7 WaysTo Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity

Direct Sales Tips and Tweaks for your Business

DOVE Chocolate Discoveries is a direct sales company based in Mt. Arlington NJ. It is a division of Dove, which is owned by Mars. Of course, Mars is well known as the makers of Snickers and M&M's. As of April, 2009 there are less than 1200 :"Dove Chocolatiers" in the country...and some states have less than 10 people in business. I joined the company in late August, 2008 and kicked off my business on September 5th.

Obviously, since this is a direct sales company you have got to get in front of people! And with Dove, getting the attention of people is very easy since almost everyone loves Chocolate! I started my business off by having 2 open houses in my home for my friends. From those open houses I was able to book six parties and the rest as they say is history.

My DOVE business is beginning to take on a life of it's own. As of December 2008 I have received $1126.00 in commissions, 2 people are ready to join my team and I have won several sales contests. That's not bad for someone who failed miserably in her other direct sales companies!

While I have enjoyed my success, looking back I know that it could have been much greater if I had followed a few basic principles that apply to any direct sales or home party business. Here are a few of my tips for making more money with DOVE:

1. Jumpstart your business with at least 2 parties in your home in the first 30 days of joining the company. This is a great way to quickly introduce your friends to your business. Also you have more control since the party is in your house. You don't have to pack, transport, unpack, set-up, etc...you will find home to be a very comfortable place for you and your guests!!!

2. Getting Bookings. Don't just ask for your friends to book a party....give them a reason to book! I offered a free DOVE Cupcake Kit ($14 value) for anyone who booked that day and then gave it to them at their party as the hostess gift. 6 out of 10 of my first guests booked that day! Or better yet....give them a choice of gifts. Pass out booking slips with different gifts so that there is a great hostess gift available for everyone....and remember, the gift is given at their party.

3. Recruiting Chocolatiers at your parties. If you have prior direct sales experience let your guests know....compare and contrast the other company with DOVE. For instance, I was in Stampin Up when scrapbooking was all the rage. No one wanted to come to my Parties because they were spending all their money on scrapbooking supplies! I went broke and got stuck with a trunk full of rubber stamps!! Let your guests know that everyone wants to come to Dove Chocolate Parties!!!

4, Do more parties in your home. I feel that 2 open houses is the bare minimum to start your business. I should have had at least 2 more my first month and scheduled 2 more for October. 4 of my first 6 September bookings were scheduled for November which left a giant hole in my schedule for October...in fact, we were so busy with family fun in October that I had no parties. My commissions were earned in September and November.

5. To increase sales at parties. Use the company specials to your advantage. Every month DOVE bundles products together as a special promotion that usually has a discounted price. In September, it was the Brownie Trifle with 4 of our products used in the recipe. I demonstrated Brownie Trifles at every party and was able to sell those bundles to almost all my guests. They loved it!

6. Take advantage of the "fast start" program for new Chocolatiers! DOVE has a 90 day incentive program that will get your business off to a flying start and cut your business expenses. In the first 30 days you will get a $100 supply credit with DOVE if you have 4 parties of at least $200 per party.(easy!!!). In the next 30 days, you will get another $100 supply credit for doing 6 parties or $1200 in sales (easy, my average sales are $400 per party, you do the math). Finally in the next 30 days, you will receive another $100 supply credit for doing 8 parties or $1600 in sales. Imagine having $300 of credits to purchase inventory and business supplies for the first few months of your business! I earned $200 of the $300 and it really makes a difference. I was able to order $200 worth of chocolate supplies, catalogs, order forms etc. for free from the company and I got to pick what I needed for my business as I needed it until the credit was used up.

7. The best part of the "fast start" program. Earn even more free credit with DOVE by sponsoring and helping new Chocolatiers with their business. DOVE will give you $100 supply credit for each and every new Chocolatier you start during the first 90 days. Sign and start as many as you can!!

I hope this info has given you some insights into the DOVE opportunity to be successful in direct sales and have fun while you do it. I started my business on my own since there were no DOVE Chocolatiers near me. I used my manual, the "How to Have a Dove Chocolate Party"DVD and my common sense. It is easy to do this business. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about joining in the fun. It will be a "no obligation conversation"!!!

More info on Squidoo: http://www.squidoo.com/delawaredove

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prasannasutrave profile image

prasannasutrave 7 years ago from mumbai( india )

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dovechocolatier profile image

dovechocolatier 6 years ago from Tennessee

I am a Dove Chocolatier Team Leader In Tennessee,

So if you are In Tennessee,Ark,Alabama,Ky,Ga,Ms- Join My Team Chocolate Lovers


Amy 6 years ago

I've just started the Dove team in SE Missouri....get ahold of me if interested. Very little people in MO so get in while it's new and earn more $$$!!!!


Friends 'n Chocolate 4 years ago

I'm in NJ - the home state. Check out my website friendsnchocolate.com.

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