How To Make $100 A Day From Ebay


From Teenagers to Granny's are making thousands a year from selling on Ebay. Did they have thousands of dollars start up capital? Do they Have large warehouse's full of stock? do they have people working for them? No, They Don't. They all work from the comfort of their homes and only deal with emails. They never have to ever touch a product.

You're thinking this is to good to be true. Well you can make $100 a day on Ebay with dropshipping. This is why anyone who has a laptop and internet connection can make money online everyday from their home.

You can and people do, make a six figure income by dropshipping on ebay. With new dropship companies starting up, the choice of products to sell is huge. Fancy selling brand new mobile phones? MP3 Players? Clothing? Kids Toys? Well dropshipping gives anyone with a computer and an ebay account to make a serious income from home. Dropshipping has been around for decades but in the last 10 years, Dropshipping has turned into one of the easiest ways to make money online, thanks to the internet and sites like, Ebay and Amazon and more recently, as it has become a lot easier and a lot cheaper, dropshipping via your own website. There are dropshipping companies out there that will even set you up with your own website when you join their company! So you could not only be selling dropship products on ebay but you could also have your own website too all in the same day!

Dropshipping has been around for a good while now, starting out with people using mail order, putting ads in to magazines and newspapers. You would send a cheque to the address in the ad and then you'd get your goods posted to you, the person you sent the cheque to may never have even touched the product.

Then Ebay came along and people realised they could use dropshipping to make money. Lots of it. The method works the same, you place an ad on ebay, the buyer pays you and you then pay for the product at your discounted rate from the dropship company and they post it out to the buyer for you in blank packaging so it looks like it came from you.

If you already have an ebay account and have done a bit of selling already then you are definitely ready to become a dropshipper and make money from home, this business suits anyone, because it is all done through your computer you don't even need to get up from your computer when you've sold something.

So how do you get started Dropshipping?

You first need an outlet, a place you can sell your items. Ebay is the easiest and quickest way to get selling, so you'll need a sellers account. You'll then need to find dropshippers, once you have, have a look to see what they are offering ( some won't until you sign up ) and determine whether you feel you can make a profit from them. Once you've found one you like, do a little research on the company and see if they have a good reputation. If they have great sign up and start selling!

Finding a reputable dropshipper & finding dropshippers in general isn't that easy, a lot of them don't spend a great deal of time making sure their websites appear at the top of Google, which is a bad thing when trying to find them but a good thing also because your customers won't be able to find them easily either. They want repeat business not just someone signing up to buy one thing for themselves at the discount price and then never coming back. So dropshippers have to balance between a fine line on how much they market themselves.

Some dropshippers are free to join and some you have to pay to join it makes no difference whether you have to pay or not, as to whether or not they are genuine. The best dropshippers can be found in both the FREE and Paid catergories. So don't be put off by a memebership fee, this also stops joe publice from viewing the dropship prices easily too.

Now what can you dropship? Pretty much anything! As dropshipping has seriously increased over the past 5 years or so, many wholesalers have now added it their company services. Their many new companies setting up just to be dropshippers. It's a multi millionpound business to be in.

You can dropship, designer clothing, mobile phones, toys, electrical goods, mp3 player, computer consoles. You think it, someone offers to dropship it. There are dropshippers all over the world.

Now some advice.

Always research a dropship company you have found, now this might sound boring but it could save your wallet, it will also introduce you to some new sites about dropshipping ( trust me ).

China offers the cheapest products out there, but think long and hard about using one. Their delivery times wont be next day or the day after for that matter from when you place your order, some take up to 2 weeks before your customer will get their item. Remember your buyer thinks they're buying it from you, if it takes 2weeks to get to them they're not going to be happy unless you made it clear in the description your delivery times. Customs Fee's as your importing goods customs can slap dutie charges on the items and the person that will foot the bill is your buyer when they receive it at the door. Not all items will incur import duties but some may, so you'll need to research this area properly. If an item is broken when your customer receives and wants to send it back, you can't say send it back to china, they're going to have to send it back to you and then you'll have to send it back to your chinese supplier. This is a lengthy process. You'll have to take these orders as a loss and just refund them or send them out another if you want to keep a good reputation. Due to how far your items will have to travel theres a possibilty that they will go missing which will be another loss to you. If your item is designer and comes from china, its fake, this is just a no go area.

So are the only dropshippers in China? No way! They are all over the world, UK, America, Europe. I spoke about Chinese dropshippers first because they will probably the first your come across if you slap a "dropshippers" search in Google.

Now searching for them online. Due to the nature of dropshipping it is very succeptable to scams and illegitamte companies dominating the search engines. So when you do find one, don't click on the site, type the company back into google and you will then see reviews on forums. If you do this you may find a website that will help you tremendously in your search for legitiamt dropshippers.

Also because dropshippers are hard to find a lot of people won't share them with other people and rightly so. If you find a company that doesn't have that many memebers and will result in better sales for you why would you want to tell the world about it and increase your competition? So you should always be actively finding new drosphippers there new ones appearing all the time.

If this seems like too much work then you need to read this . You'll find out another method on how people were making a lot more than $100 a day on eBay. It's so simple!

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Nicky Page profile image

Nicky Page 6 years ago from Indiana

Great hub with very useful eBay and dropshipping information.

JP993 profile image

JP993 5 years ago from England Author

Thanks Nicky,

Dropshipping is a great way to earn an extra or even full time income. I wish I knew about it when I started ebaying 7 years ago.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Useful tip - I think you deserve 5% of what I make on Ebay. :)

JP993 profile image

JP993 5 years ago from England Author

Deal! ;). Make your cheques payable to........

lasker profile image

lasker 5 years ago from Dhaka

Nice tips to make real money on ebay.

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 4 years ago from Berkshire, UK

I've looked into drop shipping - at the pros and cons. I decided to start out with small items to try and sell on the bay first. I like the idea of drop shipping - having a room full of stock in my house is less than appealing!

It shall be considered again - if I actually have any success!

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Start Small think big. Dropshipping can help increase views to your eBay store as you could sell some very desireble items without having to stock them upfront. Buying wholesale will always be better as the margins are better. There's always the method of do what someone else is doing and do it better.

antitransivityhub 4 years ago from London

Really like your articles

Lizam1 profile image

Lizam1 3 years ago from Victoria BC

Still not at all clear as to what dropshipping is! Do tell please and thank you

JP993 profile image

JP993 3 years ago from England Author

Dropshipping is where you act as a go between for wholesalers willing to dropship. Dropshippers are like wholesalers although, dropshippers will sell individual items and post them direct to the buyer.

So you advertise the dropshippers merchandise at a price you want then when a customer buys that product you then purchase it from the dropshipper who then delivers it to the customer who bought from you. You keep the profit inbetween. It's how mail order works or worked ( some probably don't remember mail order) .

OrangeHorse 3 years ago

Great guide, really helpful, except that you may want to spell and 'grammar' check your blog posts before you post them. My god man, I have read some pretty bad posts before, and this one (including the rest in your series) is up there. Honestly, open up Word, go into proofing, and make sure that both "spell-check" and "grammar proofing" are enabled. This way you do not sound as if you only have the equivalent of a high-school education, that went south.

Lizam1 profile image

Lizam1 3 years ago from Victoria BC

OrangeHorse do you mean my god man (should be spelt with a capital G) or my good man - just saying as you are pointing out someone else's "grammaticals" here.

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