How To Become A Successful Motivational Speaker

1. Get A Mentor

I am sure you are always seeing this phrase "Get a mentor", i am sorry but, there is nothing more crucial in any business sector than a mentor as well as in the way of becoming a successful motivational speaker. Person who's successful at what you want to do. A beneficial mentor is priceless. Therefore, once you find the right one, she is going to knock years off of your learning arc.

Be sure that your mentor is an individual who's experienced a upper-level of success in the industry. There are hundreds of broke, unsuccessful speakers who are able to turn the tables of misfortune and sheer ineptitude into a profitable ploy by preying on hapless souls looking to follow their instructions.

With a helpful mentor backing up you, the frustration, letdown, and confusion that accompany any endeavor are going to be much easier to carry on. In addition to, you are going to learn what NOT to do. There's nothing better than the learning things by experiencing. Even if they are faults.Also, a reputable mentor can allow you with a strong reference when you do not have one. This could be the difference between getting the gig or not.

2. Decide What To Really Say

How do you figure this out?

Speak about what you know the best, love the most, and something that someone, other than you, is interested in. Seems simple enough, right? Be careful- tons of speakers get this dead wrong. Here’s what to do, find an significant issue and show them how to fix it. People hate problems and they love simple solutions. Bring them easy solutions and they're always going to love you.

3. Formulate the Mindset of a Beneficial Entrepreneur

Do not forget, this is a business. Period. If you do not understand the business, you will not be successful. If you do not know what it takes to be a beneficial entrepreneur, you will not be successful. So, how do you learn the business? Read, read, read! There is nothing easier way to learn things by reading. Go head buy books read them, search on Google find helpful article, like this one:) and read them and so forth.

4. Formulate your selling skills.

Until your reputation is such that event planners have to have you because no one else is going to due, being able to sell yourself and your program going to be the difference between you getting the gig or some other speaker who agreed to do it cheaper. 
Or maybe it could be a speaker who came across as more energetic, experienced, and authoritative. Either way, it boils down to selling.
When you get on the phone with the event planner or decision maker she has to know your value and the benefits of having you address her audience. She has to know why no one else going to do and above all, she has to know that you going to make her look beneficial.

5. Wish To Have Good Speaking Ability

This is bonus step. You can forget about the previous step(not all of them of course), if you are very good at speaking, you should be very thankful. You have really gifted mind in terms of this business. Because, good speaking ability, have lots of value to your reputution, your cogency and whatso-ever.

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cathyherms19 6 years ago

good work.. great idea..

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