How To Set Up Goals

Imagine your friend asks you to give him directions.  

Your first question would be 'where you headed?'

Now if he says he doesn't know, then the directions dont matter. 

A goal is something that gives you direction.

Listed below are some tips that have worked for me.

Make it part of a larger Mission/Vision

make sure the goal is part of a larger mission / vision.  

Most goals should be specific and time-bound.  for e.g. I need to write 100 hubs in 10 days starting today.

That is a measurable goal.  At the end of 10 days, anyone can see if I did write 100 hubs.  But what is the purpose of the goal?  what is the larger mission?  what is the vision?

now take this.

'My goal is to be a published writer and thought leader.  Towards that I will write 100 hubs in 10 days and then look at combining some of them for a part of the book I will write on personal success'

Now this is a goal that matters.

Inspires | Make the goal Aspirational

The goal should not be extrapolations based on today's data.  Let me take the same example above and continue with it.

let's say I usually write one/two hubs a day.  Then a goal which says 'I want to write 10 hubs in 10 days' is nothing but a continuation of what I do already.

A goal should inspire.  It should make you want to do more than the usual.

Make it a stretch but not fantastical

Yes the goal should inspire you and make you want to push yourself that much more but be careful not to put down a fantastical goal.  In doing that you will lose the battle even before the first shot if fired.

Here's the example.

Lets say I made a goal to write a 1000 hubs a day.  The minute you write a goal like that down, you know its not going to happen.  even a 100 hubs a day is too much.  10 hubs a day are probably going to make me sweat.

A big goal is awesome but a fantasy goal will ruin any chances of effort.

Leave space to surprise yourself

A lot people I work with, tend to create goals that they can achieve.  this is not a bad thing.  It is a positive feeling to achieve what you set out to achieve but according to me it does little to push you towards more.

Goals should be able to surprise you.  they should be able to make you think in ways you normally would not and they should be able to create a sensation of wonder and awe when you do surpass them.

Have a goal your team will buy into

I you work alone then make sure all the voices in your head accept the goal.

But if you work in a team, ensure that you have the entire team's buy in.  This is important.  When you want your team to rally, and work hard or push extra, then they need to know that what they are working towards is something they have a chance to achieve.

You will not get full commitment unless you create a goal, a vision, a mission that matters to the whole team.

What will achieving the goal do for you?

This according to me is the most crucial 'success tip' of all goal setting tips.

Write this down.

What will achieving the goal do for you?

What does it mean to you?

How will you personally be impacted if you met your goal?

it is a very powerful exercise.  One that can make HUGE difference in fulfilling your goal.

Make this statement as concrete as possible.  Make it real.  

Imagine you have already accomplished your goal.

How do you feel?
What changes do you see?

Money, respect, love, family, life etc?  think about it all.

What it the one thing you can do right now to start towards your goal?

This is the killer step.  The action step.

All plans are well good.  All goals are just that, goals.

to make them a reality you need action.  you need to do something.

Step up.

Sometimes the goal can be daunting.  It could be easy for some, but for you it could be huge.

100 hubs in 10 days is a huge goal for me.

What what is the one step I can take immediately towards this goal?

- make a list of all things I can write about.

There.  now that that is done, all I have to do is write about them!

Happy Goaling & Successing! Leave your goals and I would love to try and suggest an idea towards fulfilling them! 3 comments

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 5 years ago

Setting goals is indeed an important part of a successful life. Like you say, you need goals to get a sense of direction - without goals any direction is fine and you end up somewhere. Probably not where you want to be though.

rwelton profile image

rwelton 5 years ago from Sacramento CA

Love the action sentence: "Write this down."

Good luck -


surfsurd profile image

surfsurd 5 years ago from India Author

@simeonvisser thank you!

@rwelton good luck to you too!

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