How Handy is Verizon Wireless (Verizonwireless)

New Xoom

Phone Before Verizon Wireless?

Do You Remember the Phone Before Verizon Wireless? The phone we had as kids had many handy features. By design it was too big to loose in a pocket or sofa cushion. In fact if you were blinded by a hangover, your search radius was comfortably small do to the tether of a phone cord. I was alive to witness the great advancement of a volume control on the ringer. Without this improvement the phone ringer was loud enough to wake the dead. One of the most handy features was the handy fit in your hand. This was achieved by separating the rotary dial feature from the speaker and microphone. You could call it a retro blue tooth technology. As with most retro tech it was simple plug and play, no sync or programing.

Bars on Your Verizon

Today, strength is only measured in bars on your Verizon. I recall when strength really meant strong and durable. Some of the unadvertised features the old school rotary phone had over our new Verizon wireless phone:

  • exclamation point (by slamming or banging the receiver)
  • grappling hook for action figures
  • home protection as a weapon!!!

Let's see any new Verizon wireless live up to those features.

Verizon vs. Old School
Verizon vs. Old School

Verizonwireless Value

The value of a phone started as a tool to communicate. Verizonwireless and all the others have now created a market for much more than a communication tool. It is now a highly prised distraction device. Verizonwireless is sucking the masses into a drooling montage of music, movies, youtube videos, gossip, and texting. Do I sound like a bitter old man? Then listen up, I am really an amateur techie and love all the new features. I want to take my libraries with me. I can do this with other tech toys, like video mp3 player or a PSP. The portable tablet market is blowing up. So, what is the value of having that wireless Verizon phone in your pocket? Starting with just the phone function. Is being in a constant connection by a personal device valuable?

For family emergencies, sure it is a great tool to have. My daughter called after school one day saying she was having trouble getting her friend on the bus. Plans had been made for days to have two of her friends come home with her and spend the night and go to a gingerbread party the next day. The school went nuts! They turned a few tweens into "statewide safety violators". I really wish I had a retro rotary phone for that call from the moron school representative would have heard some exclamation points. If, the schools are so concerned for our kids safety wouldn't they take the time to treat each child with some rational individuality? But, that is another hub altogether. 

Yea, having fast effective communication is valuable in our modern society. Our children don't learn the basics a few doors down and come home to work the family farm in the afternoon anymore. Crime of passion is no longer an excuse, so there are more surviving predators than ever in our history. albeit minor, there is some comfort in knowing (via your phones) were your children are.


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