Is hiring the smartest the best Option?

All organizations would benefit from hiring the smartest people they can get!


Not really!

The type of person an organization should hire depends on the nature of work.. A job may need a person with physical abilities or a person with mental abilities or both. For example, companies like Microsoft Inc, would emphasize more on mental strength (smartness) because they need people smart enough to develop efficient, effective and intelligent programs. And organizations such as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) need people with both mental and physical abilities. Therefore, they will look for physically and mentally tough people.

No two are equal in this world; everyone has his/her own set of strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses make one better in performing tasks and activities. I

t is up to the organizations to make sure that people use their physical and mental abilities to do their jobs well.

Is hiring the smartest the best option for a company? What is your opinion

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Wayne K. WIlkins profile image

Wayne K. WIlkins 5 years ago from Birmingham, England.

A bit short and not much detail. Also, errors! Be sure to proofread before submitting!

NNazir profile image

NNazir 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank you, Wayne K. WIlkins

Kindly identify the errors.

salamat 4 years ago

its depends on the nature of the organization.

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