How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website

How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website

In this series of hubs I will be explaining and guiding you on how to setup and monetize an Information website. I don't claim to be some sort of guru and im not going to teach you how to make a million dollars or more online, this is just the easiest way I have managed to precure around $20-$50 dollars daily from the Internet.

Why an Information Website? I hear you ask! With around 50 hours hard work and $100 dollars investment $20-$50 daily is easily achievable. So here goes if you have the time and the money to start, take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself Can I make money on the Internet? if you answered yes,  lets get started.


How to Setup And Monetize An Information Website - Step 1

Firstly you will need to think about what information you wish your website to display. A good tip for this is to choose a subject, or niche as I prefer to call it, which you are an expert in or even have a slight interest in. For example if you wish to have a information website based around dog training you will need to go to a major search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing and do a search for “dog training” in commas as I have done. As you can see from the image below you will see there are over 5,100,000 websites displaying information for the exactsearch term dog training, dated the 30th of October 2010 .

Dog Training Search results


You may be thinking this is far too much competition to get your website found on Google but don’t worry I will show you a technique later on in the series on how to weed out the competition, which I have found to be very effective.

How to Setup And Monetize An Information Website - Step 2

Once you have decided on which niche you would like to base your website around, you will then need to register a domain name and to find a hosting company to host your website. It is a good idea to register your domain name with the same company that will be hosting your website, as this will cut out the hassle with pointing the domain name to the servers of your hosting company. A quick tip for this is if your website is based around dog training it would be pretty pointless to register a domain name like it would be more beneficial to name it something like I am pretty sure you understand what I mean. You can register a domain name for between $3.99 & $9.99 and some companies will even host your website for free, if you purchase a domain name with them. You can search Google for free hosting companies or the hosting company I always use is freehostia. A link for them is Under no circumstances am I affiliated with them or will I earn any income from you joining them through this link.

How to Setup And Monetize An Information Website - Summary

In the next hub I will be explaining methods you can use to get your website on the web, also how to incorporate Amazon, Adsense, Click bank, and Ebay partner network to monetize your new Information website. So over the next few days please take some time to consider what your website will be based around and to register a domain name with a hosting company of your choice. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and if you are not sure about what an Information website is, feel free to look at one of mine at www.mortgages-homeownerloans.

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Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 5 years ago from Oakland, California

Great,moving on to part 2 now!

atechwiz profile image

atechwiz 4 years ago

Very informative. Well explained. Should help anyone get started toward the goal of making money on an information website.

Brigitte 23 months ago

Wonderful guide, I have found it immensely isunrtctive and it's fully the selective information I was searchin for. No need to say how it took me very long to find it, so that's why I wantedto take some time to feedback and give my reactions about it. Conversely, on on the 2nd part if I remember well, you made a small typo, maybe you should check. continue the good job !

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