House Sitting - A Trending Job Opportunity

The Rising Trend In HouseSitting

House sitting is becoming a trend these days. But what is house sitting? Just to give you a brief description house sitting is a job that allows you to stay and live with someone’s home for a period of time. This type of job is ideal for retired couples, young families, singles, writers and artists who are adventurous, fun and exciting yet trustworthy and professional. Most people desire to be a house sitter to live rent-free and be able to go to places they’ve never been before.

Artists and writers choose house sitting jobs because living in another home can give them the ambience or “mood” they need to allow them to practice their profession. Some people need temporary accommodation while moving from one house to another while others just simply enjoy the change in scenery. Some entrepreneurs considered it a sort of home based business that isn't exactly in their home. And of course, college students can save on the cost of room and board.

Reasons into getting this lucrative job vary in numerous ways and there is no “stereotype” for a house sitter.

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Important Aspects Of House Sitting

House sitters are expected to responsibly live in and look after the house of their contractor. It may include house cleaning, house security, taking care of pets, gardening, forwarding mails and phone messages. Sometimes it also involves unconventional jobs or whatever the homeowner and the sitter both agreed upon. 

Acquiring a house sitting job depends on many factors. Things like your date of availability, duration flexibility, location of choice, location flexibility, and the house sitters profile. These aspects can affect the decision of the homeowners when choosing the suitable house sitter for their homes.

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House Sitting And Terms Of Payment

Do you receive payment for house sitting? Well, that is all up to you and the homeowner. In most cases, both parties just agree to do a straight swap, where the sitter guards the house and pets in exchange of free lodging. Although there are times when a homeowner offers an amount of money for the house sitting job. They do this because of undesirable location, too short period of stay, or there are many obligations for the sitter. You must be reminded that everything is negotiable between yourselves and should be able to work something out for the welfare of both parties.

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freecampingaussie profile image

freecampingaussie 4 years ago from Southern Spain

We would like to do some housesitting in Canada/USA and Europe while away .I applied for a position in Canada with pets . She wrote back & wanted us to pay her to be in the house. I told her I usually charge to look after animals but would do it for free if we were staying in the house ! Not going to pay her to look after her animals .

House Sitter Jobs 3 years ago

I am ooking for a dog house sitter to stay at our home while we are on vacation

Please our site and let us know ASAP

Thank you!

House Sitter Jobs 3 years ago

Amazing tips for someone to become a house sitter.

House Sitter Jobs 3 years ago

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