How To Make Your Dream A Reality

Create a BluePrint

Everything is created twice.

whatever the mind can see, the mind can achieve.

wherever you your mind had been, your body will go.

some amazing words from thought leaders.

they were right, of course.

Anything you desire, anything you would want to make a reality, first create a blue print

Do Your Feel Shy To Ask For Help

do you hesitate? do you wonder how to ask?

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  • No
  • Sometimes - depends on what I want
  • Sometimes - depends on the other person
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Practical Steps To Creating A Blueprint

1. list down in detail (as much as possible) what it is that you want to achieve.

2. draw the end result if required.

3. cut images and paste them to make your reality

4. record, what it is that should happen to let you know your reality as your wanted has been created.

5. be specific about the time

6. list down everything/ everybody you can think of who can help you

7. list one thing that you can do to start your project.

congratulations, you have your blueprint

Some Tools That Can Help

1. Mind Map - I am a big follower of mind map.  I think it is an amazing tool.  dont think about what is the right or wrong way of doing it, just keep creating it.

the more you do it, the more you will realize what suits you.

2. a simple notepad - forget the hi-tech stuff.  just take a piece of paper and write everything in points. one after the other

3. make cards - i use visiting cards - blank ones, to jot down ideas and things to do.  this lets me concentrate on what I want to do and also, doesnt let me think there is TOO much on my plate.

4. on line lists - gotmilk or gmail tasks will also do


there is nothing as nice as thinking.

really. all you have to do is have a positive frame of mind (sometimes even the negative helps), some time, a vivid imagination and presto, you could sit all day and do it.

but, to create that reality you will have to ACT!

i have a simple rule of thumb, when an inspiration comes to me, when something strikes me as awesome or pure genius, i immediately get on with it. I start to act on it.

another simple rule of thumb?

ask yourself what is the one thing you can do to take this forward.

just one.

then do it.

Color Your Blueprint

little by little, shade by shade, color by color, fill that blueprint to make it real.

bring it alive.

share it with others.

happy successing!

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