How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website Part 2

How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website Part 2

In the first hub of this series we covered what an information website is, how to choose a niche for your website, how to register a domain name and how to find a hosting company to host your website. Before I start I would just like to say if you have not read part one of this series please read it here, as this will better help you understand what I have covered already.I will reiterate on the fact that this will not make you an overnight millionaire but could have you earning between $20-$50 per day, ( no Gaurantees), dependent on your commitment.

How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website - Step 3

Now we have choosen our specific niche, our domain name and a hosting company to host our website, we now need to figure out how,where and what content we are going to include in our website. Basically this can be split down into two categories, which are as following:

Recycled Websites: These are websites which have been mass produced and sold over and over again and you can buy 10, 50 or even 100 of these for as little as $100. They come filled with over 100 pages of content but are sold to thousands and thousands of people. However what you lose in Google for duplicate content you will make up for in quality content and a structured web platform. If you can setup a few quality backlinks or submit them to a high quality link exchange or even use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your websites. (One word of warning though, this can be costly if not handled correcty). You should do quite well with these.

Unique Content Ad Sense Ready Websites: These are websites which come with around 30-35 pages of unique content and in most cases could cost you a few hundred dollars. However I know just a man who can buid you one for under $100, which I will cover later in the series. The benefit of having a unique content website is that you will quite easily out rank the duplicate content on the search engines. This type of website can offer a steady flow of income if taken by the horns so to speak. One thing is certain the search engines will love you for bringing fresh unique content to the Internet.

Which Type Is For You?

Well the answer to this lies with you personally I would choose the latter of the two described above. My reasons for this are as follows:

  • You can choose which content is on your website, you could write it yourself or you could pay someone else for a small fee. Most freelance writers charge around $15 per 500 word article.
  • There are no limits to the length of each individual webpage. Most web owners prefer to have each new page contain a minimum of 350 words but that is down to you. You decide how many pages your website has.
  •  You decide the keyword density for your website. Successful publishers use the main page keyword at least 5 or 6 times. The title of each webpage should have the main keyword in it.

Unlike the unique content website the duplicate content websites are out of your control.

How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website - Step 4

Another option which I never covered on the above paragraphs is that if you are good at building websites i.e html and shtml, ftp, My SQL and wordpress then you can easily integrate all of the following into your website by yourself:

  • Clickbank products
  • Amazon Astore
  • Google Ad Sense
  • Wordpress
  • Youtube Videos
  • Link exchange
  • Rss news feeds which update automatically each and every day

Unfortunately I am not that familiar with how to install all of the above and to be personally honest not that confident in web design. However you can find a freelancer who could do this for you and they normally charge between $400-$500 per website. Fortunately I know a guy who owns a company called his name is Justin Smith and he sells a lot of websites with all the above installed for a mere $97 (suited to the needs of the client) on eBay. Before you ask I will not make any commisions from the purchase of his services and I'm not even an eBay Affiliate programme member. i found my dealings to be pleasurable with Justin and he is a true gentleman and very patient with all the changes I requested him to make or even change back you can check out his feedback on eBay at

You do not even have to state that i have recommended him I just think his work and commitment to his customers are second to none. Even just by reading his sales page you can really see how honest and reliable this guy is. You can visit it here.

How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website Part 2-Summary

Well now I have explained in the best of my ability, how to setup and monetize an information website, all that is left for the final hub in this series is the promotion of your website and how to get traffic for free with an effective method I have been using. I will start to create the final hub in this series tommorrow and should be due for release before Wedensday. I am currently studying web design at the minute so when  I gain the knowledge on how to actually upload any of the items mentioned in step 4 I will return and fill out the blanks.

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SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

It sounds a little scary, especially the part that says, (One word of warning though, this can be costly if not handled correcty). Now I wonder what that mistake is.

Super Chef profile image

Super Chef 6 years ago from Around the world Author

Thanks for your comment StevoMc on How To Setup And Monetize An Information Website Part 2. Basically what I meant some people tend to bid too highly for keywords and before you know it you have got 5 or 10 clicks all costing you $20 a time. But this doesnt mean to say they will click your adverts on your webpage thus resulting in no income to cover your outgoings. I myself made the same mistake along time ago and ended up $200 down. Now I just go for Free advertising.

Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 5 years ago from Oakland, California

Thanks for the insightful and encouraging article.I will look into the eBay guy you mentioned,sounds great.

atechwiz profile image

atechwiz 3 years ago

Interesting hub. I have set up several of my own web sites although they are all very basic. No real HTML skills to speak of. This is reflected to some extent in the lack of traffic to my sites. For me, this is as much a hobby as anything else though and so I am fine with it.

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