How To Sign Off Job Seekers Allowance

Signing Off From Jobseekers Allowance

Signing off from jobseekers allowance is just as simple as signing on as all you have to essentially do is to contact the jobcentre with details of your job that you have got and that's it, but there are a few things that you must sort out before you do sign off jobseekers allowance, and these will help ease the transition for unemployment to work.

When I signed off I just went in with my signing on book and I had to fill out the back of it and sign it, but also there was a small bonus of a back to work grant of £200 which was nice and a run on of housing benefit and council tax benefit for at least 4 weeks after starting work, which helped.

The thing is to find out what you are entitled to on the day of signing off, because anytime after this day you'll have no chance of claiming anything, so make sure you do it all on this day and if you need to I would recommend getting a final tax credit calculation just to make sure you will be better off in the job that are undertaking.

You could however be signing off for some other reason, such as switching benefits, so make sure that everything will run smoothly by having everything you need to make that new claim, national insurance number, full name and date of birth and address and also any other piece of information that will speed up your claim, such as doctors letters or p45's.

Benefits exist to help you out in a time of need so try to claim them when you can and do the right thing when signing off, to maximize the support transition from JSA - Jobseekers Allowance or to another benefit like Incapacity or sick benefit.

How To Sign Off Jobseekers Allowance 21 comments

Carlos 6 years ago

What about if I found a job from 8.30 to 5 pm and I can't go to the Job center to sign off??


easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Then you just fill in the back of your signing book and then post it in to your jobcentre, making sure to give correct dates as to when you have started work, so you don't miss out on any outstanding benefit after finding work.

JessieJ 5 years ago


Andy  5 years ago

Do you get anything of jobseekers for starting a job

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 5 years ago from UK Author

That depends on certain areas you live in now. A back to work bonus could be for when you do find work and you have to be elegible for it IE on benefits for over 6 months....

Rhys3184 5 years ago

Hey guys I need some advice.

I have been siging on since September 2010 two das after Igraduated as a teacher. I have been looking and looking for work but nothing has come up as of yet. I am signed up with a nummber of agencies to find supply teaching work but as of yet I have had no luck with them. I have to sign on this tuesday and really do not want to sign on. If I'm honest I cannot handle going there feeling humiliated and I feel the people who work there to not only be patronising but they also look down at you. It's got to the point now where I don't care about the money I just can't handle going into the job centre again. Its got to the point now where they are telling me that if I don't get a joob by September they will put me in a back to work scheme which could include working as a cleaner or in burger king, no disrespect to the people who work these jobs but to me taking a job like that would be a waste fo the qualifications I have gained.

Does any one ellse feel that the job centre cannot really help you if you have qualifications?

What should I do? Shall I just sign off ?

Please Help!!

jd2435 5 years ago

The back to work scheme really helps!

Lee Miles 5 years ago

the back to work scheme may sound a bad thing but this will supply you with the money you need, however this will boost your chance of finding a job you are qualified for the internet is a great way for you to find a job in your own time as today a lot of the british population that are qualified struggle to find a simple job as the employers know that you arent planning to stay which is quite unfair and you are named as over qualified as daft as it sounds britain is on the rocks

aaron spicer 4 years ago

does any 1 have the number to sign off

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easybusinesslinks 4 years ago from UK Author


bell 4 years ago

can you go to sign on between the time given in your book ?

A hampton 4 years ago

My son has moved to folkestone and just found work but can't get to jobcentre to sign off. Is there a direct free phone number as he has little credit and no money until his paid at end of the month.

howstar 4 years ago

rhys youu can`t write a letter bach to skool for you

TG 4 years ago

I was dismissed from my job in Dec 11 and reinstated in April 12 after a successful appeal. When I sign off, will jobcentre plus be able to reclaim any benefits I received during this time.

jessy 10 4 years ago

Iv was maid redundant 5 months ago iv been sending CV out to company's that I would like to work for but no results yet but the job-centre has sent me for an interview for a job that I am not interested in doing if I do not tack this job they will stop my job seekers allowance if they do. do I still cine on at my normal time to get my national insurance paid thanks you any help

kim 4 years ago

i signed on at the end of feb and now just got a job which starts on thurs n sure my benefits on fri do i still get these??

Kelvin 4 years ago

I started full time work I filled all details in back of the job center booklet, got family member hand it in n they said ive got go in sign for the 2 weeks or won't get my money

wert 4 years ago

if you sign off without having found a job, can you sign back on at a later date? or will there be some complications?

can't find this information anywhere.

bob 3 years ago

the problem is i am working till half 5 on a day from 8 n i have tried ringing the jobcentre to sign off n they hung up on me coz i waited tht long to get through and wasted all my credit n when i asked them if they could ring back they just sed they couldn't n put the fone down on me and i have also tried to put my jobseekers booklet in and that's wen they give me the number to ring i wopuld like to know how you sign off online and wots the site called coz i don't have the time to go into the jobcentre

emma 2 years ago

hi, if i find a job that it 12 hrs and i decide to sign off will i still receive help with housing benefit and council tax?

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 2 years ago from UK Author

Yes you should!

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