How To Do Email Marketing

How To Do Email Marketing

To do email marketing, you have to set up an idea of communicating your business to your targeted audience and it's a very popular way of marketing to them, effective email marketing relies heavily on knowing your audience and customers and providing to your existing customers exactly what they want.

However, email marketing does require you to plan the way that you present yourself to others and provide a usefulness that others do not or will not find elsewhere, you have to position yourself as a market leader which effectively is an expert in your field and provide content that your subscribers will find useful and enjoy

The ability of marketing through email is very personal indeed and can impact your conversion rates significantly if you do it right, there are various online discussions in forums and other blogs about email marketing and I highly recommend you check them out by doing the classic search on Google first and with the personal touch, you can also ask for good feedback from your subscribers to find out what they really want to find out, even a around 100 subscribers can give you an idea on what products to create or help that you could offer.

The affordability factor comes into play with email marketing, because you could set up an account on Aweber for just under $20 a month to get you started, although if you go over 500 subscribers, then you do have to pay more, but always look for alternatives if possible, but I do use Aweber because it's more reliable than other autoresponders out there, and the term auto responders is just a way for your to communicate to your email subscribers through targeted email messages or a newsletter.

Aweber makes it really easy though, and you can set your email messages to be sent to your subscribers days apart if you wish or every other day, its up to you, just remember these rules for writing email messages to your list:

  • Don't spam
  • Always make your email sign up double opt in
  • Think about your email headings (entice your readers to open them!)
  • Don't over promote products
  • Provide value
  • Answer peoples questions
  • Give regular updates
  • Make yourself contactable

There may be more, but the above are the general ones to aim for. All that has to be considered is are yo yourself going to write your email content or are you going to get a freelance writer to help you out, the first one will only cost you your time, whereas the last one will cost you some of your marketing budget, so always plan this out well in advance.

Additionally, your sign up page, which is often called a squeeze page, may need some graphics to help it look attractive, so that people may subscribe, you could do these yourself or hire someone, again just make sure to factor in any costs and try and off set it as a business expense, so keep any email invoices or receipts as proof of payment for your tax month calculations.

Spam used to be very much a problem and still is to some extent, but since there was a spam act enforced sometime ago there has been a reduction in the amount of spam, although some people do spam still alot, the spam will result in you losing your Internet connection if it is found that you have been a very naughty spammer as your Internet service provider will be notified.

Get to know certain words and phrases that could potentially be labelled as spam and refrain from using them if possible in your emails, because going to the trouble of writing excellent emails and then they are dumped into the recipents trash folder, even when they aren't spam is just so frustrating as it's happened to me on my small lists.

Always strive to build up your email promotions, but balance them well with good valuable information that is not only relevant, but useful, so that others may subscribe, maybe you might offer a free ebook or PDF report as your reason for getting others to sign up, just try and be as creative as you can, to get more subscribers, just never be deceptive or spam anyone and you could have a successful marketing method on your hands.

Somewhere within your email series, you should have some direct calls to action, as it is about providing value and sometimes free information, but the general meat of your offer should be your own product or service that others might pay for if you write your emails in such a way that doesn't appear overly promotional or pure hype.



Effective Email Marketing - How To Do Email Marketing 2 comments

trose 6 years ago

Wow! This is very good advice here. I use Get Response for my auto responder. I've never tried Aweber. Anyways, you really know your stuff with email marketing. Great hub!

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks there trose!

Yes, the Get Response is the other one that other top marketers go on about as being a good one to rival Aweber, but I think either are good autoresponders to try out email marketing within your chosen niche.

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