How To Start A Housekeeping Business On A Shoestring Budget

Starting A Small Business

Starting a housekeeping business is one of the easiest service businesses to get up and running. It is possible to make a decent income and work hours that are more inclined to your home life, especially if you are a Mother with children in school. You can build a customer base that fits the amount of time you can spend working while your kids are in school and you do not need a large amount of money to get things going. In fact you will only need enough cash to pay for an advertisement or make a few fliers to hang on the local grocery store's bulletin boards. I have never used the store but, I have seen fliers, for people who offer cleaning and painting services. Starting a small business can be yours for the effort.

There are some things to consider as you start and build your business. Getting these fundamental ideas to work for you can make your business start up faster and easier. Knowing how to clean a house quickly and confidently is a major factor in whether or not you will be a success at starting a small business.

If you do not have a clue about how to clean a house it would be a better idea to learn how first. The main issue in cleaning for a living is being extremely organized while you are working. This is also how you will calculate your rates for pricing as you will have to have an idea of how long it takes you to get the job done. You do not want to wind up making $2.00 per hour when you should be making $20.00 per hour.

Make A $100. Budget To Start Your Business

Purchase the items listed here to get started. It will not cost more than $50. for all of the items listed and if you have to leave a few things off the list to start that is okay. Have the basics and you can buy the other things once you get going.

I suggest putting an advertisement in your local paper to get going. Do not use the largest paper in your vicinity but rather, try one of the bargain finder type papers. You should be able to advertise in one of these for as little as $10. to $15.per week. You should also be able to get a discount by advertising for a month at a time. I will talk about placing your ad and basic cleaning supplies a little later.

Half of your start-up cost for starting a small housekeeping business will go to cleaning supplies and the other half will go to advertising for customers. You might have luck at placing a flier in the local grocery stores but I have never done that. I do see fliers for housekeepers all the time so, I guess it works for somebody. I like to use the newspapers because it seems a little more professional and it has always worked for me.

$50. Budget For Cleaning Supplies

  • 1- 2 gal. bucket
  • 1- 1 gal. bucket (try to find buckets so one will fit inside the other)
  • 1- split bucket or divided bucket for your supplies
  • 4 or 5 pump spray bottles
  • 1- toilet brush
  • 1- long handled small brush
  • furniture polish
  • wood cleaner
  • 12-white terry cloth rags 12" x 15" is best size (per house)

  • scratch free cleaning pads like the ones to clean Teflon
  • steel wool or steel scouring pad
  • soft scrub
  • a high duster with extension handle

Budget $50. To Place An Advertisement For Customers Before You Buy Anything

Do not spend any money on supplies until you get a customer. You can have people calling you and requesting a bid for your services before you spend money on any supplies. This helps to keep the start-up cost as low as possible. You will have to be prepared to sell yourself on the telephone when the calls start coming. You will also have to be prepared to view potential houses and make your bids. If you are unsure of the amount to charge you can always do a little research to find out the going rates for your area. One way to do this is to have some companies come out and bid on your house. Find out what they will do, for what price and, for what length of time. Take a look at several competitors and ask lots of questions. Ask more questions about the things you are unsure of if you had to make a bid for work. This will give you a wealth of information.

Having someone look at your house to clean it can also work to help you build a PITCH for your own bids. Listen to what the person is saying as they tell you what they offer as far as service goes. Pay particular attention to how they are trying to sell themselves to you. Evaluate their pitch and think about how you would do it differently if it were you trying to sell yourself to a potential customer. Was there anything they did or said that really impressed you or turned you off?

Learn from your competitors by watching and monitoring how they go about trying to get you for their customer. You can even take notes if you want. After they have quoted you a price you can dismiss them by saying you will call them if you decide to use them. As soon as they leave write down an outline for your own business based on what you have learned. Refine the outline and try to somewhat memorize the basics of it. Keep the outline by your telephone so that it will be handy when the phone calls start coming in.

Starting A Small Business Based On These Words

  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Dependability / Reliability
  • Professional / Respectable

Honesty and Integrity

You want to build a good reputation and offer outstanding quality of performance in order to make your company take off. Good News travels but Bad News moves faster than lightening so keep that in mind as you grow and progress in your venture. Try to always be as honest as you can with your customers. Your integrity means a lot when people are allowing a stranger to come in to their home. You will be working on your own and your customers will need to feel safe and secure in allowing you to roam freely about their house. If you accidentally break something while you are working own up to it. It happens and your integrity will be in jeopardy if you try to ignore or hide a mistake. Just be up front, apologize and offer to pay for any damages. Learn from your mistakes and do not let it bother you. Everybody has a bad day from time to time, but it is always best to call the mistake to the attention of the customer rather than having them come to you with it. That makes you look shady. Not a good way to build a reputation.

Dependability and Reliability

When you make an appointment always make sure to keep it. Do not waste your customers time. You will not want them to waste your time so be sure you are prompt and maybe show up just a few minutes early. You can always wait in your vehicle until the exact time you are supposed to be there. Do not make a habit of calling and changing your plan to clean at a certain time. Be routine because people like routine. If you tell them you will clean at *am on Tuesday mornings, make sure that is what you do. This is a key factor in people getting annoyed with the housekeeper. Always do everything you can to be dependable and reliable.

Professional and Respectable

This is your business you are trying to promote and build. I can not emphasize enough, how important it is to always put your best foot forward. Dress neat and show up clean and orderly looking. This includes your vehicle, your shoes, your hair and so on. I am not saying you have to wear a uniform but you should make every effort to make a good impression. First impressions go a long way. You should never work barefooted or in flip flops or sandals. Put on a pair of tennis shoes or some other comfortable working shoe and make sure they are clean. You should never wear dirty shoes or dirty clothes into someone Else's home to clean for them.

Be considerate and gracious when you are speaking to your customers. A polite and respectable demeanor also goes a long way in making a positive impression. Be friendly but, try to keep the conversation on a business level. People do not want to hear your problems. Most, have enough of their own to think about. Do not use harsh language and talk loud or rude. Just be nice and polite and it will usually work out best for you.

The main thing is to treat people the way that you would like to be treated by someone coming into your home to work. Keep that in mind always. The nicer you are the better everything will go. These few things can break your venture before you ever get started. You could be the best housekeeper in the world but, if you have a bad attitude it is not going to get you very far.

About Cleaning Compounds

I have used just about every chemical on the market at least one time in my life for cleaning something. I think I have lost all the skin on my hands a few times from harsh chemicals and I know that I have had a few rashes and caustic burns from different cleaners. I have worked commercial, industrial and institutional in the housekeeping field and have over 30 years of experience in operating, working and managing people in this industry. I am speaking strictly from experience when I say that the best housekeeping chemicals I have found and now use are manufactured by Melaleuca: The Wellness Company. Although the opportunity is available to me I do not sell these products unless a customer requests to purchase something. I do handle that and, I do get quite a few orders from my customers. However, If you are interested in these great products or would like additional information about using them please contact Sepi, nickname or short for September. She can help you get started with Melaleuca and answer questions about their company. Her email address is

I absolutely use Melaleuca Products and I use Soft Scrub w/ Bleach. I use Murphy's Oil Soap on wood floors and woodwork. I like to use vinegar and water where I can because, it does a great job and, makes the house smell fresh. This is good to use on wood floors from time to time and also for windows and glass. I try to avoid any aerosol sprays and all other cleaning compounds. I will add that if there is a mold or mildew problem in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, the best thing I have found for that is Tilex for Mold and Mildew. I do not purchase the Tilex but rather have my customers spray it on after I have cleaned because, I can not breath the vapors from this product at all. I would suggest you do the same and let your customers deal with the vapors but, do recommend it.

You can use other products at your discretion but I am telling you what works. The thing about the Melaleuca Company is they require you to sign up for a monthly purchase and, this requires some sort of direct withdrawal from a bank account or credit card. I am not crazy about their marketing approach but I tolerate it because, I love the products they manufacture. I did not start using them. I started with cleaning chemicals I bought at the store. The thing that got me was different customers required me to use different stuff and the next thing I knew, my hands were peeling and cracking from all the different chemicals. Not only that, I was breathing all kinds of lung damaging vapors. Now my company offers Melaleuca and am no longer subjected to harsh chemicals. My employees also fall in love with the Melaleuca Product Line after using it for a couple weeks.

About Making Your Bid And Payment

You can decide what your income will be by figuring what it will cost to do the work, what it will cost to pay for supplies, gasoline, advertising and other misc. expenses. Add those costs up. Now figure out how much you want to make per hour. You will take the amount you make per hour and multiply it by the number of hours you work at a given location. That is what you will charge the customer and your profit will be the amount left over after subtracting your cost or expenses to do the house.

Do keep in mind that you have to work within, what the market will allow. You are not going to get as many customers at too high a price, but people do have a tendency to take advantage if you price yourself too low. Remember what I told you about researching what other companies charge and try to fit within the range you feel will work. You can always raise your prices after some time on the job and after you prove yourself to your customers. You can also hire help that will take some of the burden off of you and increase your income at the same time. That would come later when you have more work than you can handle or you can start with help and build as you go. This is all up to you.

Good news travels and if you are doing a good job it will not take long for people to ask you if you have room to clean for their friends and families. I have been operating a small housekeeping business for many years and have not spent a dime on advertising since my 3rd month in business. I do not have business cards and I turn down more work than I can even think about. There are weeks when I get as many as 4 requests to clean for new customers and I have to turn them down. That is because I have all I want to do. Reputation is everything in this industry and if you work hard, stay reliable and do a consistent job, you can make a good income by operating a housekeeping business.

Starting A Small Cleaning Business And Making It Grow

With time you will get the basics down and the work will become routine. This is when you will want to consider just how big you would like your business to get. The dynamics of the operation do change as the small business takes on more accounts. Keep in mind all of the reasons why you wanted to start your own business as you make the decisions on growing. The bigger you get the more responsibility the business will require. The sky is the limit but you should work at the size that is best for your personal situation.

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C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 3 years ago from NW Indiana Author

I always say " I will work for good people because there are plenty of them out there". You will run into all kinds but you do not have to work for anyone you are not comfortable with. I have had this problem and walked away from the job when I really needed the work. Not to worry, there are plenty of good people to work for.

Joy 3 years ago

I have a question. I'm really leary about cleaning a house for the opposite sex. My one friend who cleans houses got a call from a man who read her ad and wanted to know her age and didn't seem interested in her cleaning skills/background. If I put something in my ad about not wanting to clean for single men who live alone I might be losing the bulk of customers I could be getting as men don't know how to nor do they like "cleaning" and there's a lot of single guys/bachelors who would pay good money to have their house/apartment cleaned. I also don't want to put something in my ad that I will clean without the man being present because it might raise some suspicion. (they might think it's a tactic to steal stuff off of them) What to do... What to do?

Michelle 3 years ago

I just started about a month ago and it's doing pretty good...

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 4 years ago from NW Indiana Author

My customers leave a check on the kitchen table for me. I discuss that first thing and am paid when i get the days work finished.

jimtube profile image

jimtube 4 years ago

Hi my name is jim and I have a question concerning pricing and payment. What is the best advise you give when it come to collection of payments for the services that are being done. My wife and I are consideing starting a housekeeping business bet not sure on the right way to collect our fees. How do you do it.

dan 4 years ago

I am a retired man that is interested in the possibility of starting a house cleaning business! Any men that have done this? Do people trust men coming into their home to clean?

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 4 years ago from NW Indiana Author

you will have to purchase insurance if you want it and to get started try asking friends and relatives to give you a try...practice makes perfect. DO YOUR BEST WORK. Best of luck to you.

Jess 4 years ago

I'm not sure how old this postings are but what is some advice for a young (21) starter cleaner how would I go about starting w little to no references ? And how could I get insurance ?

micheal 4 years ago

thanks for al your advise may you spread the knowledge good informaton thanks again

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 4 years ago from NW Indiana Author

I do not include making beds as a part of regular cleaning, no laundry either. I like to clean bathrooms and kitchens first, then dust and floors last. You should be able to start cleaning anywhere in the house and finish within the same amount of time no matter where you start.

Mary 4 years ago

Loved your information! and you summed it all up in a no frills way... No one wants to hire anyone over 55 so the best thing I can think of is developing my own business. This runs in my family on both sides and I do like to clean! But I need to know the order to doing things and if that also includes doing laundry and changing the sheets!/??? Please advise...

Debra Parlett 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this advise.I have been in the cleaning field for 25 years, now its time to work for myself instead of others.This has been so helpful and it works completley around my budget.Thank You

Vanna Anna 5 years ago

I must say I love reading your articles...This one had me hooked ! I am just starting a housekeeping business and it is tough enough trying to land accounts with actual interested clients...I say this to say, your advice on getting info and pretend quotes from the competition really turned me off ! You have a bit of info in this article about honesty and integrity...Well in my opinion, this s not an honest practice . I just feel that we all are fully capable of coming up with sells pitches in different ways other than to play with the emotions, time and gas money of a fellow small business owner . Can you imagine, praying and hoping for clients and getting calls, being excited and putting your best foot forward only to find that these clients are not clients at all...THEY ARE YOUR COMPETITION...and they just played you, tweeked your presentation and made it better or what have you ? Well I think that we should respect eachother's hustle , it may be better to go on the different websites that offer online quotes (no harm done this way ) Or you can be more honest and upfront and google a respected cleaning company in a different state and ask them to mentor you...because they opperate in a different state they are not threatened . Just my opinion, I am a single mom and trying to care for a mom with cancer ...this business is my life and I take it seriously, I know that dishonesty is the way of the world, but it just bothers me that people would sit in your face and pretend to be interested in your company take notes and use them for their benefit ! I know people are gonna be upset wth my comments but think of all the people starting cleaning companies these would you feel if this kept happening to you ...Just do research online ? Keep this up, and to weed out the "fake clients" companies may have to start charging for estimates, and that's one thing clients love...FREE IN HOME ESTIMATES !

By the way you all are SUPER knowledgeable at the hub...I love this site !

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 5 years ago from NW Indiana Author


Good Luck with your new business! I think first get some customers, that is what I did.

anikith joseph 5 years ago

we are planning to start a house keeping company in belgaum..wht step we should take in first phase,can u plz guide us on the right path..

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 5 years ago from NW Indiana Author

Nil I think you will have to check local laws for license requirements.

Nil 5 years ago

For starting a housekeeping business, is it necessary to make licence for it?

stacief 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your time and reply. I sure appreciate it and wish all of those just starting out, the best of luck. It may seem crazy to some, but I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to reaching my goal.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 5 years ago from NW Indiana Author


I usually clean one floor at a time. I try to do the bathrooms and kitchen as I go from one floor to the next. Vacuum and floors last. Sometimes do all the dusting first especially when I am doing high dusting. Best thing is always clean top to bottom. Always do odd jobs first and do the basics last. Time yourself and then try to pick up your pace. Good Luck!

Stacief 5 years ago

I've recently started my own housekeeping business, but am working alone. Can those of you with more experience help me with tips to be as time efficient in the homes as possible? Would it be better to do all of the dusting first, then bathroom, kitchen, vacuum, and mop? Is it easier to completely finish one room and then move on to the next? I'm in the midwest, so the majority of homes have 3 floors. Just looking for different ideas you may have to be very organized and maximize my work day. Thanks so much and I love your article. It was a huge help prior to kicking off my new journey.

authorfriendly profile image

authorfriendly 5 years ago from Charleston, SC

Thanks for the great hub about starting a housekeeping business cheaply. Agreed that learning from the competetion is useful, but you could also say more about how to use online branding.

mohamed 5 years ago

Good information

Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna Marie Bowman 5 years ago from Florida

I am actually considering starting a cleaning business, and this is some great information.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 5 years ago from NW Indiana Author


Good Luck to you, go for it there is plenty of work out there and plenty of money to be made by honest, hard working people. Give it your best and you will do fine!

rose 5 years ago

my friend and i have been talking about starting a cleaning biz for quite a while know,but just didn't know how to go about it.after reading all if the tips you have up i have the confidence thst we can do this.thank you so very much.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 5 years ago from NW Indiana Author

T M D 56

You put your best foot forward, keep a positive attitude and have faith in what you are trying to do. Be nice to everyone and especially when the going gets tough. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

T M D 56 5 years ago

This hub has really helped me. I will be starting a houskeeping business in the next month and this has given me the confidence and the motivation to continue in the small business venture that I am so interested in. Thank you for this helpful information will comment again once the business is up and running.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana Author


The best way to get customers is to tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Toot your horn and toot it often.

Avinash H Patil 6 years ago

Well written hub. Enjoyed reading it. please also tell us how to convert or how to get new constumers from market.

bettybarnesb profile image

bettybarnesb 6 years ago from Bartlett, TN

Well written hub. Enjoyed reading it. Merry Christmas!

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana Author


I know nothing about grants. Guess it will have to mean more research for you. Good Luck!


Yes I was using all Melaleuca and they claim to be Earth friendly. I still use all of their cleaning products, so does my sister and some of my friends. We are very pleased with them.

Margit 6 years ago

I am trying to start a "green" cleaning business and like your suggestions regarding cleaners.

What furniture polish do you use? Is it by Melaleuca, too?

Amanda 6 years ago

Does anyone know about the grants and things available to women to start a small business? I researched this years ago when i was planning to open a day care but i was too young then so now im looking to start a Housekeeping business. If anyone knows please let me know thanks.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana Author


It is possible to set up a night cleaning service if your customers are good with it. Some people travel, work nights and so on and they do not mind when you clean. It is the customer you have to ask this question.

Merari 6 years ago

Have you found that this type of business is almost always better done during the day? Is cleaning homes in the evenings doable?

Ryan Clinton profile image

Ryan Clinton 6 years ago from

Excellent. I love these businesses that provide a degree of success for so many. I linked you directly. Thanks for great info

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 6 years ago

This is such practical advice, thanks

BrainSpace profile image

BrainSpace 6 years ago from North Carolina

Excellent Article! Great information!

justcandylover profile image

justcandylover 6 years ago from Nigeria

I need to lean more from you

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba

Very good informative hub..

If anyone wants to start any form of business it is also worth while checking to see if there are any business support organisations that offer free advise locally to where they wish to start. They may be able to offer relevant advise and support, sometimes even financial support, but often they can point you in the direction of potential customers.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana Author

ladyvee 10

I would suggest looking at how you spend the income you have and where you can cut out put from that. It is hard for me to say because making a financial plan depends on many things for each individual situation. One suggestion would be to sell off personal items you may have that you are not using or can get by without. Use the proceeds toward a car. Another suggestion is to focus all energy toward your goal. Best of luck to you.

ladyvee10 6 years ago

I have a cleaning business but do not have the funds to get off the ground properly. I need car to start off with. What should I do about financing and getting the income to do so.

Lou 7 years ago

Super !!! It was very helpful for may future small business

Thank you!!

Kristi 7 years ago

I had my own housekeeping business for several years. Got a little hard on my body so moved on to other ventures. You have great ideas on running a business. Nice to find a place where folks can get advice. Great hub:)

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 7 years ago from NW Indiana Author

I work at working! Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

bingbongplop3 profile image

bingbongplop3 7 years ago from Los Angeles

You're a hustler Alexis! gotta admire that :]

ontheway profile image

ontheway 7 years ago

How To Start A Housekeeping Business On A Shoestring Budget

it Was very well written, I support you, welcome to my hub

Nikki 7 years ago


I just wanted to thank you for the advice. I helped with someone's housekeeping business when I was 19 years old, so I have experience doing the work, but now I want to start my own business. Your post has given me the 1st steps to take towards my goal. Thank you!


Mrs. Townsend 7 years ago

This is great advice for a person like me trying to start a cleaning business. I have been searching far and near and this information has really set me ahead a bit. Thanks for the advice again and again.

samuilgr8 profile image

samuilgr8 7 years ago

Nice to see your hub.......!! It is very useful

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana Author


I have known many folks who worked at cleaning homes and what you pointed out about lifelong friends is one of the perks if you are right about the work, thank you for commenting. C.S.

vitaeb profile image

vitaeb 8 years ago from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Not only did my best friend make a living for her and her family, cleaning houses, she also made life long friends of the people whose houses she cleaned.

I appreciate your sound advice.

annaw profile image

annaw 8 years ago from North Texas

Great informative and concise hub. I plan to save it and pass it along to others who could benefit from your knowledge.I take it you are speaking from personal experience and that is the best kind.

Listessa profile image

Listessa 8 years ago from Your Sub-conscious

Great hub on starting up a SPECIFIC business. Generalization is overdone way too much on here, thank you!

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana Author


Thanks for sharing. I too have done the office bit. I actually cleaned 135 offices everyday at a University in Tx. Boy did I have to stay organized to keep that up. This work will keep you in very good physical condition. C.S.

marketing guide,

Thank you for the compliments. I too have used Shaklee Products many years ago. I really loved the Super Polish they had for floors. I loved the BasicH for landscaping and gardening....makes water wetter! Good stuff or it use to be. C.S.

marketing guide profile image

marketing guide 8 years ago from Connecticut

This is such a great hub for anyone wanting to go into the housekeeping business. You did an excellent job of laying it out for them. So many people are looking for this kind of help.

I know what you mean by the caustic cleaning products. I've never bought Melaleuca products as I buy Shaklee Get Clean products and just love them. Don't know how I was able to clean my own house (much less your cleaning a lot of other homes using them) before with all the strong smells actually choking me while I cleaned.

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 8 years ago from USA

For awhile, several years back, my husband and I contracted with 3 clients, a bank, a dental lab, and an insurance office, to clean their offices. It was work, but we actually enjoyed the labor -- for awhile nice hub!!

good tips!!

dabblingmum 8 years ago

Good info

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana Author

Hey Bonnie,

Thank you for reading here and sharing your experience. C.S.

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States


This is an excellent hub and I have actually started my own cleaning service, which eventually expanded into remodeling as well. In fact, I had to laugh at Sweetiepie's comment because my business name was Top Notch Cleaning Service lol. I still have my very first business licence with it on there. Eventually it became Top Notch Cleaning and Remodeling Service. I did very well with it, too. I started without 2 nickles to rub together because I had lost my job and could not find another one. I finally decided if I couldn't find a job, I'd make one lol. I decided what I would do and what I'd charge, pulled out the phone book and started with the A's. Within one month, I had enough steady customers that I no longer had to cold call anyone. My daddy was so proud of me that he bought my business license for me. That is one of my most prized posessions!


C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana Author


Yes you may want to check into insurance though most homeowners carry insurance and this has always taken care of any situations I have come up against. It is something that each person would have to consider for themselves.


Could be local permits,background checks, and drug tests are needed too. I think this comes after things get rolling. That is not actually necessary if you are working alone It is still possible to start up without putting out all this larger expense until you can get things going. Then you will have to make certain advanced business decisions.

Thank you both for reading and commenting. C.S.

jedgrey 8 years ago

Great hub, well organized. In addition to Elleen's comment about insurance, also there may be local permits required, and it always helps to have a background criminal check and drug testing if you hire aditional help. Aagain, your hub is well put together.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

CA Alexis,  There is a VERY important fact you need to consider BEFORE starting up this type of business.  You need insurance, personal accident and coverage in case you break something in their home.  For instance when I ran mine I was only managing the business.  

But one of the cleaners broke a statue eagle it was worth nearly a $1000 now on a cleaners wage that could have taken her weeks to make up.  If it had of been a crystal vase or something more rare, then who knows,  Also what if they fell over and injured their back,  Those types of injuries especially the way some people carry on could linger on for years.

Just thought I would mention this because I know how easy accidents happen. Hope you dont mind me mentioning this.

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana Author


Thanks for reading. C.S.


I always tell my help to treat it as if it were your own home, sounds like we think alike on this! Thanks for looking in on me. C.S.


This is just a start but I think it would get anyone off on the right path. Thanks for coming by. C.S.

Just_Rodney profile image

Just_Rodney 8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

Excellent advise and a well structured business plan as well, thanks for the hub.

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Yes my dear is very well done..and I know cause i did this for many years...then finally quit to do child care again for many more years..Is a hard job cleaning  for others but i always pretened that it was my house and did as I would do for myself...and always left proud of my works...Thanks for the reminder...G-Ma :o) hugs

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

This is a top notch hub and I can see you have truly done your research. I like your idea of looking at what the competition does so that you can do it better and all the practical advice you provide. Thanks for the informative hub.

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