How To Become a Successful Club Promoter

Still trying to figure how to become a successful club promoter? While thousands of people across the world look for a spot in the business, few know where to start. Unfortunately, there's no college classes or special training courses on club promoting and to make matters worse, successful club promoters generally keep their secrets to themselves. After all, they don't want extra competition stepping on their turf. Thankfully, though, club promoting

The fact is that most people have a lot of misconceptions about the industry. It's oftentimes described as a job that pays you for partying. I certainly wish club promoting was this easy, but it's not. If you're interesting in learning more about how to become a club promoter, keep reading and I'll reveal just what it takes.

What Exactly Is a Club Promoter?

First and foremost, lets go over what exactly a club promoter is. If you intend on pursuing this industry, you'll probably want to educate yourself on their responsibilities. As the name suggests, a club promoter is a person or company who specializes in promoting a club or venue. Their primary goal is to bring in as many new people to the club as possible. After all, the more people who show up for a club, the more money the club will make.

Although a club promoter wants to bring as many people into the club as possible, they must also make sure that it's an acceptable male-female ratio. If you're experienced in the club scene, you might be aware of the unbalanced ratio seen at most nightclubs. You'll stroll up to a club and see 1 girl for every 4 guys. This type of ratio is fine if you're a girl, but guys will prefer a more balanced ratio. To accomplish this, try to some of your promotional efforts focusing on girls only. If you have some friends that are girls, start with them and try to connect with the general female demographic that would be interested in visiting the club.

How Much Does a Club Promoter Get Paid?

Lets face it, most people want to become a club promoter for the potential to make a lot of cash. With that said, it's important to realize that club promoters aren't guaranteed any amount of pay. In fact, many will walk away from jobs earning very little if they didn't spend the time to properly promote the club or gig.

So, just how much does a club promoter get paid? It all varies depending on how the specific club wants to pay their promoters. Some of them may offer you a flat rate per head, such as $5 for every person you're able to bring in on a certain night. For instance, if you bring 150 people in on that night, you'll pocket $750. Other clubs may give you a percentage of the total sales for the night, tickets and liquor included. As you can expect, this is where the real money is, as most clubs mark up their liquor by a whopping 150-200%.

Should I Become a Club Promoter?

Club promoting isn't a job for the feint of heart. The fact is that it's a lot harder than most individuals believe. Some of the skills necessary to become a club promoter include:

  • Confidence
  • Ability to talk to strangers
  • Knowledge of social media networking sites
  • Dress and carry yourself well
  • Ability to hand out flyers to strangers on the street
  • Have a basic understanding of what people attend clubs
  • Not afraid to sell yourself to club owners
  • Own a cell phone
  • Most importantly, you must love the club scene

Where To Start Club Promoting

After you've decided that club promoting is a business you would like to pursue, you'll need to find clubs that are willing to offer you work. I know what you're thinking - how in the world am I supposed to get clubs to hire me as a promoter if I don't already have experience? This is definitely a struggle that many newcomers to the business face, but there are ways around it.

The best way to find a club willing to offer you work is to spend some time there on busy nights. Just dress up like you normally do when you go out partying and have some fun. I know this doesn't seem like a traditional method to start a business, but the connections you'll make during your time at the club will be essential to your success.

After a while of visiting and spending time at the club, ask to speak with the manager on a non-busy evening. Hopefully you know their first name by now and can spark up a conversation easily. Don't ask whether the club needs a promoter, but rather explain to the owner how you can help bring in significantly more people willing to spend money in their club. If everything goes your way, the owner will offer you a basic promoting job to "test" you out. Chances are that if you bring in a lot of new guests on your first gig, they'll continue hiring you in the future, allowing you to have a stable income doing what you love to do - club promoting.

Talking to the club owners is likely an area where many beginners will fall short. The trick is to remain confident when telling the club owner how much you could help their business. As long as they believe that YOU are the person who can bring the most customers to their club, they'll hire you.

Club Promoting Methods

After you've picked up a club promoting gig, you'll need to start spreading the word about the club. Don't just assume that you can slack off until the day of the event. If you intend on really making money from your efforts, get started as early as possible. This alone will set you miles in front of other promoters out there.

Here are some of the most effective methods of club promoting:

  • SMS test messages
  • Email messages
  • Hand out flyers in strategic locations (target potential club demographic)
  • Send out Tweets
  • Make Facebook status updates
  • Make friends with potential clubbers and tell them about the event
  • Use your noggin' to think of other ways!

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