How To Use Branded Merchandise To Market Your Business


When you’re planning to promote your business, what usually comes to mind?

Most businesses think the same angle here, when its time to promote and advertise, the only outlets are websites, advertisements, and newspaper articles.

While these do form part of the most used global strategies, getting the word out about your business services can be done through another very powerful platform.

Another great way to advertise is with branded merchandise.

Branded Mugs
Branded Mugs

Branded merchandise often includes...

  • Company or product message
  • Branded pens
  • Marketing content on stationary
  • Obsure yet very effective choices like can-openers
  • Branded mugs in offices, at gala events, at seminars.

With your products at the forefront, you can unleash your imagination and present branded merchandise that easily promotes your products. You can have your merchandise monogrammed with:

  1. business name
  2. contact information to help get the word out

Heres a fictional case study example

The items above can capture simple messages that speak benefits and can keep your brand in the customer's mind for months if not years, for example, a dentist might say “Dr. Hammond: We Make Your Dream for Healthy Teeth Come True!” opposed to just “Dr. Hammond”.

Where can you give out merchandise?

Merchandise with your marketing messages embedded like this places your products in front of people on a daily basis and can be as powerful as TV advertising.  It creates a reminder for someone wvery time they have a coffee and the mug says 'do not forget to use XXXX for your sensitive teeth...lose the pain not your teeth!'

 As mentioned above, make use of as many outlets where public activity is abound such as:

  • community events
  • business out-reaches such as promotional parties or picnics.


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