How Do you Start A Business?

That Might Probably Fail?

This business was operating about 10 years ago. That is how I found it. It is named "New Beginning Stables" I took my daughter there because her diagnosis is Austim. This place was able to give horseback riding lessons to children with disabilities. Several years ago, the county took away this kind of funding, from children with special needs. So, the stables went downhill.

However, before it went downhill, I started to help. I helped the children, and sort of became "one of the family" with the owners. The pictures you see here are pictures of what the stables were like before they went downhill. One the top right side is a little boy with problems walking. I was holding the horse when the picture was taken. The picture next to that is a picture of parents and their children. The next picture is the sign " New Beginnings Stables" The picture next to that is me with my daughter on my horse, whose name was Champ. The picture under those two pictures is a picture of a very sweet pony. She let kids put a hat on her head. The next picture is the way the stables look now. It is the inside of the stables. The picture after that is the inside of the arena.

When the funding ended, they started losing money. When they were losing money it was hard to repair things. People who had kept their horses there started to leave. People who took lesson there started to leave. So, the end was beginning.

The owner got sick and had surgery. I had epilepsy, and had surgery. About two months ago, I went to visit and started talking with the owner. He told me he wished he could start his business up again. Not a large business. Just a small one. Maybe one that could help children with special needs. Now he has no money, and the barn has many things that need to be repaired.

What could we do to start the business up again? Not just for special needs. But also for teaching regular lessons, and boarding horses. How could we ask for help? Could we go into business with someone that might also what to have this kind of business? Maybe like some else could own half the business and we could own half the business. How does that kind of thing happen?

Is there anyway this kind of business could start up again? Please let me know.

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the clean life profile image

the clean life 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Hi Michele, Yes it is a shame about the stables and the business. maybe if you start to ask around and see if any one would be interested in being partners and try to start it up again and explain to them what is meant to be for regarding the children. Hopefully it will touch the right ones heart and help you out and get it running again. I wish I could help, but have no money as many people don't that I know any way. I wish you all the luck in your quest of this business taking off again and get back to the old ways it used to be. Check positive and I am sure the right person you will find.

All the best !!


Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you Chuck, I will check the positive. Helping children with special needs is something I will always love. Thank you so much for your comment.

Drtruthman profile image

Drtruthman 5 years ago from Harlingen, Texas

Oh my sister Michele, you are one busy lady. A disabled woman with a disabled child and a desire to make something work. Oh how that must impress our Lord and and have others asking why? THIS CAN BE DONE because all things are possible with God. I will make this a SERIOUS matter of prayer and add to my FB Prayer page, re-post on my FB and google+ pages and share with a real animal and horse lover I know for her possible ideas, What a wonderful thing you are trying to do. Great Hub, I voted UP all across except funny because this is NO laughing manner. great job.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

Michele THIS IS awesome I am going to share it on my face book page maybe some one can help. God Bless you.


Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you so much Debora Brooks. God Bless You also.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you Dr. Truthman. All the prayers will help us. I do believe that. God Bless you.

Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

Ian Dabasori Hetr 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

I find this hubs inspiring. Voted up and SHARING it.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you for you comment, and thank you for SHARING I appreciate that very much.

dipless profile image

dipless 5 years ago from Manchester

I'm sorry to hear about the demise of the business. My first piece of advise is to sit down and think about exactly what you want from the business, it then needs to have a business plan written, remember even charity and NPO's need a way to make money, so this needs to be thought about and built into the business plan. If you are looking to open the business specifically to help children with special needs then he should certainly think about charity status. However he will then need to approach appropriate bodies to look for funding. It would also be worth taking the business plan to organisations dealing with children that you would be looking to supply the service for and seeing if they would be interested in using it. If all this comes together then this could be revived. You certainly could try and find a business partner and this may help with the financial side.

I wish you a lot of luck and I hope that it succeeds.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you dipless that is good advise. I will try to start doing that. If we could get some volunteers from churches to help us fix up the place a little bit, it would be easier to get more finacial partners. At least that is what I was thinking about what might be the starting point.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago

Michele , Your energy and compassion is as amazing as your recovery from epilepsy , something small can always become bigger . Boarding , volunteers, small endevors to bring even small amounts of dollars at any one time. One thing I see is nationally known horse trainers giving training seminars , anything for a group of listeners willing to pay even small fees for some kind of classes. Local schools can provide for families looking to have their children learn riding lessons.Good luck my dear!.......:-}Wish i lived near , I would volunteer!

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you ahorseback. you made a very nice comment, we do have a couple of volunteers. But, life is life. At least I am able to care for a horse now. It is nice.

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado


I owned a business for 25 years.that being said I wrote a thesis on how schools get funding for programs to help immigrant kids learn english. Your best option is to seek out local bussinesses for funding, spread the word around your ares that you live in. Its like why do bank robbers rob banks, because thats where the money is. You must constantly go after the businesses till they are tired of seeing your face. but have a plan. Adopt a horse for businesses , It is a tax write off for them any money towards your business. appeal to their sense of thier children. take the horses to super market parking lots and tell people what you want to do, and what you are trying to accomplish. But ask as many businesses as you can, not the small ones but the large and medium sized ones. the one's that have been ther in the community for a while , tell them this is good for the community, because it is. if you bother them enough you will see results.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you , that is a wonderful idea! I will probably wait until it is a little warmer to take the horse somewhere. But, I have a few volunteers to help fix up the inside, a little bit.

Thank you so much for that idea, it is fantastic!

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

the best person who will make anything happen is you!!!

If you show the passion that you have in order to accomplish your purpose you will succeed. The Lord will make it happen, Because you are doing his work, for such a beautiful cause. Take pictures of the stables and show them. go to businesses and ask for the managers, don't talk to the secretarys, you want the person who has the power to help you.

Like I said about the supermarkets, You will run into someone who will help you, the lord will bring them to you if you beleive.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thanks again, if you don't mind I am going to put this into my favorites list so I can read it over and over. This is going to help me a lot. I have been praying about this, and I do feel God is anwering my prays.

Thena 2 years ago

At last! Something clear I can undnestard. Thanks!

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