How To Sign On Job Seekers Allowance

Sign On Jobseekers Allowance

 Jobseekers allowance in the UK is a very soul destroying thing to have to sign up for if you can't get a job, but it does help when you are in a situation where work is non existent and you need help financially to get other benefits such as tax credits and help with your rent and council tax, although some people do rely on these a bit too much, but if you are in a situation where you have no job for whatever reason, then you will need to sign on Jobseekers allowance.

Now this jobseeking benefit comes with a few rules that you must follow, but if you are genuinely seeking work then you will anyway, you must be actively seeking work and provide some written proof of what you have done to look for work, een if you haven't had any interviews, you can still write down what you have done, maybe you have looked in the local paper or asked one of your friends who is working whether there is any work going.

And of course you must be prepared to visit the job centre every fortnight to sign your signature to get your fortnightly benefit money and all of your other benefit entitlements.

To sign up for jobseekers allowance, you have to go into your local Jobcentre plus and say that you need to sign on and they will direct you to a phone number to ring to make the initial signing up process for benefit entitlement, this could take a week, but any benefit owed to you will be backdated if it takes a long time, over the phone is quicker and it helps if you have all the important information, like your national insurance number, full name and address and any work dates you started and finished employment and other working tax benefit details if applicable.

Once you have completed the initial giving of details over the phone, you will either be sent a letter to come into the Jobcentre to finalize and signing day or you will be phoned to come in and you will be given your signing book so that you can sign on each fortnight.

Payment of your jobseekers allowance is usually paid into your bank account and so that usually is done over the phone in your first phone call, so that it will be paid directly in that account and all associated benefits too.

Once you have been on Jobseekers allowance for a while, there will be a period of review and also further support with Advisor Discretionary Funds for job interview clothes or a bike to get to a job.

Good luck with your job hunting.

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Leaon Davies 3 years ago

Hi my name is Leaon Davies I am 17 years old I have to find work can I sing up at job centre

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