How To Get More Squidlikes For Your Squidoo Lenses

We are assuming that you know what Squidoo is. If you don't, you can click here and register on the site, browse around a little bit and come back here to finish reading this article. In the simplest of terms, a Squidlike is a digital vote. It's very similar to a Facebook “like”. When you Squidlike a Squidoo lens, you are saying you liked it or you found it useful/helpful. It's but a vote by people approving of the quality of your content.

Why Squidlikes are important

Why Squidlikes are important. If you want more success with Squidoo, getting lots of Squidlikes will be a huge help. There's a reason why those Squidlike buttons are there. Same reason why there are Facebook like buttons or tweet buttons in most of today's websites and blogs. More Squidlikes means more views for your lenses. It's as simple as that. It means more exposure for your pages.

How to increase the number of Squidlikes for your lenses.

1. Create good content. This is the best way to get more love from your fellow lensmasters. The higher the quality of your lenses are, the more lensmasters will be convinced to give you a Squidlike. Always remember that only registered Squidoo users will be able to give you a Squidlike. You cannot summon your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to start liking your lenses. Squidlikes can only come from fellow lensmasters. That said, you have to really improve the quality of your lenses to have them impressed and ultimately click on the Squidlike button.

2. Make use of the THUMBS UP module. You can place this module anywhere on your lens but it's best that you place it at the end of the page (right after the main content of the lens). For best results, place it right before the comments section. Don't ever place the module above the main content of your lens as it will make you look desperate for likes.

3. Squidlike lenses by other lensmasters. This is a quick and easy way to attract more likes for your own lenses. The benefits of this is actually two-fold. If you Squidlike a lens, you earn points and when somebody Squidlike your lenses, you also earn points. Although these points can't be converted to something monetary in nature, they will help you level up on Squidoo and gain access to more features and other perks. Anyway, if you Squidlike other people's lenses, they will be notified that somebody liked their lenses. To reciprocate the gesture, they will also visit your lenses and like them back.

Paying attention to these three simple tips will help you get more Squidlikes for your lenses. Implementing these tips won't take so much of your time.

If you are not a registered member of Squidoo yet, you can click here to register right away. Using the site is free so you have nothing to lose. It's one of the best revenue-sharing websites today. Seth Godin, a well-known marketer is actually a co-founder of the site.

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