How To Do An Email Link In HTML

Email Link In HTML

Email links in HTML need to be formatted in the correct HTML format to work properly, meaning that when someone clicks on it, you are able to email them directly, email links are quite similar to actual text links, but they are slightly different in the way they are created.

In the code module below you will notice that there is a line of code that will include your emailĀ  after where it says mailto , so just do your email HTML links like this and also were there is a space after the email you can put any text you wish in this field, I would recommend you write some good keyword targeted anchor link as this is what will get clicked.

But do bear in mind that putting your email which will be visible on your site is a bad idea as it will be more susceptible for spam and you may get stung with emails for Viagra and other quite horrible spam email messages, such as rolex watches and other stuff asking for your bank details.

For a text link, all you really do is change a few elements of the HTML link below and you would change it to....

<a href="">Your keywords</a>

and you can bold your text link if you want by putting a <b> tag at the beginning of your text link and a closing </b> right at the end.

The basics of HTML are useful to learn and I highly recommend you do so, because if you have your own website or blog and you need to format some text links or add some pictures or photos, then you can format them correctly.

Email Links In Html

How to do a html email link.    Image source -
How to do a html email link. Image source -

Email html Code

<a href="mailto:youremailaddress">Email Me</a> 

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efab profile image

efab 6 years ago from UK

Useful information - great hub ;-)

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author


Got more on the way!

Jen's Solitude profile image

Jen's Solitude 6 years ago from Delaware

Great info, on basic HTML coding. I will have to stop hopping and check out your profile page. ;-)

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks Jen!

Will check out your profile too, because I read your feaured spot on the hubpages weekly newsletter and you sound like a very interesting and opinion minded individual, so I'll be checking out some of your hubs too!

Cheers now!

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