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The Amazing Water Clock
The Amazing Water Clock

Time management

Reminder for readers: Although the correct question has been presented or asked never assume that the result must be answered at that moment.

We all have challenges during our busy daily lives around technology and communicating more efficiently. We all have the ability to expand and condense time. The most traveled path is to increase speed or acquire newer, bigger and better devices, equipment or accessories that increase quantity via data. However, managing time and resources and that budget that should not exceed its limit is the challenge. One essential point of focus is to seek a quality agreement with your family, friends, co-workers, office or business partners on how they communicate best and with what device serves that purpose the best. It is a keep it simple approach to having a more fluid understanding when and how to send and receive messages. The challenge is finding those few seconds to ask, "What is the best way or form of communication that is best for you? After all, only that person knows what is best for them.

Organize the approach by visual, audio and data and then what device serves that goal the best. Then ask the receiver what way and form of communication reaches and connects to their response path the best. Proceed with returning or delivering the message (answer) efficiently and effectively with courtesy and exactness. This achieves a complete cycle.

The following hints are an opportunity to explore and rediscover some basics of effective communication. One good example that has worked for this writer is to include on a cover letter, of your resume, a request/suggestion to the potential employer a response path i.e.

  • email (computer not cell phone) for a continuing dialogue on details
  • telephone to set up an appointment; and offer to initiate a 3-way call interview from your telecommunication device (to save time and prevent phone tag for three people)
  • request a signed physical hard copy in the mail (as to return an original document proposal, especially if any intellectual property is involved) or to detail a decline or rejection.

Granted the results of these actions may not be the answer you were seeking; however the effort to organize your approach by matching the communication path (audio, visual and data) with device usage maintains focus and supports time management. For some this may be easy and obvious and others difficult and complicated, the result is the same. A good start is asking yourself why am I communicating with this person of the family, friends, co-workers, business partners.

Like the water clock that displays or produces an electronic display with various intensities, length of time, or even a pulse/phase display is a direct result of different content forms of liquids as its power source. Our action and reaction during the processing of messages from/ to other beings is a direct result of our inner power source generating and receiving signals through our given vessel senses. Surely, there are multiple examples that could be added to the following table to improve communication. Being actively aware that all communication paths require a detailed review, test and implementation can only increase your efficiency and effectiveness.


1) ex: in person = computer= to give power point presentation on the results of research data in a table format
1) ex: set up meetings = telecomm (voice)= allows person to check personal calendar
1) ex: ongoing dialogue = email (computer)=validates Q & A in writing
2) ex: send a short pix or flix=telecomm=asking family to rsvp about reunion
2) ex: before addressing=telecomm(voice)=acquiring name/position of hiring manager
2) ex: update of action plan can be seen by the team
Result: organizing a display of art, crafts ,photography, sculpture etc. requires the least amount of words
Result: flags the present mood, emotion, situation
Result: short text w/just the facts offers the least amount of emotion

Too many options?

Just because there are more and more options offered to choose from does not equate instant understanding of the purpose, action or result of our communication. Seriously, being a responsible consumer includes; purpose of technology, wise selection of technology, efficient usage of technology, proper care and maintenance of technology and recycling of technology, starts with keeping a healthy respect for knowing need versus want. Plan your communication path. Allow yourself valuable time to discover the best method of matching action usage with the telecommunication device.


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