lead to full time, so you might want to explore some of them. Best of luck.

Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Ahahaha! This was hilarious! I'm still chuckling. Young fogies. hahaha

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for laughing, EfficientAdmin and doublethanks for the comment.

Steve 3 years ago

I just lost my job in March. I just changed jobs after 14+ years with a company 31 miles from home. Gas is expensive to travel over 300 miles a week and oil changes every 10-12 weeks. I found another job closer to home ( 8 miles), more money, better benefits, faster growth and opportunities. I gave my notice at the other company and started my 2 week training. The very first day out of training, going solo, I was told I was not going to work out. It was just that blunt. I turned 60 on March 26, 2013. I am on unemployment and no company is getting back to me. My son graduates from college on Saturday and the bills will be coming in very soon. If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area, I want to talk to you. This is great a company that a cares about seniors. Seniors are willing to work.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Steve, that is a horror story. Sadly I have heard it before. I went through it myself thirteen years ago at age 57 and I never worked a 'real' job again.

My best recommendation for you is to check out how much you can earn in a part time job and still get your unemployment check. You can try a couple of part time gigs while collecting, and perhaps turn one into a full time situation after your unemployment compensation runs out.

Silverbac 3 years ago


Great site, just found your page as I was looking for jobs for old folks. I too have been down a rocky road as of late. Won’t go into the details but my experiences are very similar to lots of the other folks or your page. I will certainly look into as many of your suggestions for work as I can, thanks for that. Once I get my dentures, a long story related to cancer, I’ll be rolling out looking as hard as I can for work.

I would appreciate your advice concerning the real estate game. I’ve heard that real estate is picking up and now might be a good time to jump in. Passing the real estate exam is not a problem but I’m concerned once I do, no one will let me work in their office due to my age. I think my age would be an asset in that profession but I don’t know what they (real estate brokers) think. What's your thoughts on this? I’ll probably do it anyway, doesn’t cost that much and it’s just another tool.

Something else dawned on me while reading your page, for being such a large group, we sure don’t seem to have much pull in Washington, why is that? I think it’s simple, no organization. If we don’t speak with one voice, politicians don’t give a rat’s behind what we want. Kind of ironic when you realize a lot of them are us. If we started acting as a unit, we could make a world of difference in our collective lives. Everything from lobbying Washington to boycotting non-senior friendly businesses and many other actions as well would make things change. One person’s voice might not matter but millions of them do.

Bottom line, bemoaning the situation won’t do squat but we have the power, we can fix this. Let’s get together and do something. I read a post or two about volunteering and that’s great idea but why not volunteer to help ourselves? I’m game, who else is?

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hi Silverbac. Thanks for reading and for the inspiring comment. You are spot on. We have no organization fighting for us. AARP is a joke. They are about as much help as a bathing suit in a blizzard. We have had old Presidents, Reagan comes to mind, but they don't do anything for us because they don't live like we do. Living the rich life, they have no idea what we go through on a daily basis. As far as the Real Estate business is concerned, I am sure you will be able to hook on with a company. They won't pay you anything and you will have to wait many months before the first check comes in. If you are able to work under those conditions, you can make some good money.

Best of luck to you. Please stop back every once in a while and let us know how you are doing.

Paul S. Bainum 3 years ago

Its really bad out there. I could save a company many thousands of $$ but they won't even talk to me. I was a consultant for over 40 years and

just can't stand to see the waste out there in the Corporate world. I advertised in the Wall Street Journal, Journal of Commerce and Traffic World that I could process all loss and damage claims for $10.00 per claim. I advertised for 30 days and got 2 responses. What a joke. Hope they all go broke.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Paul. The situation is very sad for older workers. The young people don't help when they say we should just sit down in a chair and rock away the rest of our life.

Jay 3 years ago

Ever heard of "at will" employment. Everyone should look at their job like that. No one is owed a job. If you don't want an employee, fire them.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello Jay. The bottom line is of course, that you do serve at the will and whim of your employer. But what is your recourse if the boss fires you just because his (or her) whim is not liking gray haired employees? What if your boss does not like people named Jay? What if your boss does not like men employees and wants only women? (Such is the case where I live. One donut shop chain in the area will only hire women.....and even worse than that discrimination is the fact that they will only hire young, attractive women!!!!!!!!

Chuck today 3 years ago

What a waste!! All this experience out there and here we go. The planet workforce is going to hell fast . I was an airline pilot for 33 years;military fighter pilot before that and engineer in between. Now I get a contract NASA job every few months. Low pay. I have 2 retirements set up; but I'm also a pioneer and traveler. I live alone and have nothing to do. I work out in the morning and after lunch I'm bored At 51 I had to stop working due to a wrist injury 1 week before climbing Everest! I've sent out millions of resume's and never even a response. I'm a combat veteran and still no job prospects. My self-worth is declining quickly and I'm at a loss for what the hell to do. I am comfortable with a paid off house and car. I feel rich compared to alot of your stories. Still, worthless is worthless. What do I do now????

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Chuck, this is a sad, sad story. I am not a particularly smart individual, but I remember when we had a manufacturing economy instead of this 'service' economy and things were much better. There were more good paying jobs available and skill and experience were things you could measure and get paid for . Today, not so much. We have to start helping our manufacturers and start bringing jobs back from overseas. One thing that should be outlawed is the 'phonebots'; when we call a company, real people should be answering the phones. If all companies were to use real people at the phones, we could probably add a million jobs to the economy almost overnight.

Best of luck to you.

Honut Sinti 3 years ago

I posted about 8 months ago or so. Will turn 60 soon. Left my last job after over 5 years. Have been working the last 5 months as a consultant and getting sporadic projects here and there. The pay is actually quite good. Living off savings as well. Still interviewing for permanent full time work. Have a solid work history and in 42 years have only been unemployed less than a year total at different intervals. I am tech savy, a trainer, manager, and writer.

I went back to the university and finished my undergraduate degree in 2000 and graduate degree in 2010--all while working full time. Recruiters are impressed with my resume. I only go back to 1996 or 1980 on my resume depending on the situation. I am frequently told that my credentials are quite impressive (read "overqualified").

I have even worked with the compensation and made adjustments--although not to the sub-basement level of negotiations. I have also gotten to the 2nd and even 3rd round of some interviews where they asked me to profile references, writing samples, and complete a job application that requests high school graduation dates and all college education. They would tell me that they remain very impressed yet I don't land the job although I was offered a consulting project in one instance.

It takes a strong constitution to carry through all this.

I have to add this bit. I recently applied for about 5 positions and got 3 call backs. I had 2 telephone interviews for 2 jobs. They all went well. One of the interviewers let it slip that he is looking to hire the "perfect candidate". I said that was nice to know and I playfully added that I did not see "working magic" as part of the job description. Well he and the others on the call let a hoot and laughed so hard I could hear one person gasping. He said, that he "liked me.". I will see how it all goes moving forward. :D

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for commenting and sharing your story Honut Sinti. You sure impressed me. I think at 60, you will be okay. You have got about six or seven more years before it really gets tough. I turn 70 in a few months and I don't impress anybody. All they see is an old man. They don't know that inside, I still have the fire of a teenager. I will never work a real job again, though I want to. I get by doing "Product Sampling" and direct sales.

I can still draw a crowd at a trade show, flea market, wholesale club or any venue; and I can sell sand to desert rats but I can never get hired by a 'real' company.

Good luck to you.

agreedasnussy 3 years ago

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.


Evgenia Ioannou 2 years ago

Looking for a job online working at home. I live in Cyprus.

Evgenia Ioannou 2 years ago

I'm 65 years old female, looking for a job to work online at home. I live in Cyprus. My email address: e.ioan@hotmail.com

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 2 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Hello. Thanks for reading and commenting. I know little to nothing of Cyprus. As far as online jobs working at home, there may be some, but there are also scores of scams trying to snare would be workers. Be careful.

venod ghorrpade 2 years ago

Through my checkered career of 40 years, destiny had its own route chalked out for me and took me through many fields of learning. Every bit of the journey has been an eye opener. I have definitely done my best and earned enough appreciation from the management and my colleagues in every organization I had worked with.

I wish to work in the hospitality industry as a "Guest Services Manager/ Asst Front Office Manage/ Asst House keeping Exec/ Manager/ Trainer Accommodation Management" with your organization. I have handled Accommodation management at the Taj and ITC hotels in India, between 1974 and 1986, and have also taught, subjects relating to Front Office Management, House Keeping and English at the Administrative Management College,Bangalore. I have 12 years of experience in handling accommodation management in both the front office and housekeeping, and 27 years experience in various other fields.

I retired as an Asst.Prof, from the dept. of Hotel Management in Dec. 2010, and have been a free lancer, dabbing into many vocations, like teaching, painting and acting.

I would appreciate if some one would give me a chance to work for them and assure, that I am an honest, hard working and humble person, who does not mind entering once again at a mid management level, and growing with the organization.

I have not had the opportunity earlier, due to personal and financial considerations, to work out of India, and would like to take this opportunity to explore the world, before retiring. I have the energy levels of a 45 year old and would request you not to discount me for my age. I have always dream't of a holiday in the United States, with my wife, which I could never accomplish. I am willing to take up any job, for the next five years, just to earn me enough to travel with my wife, and see all the beautiful cities there, during my earned leave, if I get a decent job in USA.

Very few seniors, put their egos aside to start working once again at a mid management level. The truth is that they need the job, both to be occupied and for financial independence. But seldom big companies understand their requirement, and look for younger staff as a more viable alternative. I would request you to give us a fair chance too, and assure you, that we seniors are also trust worthy, hard working and reliable.The younger lot, have opportunities striking at every nook and corner, while most from our generations, did not have the best then, nor have we a fair chance now. I hope you would give me a personal interview, before rejecting my candidature, on the grounds of age!

You may check out my credentials by speaking to all my friends on Facebook too, and also to the list of references mentioned below.

On the remuneration and benefits front, I am willing to accept a decent package, as per the norms of the company.

I have not operated OPERA, but have worked on IDS, which works on similar program for Hotel operations and assure you that I would learn the ropes fast enough to teach others later!

Awaiting an positive reply and wishing you would consider my application, I remain,

yours truly,

Venod Ghorrpade.


1.Arun Nambiar: Retired Dean and Director, Dept. of Hotel Management, Administrative Management College. Bannergatta, Bangalore.

Contact no: 9036671961 email:arunnambiar502 @gmail.com

2.Rajeshkumar Sinha: Present Dean and Director, Dept of Hotel Management,

Administrative Management College. Bannergatta, Bangalore.

Contact no: 9845113400 email: rajsha_72@yahoo.com

3. Niranjan Khatri: General Manager Environment Initiatives. ITC Hotels.

Contact no: 9818115512 email: Niranjan.kharti@itchotels.in

4. R Srinivasan: Director Espiem Plasticss Limited

contact no: 9840819842. email id: aarsrinivasan@yahoo.com.

5. K.T.Prasad: Personnel Manager Hotel Banjara, Hyderabad (1986). Present position: Exec Vice President Corporate Human Resources with ITC group.

Contact No: 9848045587 email: prasad.kt@itc.in

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 2 years ago from Cape Cod Author

Good luck Venod. I wish you success.

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 21 months ago from sunny Florida

Just one question...where do I sign up??? You had me at naps!!!!!

Angels are on the way to you this morning ps

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 21 months ago from Cape Cod Author

Thanks for the great comment pstraubie48. I am just waiting for my ship to come in and then I will be able to start the company. So far all the craft arriving at my dock have been leaky dories but I know that big cruise ship is coming!

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