How To Pick Up The Pieces If You Suddenly Lose Your Home & Everything You Own

 When you lose your house or all of your possessions, it feels like you have been defeated and there is no getting back up. Whether it is a job cut, house foreclosure, or Rent A Center taking their furniture and appliances back, the loss is a sobering experience for most. There are ways to cope and understand these devastating blows, as well as ways for starting again; begin by finding the cause of your situation. 

  A simple reason we end up losing our belongings is because we live beyond our means. There are loans, mortgages, credit, pay advances, pay later, and many more outlets for us to receive our material goods before we pay for them. Even addictions such as gambling, drugs, shopping, and alcohol can leave us in the poor house. Smoking costs a smoker a couple thousand dollars each year. Dining out is another luxury that is costly. Remember, we were not given these material possessions in the beginning. Our giving in to our wants and desires has created a national problem. I have yet to see a household that couldn't have done anything different to save their belongings.

No matter the size of your previous home, look for something as small as your family sie will allow. Forget the dishwasher, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and extras; look for a sink, windows, bath, walls, roof, and some doors. Oh yeah, the floor should be intact to:) Remember, if you have two or more children of the same sex, you can put them in one bedroom, no matter their age. Explain the situation as best as you can and most of the time, the children will help you regain your footing. Two or more adults can literally be roommates and share a bedroom. Trailors, manufactured, HUD or foreclosures, and even shared housing are cheaper than houses, condos, and apartments.

Locating assistance programs in your area should be easy enough. Try local churches, food pantries, THAW, shelters, and your local DHS to get help in your situation. There are free programs to cover any type housing, clothing, food, utility, and medical issues. For families, there are Focus Hope and WIC programs in place to make sure you do not go without the proper care. In some cases, holding a benefit dinner may also be helpful.

In reality, we only need a few articles of clothing to get by. Computers, jewelry, makeup, furniture and other luxuries are not necessities. Selling off your belongings will give you some money. Once you are financially stable again, possessions can be replaced. You can look to pawn shops, E-Bay, yard sales, classifieds and flea markets to unload your cargo. Even a local swap may have some items that you are in need of.

Do side jobs to pocket and save money. Raking leaves, shoveling snow, cleaning houses and yards are good to name a few. Babysitting, painting, and fixer up jobs generate some good income. Remember word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so make sure to do your best to gain referrals.

Seperate the wants from the needs and only live with the latter of the two. Cell phones, internet and cable are wants; food, clothing and shelter are needs. McD's might only pay $7 hourly, but it IS better than nothing. A beat up 90's vehicle is better than a brand new car with payment and insurance through the roof. We only need the basics to get by in life, so make a journal and budget that works and stick to it. Spending can be reduced and earning can be increased if the motivation is there. If you are suffering depression, talk to someone. Whether a professional or relative/ friend, talking may be just the thing you need in order to release your frustration and begin moving on and up. No matter your status, you are vulnerable to making mistakes and losing possessions. It is how you rebound that matters.

We love used toys donated by friends' and family:)
We love used toys donated by friends' and family:)
My stepdad and Uncle hunt for our dinner!
My stepdad and Uncle hunt for our dinner!
My brother, wife, and two children live in the basement of their parents' house.
My brother, wife, and two children live in the basement of their parents' house.

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marcofratelli profile image

marcofratelli 7 years ago from Australia

Hey! Some great ideas here. Spot on with the expensive, heavily insured cars - they're just a liability, something that gets you from A to B is more than adequate.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

gotta do what you gotta do.

lipshooter profile image

lipshooter 7 years ago Author

When I became homeless about ten years ago, I slept in cars, apartment basements, motels, and even stranger's houses. I did a lot of things I would never have done otherwise, just to take care of my needs and I constantly looked/ succeeded in finding local resources willing to help me out. Today I am married with two great children, rent a nice apartment, drive a vehicle, and my husband has a good job that is with the union. Each day, I worry and over stress about bills, when I should not have to. If society would take action to help one another, we would find ourselves in better positions. We really should quit giving to much assistance to those who are lazy, addicted to anything, or those having more children while on aid. This would allow for more money when the economy is a low point like it is right now. I think we should look out for those willing to put back in or pay it forward. If there is a hard working American, there shoud be support behind and under him. I do not feel sympathy for those who refuse to give up personal items in order to get stability once again. I would much rather keep a roof over my head as to walk around sporting new Reeboks, Dior glasses, luxury car, tanning, nail salons, hair stylists, and so much more to list. Anyways, the idea is that, if you find yourself without a home for 2-3 years( which sounds like a long time), you should have enough money saved for a small apartment. The overwhelming sense of accomplishment walking into your new residence will have made the traumatic experiences fade.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

I couldn't have said it better and fully agree, I have many family members who crash from one place to the next, who continue to party and skip out on looking for work and/or help and I wish I could install in them your attitude. They come from the same background as I did and they just gave up. It starts with one step and exactly what you said, what you need vs, what you want.

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