How To Calm an Upset Client

How To Calm an Upset Client

Clients expect service and each client has a different version or idea of what service is.

It is unavoidable that you will be able to please everyone all of the time. Sooner or later you will have to know how to calm an upset client because it is part of being in business. To help you I thought I would share some of the knowledge that I developed in my Management Career be it in Customer Service or Business to Business Relationship Building.

Establish from the beginning what the client expects of you

 Establish from the beginning what the client expects of you by never making promises that you cannot deliver on.

When you are meeting with the client for the first time, make sure that the call is all about them. While you are discussing the business that you will doing with the client simply work in to your presentation what types of service you offer as a Benefit.

By establishing the level of service at the beginning your client will have a clear understanding of what he/she can expect from your company.

THANK YOU for the complaint

Remember that Word of Mouth (WOM) spreads quickly and you want your client to be a walking talking advertisment for your company.

You want to express to the client that you are available to make sure that if there is ever a question of services they can contact you.

You want your clients to complain. Yes, really.

Complaints give you the opportunities to make a difference and improve not just your service but your company as a whole.

Take the complaint as an opportunity to improve and knock the clients socks off by immediately THANKING them for bringing it to your attention. (This always makes them feel important and that would be true) a thank you for a complaint will instantly change their tone and attitude about your company.

A client who complains actually finds value in what you have to offer. A client who complains is Passionate about your service so be flattered!

The first person that you need to understand is yourself.

The first person that you need to understand is yourself.

You may not be aware that your body language or facial expression sends a message that says "I'm right your wrong just pay me" not exactly the right image to send out.

You can practice by making sure that a mirror is present near the phone where you take client calls. Stick on on your computer it doesnt have to be big to be effective. Hang one across from the counter if its a retail environment.

Pay attention to your posture, words and your smile. Sometimes, a smile isn't appropiate especially if the client is upset. That is when you should be attetive and listening and your body language should indicate that. Lean in a bit, (not a lot) make sure that they know you are listening, make eye contact and if you want to take notes do it. Clients like to know that you are handling it.

You are really going to have an impact on this client

By taking the time to care about complaints and even be thankful for them you are really going to have an impact on this client. Don't be surprised if he talks to three or four other Business people about you after he/she leaves.

"You know Bob at XYZ Co?, I had an issue with his product and when I contacted him I was going to give him a royal chewing. I did too. I was really upset about it. Bob thanked me for bringing it to his attention. Yeh, he thanked me! I wish my wife thanked me when I complain about her cooking. That Bob is an alright kind of guy. Turns out Bob's product had a little glitch he didn't know about till I contacted him and he just dropped off a new one and picked up the old one. I mean that was excellent service."

Your client gave you a massive amount of Free advertising

What just happened is your client gave you a massive amount of Free advertising to his Business Contacts. People listen to others and will remember what he said about you. That will come back to you when the time is right.

Summary: Clients have an idea of what they think service should be. Be clear at the beginning about what service you provide and when they do have a complaint- say Thank You. Listen and be effective at fixing what they need. They will tell their friends.

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