How To Double Your Profit On eBay

Many people who sell on eBay will always complain that they are not making enough money and its not worth the effort. On top of that most of their earnings are taken away by eBay as there is listing and other fees to pay. After taking away the listing and paypal fee they are only left with very little profit. Now I understand their frustration over this but these sellers are what I call not very SMART sellers.

Off course there are money to be made on eBay, but to do this you have to be SMART and use selling strategies in order to gain profit from your eBay sale and when I say profit I mean double profit.

What do I mean by double profit?

When I say double profit I mean earning twice as much of your original investment. So say you purchased an item for £5.00 and you sell it for £15, here you have doubled your profit taking away your original investment of £5 you are left with a profit of £10. Sometimes if you be very smart you can even earn more than double.

SMART Strategies

There are many strategies I use to double my profit and here are few:

Buy an item for £1 and sell for more

You can find items for a pound in many places such as flea markets, car boot sale, charity shops, second hand shops, pound shops, etc. These items can be sold on eBay for up to £15.00.  Here are list of items that can be purchased for £1 from the places I have mentioned above:

  • Electric charges and cables(laptop chargers, mobile phone chargers, printer cable, etc)
  • Video game accessories (controllers, cable and leads, cases, mains, etc)
  • Video games and DVDs
  • Hand held games
  • Board games (scrabble, monopoly, cluedo, etc).
  • Mobile Phone accessories (covers, cases, chargers, etc).

Here are some examples of items I sold:

Bought this HP charger for £1 and sold it on eBay for £11.99.  Now that's a profit more than double.

An Original 16K RAM PACK For The SINCLAIR ZX80/81 Computer bought it from a flea market for £1 and sold it for £12.99.  Again 11 time more than what I paid for and a great profit.

Buy a unique or collectible item and sell it for more

Go out and find an unique or collectible item which can give a big return. This way you can earn a big profit in very short time. You don't need to list hundreds of items to see some profit coming in. All you need to do is sell few a week and get a good return. The only effort you need to make is invest your time to find a good item. Here are example of two such items I sold:

This bronze boat propeller which I paid £4 for and then listed it on eBay and sold it to someone in America for £24.98. He also paid an additional postage fee of £19.99 to grab hold of it. When I researched on eBay I found very few similar items on the site and this was the reason why it sold at that price, not bad for £4 investment.

The above auction was for a Philips 720 cassette transcriber which I paid £8. I listed it for £99.00 and it sold within days. It was brand new and packed and the retail value of the item is between £149 to £249.

Sell at fixed price

Some items are not that popular on eBay and may not do well if you list them as auction.  In this case its better to list them at fixed price and let the auction run for 30 days.  When you list them at fixed price you can then put a price on which will give you a good return and in this way you will know for sure that you -will not loose any money if the item is sold.

Buy Job Lot and then sell individually

Buying items in job lot or in pallets and then selling them individually can give you a good return on your investment. All you have to do is make sure the lots or pallets you buy contains good working items which will sell without any problem. There are many wholesalers and auction houses which sells items in pallets and job lots, you just need to find out where they are and what sort of items they sell. Items such as consumer electronics, computer hardware, toys, video games and books are very popular. If you can get hold of a good pallet then you can easily double your investment without any problem.

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