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Which Way Should I Go?


Speaking About Business;

Sharing with you some feelings in which have affected my Family, Physically, Spiritually and Financially. The realization of changes that need to be made in area of my life :)

Today I am feeling a lowness of heart...have been struggling against the will of others for some time now with my picture of a successful business.

Have kept changing and trying to re-direct this business and I am seeing that even so, I have ended up with the same purpose. I realize some of the road blocks I have faced have not been always...other people as I thought, but the changing economy and spending habits of others.

My spouse and I have been in a tug of war about this business almost since I opened the physical store front ;( Allot of time and effort has been invested...and to just fold up and walk away does not seem to be an option for me. Trying to find the right balance and purpose to my life and how it applies to my business?

Pretty soon, it will be three years of trying to hang in there to provide what I think our local community needs. Yet at this point, have not made any profit to be able to pay myself anything, or my daughter. Understanding, this can not go on this way.

*Now, get a piece of paper out for yourself!
*Write down Your answers to the following questions :)

I Spent many months and hours asking myself these questions:

What do I need?
1st...that gives me energy and joy that fills my heart?
2nd...that fits within my Character?
3rd...that uses my Natural Abilities that can bring in Profit?
4th...that will use the least amount of time and make better use of my day?
5th...that is best for my daughter and my spouse?
6th...that is less stressful?
7th...that if, money wasn't an issue...what would I pursue?
8th...that if the 7th idea was established, what goals do I need to write down?

Number 7 is the number of Completion & 8 is the number of New Beginnings :)

Worn out, decided to close the doors right in the midst of tourist re-group, have a break and to re-open with a different purpose :) We have been told many times, if our business was in a more populated town, we would be busy and profitable.

So I have asked suggestions and advice from a number of successful business people and CEO type individuals. I thought on this hub, I would share with you a list of their comments in hopes they will be helpful to some who read this :)

Look at our area...who are your consumers or customer base?

What do the people in your area like to do! What do they need?

You need to put more of what your talents are inside...outside the building.

The focus should not be product; so much as it should be on what you are the draw.

How can you connect with schools in sharing your skills, which will in turn...bring them into your store.

You need your daughter (or someone) to be your manager, so you can focus on what you do.

You need to open longer hours and more days.

You should be open 12 hours a day 7 days a week? (Ugh ;()

What about a thrift may not like the thought of it, but they make good money.

You need to find something that appeals to the majority rather than the minority.

If you sell baked goods you need to open at 6am.

Have you thought about a Partner or a Sub-Leasing Space?

Root-Beer Floats, Smoothies, Snow Cones, Lemonade in the Summer.

Now Frozen Yogurt, no-ones doing that around here?

Classes...there is allot if old people here and they are sitting at home bored out of there minds wanting something to do and get out of the house :)

What you need is to look at all the different business in our area that have failed and not do that? Do a type business that is still open and continues to stay!

Food, people always want food.

Craft Mall, rent out spaces to crafters...and put in the contract they have to help.

Close your doors, just operate your business on-line from home.

I am sure there were more suggestions and people telling me what to do, than I mentioned. The bottom line is what, I/we want to do...not what others want us to do. In the end I/we have to be happy with what we do and be excited about our business, whatever it is:)

That is the benefit and freedom of the free enterprise not have to dread or be dragging yourself to work. I have spent my time on that many, many years (when I had my career). As allot of you have or are still doing. We have a choice, even if it is not possible at the time, we can set a goal and strive to change our course of life :)

I have found myself in this position at our store, where I was dragging myself out the door, kept cutting my hours and the days I was open. What does that tell you? It told me, after I had already been doing it...and it sunk in, what am I doing? It should not be this way...I had lost my excitement and enthusiasm because I was not making money. The goal was to enjoy my business and make money :) I should be excited about getting there, throwing open the doors and welcoming my customers in to share what I have to offer :)

How about you? Do you have a Business? Think about when you first opened? Are you as excited about what you do now as when you first opened? (Whether you have a store front or you work your business from home or afar?)

When it hit me...that I was not having any fun anymore, with what I was trying to offer the community. I realized how important it was for me to find that thing, I want to do that fulfills me in every way; Spiritually, Physically in Heart, and Financially <3

Why can't we have it all, the best of the 3 worlds of Entrapanuership :)

Note: With that said, I do also have to say...put the blinders on, when a non-profit status business is trying to compete with small business. It will just drain your energy and bring nothing but discouragement. We should be encouraging each other in spite of was small business that made our country and now big business and non profit want to squash the little persons...not right! Hang in there, reaching after your dreams, write down your goals, start moving forward each day...gaining ground to your new destination :)

Here are some other questions you need to ask yourself, when trying to figure out a balance between your Business, Social and Home Life:

How much time do I want to spend at or on my Business?

How much time do I want to spend at Home?

How much time do I need to be Social in and through my Business?

Then the question much of that time is Spent in Social Media verses One on One Customer Service....not to mention we all need some Social Life outside of Business :)

For me Personally I had to really think about spending time at home? I really did not have much desire to spend time at home...This is one of the reasons I had opened my storefront in the first place. Even though my dream since I was young was to be a Wife, Mother and a Homemaker who also worked on Art <3

I shared this with my sister in law, who had written out that very question for me to answer. Her response was, well you need to find what you need to change, that makes you want to spend more time at home?

As far as the Social Media World, we can always find someone else to help with that, pay or barter for more Social Advertisement :)

This writing is much longer than I anticipated, yet I hope it helps you or others in some fine tune your business and give you peace at heart in direction and goals <3 May G<3D Bestow; Many Blessings Upon You <3 Showers of Blessings :)

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heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 19 months ago from hub Author

You should post sone of your writings for sale in your book store...if you haven't thought of that already :)

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 19 months ago from Victoria, Australia

Thanks for an encouraging hub. I have a business selling my books. The problem is I'd much rather write than advertise! One day I'll get the balance right - maybe!

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